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xubuntu568Xubuntu, Asus 1001PXD, Touchpad don`t work, any ideas? help01:59
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Ray2How to move panel from top to bottom of screen...xubuntu-12.04.103:00
well_laid_lawnRay2:  tried right clicking the panel?03:01
Ray2Yes and I do not find a way to position it03:03
Ray2Am I overlooking something on the panel drop down03:04
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xubuntu178is xubuntu part of the ubuntu family04:29
Adam___Hello, I am having a problem with the action buttons applet for xfce4 panel05:53
Adam___the actions "shutdown" and "restart" are greyed out. I have tried modifying the /.xinitrc to no avail05:55
holsteinAdam___: i would try restart from the terminal and make sure it works.. i would try as a different user to see if my config is breaking something06:04
Adam___I have restarted several times from terminal.. thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay06:09
Adam___Forgot to mention this occurred after 40 updates for xfce 4.1006:10
holsteinAdam___: how is it as a new user?06:10
Adam___I haven't tried yet but I did make sure my user/group had full admin privelages06:11
Adam___should I log/out in ass guest user?06:12
holsteinAdam___: i just suggest taking your current user config out of the equation.. for troubleshooting... however you want to do that06:13
Adam___ok I will try that now and be back in 5 minutes. Thank-you06:14
Adam___Oh yeah.. I forgot also when I log out from the menu I get: Method "Logout" with signature "bb" on interface "org.xfce.Session.Manager" doesn't exist06:15
Adam___I will logout from terminal06:15
Adam___same thing happened with guest account with/without admin privs06:20
holsteinAdam___: its not the privs im checking for06:20
holsteinAdam___: its the config06:20
holsteinAdam___: assuming all users have greyed out options, then its safe to say its system wide06:20
holsteinnot a user config issue06:20
Adam___I wish I knew what update caused this06:21
holsteinAdam___: i would check for broken packages06:21
Adam___Immediately after the update is when thins went wonky, I saw this problem on other forums but it was in arch linux06:22
Adam___They also weren't using a login manager I believe and changing their /.xinitrc fixed the problem for them, but didn't wok for me06:23
Adam___I will check for broken packages06:24
Adam___everything seems to be fine06:27
Adam___besides the problem at hand06:28
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holsteinAdam___: i have no shutdown button... or restart..06:36
Adam___As in you don't have the action-buttons applet in the panel? Or because it isn't checked off in the action-panel properties?06:38
Adam___action-button properties*06:39
holsteinAdam___: as in, i dont want them, so i dont have them06:40
Adam___So you just use terminal instead of the GUI is what you are saying..06:40
holsteini dont use them.. i built what i use daily on my netbook from openbox and tint2 etc... and i dont use shutdown or restart buttons.. since i dont need to shutdown or restart but every kernel upgrade06:41
Adam___I see06:41
Adam___I frequently shutdown and restart on my notebook, so it's an ease of access thing for me. Instead of having to open terminal, sudo shutdown -P now, password, etcetera06:43
Adam___Do you know of any alternative action buttons?06:45
holsteinAdam___: you can create what you like... im not sure whats broken for you though.. i would try reinstalling the 40 packages06:46
holsteinAdam___: at least you kept track of that.. thats helpful id say06:46
Adam___I'll try that. Thanks for your help holstein06:48
Adam___appreciate it06:48
holsteinAdam___: anytime.. hope you get it sorted without too much hassle... try the mailing list if you dont get a good answer here..06:49
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Kireck211i need a little of help07:53
Kireck211i cant browse anything in mozilla or download07:54
Kireck211and it says im connected07:54
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pkhis it viable to run ubuntu on a tablet? I'm looking at using a tablet running opencpn (a charting/navigation package) in a sealed sleeve on my boat.08:14
pkhmy first thought was android, but hte androir version is a log way off.08:14
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jostHi! I'm running Xubuntu 12.10 on an Acer aspire one D270. WLAN does not work, as the network card is switched off and can't be switched on using Fn + F3. Any hints? Is there a way to get proprietary drivers for this netbook?14:17
xubuntu244hi people...14:49
xubuntu244i have a problem with xubuntu, i´m installed it on a netbook (lg x110) but on the first boot after instalation, the boot splash stays blinking and do not advances, can you help me14:56
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cousteauI just installed electricsheep but it doesn't appear on Screensaver settings.  Do I need any extra step?15:35
cousteauprobably rebooting fixes it, but I'd rather not reboot now15:35
cousteau...also it shows a generic list of screensavers, some of which aren't installed.  Do I need to add the screensaver to that list somehow?15:36
cousteaumaybe delete ~/.xscreensaver ?15:37
holsteincousteau: i dont use screensavers, but from what i remember, the list is available/suggested ones16:17
holsteincousteau: where did you get the electric sheep screensaver?16:18
cousteauholstein, repositories16:26
cousteauand it's already on /usr/lib/xscreensaver/electricsheep -> ../../bin/electricsheep16:27
holsteincousteau: the default ubuntu repos then? you just searched in a package manager? and didnt add any ppa's?16:27
cousteauI didn't reboot the computer either16:27
cousteau(on the time I've spent afk I could have rebooted it, now that I think of it)16:28
GrapeApecousteau: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/11/how-to-get-electric-sheep-to-work-with.html16:29
holsteinyeah, i was thinking that might be an ok place to start, but it references ubuntu tweak which i think is uncessarry for a screensaver config16:30
GrapeApeeh? how so16:30
cousteauGrapeApe, ok...  but shouldn't it get added automatically?16:30
cousteauI even deleted ~/.xscreensaver and it got regenerated16:30
GrapeApecousteau: i have no clue why it isn't added automatically. i don't use it.16:30
GrapeApecousteau: apparently you need to add it manually16:31
GrapeApecousteau: should take about 5 seconds to determine if it works or not16:31
holsteinGrapeApe: oh, thats a different one than what i seached.. yeah.. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/11/how-to-get-electric-sheep-to-work-with.html looks ideal cousteau16:31
GrapeApecousteau: if it doesn't; no harm, no foul. remove the line from the file16:31
cousteauok, ok, doing it16:31
cousteau<troll> it says gedit not installed! </troll>16:35
cousteauok, there it is!  thanks16:35
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xubuntu368question: how can i return my mouse back to normal sensitivity? it randomly started to highlight and click while i'm just using the track pad to move the pointer16:54
xubuntu368correction... it's not a mouse, it's a track pad on my laptop16:55
xubuntu368i'm running xubuntu 12.0416:57
GrapeApexubuntu368: is this truly random, or after resuming the laptop ( or any other commonality you can think of )17:07
GrapeApexubuntu368: also, does your trackpad have physicla mouse buttons underneath it, or does it 'click' using finger taps17:09
xubuntu286 wifi?22:27
xubuntu286how can i install drivers for my wifi?22:29
holsteinxubuntu286: depends on what you have22:29
xubuntu286macbook pro 13 inch summer 2011 model22:30
holsteini would just try it. if its not working, i would plug it into wired internet and see if you are propted for driver installation22:30
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:30
holstein^ that will help you determine if you have a broadcom device and what you have if you dont22:30
xubuntu286i believe i do22:30
xubuntu286thank you22:30
holsteinxubuntu286: well you can open a terminal and run "lspci" and see what the hardware is22:31
holstein!paste | xubuntu28622:31
ubottuxubuntu286: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:31
holsteinyou can paste that if you need help interpretting it22:31
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages22:32
xubuntu286wow thanks!22:32
xubuntu286i just installed xubuntu22:32
xubuntu286for the first time ever! yay!22:32
holsteinsometimes, you can find a complete page with specific information on that hardware.. though it can be different on your speicifc unit22:32
xubuntu286ya cool will do i gotta restart my cpu now i just finished the installation ill be back though <messedupmatthew>22:33
xubuntu286hey real quick22:33
xubuntu286what would be some good other distros to try out?22:34
holsteinxubuntu286: you can try most of them live..22:34
xubuntu286ya thats great man i just got into ubuntu like idk not long ago so im trying all the linux stuff out i can any input?22:35
xubuntu286actually android modding got me started with all this cpu stuff ive done construction since middle school never even knew i had an interest in this til rescentley22:37
holsteinxubuntu286: remember how long you spent with whatever operating system you used before... how long you used it "as-is".. without networking.. or knowing anything about the file system.. try and give linux/xubuntu the same patience and time22:37
xubuntu286good advice will do22:37
xubuntu286so far i love it i literally just wiped out all my other os's and installed just this one was running windows on my macbook forever before i ran into all of this wonderfulness22:39
holsteinwelcome to the community.. enjoy!22:40

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