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thumperI expect this will be in interesting week21:46
thumperwith CES on21:46
thumperI also saw rumour somewhere that steam is producing a linux based "box" for gaming21:46
ajmitchthat rumour's been pretty widespread lately, almost confirmed by valve21:47
mwhudsonthat would be interesting21:56
Gof course, a Steam linux-based console/'box', if done right, is likely to create a bit of pain for the other 'open' game consoles22:00
mwhudsonthumper: when are flying through wellington?  we're flying up to auckland around then22:02
mwhudsonthumper: would be pretty hilarious if we overlapped22:02
thumpermwhudson: Wed 16th, back Wed 23rd22:02
thumperalthough on the way back is through CHC22:03
thumpercheapest flights to Gisborne is through Auckland....22:03
thumperweird, but true22:03
mwhudsonah, we're flying on the 18th22:03
mwhudsonmost flights in and out are the tiny planes i think22:03
thumperDUD->WLG->AKL->GIS is cheaper than DUD->WLG->GIS22:03
mwhudsonmaybe the aucklands are bigger22:04
mwhudsonyour family would be like half one of the beechcraft :-)22:04
mwhudsonheh "Gisborne Airport is one of the few airports in the world that has a railway line, the Palmerston North - Gisborne Line, crossing the main runway."22:06
thumperso, yes happening, still up in the air as to specs22:09
ajmitchnice to know22:10
ajmitchit might mean a few more games being available on ubuntu22:10
ajmitchsince ubuntu by itself probably isn't enough of an attraction for game developers to spend time porting22:11
thumperapparently blizzard has a native linux WoW client22:20
ajmitchyeah they've had it for some time. but have never wanted to release it since they've had to support it22:21
ajmitchand given how intrusive their anti-cheating system is meant to be, I'm not surprised22:21

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