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k3yboardninjaSo is there any work around whatsoever to get youtube flash videos playing? Or is there really no hope in this case unlike android where hacks have been a possibility21:05
k3yboardninjaDoes anyone have any sort of workaround for getting flash to work? Or is it a lost cause?21:19
infinityk3yboardninja: That would require having a flash binary.21:21
k3yboardninjaits unfortunate that youtube can't show video ads with the html5 player...it makes it a largely useless feature21:22
anders2_vanhoof, hi, do you have a minut?21:53
anders2_My Nexus 7 is stuck in a initramfs shell after installing Ubuntu. I cant get into fastboot. Anyone?21:55
tassadar_hold power button for 10+ seconds until it the screen goes dark, then press volume down and hold it until you get to bootloader21:57
anders2_tassadar_, thanks a million21:57
anders2_tassadar_, worked like a charm21:58
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