penguin42can anyone else on raring do a dmesg|grep -i taint01:06
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bjsniderpenguin42, looking for non-free modules?01:54
penguin42bjsnider: No, mine is saying lock debugging is disabled due to taint, but I'm not seeing any reason for the taint01:55
penguin42that's bug 109649702:12
ubottubug 1096497 in linux (Ubuntu) "Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint with no apparent cause" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109649702:12
FunnyLookinHatAnyone else here had issues with the live cd not booting?05:09
FunnyLookinHatI've made several different images, with different USB disks to make sure it wasn't a hardware issue - and it'll freeze just as the mouse shows up05:09
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EmanonHello everyone, I saw somewhere that 13.04 may be including bonding as an option in the network manager. Is this true?10:25
bekksI hope they dont, since the practical caveats of setting up bonding cant be checked by the OS.10:51
EmanonHow so?10:51
bekksYou cant check "Fast Link" on Cisco Switches or LACP settings in general from the OS. You need your network admin to do so, and you should listen to his requirements BEFORE trying to set up bonding.11:13
bekksIn addition, you cant check the target use of bonding, like iSCSI, when setting up a bond, and thus you cant decide wether you roundrobin is a fairly bad idea or not.11:14
bekkss/you r/r/11:14
EmanonAh. So in layman's terms, due to the lack of access to critical network resources it poses a risk of actually decreasing network performance rather than increasing it?11:17
bekksWhat are layman's terms?11:20
bazhangsimplest explanation possible11:21
bekksIt even poses the risk of shutting down the entire network, since in distinct network setups, without your network administrator, you would couse a loop and thay *may* shut down your entire network.11:21
bazhangusing every day terminology11:21
EmanonAn attempt to avoid sesquipedalian loquaciousness bekks.11:22
bekksEmanon: ah! :P11:22
EmanonFor there is indeed a predilection by the intelligentsia to engage in the manifestation of  prolix exposition through a buzzword disposition form of communication  notwithstanding the availability of more comprehensible, punctiliously  applicable, diminutive alternatives.11:23
penguin42hmm my exaile install seems to have developed a behaviour where it hangs the first time it's run, kill it and restart and it's fine; somewhere in gstreamer12:37
BluesKajHey all13:16
penguin42Hey BK13:21
BluesKajHi penguin42, ....BK doesn't highlight here , hence the delay in my reponse13:27
penguin42no problem13:27
BluesKajinstalled opensuse 12.2 with KDE, on the partition that was meant fot 13.04. It's a nice fast stable distro altho the package management is a bit confusing to me .13:31
xapelinstalled raring on my dell mini yesterday. Mouse pointer is stuck though. Any ideas?15:22
penguin42is everything else happy - like does capslock work?15:25
xapelkeyboard does work, but I've not checked capslock specifically.15:28
xapelI can check for you. Will that help you to diagnose?15:28
penguin42no, I was just trying to understand if it was all hung15:29
penguin42so everything works except the mouse pointer? Is that on a touchpad?  What happens if you plug a USB mouse in15:29
dkesseli also have a dell mini (i have a 10, don't know about you...) i had that during install of raring yesterday... the touchpad wouldn't work. after rebooting and trying again, it did work though....15:48
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trijntjeI cant find the app nitro in 13.04, do apps need to be ported to each release seperately or do I need to enable some extra repository?17:30
MrChrisDruiftrijntje; nitro?17:35
* MrChrisDruif checks what it is.17:35
penguin42can't find it at all in packages.17:36
trijntjeMrChrisDruif: it's an todo-list app17:36
MrChrisDruiftrijntje; http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nitro&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all17:36
trijntjeI know i have it installed in 12.10, so I was expecting it to be available for 13.04 as well17:36
MrChrisDruifYou didn't install it through an PPA?17:37
penguin42that page is hopelessly confusing; it says it's free open source software, but it says license proprietary17:38
MrChrisDruifpenguin42; +117:38
trijntjeThe licence is BSD17:40
rrvawhats a good linux hw support channel?17:40
penguin42MrChrisDruif: hth does one make a complaint/fix to one of those pages?17:40
trijntjepenguin42: and I think the 'free' is the price, as in beer17:41
penguin42trijntje: It says free open source17:41
MrChrisDruifpenguin42; I don't know, I'll ask in #ubuntu-community-team channel17:42
trijntjeah, in the description of the app itself you mean17:42
trijntjeI'd say BSD is not proprietary, so the licensing information in the software center is wrong17:42
penguin42but then if it's bsd, why is it in there as opposed to a normal package we can see in packages?17:43
trijntjeI guess because it was written as an 'app' for ubuntu, so it is in the 'app' categorie which is not like normal FOSS software17:44
mechanismhello, tried to install raring(mac version) on mackbook pro, and when proceeding to installation, firs screen is language - is okay, I'm selected english, then select options like install mp3 codecs and video drivers selected to install click, next and it's show me forever loading cursor and nothing more and still window with proprietary drivers selector. tried to unselect after reboot, but still the same - it's stopping on same screen. what sh17:58
MrChrisDruiftrijntje; "<mhall119> it's possible it was submitted to the software center under a proprietary license so they could use the consumer-apps review process rather than the ARB review process"17:59
MrChrisDruifWhere ARB is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard18:00
trijntjemechanism: I think your message is too long. It got truncated after "on same screen. what sh"18:00
mechanisminstallation stops always on 2nd step18:01
MrChrisDruifWhich might have been a good decision, seeing the Review Process seems dead according to mhall11918:02
mechanismI'm python/django developer and ubuntu better suits my needs so I wanted to replace mac os x on my macbook pro with ubuntu but it's won't installing =(18:03
MrChrisDruifmechanism; we miss a part of your first message.18:04
mhall119the archives have been slow today, I noticed that earlier18:06
mhall119maybe everybody is upgrading18:06
mechanismbecause runs on apache not on nginx hehe18:07
mechanismon apache everything is slow18:08
trijntjemechanism: raring is still in beta phase, why not install 12.10, which is the latest stable release18:10
trijntjeMrChrisDruif, mhall119 thanks, that makes sense18:11
trijntjestill, when will nitro be available for 13.04?18:11
mhall119trijntje: when the developer submits it for 13.04, which will be after the Extras archive opens for 13.04, which I think happens around beta time18:11
mechanismyep 12.10 installing properly, but I wanted all latest packages for development so decided to install raring. I'm always used ubuntu alphas/bets on my pc, but it's won't install on mackbook pro.18:13
mechanismI'll download next build and will try again then. might be everything will be fixed there18:15
trijntjemechanism: that could be, I know the testing team has few people who are able to test the mac images18:15
trijntjeyou could also try installing 12.10, and then upgrade to 13.0418:15
mechanismI can't see mac version for 12.10 =( and when it's installed there's none any video drivers18:16
mechanismwhen installing regular 64 bit verision there's none any video drivers available*18:17
mechanism1 have 2 video cards intel built into processor and another one.18:18
trijntjemechanism: http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/18:18
MrChrisDruifYou could also install 12.10 and then upgrade to 13.10 with sudo do-release-upgrade -d if I remember correctly18:18
mechanismyes I remember how to upgrade. I did it on pc18:20
mechanismupgrade to raring command different than earlier18:20
mechanismbtw gimme the link to mac testing team I'll join if possible18:23
mechanismI mean ubuntu on mac*18:27
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