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micahgTheLordOfTime: what were you asking about removals before?03:28
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micahganyone available to review a python mutliarch patcg?08:43
micahgvibhav: would you mind preparing a merge  for java-package (or I can do it if you like), I think it'll fix Bug #109654609:00
ubottubug 1096546 in java-package (Ubuntu) "Failed to work with jdk7u10. No matching plugin was found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109654609:00
micahgvibhav: from experimental I mean09:00
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TheLordOfTimemicahg, jtaylor, sorry ended up out of the home all day, and part of this i'll have to follow up with SpamapS about, but what's with replacing the php5-imap, php5-mcrypt, etc. with versions in Universe, which are actually *behind* the normal php5 package in raring?14:50
TheLordOfTimemakes backporting (even in PPAs for special-use cases on one of my servers) such packages that much harder14:50
TheLordOfTimeas well, the modules that are in universe replacing the 5.4.9 php5-built ones are built against 5.4.6 (if their version numbers can be trusted)14:53
TheLordOfTimemicahg, as for "removals", the only thing i'm still pretty adamant about getting dropped from the repos is 'supybot' which is not updated, but we've already discussed that before that a lot of people use it, including the ubuntu bots team.14:55
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TheLordOfTimedebdiff prepping - two questions: (1) packaging version changing for updates is outlined where?  and (2) do you prefer that debdiffs include a changelog entry increasing the revision number.16:51
vibhavmicahg: there?16:57
vibhavmicahg: Sorry for responding late, I will try to do that16:57
vibhavmicahg: Sorry, I cant prepare a merge ATM (No time, studies)17:22
micahgvibhav: do you mind if I do it then?17:57
micahgTheLordOfTime: any chance of getting it updated in Debian?  we can surely backport it17:58
saoHello all. I am the upstream Developer of Diodon a clipboard manager with Unity integration. Currently I am working to create a package for the official Ubuntu repository and wanted to ask whether there would be anyone who could mentor/sponsor me on the way? More details see here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/80846418:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 808464 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] diodon -- Clipboard manager for GNOME and Unity" [Wishlist,In progress]18:58
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TheLordOfTimemicahg, only if we drop it in Raring from universe, and have SpamapS undo his revisions allowing php5-mcrypt to build from php5 source21:29
TheLordOfTimewhich is how it was in quantal21:29
TheLordOfTimeor at the very least, Precise21:29
TheLordOfTimeor do you mean supybot?21:30
TheLordOfTime(if you mean supybot, i've heard "rumors" it'll be updated in Debian)21:30
micahgTheLordOfTime: hrm?  I was referring to supybot21:30
TheLordOfTime(but only rumors)21:30
TheLordOfTimemicahg, we had a 30 minute discussion about 2 months ago about supybot21:30
TheLordOfTimei may still be saying it should be removed, but i'm not pushing that21:30
TheLordOfTimei'm more concerned about php521:30
TheLordOfTimewhich is why i pinged jtaylor yesterday21:31
TheLordOfTimemicahg, consider supybot a "non-issue"21:31
TheLordOfTimei wasn't the one here pushing for a package removal yesterday, TAsn was21:31
TheLordOfTimefor already-released things, which AIUI is not possiblew21:31
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jtaylorTheLordOfTime: updating the php things should be trivial21:31
TheLordOfTimejtaylor, you're the last commit on php-mcrypt source package, but mind me asking *why* it was placed in universe and  dropped from the php5 source?21:32
jtaylorsome main reason21:32
jtaylorI forgot it again21:32
jtaylorI don't care about php, did the update because it was required for security and ftbfs21:33
micahglibmcrypt is in universe21:33
TheLordOfTimemicahg, php5 is in main, and previously built php5-mcrypt, is the reason it was manually separated from php5 because the underlying library is in universe?21:33
jtaylorI think because they are plugins not officially supported by pgp21:34
TheLordOfTimejtaylor, OK, then i am safe in that if the php-mcrypt package says '5.4.6-something' then its built from 5.4.6's code base?21:34
jtaylorit should be in README.source how to update them21:35
jtaylorI'd wait until feature freeze21:35
TheLordOfTimejtaylor, is the universe package released under the same license as php5?21:38
TheLordOfTime(i.e. can i take the code, update it, fork it, rebuild it to the  needs with changes,  etc. in a PPA)21:38
jtaylorprobably I think its in the same tarball21:38
micahgif it's all one shared tarball, maybe we should make it php5-universe and be done with it21:40
TheLordOfTimemicahg, that'd imply you'd have to incorporate php5-imap as well21:40
jtayloror wait until the reorg ;)21:40
TheLordOfTimewhich is in the same boat as php5-mcrypt21:40
micahglike I said, if it's in the same upstream tarball, let's make it one source21:41
micahglike fftw3, boost, libav...21:41
jtaylorthat would be good21:42
TheLordOfTimelast i checked the code's in php5 upstream, wouldn't making that build a universe package imply that the entirety of php5 would become universe?21:43
jtaylorbut I'm not going to do it, I last used php ~10 years ago21:43
TheLordOfTimeor am i misinterpreting the statement you made, micahg?21:43
jtaylorno, you just duplicate the source21:43
jtaylorone for main which builds php21:43
jtaylorthe other for universe which builts the exxtensions21:43
TheLordOfTimeahhh, i see.21:43
jtaylorsee e.g. fftw and fftw-mpi both the same source21:43
jtaylorjust build different things21:44
micahgjtaylor: can you look at a python multiarch patch for me?21:55
micahgjtaylor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1504567/22:01
jtaylorlooks fine22:04
micahgthanks, I"m still new at this python multiarch stuff22:05
jtaylorthats another option: https://github.com/cython/cython/pull/158/files22:07
micahgjtaylor: right, the wiki suggests that when get_python_inc is used22:08

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