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jambeedrumcan i get  a different driver for my usb mic?05:08
len-1304sam__, You have a question? Please ask..07:22
sam__how do I fix partition problems?07:23
len-1304Such as?07:25
len-1304sam__, can you give a detailed explanation of your problem? Like what happened/what you think should have happened07:28
sam__I have a number of partitions and I have a lot of problems07:30
len-1304Ok, and...07:30
sam__sabayon has "taken over" one of them07:32
len-1304And sabayon is what or who?07:32
len-1304Number of partitions.07:33
sam__shal I send fdisk list to you?07:33
len-1304what is on each07:33
len-1304what OS are you running?07:33
sam__ubuntu, mint, baktrace etc...07:34
sam__this is studio now07:34
len-1304Studio is ubuntu07:35
len-1304So are you going to describe your problem?07:37
sam__/dev/sda1   *    19503104    48997244    14747070+  83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda2            2048    19503103     9750528   83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda3        51292158   312580095   130643969    5  Extended07:39
sam__/dev/sda4        48998400    51291367     1146484   82  Linux swap / Solaris07:39
sam__/dev/sda5       161409024   182456701    10523839   83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda6       104452096   133746687    14647296   8e  Linux LVM07:39
sam__/dev/sda7       133748736   135895039     1073152   82  Linux swap / Solaris07:39
sam__/dev/sda8       232364032   269809344    18722656+  8e  Linux LVM07:39
sam__/dev/sda9        72663040   104450149    15893555   83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda10       51292160    72661300    10684570+  83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda11      135897088   161404900    12753906+  83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda12      293556224   312580095     9511936   83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda13      182458368   196809930     7175781+  83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda14      196810752   214388735     8788992   83  Linux07:39
sam__/dev/sda15      214390784   216342527      975872   82  Linux swap / Solaris07:39
sam__/dev/sda16      269809664   293553804    11872070+  83  Linux07:39
sam__ubunto studio is on sda1607:39
len-1304Ok, you have a bunch of partitions what is not happening that should or happening that should not?07:40
sam__empty lvm partitions07:40
len-1304Not very descriptive07:41
sam__partition sda2 has sabayon on it that I am not able to get rid of07:42
len-1304Sabayon is a distro?07:43
len-1304You want to get rid of it so you can do what?07:44
sam__it is a gentoo distro07:44
len-1304And you have tried reformating?07:45
sam__that partition 2 be just ubuntu without sabayon07:45
len-1304So does it have some ubuntu on it right now?07:46
len-1304Do you just want to use it for storage? Or to put some part of the file tree on it? or another version of linux?07:47
sam__I reinstalled ubuntu 12.10 ontop of part 2 but sabayon stays there messing up partition07:47
len-1304Is sabayon on more than just that partition?07:48
sam__I want to recover partition07:48
len-1304You want to recover sda2. recover the ubuntu or the sabayon?07:50
len-1304If you have over written something, I don't know if it can be recovered.07:51
sam__thanks len I will try to put ubuntu studio on it see what happens bye for now07:53
len-1304Sorry I could not be more help07:53
sam__thanx good day07:54
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lomandvHI all16:23
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Nephiim moving a large file between drives. file transfers often stall, how can i view the processes and their disk usage?18:33
Nephii cant tell if this file is moving or not18:34
zequenceNephi: iotop?18:41
Nephiwill try it out18:42
Nephiyup that tells me what i wanted to know18:46
Nephiits totally not even trying18:46
Nephithanx much18:47

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