qwebirc80181I've been reading about this new Lossless Cut app, but the install is a pain and seems to be focused on a Debian install.  Does mythbuntu plan on incorporating this?00:28
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Igramulhi, after getting stuck with my tvheadend/XBMC combination, I switched to mythbuntu. However, today it began to say "welcome to ..." after booting.11:20
IgramulHow can I turn that off?11:20
Igramul(I could not understand the third word, it was so loud that I had to press my hands on the ears.)11:21
francescaI have questions on mybuntu-control-center and ubuntu-studio 12.1013:53
francescawhile  mythbuntu-control-center was installing primary-beackend and  frontend 0.26 , I answered to some debconf question, was it ok to answer?? question was about mysql, mythweb login and password...13:55
francescaI changed my ip from dhcp to fixed after installation of 0.26 primary-backend and frontend... was this an error??13:56
francescaThe problem now is that nothings work. I can't run mythtv-setup , nor mythweb, not mythtv-frontend.  I'd like to how to purge database/mysql  and purge everything anf try again13:57
francescaNobody in here?15:12
Twiggy2centsdoes the backup function in MCC clear the last backup or compare them at all?  Or does it just keep adding them?16:12
francescaIn mythtv-setup , under video sources setup , i don't see nothing about xmltv. I suppose I haven't installed package for xmltv. which package are necessary?? I'm working with ubuntu-studio 12.10 . i installed mythtv 0.2619:53
qwebirc61195what are the system requirements?20:39
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qwebirc51592Hello Myth world! Anyone around to assist an old man?22:56
tgm4883qwebirc51592, better to ask your question22:59
qwebirc51592Ah, hello! Sure thing...22:59
qwebirc51592I seem to be experiencing a failure of my video card somehow.. dmesg and xorg logs talk about a "soft lockup"23:00
qwebirc51592video / audio just stops, keyboard / mouse input doesn't do anything. BUT ssh is still up, mythweb still responds23:00
qwebirc51592as you might have guessed, VNC does not work23:01
qwebirc51592I am using proprietary Nvidia drivers for my GTX 460... I put together the system myself, could be a configuration issue23:01
qwebirc51592running latest and greatest 12.04.1 mythbuntu with full updates as of today23:02
qwebirc51592the computer sounds like it's running hot and fast, but "top" doesn't show much activity, except for 5/8 GB RAM "used"23:07

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