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nhasianHello everyone10:57
nhasianwho can I ask to get an Ubuntu cloak? my launchpad is https://launchpad.net/~nhasian11:01
IdleOnenhandler: You will need to wait here for one of the IRCC to get it applied. Be patient and they will get to it soon.11:03
IdleOnenhasian: ^11:03
nhasianIdleOne: don't worry, people do that all the time with nhandler and I.11:05
IdleOneAlanBell Pici Tm_T topyli funkyHat notice that nhasian is already in the cloaked people  team.11:05
IdleOnenhasian: what happened to your cloak?11:05
nhasianIdleOne: I didn't use my nick for months so the nick expired.11:05
IdleOneI see11:06
nhasianI'm guessing it just needs to be reapplied :)11:06
IdleOnebut they are probably all sleeping right now11:08
* AlanBell is awake11:21
AlanBellhuh, that is odd11:21
AlanBellstaff can we have some help please11:21
IdleOneHis nick must have been dropped during the last nickserv pruning11:22
IdleOnestaff can probably confirm that.11:22
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MyrttiAlanBell, IdleOne, nhasian: sorry for the wait16:23
MyrttiAlanBell: standard cloak?16:24
* Myrtti just returned from a hen do16:25
nhasianMyrtti: no worries everyones gotta sleep some time hehe16:37
Myrttiyeah, I've just had a weekend of drinking and a relaxing Sunday at a spa O:-)16:38
nhasianI recently tried Sam Adam's Merry Mischief Gingerbread Stout. good stuff16:39
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AlanBellsounds fun Myrtti :)17:30
AlanBellyeah, standard cloak would be good, looks like it fell off17:30
Myrttiyeah, alright17:30
Myrttiso ubuntu/member/nhasian then?17:30
nhasianyes please17:31
Myrttithere we go then17:31
nhasiangreat thanks!17:31
AlanBellthanks Myrtti17:33
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