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tony-smlrSMLR is live http://www.youtube.com/user/tbemus?v=us-4M4392uE12:03
CrusaderADAnyone have any recommendations for a solid, stable pci e graphics card for Ubuntu 12.10 x64?14:23
snap-lGood morning18:04
snap-lEr, more like Good Afternoon. ;)18:04
derekvso if rolling your own stuff, would you use pulseaudio?18:57
snap-lI think Pulse Audio is a good thing (tm_18:59
snap-lPut another way: it isn't going away any time soon19:00
snap-land the more compatible with pulse audio you are, the happier the users will be19:00
snap-lOSS / ALSA are emulated under pulse anyway.19:00
snap-lWhat are you planning on doing19:01
Blazeixif i'm using a heavily gnome-based system i'll use pulse, but for simpler environments i still use alsa19:10
snap-lhttp://www.macworld.co.uk/mac/news/?newsid=3418779 rick_h_19:17
derekvno i have freebsd installed on this box and i realized i can't control volume of one app independantly of another easily19:21
derekvor maybe i just don't know how to d oit19:22
widoxsnap-l: that's hilarious19:32
snap-lderekv: any reason you're using freebsd over Linux?19:36
snap-l(not trying to be cheeky or anything; if the reason is "I just want to", that's perfectly valid. ;) )19:37
widoxrick_h_: have you tried this before? https://github.com/wertarbyte/autorandr19:49
derekvsnap-l, I have a soft spot for the OS, wanted to try living with it again for a while19:58
derekvi'm nomadic19:58
derekvseeing if it can still work as a desktop os19:58
derekvfortunatly flash is becoming less of an issue19:59
derekvand video card support seems to be good still, at least for nvidia19:59
derekvso if anything its better than in the past19:59
derekvi think its lost some of its advantage as far as being really reponsive compaired to linux (one of the reasons i made the switch the first time, like 1999ish)20:00
derekvthats probably all about the scheduler20:00
derekvthey got rid of the original scheduler a few versions back, after some fits and starts, because it was inefficient after about two cores20:00
derekvwhereas the new one can handle numba , asymetric etc20:01
derekvbut its more complex and somewhere it lost the magic ability to have a >10 load average and not be noticable to the UI20:01
derekvso yea, i don't really have any _strong_ technical arguments20:02
derekvi have a handful of very weak ones20:02
derekvits a fairly well organized OS ... the tower vs bazar thing i guess.. it feels very clean.  the way the OS is layed out, kindof like a purer unix "vision"20:03
derekvapart from the difficulty with running flash, its very compairable with say gentoo20:04
derekva little bit less finiky... a few more things come with the OS by default20:05
derekvbut still some finikyness depending on what your running it for20:05
derekvI think running a desktop OS has the most complicated dependancy scenario possible20:06
derekvand yea, it doesn't come with pulseaudio configured for you, etc20:06
derekvi wish i could have time to properly configure everything the way I want it, stay up with updates, and then do most of my work on it20:07
derekvmy current job makes the latter impossible and the former difficult unless i give up more important things20:08
derekvif I was building some servers (hardware), I wouldn't hesitate to use freebsd ... if it was aws or something i'd probably go with ubuntu, freebsd support isn't very mature there...20:12
derekvhmm, come to think of it I'm to ignorant to say what the practical differences between ubuntu and debian servers would be20:13
derekvive done a couple quick ubuntu servers for random things and they work well20:14
snap-lYeah, I like Ubuntu servers. They're quick to set up, and pretty extensible.20:53
derekvi have a serious problem with being interested in too many things21:22
derekvand then not picking one place to center myself21:23
derekvbecome an expert21:23
snap-lrick_h_: Were you the one who had the ball chair?21:25
derekvi think the ball chair is ok for the purposes of changing it up21:41
derekvyou'll want to sit on it for like 15 minutes then you'll be done for a while21:41
derekvhelpful but no silver bullet21:41
derekvi still wan the sit-stand desk21:51
rick_h_snap-l: I've got a ball I've used as a chair some22:18
rick_h_widox: no, not used that22:18
snap-lrick_h_: Would you be opposed to me borrowing it for a bit?22:49
snap-lTrying to feel out if using a ball chair is a good idea or not22:49
* brousch snickers23:48

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