bazhangwhats the problem08:31
EmanonThere is a nick that keeps popping up in #ubuntu and saying "ciao" followed by "!list" then leaving.08:32
EmanonActually there have been multiple nicks doing the exact same thing the last few days.08:32
bazhanghe/she is gone08:32
IdleOneEmanon: that user has quit IRC. Also, dax from #freenode asked me to give you this link https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/1463508:32
EmanonIs there any chance someone could make a bot to auto kickban anyone who joins, says "ciao" followed by "!list" within a short period of time?08:33
bazhangnot really no08:33
EmanonAlright, well thank you anyways. Have a nice day.08:33
bazhang@mark #ubuntu brady2600 (~ludwig@71-218-252-241.hlrn.qwest.net)  offtopic, moderation referred to post-weimar Germany08:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:50
bazhangseems like the new wait until I ask again time out period is around 5 nanoseconds09:06
IdleOnethat too11:12
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k1l@mark DrDiegoDeLaVega (~ThreePeng@b018a9ad.bb.sky.com): Dormiens short tempban after offtopic discussion15:07
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:07
cuby i get kicked19:00
ikonia"why does linux suck" - really ? is that how you expect to interact with people in an ubuntu support channel ?19:01
cubwell it doesnt work my display is messed up19:02
ikoniaok, so normal people would explain what they are trying to do, the problem they are having and request help19:02
ikoniayou just joined and stated "why does linux suck"19:02
cubcuz im mad19:03
ikoniacan you see how the two are totally different ?19:03
ikoniaso ?19:03
ikoniathe 1400 people in the channel don't deserve deal with that just because you are mad19:03
ikoniaif you can't communicate clearly because you are mad, then come back when you are not mad19:04
ikoniaok, so if you /part this channel, and rejoin /join #ubuntu and try to explain your need for help again, I'm sure it will be a better situation this time19:04

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