solarcloud_3scrndirecthex,  Can you open this on your Lumia ( 810??) http://open.spotify.com/album/2rP4S3oMjDm7UWioSXUvzA |ALSO Chrispirillo has a vidz on this one .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVYPbrEGdW4&list=UUhQl2YkLt3dj-KDyGUBzcHw&index=18 Apparently none of the basic Apps come preinstalled except the camera-App & you need at least three P/wards to get this going, MSDN/MS P/word (never used one), Sk00:30
solarcloud_3scrnydrive P/word (I've only NAS and dropbox), and Xbox (After I bought this baby:: http://goo.gl/BXY3C /Why/ would I want to join the club ?) .. the vidz a bit old; Dec 28th '12 but he shows how thorny the set-up is .. when will I see the set-up stage process of the Üphone on youtu.be ??00:30
directhexsolarcloud_3scrn, it wants me to install a spotify app, but there's no spotify app available00:34
directhexsolarcloud_3scrn, and the lumia 810 and 822 are US carrier specific, the 820 is the global version00:35
Klettbarbig green03:17
Klettbar "take a break in big green"03:18
Klettbarhints for the emaning03:18
kvarleypopey: Morning :) how's it going?08:57
popeygood good09:00
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:11
dwatkinsgz, bigcalm11:24
MartijnVdSbigcalm: xz11:26
bigcalmThe things I miss out on by not playing such things11:26
codecowboyhi. anyone know why i can to do an openssl connect from the command line in an ubuntu vm except when I have a vpn connection open (on the VM)? the target is internet accessible.11:26
dwatkins'XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio. XZ Utils were written for POSIX-like systems, but also work on some not-so-POSIX systems. XZ Utils are the successor to LZMA Utils.'11:27
MartijnVdScodecowboy: openssl s_client -host X -port Y11:27
MartijnVdScodecowboy: openssl s_client --help for more :)11:27
codecowboyMartijnVdS thanks that doesn't answer my question. I know how to connect, I'm asking for advice / insight as to why it does't connect under certain conditions.11:28
MartijnVdScodecowboy: in that case, check your routes11:29
MartijnVdScodecowboy: the VPN might be messing with your default route11:29
MartijnVdScodecowboy: ip route show11:29
codecowboyMartijnVdS cool, thanks11:30
MartijnVdScodecowboy: traceroute/mtr should show you if this is the problem as well, I think11:30
shaunohm, irssi keeps choking today.  most confusing.15:20
bigcalmIt's so peaceful in here on Sundays :)17:22
* penguin42 drops a pin17:22
penguin42is knackered after the 1st 3 days back at work this year; only another 200 odd to go17:30
SuperEngineerjust reserved a [minor] upgrade to current desktop - a real bare metal pc - no pre-installed op sys17:54
penguin42which one?17:55
penguin42ah yeh, one of the zoostorms17:55
penguin42SuperEngineer: I got one of the other zoostorms for my dad (from ebuyer) - worked ok, not that quiet a psu, but not too bad17:56
SuperEngineerpenguin42: good news.17:56
SuperEngineer[though I suspect many here will say "...& that's an upgrade?" in my case  ;)17:57
SuperEngineer..& if fans are too loud - I'll work out a way to muzzle them I hope17:58
rena5192Hello guys, I am from Brazil, and I am living in Europe at the moment. I would like to know what is the most famous events about IT in Europe, do you know about it? In Brazil we have Campus Party in SP, really cool.18:01
SuperEngineerrena5192: if you're available to travel to UK - OggCamp - assuming you're into open source18:04
solarcloud_3scrnrena5192, https://fosdem.org/18:04
rena5192Yes, I live in UK. :)18:04
rena5192Thank you, I will take a look about OggCamp18:05
popeyrena5192: also look at UKUUG events18:05
rena5192and thank you Solar I will check this website18:05
rena5192that's great18:05
rena5192Thank you Popey18:05
SuperEngineerpopey: ;)18:05
solarcloud_3scrnrena5192, Both are cold, but at least at fosdem .. all you pay is the airfare to Brussels  .. couchsurf the rest.18:06
solarcloud_3scrnI done fosdem many times over.18:07
rena5192Really cool18:07
rena5192I was looking for Campus Pary in Spain, but I think is not so famous like in Brazil.18:08
solarcloud_3scrnvideo/s on youtube .. also the couchsurfing group (ask this week to get a free bed) .. also a lot of people will speak your language/s.18:09
rena5192thank you very much, I really appreciate it18:10
solarcloud_3scrnProbably will be very cold .. so expect to wrap up.18:10
rena5192lol, that's fine, I prefer cold weather :)18:10
rena519225 years living in Brazil.. around 35 degrees...18:11
SuperEngineerrena5192: the only "35" we get here at the moment is 35 inches of rain18:12
solarcloud_3scrnExpect -2 celcius.18:12
rena5192Great :)18:12
SuperEngineerpopey: have reserved one of those zoostorms you retweeted. cheap enough to take the risk - risk because nowhere states full or m/b spec or uefi etc... do I care - nah! thanks for the info18:17
solarcloud_3scrnSuperEngineer, I have zoostorms all over my ebay saved searches .. AFAs the service .. it's an american company as I have researched them; and ebay.co.uk is littered with plenty of PC-boxes that are overpriced, outdated and v. poor service. In my 3 years of getting daily emails from zoostorm/ebay.co.uk18:29
solarcloud_3scrnpoor service .. in my 318:30
solarcloud_3scrnrena didn't stay long .. it seems this #channel didn't suit optimistic ppl.18:31
solarcloud_3scrnat large....18:32
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: Really? I thought they were Liverpool based18:32
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: I mailed them after the one I bought from ebuyer was missing a serial port (which they said was ebuyers fault because they didn't think it should have one) and got a reply from a 'cms-computers.co.uk'18:33
SuperEngineersolarcloud_3scrn: this is why I was tempted by it being avaialble from argos... uk statutory if "not fit for purpose" applies.18:36
solarcloud_3scrnIt's acommon mistake with zoosorm , but they are actually a NewYork company with a Liverpoul front. Be under no illusions they are not a British company .. all the loot goes back to the Yanks in Americae. Steer-clear my friend.18:37
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: Why does it matter if they have a liverpool front?18:38
solarcloud_3scrnservice is not up o UK standard.18:38
solarcloud_3scrn**up to18:38
penguin42I've not seen any good UK service for a machine like that18:38
SuperEngineersolarcloud_3scrn: the loot in this case goes via Argos UK to them... me not affected by where they are based18:38
solarcloud_3scrnaria pc .. try there.18:38
penguin42it was a standard motherboard (I thunk Asus can't remember - one of the 4 char A... makers)18:38
SuperEngineerpenguin42: if Asus - that's good [enough] - thanks18:39
solarcloud_3scrnaria .. least there from Manchester and the money stays in the region.18:39
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: Well, for Aria I'd say at least it's from Manchester so I can get on a bus and slam it down on their desk if it doesn't work; but if I'm doing stuff via post I don't really care18:40
solarcloud_3scrnpersonally, If you dont care then use the proper Auction site channels .. ebay/freegle/preloved.co.uk18:41
SuperEngineer...my honourable colleaugue's [aka me] last remark re statutory right if not fit for purpose applies18:41
SuperEngineerand yes - I did see argos on-site notice re the return policy on this machine18:42
solarcloud_3scrn.. that way you sdhaft the lot of them.18:42
solarcloud_3scrnDo you know how to-d a saved search on ebay.co.uk ??18:43
SuperEngineersolarcloud_3scrn: you do realise that address is a redirect I assume18:45
solarcloud_3scrnA penny saved in a penny earned :D   what www.ebay.co.uk ??18:46
solarcloud_3scrn**...saved is a...18:47
SuperEngineernah - the ebay/freegle/preloved.co.uk is a redirect18:47
solarcloud_3scrnthey're separate sites, of course.18:48
SuperEngineerrule 1 in safe browser use - no redirect declare - no go18:48
solarcloud_3scrnNo one does saved searches here .. I mean some of those sites do RSS and everything..18:48
* solarcloud_3scrn bangs his head on his desk aaaagain.18:49
* SuperEngineer hands solarcloud_3scrn some virtual aspirin18:50
* solarcloud_3scrn checks his 17 emails from ebay.co.uk to save £££, for solice.18:50
* SuperEngineer checks his own - sent without using sites doing undeclared redirects18:53
solarcloud_3scrnSay cheese .. http://goo.gl/UmQBb18:54
SuperEngineeror say chose18:55
solarcloud_3scrnor say chookies .. http://www.instructables.com/id/Cookie-Bra/ :)  mmmh cookies..18:56
SuperEngineercookie-bra? are you suggesting I've got man-breasts!18:57
SuperEngineernot yet18:57
SuperEngineer...beware - it's been a nasty day at work, I'm in a silly mood18:58
solarcloud_3scrnoh Ok .. but , seriously I do have moobies .. :(18:59
solarcloud_3scrnApparantly it's 7 to 2 with Wiliam Hill that Murrray will Win Wimbledon , this year.19:01
solarcloud_3scrn10 t 1 that Middleton will have twins ... due to hyperemsis-gravidarum with Sportingbet.19:03
SuperEngineersolarcloud_3scrn: ...and for Charles ever taking the crown?19:05
SuperEngineer[low odds I assume]19:06
AlanBellI think he will for a few hours at least19:06
SuperEngineerdefinite lol19:07
AlanBellstick it on, do one big speech, and hand it over19:07
solarcloud_3scrnI'm a screenshot-shooterist .. although I do ocassionally let my crosshair-aim wander...19:08
solarcloud_3scrnGraham Smith's my ceasar ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsAeGfwS6qA19:10
* SuperEngineer cacels Artha search for ceasar19:12
solarcloud_3scrnBTW .. the best tip AFAs odds go ... is SMP.L on the LSE http://goo.gl/rpJJx19:14
solarcloud_3scrnI've had too much Red Leicester  .. so I have a headache now .. :(19:16
solarcloud_3scrnThis is how my head feels at the moment ::19:28
solarcloud_3scrnthoughts ??19:28
dwatkinsyour head feels like a cardboard computer?19:29
solarcloud_3scrntotal over-reused.19:30
SuperEngineerwhat's needed here is a "my head hurts - stop it" lens.19:34
SuperEngineer[I have one of those lenses - but it's attached to my camera, not my Ubuntu]19:36
SuperEngineerOn a more quizzical topic -anyone heard when/if G+ might change the APi to alllow external apps proper access?19:39
solarcloud_3scrnI haven't heard ..but if a google communities lense pops up .. It'll be the end of this type of #channel. IMHO19:44
solarcloud_3scrnI mean popey's already a sex symbol on the Ubuntu community  (sorry Mr Pope !)19:45
solarcloud_3scrnyou just need to change "Screenshots" to "Screenshot Friday"  and I'd at least check my account every Saturday.. just to see. ...19:47
SuperEngineerImpressed by this blokes thoughts http://tinyurl.com/sensible-thought [planet-gnome]19:53
SuperEngineer[sorry bloke/blokess]19:54
SuperEngineer...& yes - should have read bloke's - I slap my wrist19:55
AlanBellshould have read "woman's" :)19:55
AlanBelland apparently lubotu3 doesn't know anything about bloke19:56
SuperEngineerAlanBell: you win!19:56
SuperEngineerbut still impressed19:56
solarcloud_3scrnSuperEngineer, MMh, Funny, My dad said never do business with bfriends !" when I was 10 years old.. it decimated my investments-club for over 15 years.. until I woke up.19:57
SuperEngineerAlanBell: Impressed by this woman's thoughts http://tinyurl.com/sensible-thought [planet-gnome] - any better?19:57
SuperEngineernope not blokess either19:58
SuperEngineeroh tut tut!19:59
lubotu3Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".19:59
solarcloud_3scrnI seems to have seen her webpage before ??19:59
AlanBellprobably, she was a director of Gnome and now is a director at Mozilla20:00
solarcloud_3scrn#/msg ubottu !custard-creams20:00
solarcloud_3scrnsoz .. just checking...20:00
lubotu3Yum! Err, I mean, APT!20:01
* SuperEngineer votes for !pooter to be added to lubottu. pooter: "the machine you're using, doh!"20:05
daftykinsi think factoids are generally best having an actual purpose20:06
SuperEngineerbut very tactfully put ;)20:07
DJoneshmmh, suggestions that Blizzard are planning a Linux game announcement sometime this year http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI2ODE20:09
solarcloud_3scrnIwas just wondering .. I've  got a hard-disk for old XP-machine-desktop from 2004 .. I was wondering if there was a good virus-scanner tosee if I *was* completely infected or not , that say does a free trial for 30 days , or not ?20:11
solarcloud_3scrnI haven't used a good anti-virus since Ubuntu.20:12
daftykinsi think some people scan slaved Windows drives with clamav20:13
DJonesThis lists quite a few https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus20:14
solarcloud_3scrnclamav .. is terrible but thanks DJones .. opening...20:15
DJonesHeh, just looking at the eset website, they offer a linux antivirus scanner with a link to a free online scanner, when you try it, it wants to download & install a .exe file....Linked from a page offering a linux AV system, DOH!20:16
solarcloud_3scrnhaha !  BTW .. has anyone ever tried "avast.com/linux-home-edition" ??20:17
daftykinsDJones: geniuses20:19
daftykinswhy don't you try it and tell us? :)20:20
DJonesIn a word..... Nah!20:22
solarcloud_3scrn.. takes 30 minutes to get the reg. key .. but I will do !20:25
mh0i never even knew there was antivirus for linux20:25
mh0nor that it would be needed20:25
solarcloud_3scrnit is thoretically possible :)20:25
mh0usually any threat, I just iptable20:25
bigcalmIn Python, how do I check a variable to be this? <flags GDK_WINDOW_STATE_FULLSCREEN of type GdkWindowState>20:43
dutchiebigcalm: generally explicit type checking in python is Wrong, but use the type function22:29
bigcalmdutchie: I tracked down what I was meant to do, hopefully correctly :)22:32
bigcalmTa for the pointer22:32
solarcloud_3scrnAnyone want a stab at a wiki looksie at this late hour (??) .. & I've found a beauty .. head on over to :: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Category:Linux23:48

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