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duanedesignhello all04:35
mysteriousdarenpeace duanedesign04:35
duanedesignhello mysteriousdaren04:37
mysteriousdarenwhat have you been up to?04:37
duanedesigndo I know you or are you a recent addiion yo our channel?04:38
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: I justt spent 30 minutes hooking my DVD player into my stereo so i could watch my Blind Melon and Neil Your DVDs04:39
mysteriousdarenno, I've been on for years04:39
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: I hope you some back more :)04:39
duanedesigni also ned to work on a program of mine real bad. mysteriousdaren do you know python, or pachaging very well? :)04:40
mysteriousdarensorry to disappoint on python, only a beginner on that front04:42
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: get it all figured out? its not all about knowledge you know...wisdom is seeking help when needed.04:54
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duanedesignsorry had a cat knock over some over some plants. It was nice talking with you mysteriousdaren06:19
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: yes it was06:38
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: do you participate i the community aa all?06:40
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: yes, just been busy for the last while, I am slowly working to gain full membership06:41
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: are you?06:43
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: do you lie working on thr wiki ir bugd, for a  few esmplrd06:51
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: i like updting wiki pwr06:52
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: yes. I usually help users more than update the wiki getting back into ubuntu forums06:53
duanedesignwhen I am not trying to develop new apps, which is time consuming06:55
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: yes, true. What are you working atm?06:56
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: of awesome, helping new users is a great way to contribute06:56
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: are you running UBuntu or a #buntu variant?06:57
mysteriousdarenLubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu Server 12.04, and Ubuntu 12.10.06:58
duanedesignmysteriousdaren:  this is my recent project, turning out to be popular, i was kinda suprised06:59
duanedesignif you have time could try the deb on ubuntu 12.1006:59
duanedesignwe dont have a ppa yet for 12.1007:00
duanedesignthe app installs very litle if you decide you do not want to use it07:01
duanedesignit is a commmand line, like gnome-trminal, but has the ability to store commands yo07:02
duanedesignI got tired of hsving a hugr word doc with al the commands I come acroxx07:02
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: it looks interesting,  I might have use for it07:03
duanedesignwe recentlt addded a keyboard shortcut to hide all the 'command dictionary' stuff so it ast just like gnome-terminal when you are not adding or using your stored commwnf lidt07:05
mysteriousdarenduane: are you alone in this?07:06
duanedesignugh, dark here, maybe I should turn on some ights, my typing id poor07:06
mysteriousdarentrue, I have light from my screen to help me.07:07
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: I did a large portion of it mysef. I have others hlp on some critical stuff07:07
mysteriousdaren nvm i just read the contributors07:07
duanedesignmost have gone back to school or are busy with work07:08
duanedesignthey did some great work07:08
mysteriousdarenI'm not a python person, do graphic design mostly07:09
duanedesignhaha, i ama graphic designer myself07:10
mysteriousdarenI should add it to stumbleupon07:11
duanedesignthat should be the latest deb without using the ppa. i am working on a 12.10 PPA07:11
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: that would begreat07:12
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: programming should suffice? or computer science? linux?07:13
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: someone already did, I just liked it07:14
duanedesignh,, linux, ubuntu07:15
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: well thanks for the thought07:16
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: here is an old screenshot07:18
duanedesignwe have added a lot since, but it gets the idea across http://tinyurl.com/auchmg807:21
duanedesignyou add commands with add buton and can then run them by double-clicking the command in the list07:23
duanedesignlisten to me babble on...07:23
duanedesignbeen s projrct I worked on g=for a couple years so I get excitefd talking about it :)07:25
duanedesignalso have another project that takeas all the best info and how tos and organixrs thenand mskes them acesiblr in Yelp07:27
mysteriousdarenin lubuntu 12.04 on my netbook it just crashed07:30
mysteriousdarenif I send a crash report do you see it? or should I put it on launchpad?07:30
duanedesignok if you run it from the terminal using the command clicompanion hopefully you eill get s traceback07:31
duanedesigncould you pastebin it, that would be awesome!07:33
duanedesignor email it to me, ill PM my email07:33
mysteriousdarenno. sorry I just put ignore on next time it opens. I'll reinstall next time and give it to you when we are both on07:36
duanedesignone big goal is to get CLI Companion to run on as many didtros sd possinl]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][[[07:36
mysteriousdarennvm, Ill do it now07:36
duanedesignsorry abou the extra crud their. cat wanted to type07:37
mysteriousdarenim reinstalling, and will post the bug07:40
mysteriousdarenit won't even run now, just ignores the warnings. Ill have to do this on a vm that I have set up another time07:41
duanedesignwhat version of lubuntu?07:44
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: i remmbe this https://lists.launchpad.net/clicompanion-devs/msg00099.html07:46
mysteriousdarenit installed both those packages on install07:48
duanedesignof coool, well not cool it wont run.07:50
duanedesignI might install a Lubuntu VM07:50
duanedesignthanks a ton for your help07:51
mysteriousdarengood idea07:51
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: every bit helps07:51
mysteriousdarenyup anytime07:51
duanedesignyou should join the beginners team if you have not already. The mailing list is very low volume07:52
mysteriousdarenlink please?07:52
duanedesignit is an open team so no one will have to approve your membership07:55
duanedesignThe team is full of grat people with all kinds of skill sets. We would love to havre you\07:57
mysteriousdarenok thanks, Im reading on ubuntu forums right now a little distracted08:00
duanedesign mysteriousdaren no worries08:02
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: if you dont mind where about are you08:03
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: I am in U.S. OKlahoma08:03
duanedesignoff cool08:03
duanedesignone of our members bodhizazen is in Montana08:03
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: I think that i where my VPS is as well :)08:04
mysteriousdaren'Missoula, Bozeman, or Billings usually. What company?08:05
duanedesignglad you are sticking with the forums instead of askubuntu. I am sure you probably do both08:06
duanedesignalso have another project that takeas all the best info and how tos and organixrs thenand mskes them acesiblr in Yelp need a vps have one (free too)08:07
duanedesignsorry about that08:07
duanedesignnot sure what happened08:07
mysteriousdarenno worries don't like askubuntu much, the forums just work well08:08
duanedesignbodhizazen has a server he lets us Beginners Team members use for free if we need it08:08
duanedesignI host my website, blog and run this instance of irssi on my vps08:09
duanedesignnice to have irssi connected all the time08:09
duanedesignthat way i never miss any IRC action ;)08:10
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: you will run into bodhi soon he i here a lot.08:15
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: I know he has helped me several times08:15
duanedesigngreat guy!08:16
mysteriousdarenas the say in Mt the man, the myth, and the legend. BODI!08:16
duanedesignand i am not just saying that for the 2 years of freee vps :D08:16
duanedesignmysteriousdaren: forums still messing up?08:17
mysteriousdarenno, just reading where I can help08:17
mysteriousdarenirssi? how do you like it? i prefer xchat I guess, tried most everything else.08:18
mysteriousdarenduanedesign: I have to go to bed, goodnight08:24
pip__Is there still a 12.04 non-pae iso available?16:25
pip__mini iso even16:25
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