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Noskcajochosi, evening08:18
bluesabremorning ochosi10:04
ochosiand an early morning to you bluesabre :)10:04
bluesabreworking on catfish a bit10:05
ochosiah, how's that going so far?10:05
bluesabreits no longer using find10:06
ochosiat all?10:06
bluesabrehard to interrupt that particular command10:06
bluesabreand from what I've read that others have done, os.walk is actually faster10:06
bluesabreso now the stop button actually work and the program is responsive10:06
ochosiis os.walk python-specific?10:07
bluesabreeven when doing a fulltext search10:07
bluesabreI'll try to do an experimental release sometime this weekend for everyone to play with10:08
ochosisounds cool10:08
bluesabreI've been rewriting to whole thing from the ground up10:08
ochosiwhoa, really?10:08
bluesabreit should work with either python 2 or 3 too10:08
bluesabreand fewer dependencies10:09
ochosibtw, thoughts on making the eject buttons in thunar look more like actual buttons?10:14
ochosie.g. something like this: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01042013-111448am.php10:14
ochosicurrently the button-border is too harsh etc, but just to illustrate the idea10:15
ochosito give it more of a "click me" feeling10:16
bluesabrehow would it look when that device is selected?10:16
ochosicurrently like this: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01042013-111627am.php10:16
bluesabreI would agree to that10:17
ochosiguess it needs more tweaking, but i think it could work10:18
ochosisomehow the eject-icon feels like it has too little padding inside the "button"10:19
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ochosiknome: what do you think about the eject "button" (screenshots see above)16:16
knomeochosi, hmmh. the borders could be less contrasty at least18:39
ochosiknome: yeah, it's just an illustration, not a final proposal or anything18:45
knomei think the current no-button-style works well too18:45
ochosii mean the main problem of the proposal is that there won't be a hover-style18:52
ochosisince that's impossible18:52
ochosi(in treeviews)18:52
ochosibut the current ones just don't look all-too clickable18:52
ochosibut maybe you're right and users don't notice that anyway :)18:52

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