HowdyDoodymorning rmg51 and everyone11:36
waltmanAgain with the snow and the fog?12:31
ChinnoDogNo snow or fog here.16:04
pleia2a little snow here, but it's melting16:04
MutantTurkeysome snow, basically all melted, road are dry.16:34
ChinnoDogThe one time I want to read a book from the ACM library the book site is under maintanence18:26
* ChinnoDog smacks Books24x7 around a bit with a large trout18:27
jedijfit always works that way18:42
jedijfmurphy dude18:42
ChinnoDogmurphy: 1, ChinnoDog: 018:50
ChinnoDogAnyone here write apps with Qt?18:55
ChinnoDogI was looking around for the best language to use to write apps for .NET, Android, and iOS and good old C++ with Qt seems to be a winner18:58
ChinnoDogSeems like you can write an app for pretty much any platform with C++/Qt19:06
MutantTurkeysince nokia sold Qt, its' looking ironically better for mobile development than ever19:58
ChinnoDogI think I need to become a C++/Qt expert asap. I have stuff to write.20:00
waltmanI've discovered a soccer team for pleia2 to root for!22:56
waltmanhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corinthian-Casuals_F.C. (note the team colors)22:56

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