sakangnot sure why plasma* and workspace* are still at 4.9.95 instead of .97 in 13.04? plus a bunch of other stuff.  nothing held back so not sure what's going on.. any ideas?01:32
yofelsakang: until everything is built it's stuck in raring-proposed, you'll have to wait a bit01:33
sakangyofel: thanks..that explains it..the announcement in kde.org and kubuntu.org jumped the gun then.  for a while I thought something broke in my system.01:36
Mamarokclaydoh: *sigh*01:49
claydohMamarok: double *sigh*01:50
Mamarokshould I send a mail to Leslie Anne? Sad to see here go01:50
claydohI am thinking of it, I would like her to stay, she did unsubscribe. 01:52
MamarokI am writing a PM now01:53
claydohMamarok: :) 01:57
Mamarokclaydoh: OK, mail sent02:00
Mamaroknow what with Basil?02:02
MamarokI set him to moderation as well02:07
claydohok  mod is fine, let them cool off02:13
claydohon either "side"02:13
Mamarokindeed. I am going to bed now, tomorrow is another day :)02:32
Mamarokclaydoh: thanks and have a nice day :)02:32
claydohMamarok: sleep well ;) 02:35
xnoxScottK: do you care about keeping python-qt4 packaging to still work with non-multiarched python2/3, e.g. for backports?!02:53
ScottKxnox: It's not essential.02:53
xnoxScottK: ok. If need be, it will be trivial to keep 2 line diff, or make it more "dynamic" =)02:56
xnoxleft the build running, will commit when I wake up for sunday =)03:32
soeegood morning08:50
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1088150] KDE 4.9.4 refreshes screen brightness rapidly @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1088150 (by blubman)11:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: I have a mindblock when coding on paper13:38
shadeslayernot sure what's happnening but backportpackage isn't working as well13:53
shadeslayermicahg: any news on transmission stuff?13:54
soeeshadeslayer, what backportpackage ?13:58
shadeslayerit's a tool to backport packages13:58
shadeslayerTrying to backport ktp 0.5.2 to precise13:58
shadeslayerbut it's timing out13:58
micahgshadeslayer: ah, I should've done that last night...I'll do it later today17:57
shadeslayermicahg: thx :)17:57
soeewhere kde settings are stored (windows configurations etc)?17:58
shadeslayersoee: ~/.kde17:58
shadeslayerand some stuff is in ~/.local and ~/.config as well17:59
shadeslayerfor eg. if you use qtcurve, the current qtcruve is stored in ~/.config17:59
shadeslayerbut most of it is in ~/.kde/share/config18:00
soeei would like to send current settings to ubuntu one for example so i can use them on my machine @ work, home, laptop etv18:00
soeeok so i think ~/.kde18:00
soeeis what i want18:00
shadeslayersure, but make sure you don't share cache links and what not18:00
soeehi dilfridge 18:00
shadeslayerthere is alot of stuff in ~/.kde18:00
dilfridgeis there any admin of kubuntuforums.net here?18:00
shadeslayerSteveRiley: ^18:01
soeeok, thank you shadeslayer 18:01
shadeslayernp :)18:01
shadeslayerdilfridge: I haven't seen SteveRiley active alot, so you might just want to say what the issue is and maybe someone else notices18:02
shadeslayeriirc Darkwing_ was also an admin there, not sure18:02
soeedilfridge, do you hve 403 on that page ?18:03
dilfridgeSteveRiley: I'm getting 403 on kubuntuforums.net (eg issue 38317, Problematic Russian Netblock (IP-042)). Not Russia here, definitely Ping me if you need any info, e-mail dilfridge@gentoo.or works too... TIA!18:06
claydohdilfridge:  iiit may be our security stuff being too aggressive, we used to be flooded with pr0n daily I will look and ask 18:42
claydohI am an admin there18:42
claydohdilfridge: I am guessing we might need an ip address, you can poke me or snowhog on #kfn 18:48
QuintasanRiddell: How do you think we handle bsns card printing?19:16
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RiddellQuintasan: what is nsns card printing?20:21
RiddellQuintasan: what is bsns card printing?20:21
QuintasanRiddell: Do we have some budget for business cards or we just got designs and whoever wants those has to print them themselves?20:34
RiddellQuintasan: we have plenty money in the bank, so I don't think money is an issue20:37
QuintasanRiddell: You think we could just gather info from people who are interested and then one of us orders X*Y (X - number of peopl Y - number of business cards) cards and then distributes them?20:39
QuintasanOr it's going to be "have them printed, show receipt and we will reimburse you" ?20:39
RiddellQuintasan: possibly I could pay with my card and reimburse myself20:41
Riddellinstaprint looked like a promising candidate for printing20:41
QuintasanRiddell: And then you would distribute them among interested people? Sounds good.20:42
QuintasanAbout prining service, I have no idea. I never did any printing aside from printing stuff for school so I'll pass on making suggestions about which service to use20:42
QuintasanRiddell: http://www.instaprint.co.uk/?20:43
Quintasanstandard business card sizes, paper grammature20:45
Quintasannothing too complicated there I think20:45
Quintasanbut I don't think we need anything complicated20:45
QuintasanRiddell: How do you propose getting information which is to be put on the card? I think one could post a mail to our ML to contact you with information.20:47
Riddellyeah, any kubuntu members please send name, address, etc etc20:48
ScottKafiestas: reverting that commit seems to have resolved the brightness flickering issues we were seeing in 4.9.  I think reverting it in 4.10 before release makes sense too.  I can write the KDE release list if you'd prefer a discussion there?21:07
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Quintasanyofel_: you alive?21:42
yofel_more or less21:42
Quintasanyofel_: mind helping with pointer logic?21:42
yofel_well, throw it against me and worst case I'll attempt to summon harald21:43
Quintasanit's homework, not mine but I'm curious21:43
Quintasanwhen I do nPtr++ it should jump to the NEXT element of the array, right?21:43
yofel_it should if I remember it right21:44
Quintasanfloat size is 4 here21:44
Quintasanif I do nPtr+821:45
Quintasanit jumps 4 elements21:45
Quintasanat first I thought it would jump 8 elements but I dismissed it as dumb21:45
Quintasanthen I thought it would jump 2 elemnts since float size is 4 and we are adding 821:46
Quintasanbut it jumped 4 elements21:46
Quintasanwhat the21:46
yofel_http://paste.kde.org/639092 prints 1.10000 as expected21:47
Quintasanthe tasks asks you exactly21:48
Quintasancopypasta in polish21:49
QuintasanZakładając, że nPtr wskazuje początek tablicy liczby, jaki adres jest określany przez21:49
QuintasannPtr+8? Jaka znajduje się tam wartość?21:49
QuintasannPtr is pointing the the beggining of the array21:49
Quintasanto what address is nPtr+8 pointing to, what value is stored there21:49
QuintasanHe doesn't do *(nPtr+8) there21:49
QuintasanI imagine those to be wildly different since what I was to cout << nPtr+8 and it gave the address of the 4 element of the array21:50
yofel_as nPtr is a pointer to float, it should be the same as 8*sizeof(float) if it were void*21:50
Quintasanso we are actually adding 24?21:51
yofel_internally yes21:51
Quintasanif float is 4 bytes21:51
Quintasanif I put it indexes it would be a jump from liczby[0] to liczby[4]21:54
yofel_give me a bit to make sense of what gcc is throwing at me here21:56
yofel_8 * 4 = 3221:56
yofel_so 863806976 + 8 = 863807008 21:57
* Quintasan needs to learn multiplying21:57
yofel_in float pointer arithmetic21:57
QuintasanTBH I though adding 8 would make it point to the curr_adress+221:59
Quintasansince float is 4 bytes21:59
Quintasannow it turns out it's actually adding 32 to the adress and that is probably after the array boundary22:00
yofel_addr + 4 in plain bytes would be libczby[1]22:00
yofel_addr + 32 is liczby[8]22:01
yofel_note that you're defining nPtr as *float22:01
yofel_if you want it to count in 1 byte steps use *void22:01
yofel_as it takes the data size into account22:01
yofel_that's why I said it does + sizeof(type) internally22:02
Quintasanso nPtr+8 is actually *(nPtr+32) ?22:02
yofel_+ val*sizeof(type)22:02
yofel_nPtr + 8 as flot would be nPtr + 32 as void22:02
Quintasanso assuming nPtr i pointing at liczby[0]22:06
QuintasannPtr+8 will make it point to liczby[8]?22:06
Quintasanthis is...logical?22:06
QuintasanI have no idea why they make a big deal out of this22:06
yofel_uh... it's only logical if you know hat C takes he pointer type into account for pointer arithmetics22:07
Quintasanit would be illogical if it didnt imo22:09
Quintasanmore hax22:09
Quintasanint ∗ s t ;22:10
Quintasan∗ st = 100;22:10
Quintasanis this correct?22:10
Quintasanst is a pointer22:10
* Quintasan always confuses the damn symbols22:10
Quintasanint *st; is easy it creates a pointer22:10
Quintasanwhat the hell does *st = 100 do?22:10
yofel_put 100 into the memory that st points to22:11
Quintasanbut st doesnt point at anything22:11
Quintasanso this is not correct code at all22:11
yofel_well, that's YOUR fault22:12
* Quintasan didn't write this22:12
yofel_c.c:10:15: warning: ‘st’ is used uninitialized in this function [-Wuninitialized]22:12
yofel_enjoy debugging later22:13
Quintasanclang++ is retarded22:13
Quintasanno error here22:13
Quintasanor even warning22:13
yofel_c.c:11:12: warning: variable 'st' is uninitialized when used here [-Wuninitialized]22:14
yofel_          *st = 100;22:14
yofel_           ^~22:14
yofel_c.c:9:18: note: initialize the variable 'st' to silence this warning22:14
yofel_          int* st;22:14
yofel_                 ^22:14
Quintasanwhy doesn't c++ compiler throw an warning ._.22:14
yofel_                  = NULL22:14
yofel_you do know that -Wuninitialized is not on by default?22:14
Quintasanand I have no idea why22:15
Quintasanwould you do this22:15
Quintasanisn't it a good idea to turn this on by default?22:15
yofel_well, I have aliases that do that22:15
yofel_as I do want to have it on by default22:15
QuintasanI mean generally you don't want pointers doing MAGIC on some random memory address22:15
Quintasannot even random as I think pointer after initialization points to NULL22:16
Quintasanat least in c++22:16
yofel_clang c.c22:17
yofel_run it: works fine22:17
yofel_gcc c.c22:17
yofel_run it: SIGSEGV22:17
Quintasanlook at this22:17
yofel_clang does an implicit malloc I guess22:17
Quintasana = ∗&∗&∗&∗&a ;22:17
Quintasanthey ask you if it will compile and execture22:18
yofel_considering *& compiles, it should22:18
Quintasanrandom guess - it will22:18
Quintasanif I try to print a it will print 522:18
xnoxScottK: how are we going to provide python3 QtDesigner plugin?23:23
xnoxI am making it build.... but should be named differently or something?23:24

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