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ihashacksCan I work with someone here on this question I asked: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/21842105:47
ihashacks... or is it better to wait for comments on LP itself?05:48
micahgihashacks: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using_packages_from_other_distributions05:50
ihashacksso now I have ~/.dput.cf with http://paste.ubuntu.com/1502508/06:06
ihashacksand I run 'dput backports-force-quantal nmap_6.25-1_source.changes'06:06
ihashacksbut still get 'Error: uploading files for distribution UNRELEASED to backports-force-quantal not allowed.'06:06
micahgoh, heh, that's local error :)06:06
micahgit's referring to what's in debian/changelog06:07
micahgor more specifically in the source.changes file06:07
ihashacksholy hell, all I had to do was "sed -i 's/UNRELEASED/unstable/g' debian/changelog"06:12
ihashacksIs that a standard procedure or something with how nmap got built during my bzr from quantal and merge-upstream?06:12
micahgihashacks: normally you'd use the Ubuntu release in question in there06:13
ihashacksI kinda thought that, but the existing one had "unstable" everywhere... probably becauze I merge-upstream'ed it?06:13
micahgihashacks: that's because we have no diff from Debian06:14
ihashacksnvm, I look down further and there are references to jaunty06:17
ihashackswow, so simple - I swear I google'd that and searched on answers.launchpad.net first!06:18
ihashacksSuccessfully uploaded packages.06:18
ihashacksyou were right. unstable was rejected, but quantal was accepted.06:38
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AeyounHi. “Version older than that in the archive. 1.0-0~4~quantal1 <= 1.0-0ubuntu1~ppa”. The first number is from the daily build receipt and the latter is from dput upload. Why would the daily builds ise a different version number? How should I resolve this?12:22
shadeslayerhi, for some reason I keep getting this from launchpad : dget: curl kio-mtp_0%2Bgit20130104-0ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+files/kio-mtp_0%2Bgit20130104-0ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc failed15:29
shadeslayerwhen I try to use : dget -xu https://launchpad.net/\~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+files/kio-mtp_0%2Bgit20130104-0ubuntu1\~ppa1.dsc15:29
shadeslayerah there we go15:31
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