wrstafternoon chris458521:00
chris4585hey wrst21:56
wrstchris4585: how you doing?21:56
chris4585good, you?21:56
wrstdoing well looking at routers, have any suggestions?22:38
chris4585wrst, nope, I use the modem that comes from the cable company22:43
chris4585I'm not a router guy22:43
wrstwell we have about 10-12 devices that connect22:44
wrstso its a necessity but don't like it22:44
wrsthaven't decided to go with a good home setup or go with a decent wired router with an access point22:55
chris4585well our modem has a 4 port built in router, so for my extra connections I have an old linksys switch I think22:57
wrstno WiFi?23:15
chris4585it has built in wifi23:15
chris4585modem + router + wifi23:15
chris4585all in one23:15
chris4585and phone..23:15
chris4585but who uses a land line these days?23:16
RagnarokAngelanyone here root their android w/ superoneclick?23:25
wrstyeah I know chris458523:25
wrsthey RagnarokAngel  galaxy s iii here that wasn't available for it23:25
RagnarokAngelshortfuse.org seems to be down23:26
RagnarokAngeland I can't find the binaries elsewhere23:26
wrstI think I used ginger break or something on my old phone it was a one click kind of deal23:26
RagnarokAngelI just don't understand how the only website with official linux binaries is down.23:28

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