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AeyounThis is really not encouraging. http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/singlehtml/index.html#submitting-for-inclusion "You've done lots of work following this wiki, and now you need to learn a bunch of new stuff and do things slightly differently over at this other place."01:48
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micahgdoko__: nevermind about icedtea-web, I see it's dependent on which release you generate the control file on, not which one it's targeted too (which is a bit fragile, but I worked around it)04:34
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mitya57Logan_: can you please mark lp:~logan/ubuntu/raring/ocfs2-tools/debian-merge as merged (so that it doesn't show in the sponsoring queue)?11:13
Logan_mitya57: Hmm, but it's not merged, though.11:14
Logan_I'll set it as Work in progress.11:14
mitya57Logan_: there was upload authored by you: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/ocfs2-tools/1.6.4-2ubuntu111:16
Logan_Well fancy that.11:16
Logan_Okay, marked as Merged. :P11:17
* mitya57 wishes Logan_ becomes Ubuntu developer soon :)11:18
Logan_Haha, same here. I'm actually planning on applying for MOTU, which would gain me Ubuntu membership in the process.11:19
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nrosvall_hi is there plans to disable menu icons from Qt apps?14:11
nrosvall_as now gtk apps do not show menu icons by default in unity, but Qt apps do14:11
nrosvall_I guess that needs some qt dconf integration?14:12
nigelberr, sorry!15:19
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Bluefoxicy“In terms of software, Ubuntu is like the iPhone" <-- too much proprietary, in-house software and an extreme habit of not playing well with others while telling everyone you play well with everyone?17:48
Bluefoxicy(A Nexus phone is probably a more favorable comparison, though with Unity and Upstart people will argue about whether or not it's a more accurate comparison)17:49
maxb That is a rather a bizarre quote17:56
maxbI'd dismiss it a just being something said by a newspaper, but having it requoted on ubuntu.com makes it more prominent17:57
maxbThdn again, more people who use a nexus phone can probably figure out if they'd like to use ubuntu all by themselves, so maybe its a deliberate attempt to seed curiosity in a particular market segment17:59
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penguin42debian security seems to be busy today18:27
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