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mand0anybody get a Active Directory Samba4 server running?03:32
qman__not yet03:48
qman__I plan to soon though03:48
qman__I tried to join one to an existing AD and it wouldn't work, apparently some issue with a 2003 AD and exchange 200703:48
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mand0i tried to join an existing one just now (in a test lab) and I am getting this same error: http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org/msg1088003.html05:27
samba35i have installed window 7 on ubuntu12.04 but last stage of windows did not finesh and machine goes in reboot phase ,how do repair this or ,is there a way to repair windows05:30
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arrrghhhHey all.  I am migrating to a new server, and I want to setup LVM.  I can only do this on new, unpartitioned disks correct?05:44
arrrghhhI can't "add" LVM to old hard disks that already have data/are formatted...?05:45
arrrghhhanyone around?  curious if the ubuntu server installer changes the flags of all my disks to 'lvm'... if I can change them back to 'ext4' and the data still be intact?05:58
arrrghhhto my knowledge no mkfs commands were passed....05:58
arrrghhhso can I migrate an ext4 disk to LVM without losing data...?06:57
arrrghhhI haven't formatted any disks, so I honestly hope not...06:58
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zapotahHi. Is there yet a way to install an efi system to mdraid to be bootable from both disks.09:19
samba35i have installed windows on linux with kvm ,i want to access windows machine over internet for that what i should do i have  utm (firewall/vpn/routeing /av/spam/proxy) from utm i plan to use nat10:53
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TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, see privmsg.  or -motu14:52
TheLordOfTimeor both :p14:55
bcbrown19Anyone know a good guide for setting resolutions with Ubuntu Server 12.10 (on a virtual machine)? I tried changing some things in /etc/default/grub, but to no avail15:15
Ubiquity4321hello everyone15:18
Ubiquity4321I'm trying to set up a headless samba15:18
Ubiquity4321i've got everything installed15:18
Ubiquity4321and i've auto mounted disks and everything15:19
Ubiquity4321but I can't seem to figure out the headless part15:19
RoyKerm - what is it you don't understand about headless?15:20
Ubiquity4321well, i've configured ssh15:20
Ubiquity4321i've got xming installed on my windows box15:20
Ubiquity4321I can't figure out how to connect the two15:20
Ubiquity4321i've done googled my heart out at this point15:21
RoyKjust launch putty and enable x11 forwarding15:21
RoyKor are you trying to get the whole linux desktop on windows?15:21
RoyKthat's not a server thing, though15:22
Ubiquity4321no, it's 100% cli15:22
* RoyK looks at the channel name15:22
Ubiquity4321RoyK: let me see if I can figure that out15:22
* Ubiquity4321 looks at his 12.04 server install15:22
Ubiquity4321that was the simplist explanation i've come across tbh RoyK15:23
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arrrghhhHello all.  I committed some sin last night, and I'm hoping it's resversible...15:39
arrrghhhI was messing around with LVM while installing Ubuntu last night, and I converted existing ext4 disks to LVM.  I didn't run mkfs so the drives should still have all the data... can I convert them back to ext4, or somehow otherwise get the data off the drivers?15:39
RoyKarrrghhh: what did you do? pvcreate?15:49
arrrghhhRoyK, unfortunately it was done by the ubuntu installer... so i'm not sure exactly.15:50
RoyKso, is the partition table the same?15:50
arrrghhhshould be15:50
arrrghhhI tried changing the flags in fdisk, to no avail15:50
RoyKand was /home on a separate partition?15:50
RoyKfsck might help15:51
arrrghhh/home doesn't really matter, it's the data disks15:51
RoyKcheck what flags are available there15:51
arrrghhhjust fsck /dev/sddX?15:51
arrrghhhHrm... I might have to do this from a liveCD15:52
RoyKyou probably should15:52
arrrghhhalrighty rebooting15:52
RoyKhave you reinstalled?15:52
arrrghhhYes, I finished the install last night... but I didn't install on the LVM drive15:53
RoyKif the filesystem is recreated, then all you have of choice is a restore15:53
arrrghhhor any of the LVM drives15:53
RoyKdid you have separate ext4 filesystems on all of them?15:53
arrrghhhthey were all flat ext4 drives before I did the stupid deed last night15:53
RoyKdo you have a backup?15:54
arrrghhhOff-site, but yes15:54
arrrghhhI'd obviously rather avoid that if I can, but there is backups of pretty much everything.... even /etc15:54
RoyKarrrghhh: btw, there's no point of doing this from a live cd if the filesystems aren't in use15:56
arrrghhhoh ok cool15:57
arrrghhhwhen I sudo fdisk -l the disks no longer show as /dev/sdX, they show as /dev/mapper/OldOS-OldOS for example15:57
RoyKsorry - don't know that15:58
RoyKarrrghhh: what does cat /proc/partitions have to say?15:58
arrrghhhHrm... I'm not sure how to fsck this15:58
arrrghhhlets see15:58
arrrghhhhey, those look familiar15:58
* RoyK doesn't know his way around the device mapper15:59
arrrghhhhehe.  I appreciate your help :)15:59
arrrghhhIf I can revive without going to backups it will save a LOT of time.15:59
RoyKhow many drives?15:59
arrrghhhuhm... let me pastebin the output16:00
arrrghhh6 disks.  1 of those (sdg) is a flash drive I used to install Ubuntu16:01
RoyKarrrghhh: I'd use a RAID for such amount of drives if I were you16:02
arrrghhhRoyK, they're all different sizes16:03
RoyKbut then, looks like they're of different sizes16:03
arrrghhhwell, except for two16:03
RoyK'cept sdb and sdc16:03
arrrghhhI'm going to do 4tb drives and RAID5 eventually16:03
RoyKbetter start with smaller ones - more bang for the buck16:03
arrrghhhBut... the first 4tb has yet to arrive :)16:03
RoyKyou can always add more drives to the raid later16:03
arrrghhhYea, but they have to be the same size...16:03
RoyKyes, so start out with 2TB drives16:04
RoyKor 3TB16:04
RoyK4TB are expensive16:04
arrrghhhI couldn't find any WD caviar black's in 3tb16:04
arrrghhhand 2tb... I guess I could've16:04
arrrghhhbut that's neither here nor there16:04
RoyKI have a few 2TB WD drives16:04
RoyKand a few Hitachis16:04
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arrrghhhSome of these drives are going away my friend16:05
arrrghhhBut unfortnately they cannot today16:05
RoyKarrrghhh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1503573/16:05
arrrghhhRAID6 eh?  fancy :)16:05
RoyKarrrghhh: also, if you replace all drives in a raid with larger drives, the raid will grow :)16:06
RoyKjust don't use partitions16:06
RoyKraid6 == paranoia == safe16:06
arrrghhhsurvive a double drive failure16:06
arrrghhhRoyK, I'm working my way towards RAID....16:06
RoyKI find it comforting to know my data is safe ;)16:06
arrrghhhI wanted to learn about LVM, and like an idiot I added all my drives to it last night16:07
RoyKraid-5 works too, though16:07
arrrghhhwhen I realized it had done that, I tried to undo it and seemingly could not...16:07
RoyKarrrghhh: I'm afraid it might be hard to rollback on that16:07
* RoyK blames saturday nights beers16:07
arrrghhhI rushed into the install a bit.  I was tired and excited... stupid.16:08
RoyKanyway - if you can afford 3-4 2TB WD Red drives, that should be rather good for a home raid16:08
arrrghhhYea, I'll get there :)16:09
arrrghhhI just put a mobo in that can handle more disks16:09
arrrghhhand RAM16:09
arrrghhhWanted to rebuilt my 32-bit server 64-bit16:09
RoyKwhy not just a 2port SATA controller?16:09
RoyKor two16:09
arrrghhhold mobo only had 2 RAM slots16:09
* arrrghhh wanted moar speed16:10
RoyKwell, for a home server, how much do you need?16:10
RoyKit won't be much faster with more RAM, unless you have very little16:10
arrrghhhmy indexer site...16:10
arrrghhhit had built a pretty big freakin db16:10
arrrghhhI haven't really spent anything on this server since I built it in 200816:10
arrrghhhand I went really cheap on it then :)16:11
arrrghhhSo the server had done a great job until I started this stupid indexer...16:11
RoyKI bought some 2-port controllers off ebay16:11
RoyKworks like a dream ;)16:11
arrrghhhhow's the speed?16:11
RoyKarrrghhh: about the same as my pci-e v1 can deliver16:12
arrrghhhTryin to think of the expansion slots left on that oldboard too16:12
RoyKthe speed is only limited by the spinning rust16:12
arrrghhhSo... you don't think I should even try fsck?16:12
RoyKtwo drives on a single pci-e v1 lane is ok16:12
RoyKwell, you can, but I don't know if it's worth the time and the headache, if you have a backup16:13
RoyKalso, if you reconfigure this system, stick to single drives for now, not lvm16:13
arrrghhhwell.... I'm looking at this here...16:13
RoyKsince if one of the drives die, it may take down the whole lvm volume16:13
arrrghhhI didn't realize LVM was bad like that... eek16:14
RoyKno, it's not bad at all16:14
arrrghhhI guess I need to wait for RAID before I LVM...16:14
RoyKbut it requires the underlying devices to work16:14
RoyKI use LVM on top of RAID-616:14
RoyKso that I create a volume for each purpose16:14
arrrghhhYea.  I was planning on using LVM for that...16:15
arrrghhhbut before I took the RAID jump16:15
RoyKthat's rather flexible16:15
RoyKand then the MD code can take care of the redundancy16:15
RoyKI lost a drive just after christmas16:15
RoyKno problem, not even a reboot, the spare took over, rebuilt in a day or so16:15
RoyKif that had been a concatenated LVM, all my data would have been lost and I'd have to restore from backup (on crashplan, and that's *slow*)16:16
arrrghhhRoyK, which is what I am restoring from16:17
arrrghhhand I'm trying to avoid...16:17
RoyKhow much data?16:17
arrrghhhyou really want to know?16:17
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TheLordOfTimeI think he does.16:17
RoyKarrrghhh: it may be faster from where you are - I'm in .no16:17
RoyKgive it a month ;)16:18
RoyKI can understand why you want to try to fix this...16:18
arrrghhhI had to do every single drive too... lol16:18
RoyKfsck -N16:18
RoyKis a good start16:19
arrrghhhwhen i fsck myself, I do it gooood.16:19
arrrghhhhrm OK16:19
RoyKor start with one of the smaller drives for testing16:19
RoyKarrrghhh: /dev/mapper/raid-ymse    6.3T  4.2T  2.1T  67% /raid16:19
RoyKmost of that's on crashplan - I hope I don't have to restore from there...16:20
arrrghhhSo I can't seem to fsck -N /dev/sdf... and if I do sdf1 it says "fsck.LVM2_member: not found"16:21
RoyKor 'fsck -t ext4', which is the same thing, only portable16:22
RoyKbtw, what does lvscan have to say?16:22
arrrghhhok, what should I pass?16:22
arrrghhhlvscan lets see16:22
RoyKor pvscan16:23
RoyKpastebin those and lvscan16:23
arrrghhhthe only "healthy" one is VG OS...16:24
RoyKI guess starting with lvremove/pvremove on one of those, perhaps oldos?, might be worth a try16:25
RoyKthe tv shows and the movies are perhaps downloaded?16:25
RoyKyou can't do anything until the partitions aren't in use16:26
RoyKthey are now16:26
RoyKso perhaps better use a live cd, but then, that might start lvm as well16:26
RoyKso, if you can afford to lose one of those, like oldos, test with that first16:26
arrrghhhbackup would ironically be the one to test with since its the smallest16:27
arrrghhhso rebooting to livecd...16:27
RoyKyeah, try that, if lvscan shows the volumes active after bootup, well, it's the same thing16:28
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arrrghhhI'll probably have to install lvm2 on the livece16:29
RoyKjust don't16:29
arrrghhhque?  livecd won't have it16:29
RoyKtry to fsck that device16:29
arrrghhhubuntu desktop doesn't support lvm16:30
RoyKnever mind16:30
RoyKyou didn't use it on the old install16:30
RoyKso you don't need it16:30
RoyKubuntu desktop supports lvm, but you don't want it for this16:30
RoyKjust try to fsck -t ext4 -N /dev/sdf116:31
RoyK-N is "don't do anything"16:32
RoyKjust to see if it can find the filesystem16:32
arrrghhhfsck.ext4: No such file or directory while trying to open ext416:32
arrrghhh1 sec16:33
arrrghhhRoyK, ok... i got it to run on the live environment16:38
RoyKdid it find the filesystem?16:38
arrrghhhbut copy/paste is now difficult heh.  it says the superblock could not be read16:38
arrrghhh"or does not describe a correct ext2"16:38
arrrghhhit says I should run e2fsck with an alternate superblock16:39
arrrghhh"e2fsck -b 8193 <device>"16:39
RoyKtry that with -N16:39
RoyKso that it doesn't do anything16:39
arrrghhhit says bad magic number in superblock while trying to open /dev/sdf116:40
arrrghhhthen the exact same message about running e2fsck -b 8193 <device>16:40
arrrghhhI guess I just run it on one of the drives and hope... I have a complete backup of this drive16:40
arrrghhhand it's the smallest drive haha16:41
RoyKthe superblock is located several places, but you need to know where to find it ;)16:41
RoyKI didn't know the trick with fsck -n :)16:42
arrrghhho wow16:43
arrrghhhit's doing stuffs16:43
arrrghhhthis might actually work.  thank you so much RoyK :)16:44
RoyKyou'll have to re-run it without -N16:44
arrrghhhyup, I am now...16:44
arrrghhhthe e2fsck -b command16:44
RoyKit should rewrite the original superblock16:45
F3SpeechHaving a problem with my cifs network shares after extetended idle on server, is there any way to tell the server not to sleep/suspend etc. so when services go to access the shares they are always there. Thanks16:45
RoyKif that works, try to mount the filesystem16:45
RoyKif that works, do the same for other filesystems and order a good champagne for me ;)16:46
patdk-lapif it doesn't work, order a hit on royk16:46
arrrghhhit's asking me to fix a ton of crap16:46
RoyKthat's normal16:46
RoyKyou've messed up ;)16:47
arrrghhhok, it's done16:47
arrrghhhfdisk -l still shows the filesystem type as lvm?16:47
RoyKtry to mount it anyway16:47
RoyKpatdk-lap: heh16:48
arrrghhhi had to force it16:48
arrrghhh-t ext416:48
arrrghhhforce the mount that is.16:49
arrrghhhRoyK, mind if I PM you?16:49
RoyKfdisk -l will probably remember what was set on boot16:49
RoyKarrrghhh: not at all16:49
RoyKarrrghhh: btw, try to reboot now, still on the live cd, and check what fdisk -l says16:52
RoyKF3Speech: a server installation should never suspend16:52
arrrghhhRoyK, so I rebooted and fdisk -l still shows it as lvm?16:56
RoyKwhat is the partition type?16:56
arrrghhhLinux LVM16:56
RoyKchange it16:56
arrrghhhto 83?16:56
arrrghhhreboot again?  I tried to just do a straight 'mount' after writing that change in fdisk, and it still thinks it is lvm until I -t ext4.... fdisk -l just shows the type as "Linux"16:58
arrrghhhThe installer showed disk types as ext4, but maybe it wasn't just showing fdisk output...16:59
arrrghhhwell, it showed them as ext4 before I screwed them all up lol16:59
RoyKI donĀ§t think it'll change until a reboot17:00
samba35after mounting iscsi file (not disk) on linux how do i add /copy  (or create a file )file to that image (in the image )17:00
samba35RoyK, hi17:00
arrrghhhRoyK, hrm... well without specifying the filesystem type it doesn't mount17:02
arrrghhhbut I don't think that really freakin matters at this point.  so long as fstab can mount it, I will be golden.17:02
RoyKarrrghhh: then I suggest you move data around, recreate filesystems etc, and nothing should be lost17:03
arrrghhh4tb hdd is going to be here tomorrow :)17:03
RoyKarrrghhh: what does pvscan/lvscan say now?17:03
arrrghhhhrm... I'd have to boot back to the server install17:04
RoyKarrrghhh: then use that for backup storage, and get a small amount of 2TB WD Red drives for a RAID17:04
RoyKarrrghhh: you can apt-get install lvm17:04
RoyKeven on a live cd17:04
arrrghhheh I guess17:04
arrrghhhIt says /dev/sdf1 is still a physical volume17:06
arrrghhhDo I need to "remove" these disks from LVM before doing this?17:06
RoyKguess so17:07
RoyKnever tried this type of recovery17:07
RoyKdo you have room on any of those 1TB drives for the backup data_17:07
arrrghhhhence why the 4tb is on the way :)17:08
RoyKwell, try pvremove, then17:08
RoyKprobably have to lvremove first17:09
RoyKthen pvremove17:09
arrrghhhmount works17:09
RoyKthen fsck again17:09
arrrghhhon the sdf1 dis17:09
arrrghhhI will have to now fsck all the other disks17:09
RoyKlvremove/pvremove probably changed something17:09
RoyKso better fsck -f17:09
RoyKthen pvremove the others17:10
demonaNetwork booting from my PXE server stopped working. I changed nothing, didn't even reboot. (UNtil now, to try fixing it.) Two copies of dhclient running (one is for an LXC container). dnsmasq now refuses to start saying the local IP address is already in use. Google is not helpful. Any ideas?17:10
RoyKand fsck as last time17:10
arrrghhhnow to do the rest of the disks17:10
arrrghhhI should be able to boot back to the server install now right?17:10
arrrghhhcool.  fstab is empty on this install so it won't try to mount 'em17:11
RoyKlvm will scan for them17:11
RoyKso remove them from lvm first17:11
zapotahHi. Is there yet a good way of installing ubuntu on mdraid on efi so that it is boot redundant as well?17:12
RoyKzapotah: no idea, but the general setup is to install grub on both devices, so it should work17:13
patdk-lapit all depends on your bios17:13
zapotahRoyK: thats how it worked in the olden days with bios, but not with efi17:13
zapotahim talking about pure efi17:13
RoyKzapotah: sorry, don't know17:14
zapotahthe server system has no compat module whatsoever17:14
zapotahinfo on this seems to hidden behind lock and key and buried in the deepest depths of the ocean17:14
zapotahto be*17:14
zapotahand not just on ubuntu but on linux in general17:17
zapotahand im quite baffled by the lack of information since efi is not _that_ new of a thing in computing17:17
arrrghhhRoyK, thanks again for helping out with the lvm issue.  pvremove did the trick, now I just need to do the superblock trick on all my other drives...17:18
RoyKarrrghhh: just don't create lvm on existing devices next time ;)17:18
arrrghhhI think I've learned my lesson thar17:18
patdk-lapzapotah, no wonder your confusing me17:18
patdk-lapit's uefi17:19
arrrghhhI'm going to wait for RAID before I venture into LVM on multiple disks...17:19
RoyKarrrghhh: just setup md (raid) on a bunch of drives, use lvm on top of that, and you'll be all set17:19
patdk-lapand it is pretty new, people have only been playing with it in linux for about a year17:19
arrrghhhRoyK, will do :)17:19
RoyKarrrghhh: make sure it's raid-5 or perhaps -6 - redundancy is good17:20
arrrghhhI was thinking 5, 6 sounded kinda complicated17:20
arrrghhhBut I like the ability to lose 2 disks...17:20
arrrghhhAssuming I'm on top of it, 5 should be enough lol17:21
RoyKarrrghhh: you can start off with raid-5 and change to raid-6 later if you get a lot of drives17:21
RoyKmdadm  --change --level=6 --add /dev/sdX (iirc)17:22
RoyKperhaps add --raid-devices=x17:22
zapotahpatdk-lap: it will sooner or later propably be doable more or less the same way it is done now so that the mdraid device itself maps the uuid pointers for the efi boot program from the device uuids and makes it bootable17:22
zapotahor some such way17:22
zapotahand grub is updated along17:23
zapotahto support such a thing17:23
arrrghhhuefi is sweet.  I updated from the internet within the "BIOS" screen.17:23
patdk-lapeverything is possible given time, but it's still too new17:23
patdk-lapand uefi systems only started coming out a little while ago17:23
patdk-lapI don't think any of the systems I bought last year are even uefi compatable17:24
zapotaharrrghhh: uefi is full of opportunity but currently support and software implementations are limited to say the least...17:24
RoyKpatdk-lap: erm, most servers we got last year had uefi17:24
zapotahRoyK: patdk-lap: every server bought last year were uefi17:25
patdk-lapI didn't buy any servers last year17:25
patdk-lapjust about 15 workstations17:25
patdk-lapI am buying several new servers next month17:25
* RoyK points patdk-lap to the channel name17:26
zapotahand theres this weird ibm server thing that does not for some reason have a compat module...17:26
patdk-laproyk, I can easily run ubuntu-server on a desktop system :)17:26
zapotahibm ofc wants to sell a raid card ;)17:26
RoyKzapotah: yeah, let's put a small ARM system with limited memory bandwith into a badass server to do the I/O17:27
zapotahRoyK: exactly and it costs a ridiculous amount of money as well -.-17:28
zapotahthough seeing theres not much choice when comparing the risk of something going fubar with making a custom solution for this I just might go with it all the same...17:29
zapotahdefinately not happy with it...17:30
zapotahi wonder if windows can manage it either just yet... time to fire up that esxi efi platform and test for the hell of it ->17:32
demonaScrew it. Moved PXE server to another machine. Working now. The Microsoft Solution.17:33
qman__zapotah, I just went through a similar adventure in EFI just trying to get ubuntu server installed in the first place17:39
qman__and in my case I was simply trying to get it to detect the cd or make the networking work so it could install17:40
zapotahqman__: getting it installed with just the efi partition not raid backed was easy enough17:40
zapotahbut then the problem hit me17:40
qman__I never did get netboot working, but I managed to make the CD work by manually setting the USB CDROM type to CDROM emulation17:41
qman__mine boots normal grub on MBR disks just fine17:41
qman__the point of course being, documentation is virtually nonexistant, and the consensus is "don't use it if you can avoid it"17:42
qman__at least with everything I have been able to find17:42
zapotahbasically it would be easy if grub installed on both the partitions just made some guid mappings and somehow the partition to be mounted would be fed from grub instead of fstab of whatnot17:43
zapotahthough i realize how that would be a suboptimal solution17:43
zapotahand the uefi firmware could boot either of the disks it sees17:44
zapotahand it would result in the system being loaded17:44
zapotahthat would be a non-raid and more like a dual partition solution as in reference to a sub-optimal solution17:45
zapotahthere would then need to be a mechanism to be aware of both the partitions and update things to both accordingly if needed17:46
zapotahagain in my mind, sub-optimal17:46
qman__well, the thing is17:46
qman__you can use a raid 1 and read them like normal partitions through the boot stage17:46
qman__that's how grub did it before it got smart enough to actually read more stuff17:47
qman__that said I don't know how EFI booting actually works17:47
zapotahqman__: I dont understand it too well either. Thats why Im sort of shooting in the dark :)17:48
qman__mine's got everything in BIOS compatibility17:48
zapotahqman__: I wish this thing had that option as well.17:49
zapotahone of the more cool features of uefi is that you can load all kinds of uefi programs into the firmware as modules (with limitations this time in flash rom size) without the damn 128kb orom limitation17:50
* zapotah has dabbled with bios modification and hates this limitation17:51
stemidhttp://pastebin.com/WQkebVbA can anyone say why this kickstart partitioning won't work? whenever it gets to that stage I am presented with the default partitioning scheme confirmation. also does 12.04 have kickstart support for logvol yet? I haven't gotten that far but I thought I'd ask since I couldn't find a definitive answer online.17:54
qman__yeah, it seems like a good system, but it has to actually work first, and we're not there yet17:55
stemidfyi the default partitioning scheme does not have a /boot partition.17:55
stemidand I noticed the mistake I made in the volgroup line with the pv name.17:58
stemidbut I haven't gotten that far yet anyways.17:59
zapotahstemid: the documentation on logvol in kickstart is old at best but many features are not supported apparently18:04
stemidyes I've seen mentions that logvol specifically is not supported but couldn't be sure if it was for 12 or an earlier version18:09
stemidbut regardless, seems like part has problems too. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kickseed/+bug/48311 for example. I'm having to trial&error my way to a working method. I think preseed is superior.18:10
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 48311 in kickseed "kickstart partitioning fails with --recommended or --asprimary" [Medium,Confirmed]18:10
F3SpeechRoyK: the cifs error only happens after i guess hour+ i dont have the exact time. Server can run all night while im using it with no problem as soon as i logoff and go bed about hour later i get "CIFS VFS: Unexpected lookup error -112" every minute or so printed to screen18:12
zapotahalso not sure if you need to specify the partition to be used as lvm18:12
stemidkickstart docs say part pv.0118:12
stemidand then volgroup pv.01 and so forth18:13
stemidbut it seems like I finally got part to work. now to try volgroup18:13
zapotahpartition / --size=1 --grow --ondrive=sda #Rest18:13
zapotahim assuming that is the lvm partition18:13
stemidthat would be part pv.01 instead of part / for lvm18:13
stemidit will be, later18:13
stemidI just had to get past the part issues18:13
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zapotahmost of that should work18:16
stemidthanks I had the old version open http://www.centos.org/docs/4/html/rhel-sag-en-4/s1-kickstart2-options.html#S2-KICKSTART2-OPTIONS-PART-EXAMPLES18:18
stemidalso centos18:18
zapotahat the end is a pretty good example18:18
stemidit actually looks like it's working with volgroup and logvol now! =)18:18
zapotahthe ubuntu documentation pointed to the version i pasted18:18
stemidit's past the partitioning stage, I just have to boot it up and see how it looks before I declare victory over kickstart18:19
stemidthe ubuntu wiki actually hinted that there was no lvm support in kickstart18:19
zapotahyes the documentation is old at best in some points :)18:20
stemidthat's why I had some hope left18:20
stemidwanted to try it18:20
zapotahbtw what did you change?18:20
stemidI'll paste the whole file18:21
stemidit's going on my wiki in swedish anyways18:21
stemidjust booted it up and it looks good. here's the whole file as it is. http://wiki.sydit.se/dokument:naetboota_ubuntu_12.04?&#kickstart18:23
zapotahah so it was the lvm partition designation18:24
zapotahit has been so long since i used kickstart last that i can barely remember what it included :)18:25
stemidI'm glad I can use kickstart instead of preseed because I can also use it for centos and rhel.18:25
stemidbefore I have only used preseed to install debian.18:25
arrrghhhHey, what do I edit instead of resolv.conf now?19:03
arrrghhhoh right I include that dns-nameservers in my /etc/network/interfaces...19:03
patdk-lapor delete resolv.conf and recreate it19:05
UbiquityI'm attempting to set up wake on lan. My bios are set and ethtool is configured. I'm looking at my router right now and seeing the packet reach the connection but the computer isn't turning on. Can you help me troubleshoot?19:33
Ubiquity(ubuntu 12.04 serrver)19:34
RoyKUbiquity: I don't know if wake on lan is an ubuntu thing19:41
Ubiquityit's not an ubuntu thing. Just curious if someone can help me troubleshoot it19:41
Ubiquityfor some reason i can't speak on #linux19:41
Ubiquityeven though i've never visited before19:41
RoyKperhaps you need to register with nickserv?19:44
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Ubiquity4321oh wow i feel dumb19:46
Ubiquity4321i'll show myself out19:46
arrrghhhHey, is it possible to change the mountpoint of /var after I've installed the system?20:09
arrrghhhI cp'd the contents of /var to another partition and tried to change fstab and reboot... it wasn't very happy.20:10
arrrghhhhrm... that didn't work like I expected it to20:11
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stemidhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/KickstartCompatibility "The post install script runs right before the reboot in the installation. " this is a very blurry statement imo because the postinstall script actually runs before user creation.20:19
stemidwhich makes it useless for things like ssh keys.20:19
stemidunless I create users in the postinstall script20:19
Zer0GlitchDoes anyone here have experience with hosting IRC?20:20
Zer0Glitch363 people and not one response... Wow. The NSA bots are running overdrive.20:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:25
qman__this channel doesn't move that fast20:25
patdk-lap363 people is not very many20:26
yeatsZer0Glitch: if you post your actual problem/question, someone may be able to help20:27
arrrghhhcan I change /var's mountpoint after installing the OS?20:32
arrrghhhI'd like to move it to an expandable lvm volme...20:32
qman__you can, but you'll have to do it offline20:32
qman__too much going on there to try and do it live20:33
arrrghhhqman__, i just cp'd /var live to the lvm partition20:33
arrrghhhchanged fstab20:33
arrrghhhand rebooted20:33
qman__that can cause problems20:33
qman__because there's lots of lock files and things there20:33
arrrghhhk.  so copy it offline?20:33
qman__that normally get removed at shutdown20:33
arrrghhhother than that, it should work ?20:33
arrrghhhthx :)20:34
qman__if you shut down, copy it over, adjust fstab, and boot back up, it should work20:34
qman__use rsync instead of cp though, make sure the permissions copy20:34
stemidZer0Glitch: you should perhaps be more specific. I've hosted a hybrid ircd with anope services about 8 years ago.20:34
stemidnot sure how much that means today20:34
arrrghhhah yes.  love me some rsync.20:34
stemidI managed to unmount /var online once. I just shutdown all the services using /var. checked which ones using lsof. but at that point you're better off just doing it offline since the system is not operational anymore.20:35
Zer0GlitchTwo conjoined questions, actually:20:38
Zer0Glitch- Are there resources you can recommend for the setup and secure hosting of an IRC server?20:38
Zer0Glitch- Do I have to worry about any security issues with hosting IRC?20:38
qman__running a public IRC server is a huge undertaking20:40
qman__you have to manage it full time to defend against people using it to spam and run botnets20:40
qman__I don't run one because it's too much work20:41
qman__you need at a bare minimum to have at least one oper on line 24/720:42
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Zer0GlitchI was wanting to run one so I could embed/link it with my hosted Wordpress blog.20:44
Zer0GlitchWould it be better then to embed from someone else's service, who is running as a larger operator?20:45
qman__unless you already have trustworthy staff that can run it, then yes20:46
Zer0GlitchThanks qman, I appreciate the feedback.20:46
qman__it sounds to me like you just want to run one channel20:47
qman__and in that case you should find a network to host you20:47
Zer0GlitchYes, only one channel... Next query: if any of you are hosting wordpress, are there plugins for Wordpress you wouldn't live without?20:47
patdk-lapI would live without wordpress, every week there is a new security issue with it20:48
qman__same, wordpress has an abysmal track record for security20:48
Zer0GlitchSo better to go hosted, rather than hosting it myself?20:48
qman__if you're set on wordpress, then yes, find a host with a good reputation for fixing things when they break20:49
qman__because they will20:49
Zer0GlitchI presently use 1&1 and PEER120:50
qman__you know all those fedex/UPS/intuit phishing scam emails?20:50
qman__those were all sent out using compromised wordpress sites20:50
qman__at one point I had a content filter on my mail server filtering out URLs which contained wp-content20:51
qman__it was that bad20:51
Zer0GlitchWow. That's pretty bad20:52
Zer0GlitchThanks for your help, guys20:57
arrrghhhhey qman__ - I'm in the live environment... and I installed lvm2, I can see the logical volume (says it's active at /dev/OS/OS) but when I try to mount it, mount says that special device does not exist?21:00
arrrghhhis there something else I have to do to initialize LVM in a live environment so I can mount it?21:00
qman__you need to mkfs on the lv21:00
qman__such as mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/logvolname21:00
arrrghhhhrm.  I did that already... I guess I can do it again, I'm not going to lose anything heh21:01
arrrghhhI did that in the install tho, not the live enviro21:01
qman__well, your LVs should exist in /dev/mapper by name21:01
qman__are they there?21:01
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arrrghhhah if I mount /dev/mapper/OS-OS it works21:04
arrrghhhfor some reason /dev/OS/OS didn't work.  no biggie21:04
arrrghhhrsyncing now :)21:05
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arrrghhhlol what have I done21:11
arrrghhhGRUB menu is now stalling...?  I am forced to make a selection.  How do I fix that?  I don't know how I even made it stall like this...21:12
qman__check /etc/default/grub to ensure that it's got a default selection and timeout configured21:12
qman__then run update-grub21:12
qman__could also be a stuck key21:13
qman__or accidentally pressed key21:13
arrrghhhI unplugged the kb21:13
qman__might be disk order or something getting shuffled around causing it, update-grub should fix that21:14
arrrghhhhrm... boot still fails on /var.  fsck.ext4 says it can't check /dev/sda3 which is my lvm aka /var...21:14
arrrghhhI wonder if my fstab statement is bad21:14
qman__if sda3 contains the lvm, you need to not have sda3 in fstab21:14
qman__you need to have by UUID or LV21:15
arrrghhhI don't have any sda's in fstab21:15
arrrghhhthey're all UUID... perhaps that is the issue?21:15
arrrghhhthe LVM is also by UUID21:15
qman__no, that's how it should be21:15
qman__but did you update the UUID to be the new filesystem's UUID?21:15
arrrghhhYes, I believe so...21:16
arrrghhhI guess let me skip the mount and doublecheck21:17
arrrghhhyup, uuid is right21:19
arrrghhhoh derp.  i put the type as ext421:19
arrrghhhi'm guessing that might cause an issue21:19
qman__it should be whatever the filesystem is21:20
qman__which I assume is ext421:20
arrrghhhcrap... it was ext4.21:20
arrrghhhSo I don't know what's wrong then21:21
qman__well, you could try the non-UUID name to test21:21
arrrghhhThe /dev/mapper location?21:21
qman__I don't have anything to reference because I don't actually have any set up that way21:21
qman__I think so, yes21:21
arrrghhhqman__, so by name worked21:25
arrrghhhblkid shows a UUID for the LVM device...21:25
arrrghhhhrm.  there's a separate UUID for the mounted device21:26
arrrghhhI think I'll try using that UUID21:26
arrrghhhCool!  Seemed to work, thx qman__21:27
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TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, alive yet?22:00
TheLordOfTime(probably not, in which  case i'll catch you tomorrow)22:00
anuvratneed help installing ubuntu-server on a 2 TB hdd22:03
anuvratDoes the bios_boot_partition need to be 1MB, can it not be 100 MB?22:03
qman__what do you mean by bios_boot_partition?22:04
anuvratqman__: read it here http://velenux.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/grub-failing-to-install-on-debianubuntu-with-gpt-partitions/22:05
anuvratqman__: I* read it here http://velenux.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/grub-failing-to-install-on-debianubuntu-with-gpt-partitions/22:05
qman__well, for one, GPT is not needed for a 2TB disk, the limit for msdos MBR is 2.2TB22:05
anuvratqman__: okay ...22:07
qman__I'm looking for a more official/reputable document to answer for actually using GPT22:07
qman__ok, from what all I've been reading, it needs to be mentioned that bios_grub partition and /boot are two different things22:12
qman__I also see people making bios_grub partitions of all different sizes, not just 1MB22:12
anuvratqman__: yes, I have read about /boot and bios_grub being different22:13
anuvratqman__: I found something about the bios boot partition not being formatted. Is that the case?22:14
qman__yes, it doesn't seem to have a normal filesystem, just grub22:15
anuvratqman__: what requires special support from motherboard, efi or gpt?22:22
anuvratqman__: installation on another drive uses efi and it boots perfectly, is it possible that my system can not boot from gpt?22:22
qman__gpt allows for an mbr to be created for back compatibility, but efi requires board support22:36
qman__native gpt requires board support22:36
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