BWMerlinI am trying to install a game under wine and it complains that I do not have glxinfo but I am unsure which glxinfo version I should install02:04
BWMerlinI have an nvidia graphics card and I am using the official nvidia driver02:04
BWMerlinmy options are glx-alternative-fglrx   glx-alternative-nvidia  glx-alternative-mesa    glx-diversions02:05
mysteriousdarenBWMerlin: glx-alternative-nvidia02:05
BWMerlinThe following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-alternative-nvidia : Depends: glx-diversions (= 0.2.2) Depends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.02:06
BWMerlinthat doesn't sound good02:06
mysteriousdarengo to synaptic and fix broken drivers02:08
BWMerlinhow exactly do I do that?02:11
heywoodhi all.02:50
heywoodtrying to map Fn-F3 onto a command using Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts>(Custom Shortcuts). but when i assign that key combo to my command, it reads "Screensaver" as opposed to (say) Ctrl+Alt+F or whatever. Any idea how to change this?02:50
tsimpsonthe Fn key is a modifier key, it maps a key to another keycode, for instance my Fn+l is PageDown02:53
heywoodtsimpson: right. xev says (i think) it maps to keycode 160. is there a way to trap that particular code and "attach" it to a command (in my case, i want: sleep 1 && xset dpms force off)?02:54
heywoodthis used to work out of the box with ubuntu 10.04 on the same hardware...02:54
heywoodor rather, the keyboard on this machine (thinkpad T43) has a "screen off" icon at Fn-F3. that worked on 10.04 without having to do any keystroke remapping at all.02:57
mysteriousdarenBWMerlin: i'd remove orphaned libraries too02:57
tsimpsonwell it's saying that the code from Fn+F3 is the "Screensaver" key, if I press Fn+F6 it says the key is "Monitor Brightness Down"02:58
BWMerlinmysteriousdaren: I tried fix broken dependencies but that didn't do anything02:59
heywoodtsimpson: ok, but does that mean it can't be mapped to that command i mentioned?02:59
heywoodbtw, are you using xev to find these mappings, or looking them up somewhere?03:00
mysteriousdarenBWMerlin: Sorry I just got a phone call, ask your question again in #ubuntu03:00
tsimpsonI think it should be able to, but it may do more than one thing at a time03:00
tsimpsonheywood: I just opened a Configure Shortcuts... option in an application and started pressing buttons ;)03:01
BWMerlinI have and the answers are add odds03:01
BWMerlinone is saying wine doesn't work with 64bit which I know is not true03:01
mysteriousdarenYes it does work, lol that's a stupid answer03:01
Combat_Wombatwhoever told you that should be shot03:04
BWMerlinyes i know03:04
BWMerlinothers are saying the game is really hard to get working but the instructions are very clear I am just running into some dependency problems03:05
Combat_Wombatwhat game?03:05
BWMerlinleague of legends03:24
BWMerlinI am following the instructions here http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=19141 to install and then here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2957372 to configure03:24
heywoodtsimpson: what i want is to map that key combo to work for _any_ application. in other words, to override any application-specific commands mapped to Fn+F303:24
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degkoratneed help desperately08:39
degkoratabout "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place"08:40
degkoratHi everybody, somebody willing to help?08:51
onto1Hi! I am using precise and my C code (which depends on SDL) isn't compiling anymore. It was working find under 10.04. I get the following error(s)10:25
onto1undefined reference to `SDL_MapRGB'10:26
onto1undefined reference to `SDL_Init'10:26
onto1I have installed libsdl1.2-dev10:26
onto1I can post my makefile if needed10:26
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xxkoncyxxhy everybody!16:30
greyduckHello everyone!17:27
greyducki'll go quackers if i stay here on my own17:28
greyducktatty bye17:28
greyduckhow do i read messages?17:30
greyduckhello the room17:34
greyduckWhen i leave a room i get a message stating that i have unread messages?17:37
greyduckhow doi read those unread messages anyone please17:37
greyducknow don't allrush i only want one answer17:38
greyduckO well seems like i'll have to spread me wings to another room for help. Bye17:39
Noskcajwhy does teamspeak use a larger icon than everything else19:31
MangoBoyHi. i saw lubuntu 12.04 was not longtime support as there were short of maintainers, but what does that mean? my friend says ofcource it is LTS as it is built on ubuntu..??20:33
Unit193The core of it, the kernel, is LTS, but the LXDE (or the "L" part) isn't LTS.20:34
Unit193There is a shortage of devs for the Lubuntu project, and even the other flavors (They have 3 year LTS rather than 5 as mainbuntu does)20:35
MangoBoyOk but thats overcomable isnt it? cant one patch that manualy some how? or what i mean is that the security will be maintained is'nt it?20:36
Unit193Well, kernel issues would be since it's part of the core.20:38
MangoBoyso what can become a problem then?20:39
ZanzacarHi I know ubuntu but I am having issues with lubuntu. I want to install this https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/linpsk/ but I can't figure out how to make it happen20:45
Unit193Just the LXDE bits, and some things get dated without them getting backported.  Also means it wouldn't be supported here.20:45
ZanzacarI know that is a ubuntu package location but I can't find it for lubuntu and I would think they are similar enough20:45
Unit193Zanzacar: Try opening a terminal and typing  sudo apt-get install linpsk.20:46
Zanzacartried that it isn't found20:46
Zanzacari thought I might add the repositories or something but I really wasn't sure on this informaiton since I don't know what repository I would need to add20:47
Unit193You need universe enabled, and try sudo apt-get update first.20:47
Zanzacaruniverse that right I have delt with that before but I forget now, I tried update then install linpsk and still not found20:48
Zanzacarhere is another site with the software but I can't find the ppa repository20:49
Unit193Zanzacar: Try opening "Software Sources" to make sure Universe is enabled, as you see at http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/hamradio/linpsk, it is in precise.20:52
Zanzacaruniverse is not enabled I am looking that up right now20:53
Zanzacarfinally figured it out, I was trying to manually add universe but there was a check box.20:57
Zanzacarclicked that did update, then install linpsk and it worked just fine :)20:57
Zanzacarthanks for the help20:58
mysteriousdarenUnit193: how are you?21:15
Unit193mysteriousdaren: My pulse would indicate that I am alive, though there are still reports that I'm an AI so the pulse is a lie.  Take your pick.21:16
mysteriousdarenI prefer the first one.21:17
Noskcajhow can i setup conky in lubuntu, ideally with this theme? http://www.noobslab.com/2012/06/install-infinity-conky-in-ubuntulinux.html21:27
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EndUserXhello anyone home?22:49
Combat_Wombatmy lubuntu wont let my monitor shut down when it goes to sleep22:51
Combat_Wombatjust goes black and keeps the backlight on22:51
Combat_Wombataka useless22:51
DerpyeahAnyone here?23:38
Combat_Wombatmany people23:42
DerpyeahI bought a Action Replay 3ds and plugged it into my lubuntu laptop and It doesn't get detected.23:44
DerpyeahEven though the software for it works awesome in wine23:44
Derpyeahand I installed the drivers...23:44

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