AlexZionhi everyone and of course happy new year ..... :)00:01
AlexZionI have some problem with kickoff , it doesn't show me nothing when i search for some application or even files .....00:02
AlexZionbut actually I didn't change any setting....00:02
AlexZionnobody knows how to fix it , or even where to start looking for the problem ....00:03
KimLarouxAlexZion: System settings > Desktop Search00:28
AlexZionhi KimLaroux , actually I was cheching there , but I didn't find anything about kickoff or related to it ...00:29
KimLarouxthis is the tool that allows kickoff to search for stuff00:30
KimLarouxactually, the main settings are in the kickoff panel itself. Click the wrench00:31
BluesKajKimLaroux, yes  the search box at the top00:31
KimLarouxoh wait, you mean the menu?00:31
KimLarouxlike window's start menu?00:31
BluesKajthe Kmenu00:32
KimLarouxAh sorry, got confused00:32
zacariasHi. My alt-Tab combination is not working. When I use alt with other keys (like numer keys to do the @, the £, etc.) it works. But when I use it in combination with other keys it doesn't. I tried to reset the alt-tab combination in System Settings but when I click the alt key it doesn't show up on the button waiting for the other key (unlike with Ctrl or Meta). Any help?00:33
AlexZionI'm back sorry ....00:40
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AlexZionyeah KimLaroux I mean the menu to open apps , it should be Kickoff as name ...00:40
KimLarouxyeah I forgot about the menu, as I never use it. I launch just about everything from the drop-down search00:41
KimLarouxOne of the first thing I do on a fresh install is remove the kickoff applet from the taskbar00:42
BluesKajKimLaroux, why ?00:43
KimLarouxbecause it's useless00:43
AlexZionwell I just use it for apps taht aren't on my tool bar at bottom ...., so isn't so important but actually is a powerfull feauture for most of the user , especially the new one ..., so any problem there is a bad problem for the image of kubuntu ... :)00:43
KimLarouxClicking 5 times to open an app is simply ridiculous00:43
KimLarouxI just tried and my kickoff search seems to work, though it doesn't search within folders00:44
BluesKajuse the quicklaunch00:44
AlexZionyeah , me tooo I use quick launch ...and is one of the most usefull plasmoid in my opinion ....00:45
KimLarouxI have a hiding tool bar at the left side of the screen that holds my most used apps00:45
KimLarouxdoes quicklauch updates itself based on most used apps?00:45
AlexZionI was really wondering when after a fresh install I didn't find it in the system .. :)00:45
AlexZionohh wait , no , I just missunderstand ....00:46
AlexZionanyway , like i said , is not a big problem for me , but i see many people use it a lot so , it would be much better don't have anyproblem on it ....00:47
BluesKajKimLaroux, no , one adds them to the launcher by dragging the apps out of the kmenu00:47
AlexZionbut in any case maybe is just my config problem , actually I'm nearly sure about that ....00:48
KimLarouxBluesKaj: that seems like quite a useless applet, since you can do the same thing directly to the bar00:49
BluesKajKimLaroux, well , to each his own , find the launchers and the kmenu very handy for my uses00:50
KimLarouxI also have apps icons to a bar, but I just don't see how using an applet for it improve this, as this function is already built into the bar00:51
AlexZionin my opinion on of the best plasmoid is Quick Access , and  is the one I was thinking about before ....., and I cannot understand why isn't anymore part of the default package , anyway ... :)00:51
BluesKajwe all have our own way of launching apps and etc ...theres noy much in going any further00:53
BluesKajnot much point00:53
AlexZioncheching package I see some broken package , I'll try to fix it probably in the last upgrade something went wrong ....00:57
BluesKajKDE 4.10 not in the backports yet ? I see it in launchapad ppa for 13.0400:59
AlexZionok done , now seems package are ok ...., I'll restart to check it , I'll see you in a while .....01:01
AlexZionI'm back .., luckely it was just a broken packages problem .....01:05
BluesKajThe Raring 3.7 kernel has HW recognition problems on some AMD 64 bit machines ,including mine : ( .  Installed OpenSUse 12.2 on the partition I set up for kubuntu 13.04. OpenSuse is much nicer then it used to be a few yrs back01:07
AlexZionfor some reason using sudo apt-get autoremove , it needs to remove the workspace which is very dangerous things ...., if after that you don't reinstall it ..., I'm wrong ?01:07
BluesKajAlexZion, dependency problems ?01:07
AlexZionyeah probablly , anyway , to be sure I remove it and than reinstall kubuntu-destop so it reinstall any dependencies ..., and it works fine now ....01:08
BluesKajAlexZion, sudo apt-get -f install01:08
BluesKajoh ok , AlexZion01:08
AlexZionThanks anyway BluesKaj01:09
KimLarouxBluesKaj: I agree, but my point is that the features provided by QuickLaunch are _already_built_in_ the panel, and so the quicklaunch applet has no reason to even exist01:09
AlexZionthe only problem which still remain unresolved is with amarok , which in my opinion is getting worst in stability ......01:09
BluesKajI avoid amarok , clementine works for my setup01:10
KimLarouxAlexZion: agreed. I upgraded to 12.10 hoping they fixed stuff, but the shuffle feature is still broken01:10
KimLarouxI just don't understand how they manged to break something that worked fine, and released an upgrade that broke such a basic function01:11
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AlexZionanyway , KDE is a really solid and powerfull stuff , and I really like the way you can customize everything, I love when I can build something around my needs ....01:18
AlexZionthis is my way to "interpret" the KDE environment ..  http://imagebin.org/24186901:19
KimLarouxAlexZion: wow that looks great01:27
AlexZionyeah KimLaroux and is really comfortable to work with this confg ....., that's why I love KDE ... :D01:28
KimLarouxI'm still using win98 style XD01:28
KimLarouxwith text taskbar and all01:28
AlexZionin my full hd screen , using minimal interfaces , I always have a lot of space to work  .. :D01:28
AlexZionI couldn't KimLaroux , I mean , I'm graphic designer , and my eyes needs to works in a nice place ... :D01:30
KimLarouxand I could not use your interface, too much stuff01:30
KimLarouxI always use apps in full screen anyways01:31
AlexZionyeah , but maybe it depends about resolutions ...01:32
KimLarouxmore like size of screen01:32
AlexZionwell , I'm on a laptop with 15" screen ...01:33
AlexZionbut actually anything can be zoomed in if you need ...., in any applications where I work , or even any browser , and so on ....01:33
AlexZionso I can well manage to works on a multi window desktop01:34
AlexZionI mean , a window 1024 x 768 is just a bit more than half screen01:35
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theotusHow's everyone doing, I got a question regarding launchy if anyone uses it.01:42
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zacariasHi. My alt-Tab combination is not working. When I use alt with other keys (like numer keys to do the @, the £, etc.) it works. But when I use it in combination with other keys it doesn't. I tried to reset the alt-tab combination in System Settings but when I click the alt key it doesn't show up on the button waiting for the other key (unlike with Ctrl or Meta). Any help?02:40
tsimpsonzacarias: are you sure you're pressing Alt, not Alt-Gr? you usually want the left Alt rather than the one on the right02:44
zacariasI'm pressing alt. I'm using a Macbook keyboard, with no AltGr. I'm using the left (and only) alt. It was working yesterday, but today it stopped. I've shut down the computer and rebooted, but everything keeps the same.02:47
tsimpsonit sounds like it's being mapped to the Alt-Gr key then, if you can use it as a combination key to produce other characters02:50
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sergejРусскоязычные есть тут?03:26
sergejИли совсем никого?..03:27
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alex20032what is the default python under 12.10? (#!bin/python)05:29
alex20032already got awnser05:33
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SyriaHi ! Can I give the same command to more than 10 computers via cssh? All I get is ten screens and each time I have enter the same command to each one!07:32
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decciI installed virtualbox 4.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 and it got installed properly but when I am running it through Ubuntu GUI its not working. how to fix?08:46
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RagnaRok__why is it that whenever check the option to use ssl, konversation never conncects?10:03
MamarokRagnaRok__: maybe you use the wrong port?10:04
Mamarokssl uses a different port than without10:04
RagnaRok__any idea what port irc.ubuntu.com uses with ssl then?10:05
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MamarokRagnaRok__: see here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:16
Mamarokit tells you which posrts are for ssl connections at the top10:16
Mamarokirc.ubuntu.com is just an alias of irc.freenode.net10:16
RagnaRok__thanks Mamarok, will change my port to the one for ssl after I enable it10:17
MamarokRagnaRok__: you are welcome :)10:17
plugineevery one here?10:26
pluginewhy you don not speak?10:28
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rork!ru | FAER4812:31
ubottuFAER48: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:31
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RagnaRok__And a very good morning to you too13:03
* monkeyjuice heads for 2nd cup of coffee13:03
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone13:04
monkeyjuicemorning phoenix_firebrd13:05
wormWhat? At the first glimpse I thought that I had accidentally joined #kubuntu-offtopic...13:05
phoenix_firebrdmonkeyjuice: good morning13:05
monkeyjuice;) kind of starting out like offtopic13:06
monkeyjuicekubuntu must be a great OS as no one has problems with it ;)13:07
thechefI agree.13:10
phoenix_firebrdmonkeyjuice: no doubt, its a great one13:11
thechefLet's create some bugs!13:11
monkeyjuicewants a good golf game plz13:11
BluesKajHey all13:16
monkeyjuicemorning BluesKaj13:16
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi13:16
BluesKajhi monkeyjuice, phoenix_firebrd13:16
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XiaYixuanis Kate very cool for programming in python?14:03
XiaYixuanI realize it highlights keywords14:03
SunTsuXiaYixuan: probably depends on what you want and what you need14:04
XiaYixuanI want that it tell me if I make a failcode14:04
XiaYixuanlike, not giving the double point (:) or what not14:04
SunTsuXiaYixuan: That would need an editor who constantly parses what you write14:05
XiaYixuanah, ok. then I guess it's impossible14:05
XiaYixuanit'd blow my laptop's CPU ._.14:05
SunTsuXiaYixuan: You probably need to figure out by yourself from "strange looking" syntax hilighting14:06
spm_DragetKubuntu 12.04 has a lower suppot-timeframe than ubuntu 12.04. But this is only valid for the KDE packages, or? The rest of the system comes from the original ubuntu repositories and thus is being update a while longer, correct?14:12
spm_DragetAnd what is the difference between two systems, one with ubuntu installed plus additionally installing kde-desktop compared to a kubuntu-system with a unity-desktop installed? Are the repositories of each other distro used and via-versa, or are there additional patches?14:15
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shadeslayerspm_Draget: afaik Precise will be supported for the entire LTS duration14:21
shadeslayeri.e 3 years14:22
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RagnaRok__isn't the support for ubuntu 12.04 supposed to be for 5 years?14:23
shadeslayerRagnaRok__: servers are for 5 years14:26
shadeslayer"a Long Term Support (LTS) version had 3 years support on Ubuntu (Desktop) and 5 years on Ubuntu Server"14:27
shadeslayerfrom https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS14:27
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spm_Dragetshadeslayer: On the very link you posted it says, that 12.04 is supported 5 years, desktop and server14:48
spm_DragetAgain: I am wondering what exactly this means for kubuntu. If my kde-packages do not get any more bugfixes/updates it would really not be bad at all if cups/dbus/kernel/whatnot continues to get updates.14:49
spm_DragetAnd since all those packages are supported in ubuntu 12.04… and if Kubuntu would use these, then I should keep getting updates.14:50
shadeslayerspm_Draget: then 5 years for the desktop as well14:55
shadeslayerI forgot they changed it starting 12.0414:55
shadeslayerand we share the same base packages as ubuntu14:55
shadeslayerso if cups get's an update, everyone who is using *buntu gets an updated cups14:56
spm_DragetNice. So for 'most' of the relevant packages, 12.04 will be secure for 5 years, no matter which *buntu is used.14:57
XiaYixuangive me good way to read two text files at once, please15:04
XiaYixuanKate can only read one at once ._.15:04
e_t_XiaYixuan: Open both of the files in Kate, press Ctrl+Shift+L to split the screen, then you can look at each file in its own pane.15:13
XiaYixuanI have the screen small. if I split it, I can't read nothing . . .15:14
e_t_Then try Ctrl+Shift+T to split the screen horizontally instead of vertically. If you don't have enough screen space to read two files at once, then no program will enable you to do so.15:15
timjkIm using Kubuntu 12.10.Any way to find out whether 32 bit or 64 bit version is installed ?15:55
yofel_open konsole and run 'uname -m', x86 is 32, x86_64 is 64bit15:57
timjkyofel_: I ran 'uname -m' it says i68615:58
yofel_ah, that's 32bit, my mistake15:58
timjkyofel_: ok15:59
timjkThe processor on my machine is Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, which is a 64 bit processor. Should i have installed the amd64 version of kubuntu 12.10 or is 32 bit fine ?. I mean would installing the amd64 version have given me better performance ?16:07
timjkAlso, im confused about the name amd64..isnt it meant for amd processors not intel ?16:09
yofel_amd invented the 64bit extension that's used these days, that's all16:10
TheLordOfTime^ that16:10
SunTsutimjk: intel took amd's design, therefore it's amd64 for both16:10
nappaI would say so, 64bit. How much RAM do u have installed?16:12
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timjknappa: its 4 gb17:02
timjkso with a 64 bit processor and 4 gb of ram, would 64 bit version be recommended ?17:03
decciI am getting these error while I run virtualbox command in ubuntu 10.04.4.VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox.so",) failed: /usr/lib/libQtOpenGL.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QPaintEngineEx11drawEllipseERK5QRect17:09
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cornfeedgood morning...I am trying to acpid to work with  my toshiba and i am about at my wits end...I have tried everything....I have a toshiba portege r835-p81 (laptop). I have acpid running and I can use acpi_listen to see that is catching events like changing screen brightness, but it doesn't *actually* do anything. I looked into fnfxd but I can find anyone who has actually used it or described how it works on a system with acpid installed, or if the18:25
cornfeedy even conflict. anyone here in the mood to help me tackle this?18:25
jeltschHow can I keep my clock accurate with NTP in Kubuntu 12.10?18:33
jeltschIn KDE System Settings there is “Date and time”.18:33
jeltschThis dialog has a checkbox for using a time server.18:34
jeltschIf I check this box and press the “Apply” button, the dialog is disabled for a short time, and then the box is unchecked again.18:34
jeltschNo NTP-related process is running.18:34
Snowhogcornfeed: You can try adding the following as kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub:  noapic      acpi=noirq    Try each by adding it to the GRUB_CMDLIN_LINUX_DEFAULT= line or the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= line. Save and run update-grub and the reboot. Alternatively, you edit the Grub menu entry and add these options 'on the fly'.18:39
cornfeedSnowhog: hmm i will look at that, brb...thanks!18:46
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cornfeedjeltsch: is ntpd installed?18:50
jeltschcornfeed: Hmm, it seems it is not.18:51
cornfeedit might be called just ntp in ubuntu not sure18:51
jeltschTo be more precise, the ntp package is not installed, but the ntpdate package is.18:52
cornfeedhmm yeah its called ntpdate18:52
cornfeednot sure18:52
tsimpsonntpd is the server side18:52
jeltschThe ntp package is for running ntpd, which is also used on the client to “continuously” keep the clock current.18:52
jeltschThe ntpdate package is for single updates.18:53
tsimpsonall ntp servers are automatically clients, that how ntp generally works18:53
jeltschSo maybe the setting in KDE System Settings would work if the ntp package would be installed.18:53
jeltschtsimpson: Yes.18:54
tsimpsonyou do not need the ntp package, just ntpdate18:54
tsimpsonI'd look to make sure your ~/.kde is writeable, as well as all files/directories therein18:54
jeltschtsimpson: But at what times will Kubuntu update my clock using ntpdate?18:54
cornfeedjeltsch: hahaha i just tried and have the same issue18:55
tsimpsonjeltsch: looks like that setting is for the entire system, so it requires system settings launched as root (kdesudo)19:00
* BluesKaj blames the UTC settings , in some cases it become default19:00
jeltschtsimpson: I thought that KDE System Settings asked you for your password if it needs root privileges.19:01
jeltschtsimpson: Interestingly, I was able to change the timezone without entering any password. Maybe this only worked because I had run another command with sudo not so long before.19:02
RoublesHi all I have just switched from ubuntu to kubuntu and I don't quite understand how to use muon. Packages that I used in ubuntu don't seem to be present...19:02
RoublesFor example I am unable to compile latex documents without certain additional packages which I am unable to find in muon software center.19:03
tsimpsonjeltsch: you can change the timezone for your user, but the ntp setting needs to be done system-wide19:03
RoublesDoes one have to add repositories or something?19:03
tsimpsonRoubles: make sure you use Muon Package Manager rather than Muon Software Center, the latter is more concentrated on "applications" rather than packages19:05
Roublestsimpson: Thanks19:07
jeltschtsimpson: Aha. I thought that timezone changes would always be for the whole system.19:07
jeltschtsimpson: At least, changing the timezone in KDE also affected shells that I started from the text console (without running KDE).19:08
jeltschSo where does KDE store the timezone setting? Does it change ~/.bashrc???19:08
tsimpsonas far as I know, it's just stored under ~/.kde19:09
tsimpson/etc/timezone stores the system time zone19:10
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jeroen-I can't automatically load subtitles when watching a film in SMplayer or VLC via SMB. I have to copy it to the hard drive first. The film streams OK via SMB. Any tips20:27
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Wizardjeroen-: File name differs from movies'?20:35
cornfeedSnowhog: ended up using acpi=ht and it worked! thanks20:38
Snowhogcornfeed: You're welcome.20:39
cornfeedhey, i feel silly asking this, but how do i manage when services start? for example i now want to stop acpid from starting at boot and then make fnfxd start at boot20:43
jeroen-Wizard: no same base filename + .srt20:53
jeroen-worked in Ubuntu Unity20:53
jeroen-also on Android and my media player downstairs20:53
sbivolcornfeed: apparently, „update-rc.d -f proftpd remove” would prevent service proftpd from starting21:00
sbivolcornfeed: sysv-rc-conf, rcconf, chkconfig are CLI tools to do the same thing21:02
sbivolcornfeed: an alternative for services not converted to upstart: update-rc.d apache2 disable21:03
sbivolcornfeed: please test and report back :)21:04
Wizardjeroen-: Should also work in VLC..21:04
jeroen-Wizard: it doesn't. It only accepts local files as subtitles21:05
WizardAs far as I remember movie and subtitle has to be placed in same directory.21:12
BluesKajjeroen-, vlc doesn't do what you want be default , but if you visit their website  and read about how to setup varios options , you'll find that it's very verstile21:13
lordievaderGood evening everyone21:14
WizardHi lordievader!21:15
BluesKajhey lordievader21:16
lordievaderHey BluesKaj, how are you?21:17
BluesKajfine thanks lordievader21:21
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zsolthi there21:37
zsolthelp me please.lightdm doesnt start automatically21:38
zsoltthere is a comand prompt21:38
zsolti have to startx manualy21:38
lordievaderzsolt: Does it start when you run: sudo sevice lightdm start?21:39
lordievaderzsolt: Try running: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm21:39
zsoltwell,nothing happens21:40
zsoltreturns me a new line21:40
lordievaderzsolt: It shouldn't output anything, but it should reconfigure the package, and therefore it should run on boot.21:41
zsoltdowngraded Xorg ,because have opengl freezings with new nvidia drivers21:41
zsoltbut it destroyed autostart21:42
zsoltthere is no inittab,so I am stuck at the moment21:43
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zsoltso usually where is the startx script located<21:45
zsoltgoogle did not help21:45
lordievaderzsolt: You might try reconfiguring the xorg package. To be honest I don't know where the startx script is.21:45
BluesKajzol whicch new nvidia drivers ?21:45
zsolt270x 300x21:47
zsoltso I need to use old ones21:47
zsoltand my laptop doesnt work with new kernels21:47
zsoltso have to use 2.6 series21:47
zsoltbut would like to use the newest userspace with old kernel21:48
zsoltstrange i know21:48
BluesKajwhich laptop model ..my old acer runs fine on 3,5 kernel21:50
BluesKajlubuntu 12.1021:51
BluesKajkubuntu rather21:51
TheLordOfTimemajor typo is major, BluesKaj :P21:51
* BluesKaj adjusts his glasses21:51
BluesKajwell i corrected it , TheLordOfTime21:52
TheLordOfTimeBluesKaj, i'm lagging a tad, so i missed the correction21:53
zsoltit is an msi ex600x21:53
zsoltthank you21:57
BluesKajthats a motherboard ...mouse batteries died , and he leaves without any solution21:58
BluesKajoops wrong again :)21:59
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Key-Real_I moved from win to KUBUNTU today, I have wrote a graphic lib thouse days for DOS and WIN, to display a Vscreen through VESA for DOS or on a Window through GUI in Win or through DirectX.   NOW I wanna make the same under Linux, can some one help me?22:19
micaelai have problem, audio not work22:29
micaelacan you help me please?22:29
ndegruchyhey, I have Ubuntu 12.10 (Kubuntu, actually) and I'm trying to make a Debian boot disk for another system. I have a flash drive ready-to-go, but when I try to do `cat debian.iso > /dev/sdd`, I get an immediate 'permission denied', even sudo'ing22:36
ndegruchyI've verified that /dev/sdd is the drive in question22:36
ndegruchyand it has 2gb, which should be more than enough for the i386 CD image22:37
Snowhogndegruchy: See http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/22:38
ndegruchyOkay, I give that a try. The system disk creator failed on building grub22:39
ndegruchy(also: TIL that there is a linux version of unetbootin)22:41
OerHeksi've used sudo dd if=kubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb ( or sdc/sdd whatever)22:42
ndegruchyyeah, that was going to be my next question, if DD would be alright since I'm getting access denied22:43
OerHekssudo might be the answer for your issue22:43
ndegruchyI tried :\22:43
ndegruchyokay, fingers crossed, lets see what happens.22:47
ndegruchythanks, guys!22:49
OerHekshave fun22:55
hypnotoad_hi there anyone can help me with k3b ?23:24
Snowhoghypnotoad_: What's your question?23:26
hypnotoad_i want to get k3b to rip my cd to an mp3 file. i have Kubuntu 12.04 with libk3b6-extracodecs installed (this looks like it was pulled in with some other package, i did not select it by hand). All the plugins visible in the configurek3b dialog are ticked. However, when i ask to rip the cd i cannot select MP3 as a fole format23:31
hypnotoad_Filetypes shown in the list box are either Ogg-Vorbis or "Wave"23:32
OerHeksto rip mp3's you need the lame codec package, AFAIK23:34
hypnotoad_OerHek5 - i'll take a look23:34
OerHeksrestart k3b after that23:35
hypnotoad_OerHeks - nice one. thanks i now have mp3 as an option. many thanks23:36
OerHekshave fun23:36
vladimir_I do not know whay people do not use this tipe of configuration (simple) as they main work space http://i.imgur.com/tFQkr.jpg23:58

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