len-1304zequence, I think we should add zita-ajbridge to our stuff. It seems to be a better method of using two cards than muti... synced or not.00:15
len-1304zita-rev1 looks good too, though the lib may already used in on of the LV2 plugins.00:18
scott-workgood morning12:42
zequence_scott-work: Hi13:10
zequence_Just started working on the art13:10
zequence_Realized we had another Ubuntu Studio name logo on the fb page. Who's work is it?13:10
scott-workgood. currently i am continuing to gather artwork and trying to find authors and licenses and rename stuff and find regular images along with .svg files13:11
scott-worki think ttoine had just updated the facebook page recently. looks much better than what we had13:11
zequence_scott-work: I was naughty and just updated it again https://www.facebook.com/Ubuntustudio13:12
zequence_I guess I could have done it on a staging page first13:12
scott-worki will have to look at it later. i left my laptop and tablet at home this morning :(13:13
scott-workalthough i do look forward to seeing it13:14
zequence_scott-work: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=552513:16
scott-workfull disclosure: that logo, where the 'n' and 't' run together, was my design....so i like this A LOT!13:18
scott-workthe more i think back, however, i think the CoF with a solid background was actually all cory's, i just put it into this (running n and t together) logo13:18
zequencettoine: Hi. I updated the banner for fb. Based on discussions here in the channel14:43
zequenceNow when I look at it in 1080p, it looks a bit uneven14:45
zequenceAnyway, it's meant to serve as an example for how we do all the sites. Logo, name, slogan14:45
ttoinezequence, ok. for Google +, it is different, because the logo is on the right14:47
ttoinescott-work, the contact of Pleia2 is Benjamin, bkerensa@ubuntu.com14:49
scott-workttoine: thank you 14:52
ttoinezequence, it would be great if this kind of artwork could be available on the website, a kind of official way, like xubuntu is doing15:01
zequencettoine: Yes, we need to collect everything. I think I will start staging at my own page now, since I think we might want to reedit some stuff. I don't like how the text looks on the fb page in higher resolution15:06
zequenceLooks a bit crappy15:06
zequencescott-work: I did my first kernel update today. Don't know if it succeeded, but I'm getting closer to taking over the maintenance15:07
scott-workttoine: zequence i am collecting artwork now to put into the ubuntustudio-resources code in launchpad, i should have it pushed this weekend15:07
zequencescott-work: Great15:07
scott-workzequence: that is out-fing-standing!15:07
scott-workvery exciting news15:07
scott-workre: artwork - i've been gathering the old release stuff, stuff that i've made, and user submissions as i can get them (wiki.ubuntu.com, deviantart)15:07
zequenceI'm writing stuff down here, but this is only temporary. The procedure will change15:08
scott-workone thing that i am missing is a poster that says "Ubuntu STudio wants you!" and has a pictures of uncle sam (american concept). it bugs me to know that i have seen it but can't find it15:08
scott-workcould anyone else try to help my friend martin own with some midi setup? https://plus.google.com/u/0/102241005050666075649/posts/L7N5AnJ8D8w15:56
zequencescott-work: Just posted, asking him to provide more info16:00
scott-workzequence: thank you very much16:06
scott-workzequence: i'm not sure he's doing anything currently to use the keyboard and he hasn't been exactly clear to his end goal16:12
zequencescott-work: Seems like what he needs is a script for starting all of those up, doing the connections, etc. There are a couple of ways to achieve it16:16
scott-worki'm sorry to jump into the conversation after i asked and graciously got involved16:16
scott-workerrr. "after i asked and *you* graciously got involved"16:17
scott-workzequence: perhaps i'm wrong, but i'm not sure he has a process already worked out and defined16:17
zequencescott-work: np. He clarified and I interpret it as he mostly just wants to play the keyboard, not producing any music16:17
zequenceOr, at least to have that part automated16:18
ttoinegood night !22:34
scott-workgoing home myself22:34

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