bobweavermhall119,  for something like progression I would do   Image{source: "foo.png"  state: launcherItem.progressBarVisible ? "" : "hidden" }      where launcherItem   is your well.....00:00
bobweaverer ctrl+b is bold not new line sorry00:01
HeLLybobweaver: found the right info yay! NFL TIME!00:01
bobweaversweet HeLLy sportsbeech ?00:02
HeLLyHope my 49ers pull it together next week00:02
bobweaverme too HeLLy  I am huge Niners fan00:03
bobweaverHeLLy,  what do you think about the qb you like keap or smith ?00:04
HeLLysmith :-/00:04
HeLLyHe has had it rough for his entire career there with the coach changes and his stats are actually amazing00:05
HeLLybut I believe in keap I have to, he did spank the pats which put a huge smile on my face, the seahawks loss was a kick to the face though00:05
HeLLyI am diehard 49er fan having to deal with there awful seasons for so long been a big follower of Gore and Vernon Davis00:06
Transhumanist"big-name developers such as Electronic Arts are currently developing apps for the new OS."00:48
AlanBellI will just leave this here http://www.cultofmac.com/208529/why-apple-should-stop-making-ios-apps/01:14
AlanBellnight all o/01:15
bobweavercya AlanBell  nice chating with you :)01:16
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RosenzweigSo you can develop Ubuntu Phone apps using the Quickly/QML tool kit right?04:17
linuxuz3rhi Rosenzweig04:26
linuxuz3rcan you do that?04:26
RosenzweigHello linuxz3r.04:26
linuxuz3rwhats quickly?04:26
RosenzweigSomething mentioned in the Ubuntu Phone App creation video.04:26
RosenzweigIt's a set of tools I suppose.04:27
linuxuz3rcan you make 3d games with it?04:27
RosenzweigNot sure.04:27
RosenzweigAll I know is that to make a phone app you need Ubuntu, you need QT 5 and QML toolkit.04:27
RosenzweigNow the tutorial I see is for python.04:27
RosenzweigBut is there a way to use C++ instead and compile for the phone?04:28
linuxuz3rqt5 from trolltech?04:28
RosenzweigI guess there isn't a compiler at all seeing as its all python in this tutorial.04:28
RosenzweigBy Nokia, which is close enough.04:28
TranshumanistQML is more like the GUI toolkit. For Ubuntu Phone apps04:42
Transhumanistyou can indeed make 3D games. OpenGL works fine on Linux04:42
TranshumanistFrom what I understand, your app logic can run in C++, but they want the GUI in QML04:43
TranshumanistIt seems like QML can do 3D games and call OpenGL, based on a document I'm reading about Qt5 from a year ago.04:45
linuxuz3ri cant wait for uphone apps06:22
TranshumanistThen start coding one! :D08:12
Jester86hey guys08:42
Jester86so what is an approximate status on the ubuntu phone?08:42
Jester86is it a real possibility or still very unknown?08:43
limikaelfirst time i heard about this..08:45
limikaelwhat does it use for graphics? i suppose it is not X08:46
popeyJester86: https://twitter.com/sabdfl/status/28782994224960716808:47
mesqukait is a very real possilbility, but they have fallen behind schedule08:48
mesqukaandriod is linux on phone if your wondering08:51
popeymesquka: who's behind schedule?08:51
mesqukathe dev team for ubuntu phone08:51
popeywe are?08:51
TranshumanistAre they?08:51
TranshumanistNobody told me anything about them being behind schedule. Not even the rumour mill that seems to constitue tech journalism.08:52
mesqukamy source is #ubuntu (brady)08:53
mesqukaso you are on schedule?08:53
popeyno idea who brady is08:54
limikaelare you open to hearing some thoughts even if they are critical? :)08:54
popeywe absolutely are. we have units to demo at CES which is exactly what we wanted ☺08:54
mesqukaok, unreliable source then08:55
limikaelyou know what i would want rather than a ubuntu phone? i would like a 100% web based os, like firefox os08:55
limikaelor chrome os08:55
limikaelbut developed in collaboration with the community08:55
limikaelthat os could then be ran on both phones and surf pads08:56
limikaelbut it is a cool project non the less08:56
popeywell, mozilla are doing firefox OS, and you'd have to speak to google about chrome os08:57
popeywe're not doing either08:57
mesqukait would be a good option, i believe android prooved that linux on phones and there is the fact im using arch on my raspberry pi self built smartphone ;D08:58
mesqukayou can fork chomium os if you wanted08:58
limikaelsounds like a lot of work.. :)08:59
popeywell, that's not what we're doing ☺09:00
limikaelbut i think i will do it.. some time in my life when i have an infinite amount of money i will create something very small and slim that just boot up to a web browser09:00
limikaelok but i will not go on about that09:01
TranshumanistWhat they're doing is eliminating device categories by conflating phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops into a single device with some different docks.09:01
TranshumanistAnd it's wonderful.09:01
limikaelan ubuntu is really cool09:01
Ryan45maybe they can do Internet Explorer OS09:09
mesqukai really like the idea09:11
Ryan45popey is ubuntu phone a TI OMAP specific project at the moment?09:13
Jester86mesquka, sorry had to get another beer.09:13
Jester86so when you say it is a real possibility.. is that within this lifetime or just eventually?09:13
mesqukawithin the next 2 years probably09:15
Ryan45The web is great but app dev is always going to be limited09:15
Ryan45there is certain resources you simply dont want to make available to the web09:16
mesqukalinux on phones, lets see..... mostly ARM processors, already existing kernal for that09:16
mesqukaryan what do you mean?09:16
mesqukaas to linux on phones, if google can do it, so can we09:18
bobweaveranyone here know anything about https://reviews.ubuntu.com/reviews/api/1.0/reviews/filter/en/ubuntu/precise/any/vlc like if I can get more then reviews ?09:20
bobweaverOr other api's that are like that ?09:20
mesqukaim back09:47
_polto_hi people10:38
_polto_is there a way to test ubuntu-phone on my Galaxy Note 2 ? I am running a chrooted Ubuntu for a year now. My web and mail servers are running on it. :) but I'd really like to ban Android completely from my phone. Is it already possible since it has been announced ?10:38
_polto_hi mesquka10:54
mesqukais there an irc channel for just general chat11:00
ubuntubhoyubuntu related ?11:00
mesqukajust in genreal11:02
ubuntubhoyjust do a channel search11:02
ubuntubhoybut all channels with have a general subject matter11:02
mesqukaoh right, alis, forgot11:04
mesqukaI can't concentrate11:21
mesqukaWhat's the latest news on ubuntu phone?11:24
EmanonAnd can we get an image to flash?11:24
ubuntubhoynothing will happen till after CES11:26
EmanonCause I'd like to drop the droid.11:26
EmanonAny news on whether full disk encryption and an actual "Lock" screen will be available or just the insecure "Welcome" screen.11:27
ubuntubhoynot got a clue11:29
ubuntubhoyit is still very much a WIP though11:29
EmanonBecause I'd like to see a decent secure phone.11:29
EmanonIt would be nice to script it to turn on location services and beacon the location to a web interface or pre-established email address in the event of repeated wrong code entries.11:31
popey#ubuntu-discuss is for general ubuntu discussion mesquka11:32
popeyplenty of other channels exist for specific topics11:32
mesqukathanks, I was looking for ubuntu-discuss11:44
mesqukaI really need to see a psychologist12:41
mesqukaIf my parents would let me RAGE12:41
mesqukaJust want  to smash my mac and everything around me12:41
Robbiliehello guys :)12:42
mesqukaHi robb12:45
Robbiliebanned me on ubu :D12:47
Robbilieso are there more updates to find here than over there?12:47
k1l_Robbilie: stop that12:47
Robbiliek1l_, what did i do?!12:47
k1l_evading a ban/mute on purpose its not what its ment for12:47
Robbiliei was chatting fine with others12:47
k1l_Robbilie: i asked you several times to stop that offtopic. you didnt follow the guidlines.12:47
k1l_!guidelines > Robbilie12:48
ubot5Robbilie, please see my private message12:48
Robbiliei stopped talking bout arch?!12:48
Robbiliethe bot is awesome :D12:48
Robbiliek1l_, opk read through this12:49
Robbilie*ok gonna12:49
no_techhi there.  so the phone was announced, but is there any way to actually install/run it on a devide13:08
k1l_no_tech: nope. no images/code yet.13:08
popeysee /topic ☺13:08
Robbiliethanks that was helpful13:10
Robbiliewhere the faqs are partly kinda strange13:12
popeyhow so?13:14
RobbilieIs it running X or Wayland or something else?13:20
Robbiliethat is strange...13:20
Robbiliethe are running it without knowing what tech they use? :D13:20
TranshumanistOr they don't want to tell us yet13:22
TranshumanistKeep in mind Canonical is announcing a lot more details about it at the CES in a few days13:22
TranshumanistBut we've been told that images for our devices should arrive in a few months. If nothing too drastic happens, it should be safe to say that at least ONE type of Android phone (likely the Galaxy Nexus) will be able to run Ubuntu OS this year13:23
no_techI would just love to know what devices they would focus on. My company i work for uses Blackberry, and I was hoping to get a nexus 4 for personal use, but will now wait to see what devices ubuntu will run on.  I thought it really looked good on the video's released thus far.13:30
Robbilieno_tech, i guess it wont run on a blackberry, but with the nexus you should be fine, even when the g nexus will get it first13:31
no_techRobbilie: am sure no Blackberry.. will still wait before coughing up for a nexus phone13:32
Robbilieno_tech, i guess thats the best way ;)13:32
Robbiliestill, i love my razr i and with the intel cpu explicitly mentioned on there support page i guess i will be fine :D13:32
Robbilieand on the safe side :D13:32
dank101why is it so quiet13:35
Robbiliecause nobody knows anything :D13:37
popeyIt's Sunday.13:38
Robbilieor that xD13:38
dank101yeh good point13:38
Robbiliepay attention, dont talk about sundays, you will get banned because its offtopic ;)13:38
Robbilieright k1l_ ?13:38
dank101can someone help me13:38
Transhumanistno_tech: it's pretty certainly, though still not 100% confirmed, that the first Ubuntu Phone compatible device will be the somewhat old Galaxy Nexus13:39
dank101i was trying to compile a app for the new ubuntu phone13:39
RobbilieTranshumanist, correct13:39
Robbiliedank101, probblems?13:39
k1l_Robbilie: poking the ops they banned you when you act against the channel guidelines isnt a very good idea13:39
no_techTranshumanist: thanks.  i may try pick up a second hand one once the Rom is released13:39
TranshumanistAs will I13:40
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Robbiliek1l_, am i currently acting against the guidelines? just warning other users before they also get banned by paucity of their13:41
dank101yes it is a compiling error13:43
Robbiliewhats the error and what are you compiling with13:44
dank101and it saying something about GLX failing to load13:44
Robbilieglx...sorry dunno what this is :/13:45
dank101i think its OpenGL13:46
dank101something with these nvidia drivers13:46
popeycan you pastebin the entire error?13:46
Robbiliepopey, great idea13:46
dank101its OK i got a answer on ask ubuntu13:47
Robbiliea working solution? :D13:47
Robbiliecan you post the link? might run into this soon too13:47
no_techso i understand that the ubuntu way is to get teh community involved etc, but part of me just wishes that the anouncement included an actual device or rom being available.  this waiting is a killer...;-)14:18
Robbilieno_tech, true, i hate it when companys annouce smthng you cant get your hands on after the presentatiopn14:20
Robbilietheir fail, they let the devs wait and they get bored and loose interest14:20
k1l wait i will post a post from alan bell because i wont type it again: https://plus.google.com/109175303602657131317/posts/6doQRuuN43314:23
k1lthis wasnt a enduser announcment in the first place. it was an anouncment for the CES to get the attention of manufactures to get them into the boat14:23
Robbiliewho is he?14:24
ubuntubhoyk1l: makes perfect sense14:24
ubuntubhoywithout OEM's interested there is no point14:25
k1lubuntubhoy: yep. and you have to show something before the even think about it14:26
ubuntubhoyCES is the place to get them all at once14:27
ubuntubhoyand the demo vids were very promising14:27
Robbiliehope thats when they release the source14:27
no_techjust hope they dont get into patent game...  am looking forward to the CES outcome14:28
ubuntubhoyI think release time will depend on any negotiations they get involved in14:29
ubuntubhoythey will play to the OEM's a certain amount14:30
k1lpopey: patience is not the internets best attitude :)14:31
TranshumanistNo, no, not patience, PATENTS14:31
ubuntubhoypopey: shot in the dark here, you wouldn't happen to have a rough idea of the system image size would you ?14:32
ubuntubhoydidn't think so, but was worth an ask14:35
AlanBellRobbilie: I am just a random person making educated guesses17:34
k1li like the ideas at the market situation that are mentioned there.17:35
Zaki-SamaHello here, i know the Ubuntu for phone has nothing to do with the Ubuntu for Android17:37
Zaki-Samastill i want to know, if it's possible (right now) to personaly install it on your mobile?17:38
Zaki-SamaAh okay, and how much phones have you tested it one this far?17:39
Zaki-Samaon' -e17:39
AlanBellwe know they have put it on the old galaxy nexus17:39
Zaki-Sama(sorry my english is weak)17:40
Zaki-SamaAlanBell: yes i noticed that they were only showing it on a Galaxy nexus17:40
Zaki-Samafor all the handson videos17:40
Zaki-Samaon all the hands-on videos17:41
k1lthe ubuntu4android was first tested and developed on the motorola atrix17:42
k1lbut it was tested on several more devices in the meantime.17:42
Zaki-Samak1l: i see okay, and when Mark Shuttleworth speaks of Native ubuntu mobile apps he means the ordinary *.deb apps for Mobile, or the HTML5 apps ?17:47
popeynative means running on the bare metal, yes17:47
Zaki-SamaAwesome, so i guess Gaming on Ubuntu will be just great, it will be benefic for both desktop & mobile environement17:50
popeywell games will need to be ported over17:50
Zaki-SamaThank you AlanBell popey and k1l you were very helpful17:50
popeywhich depends on the developers17:50
Zaki-Samapopey:  i know that17:50
popeyas with any app17:51
Zaki-Samabut UBUNTU is the FUTURE17:51
k1lyep. just think on that most mobile smartphones use a arm cpu17:55
krabadorgreat to see an irc channel of ubuntu phone19:35
krabadorhave developers planning to support hardware of many devices, or just some couple of?19:36
mesqukaHi, I'm back22:19

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