Sarvattwrouesnel: how is radeon broken? do you mean fglrx? need more context there06:17
wrouesnelSarvatt: radeon as in the open-source driver06:18
Sarvattits broken for you? what release, what gpu, when did it start being broken?06:19
Sarvatthows it broken, corruption or not working at all?06:20
wrouesnelSarvatt: gpu is a cayman pro [radeon 6950]. the driver was broken on the last update to the xorg-edgers ppa06:20
wrouesnelSarvatt: it's broken in the sense that the framebuffer driver initializes improperly (corrupted output on DVI) and launching Cinnamon (or any window manager that uses opengl) leads to a mangled display.06:21
wrouesnelchanging settings like color tiling doesn't help at all, and (i'm guessing this is the bug report i put on launchpad) i get a lot of that message in ~/.xsession-errors when I try to start a display manager.06:22
wrouesnellaunching in 2D mode (i.e. software opengl), things work fine.06:22
Sarvattwell you said that before the last update, there was another not long before you asked, but there haven't been any big changes in a few updates so thats weird. might be kernel update related but i'm not sure which release you're on, 12.10 is the only one that gets big kernel updates06:24
wrouesnelI can confirm that "*ERROR* Invalid register 0x8040 in CS" is fixed by the kernel patch I linked, but I still get total display corruption / improperly working framebuffer drivers.06:24
Sarvattah so might be mesa related, gotcha06:24
wrouesnelalso I was running the kernel from the ppa06:24
wrouesnel3.7.0.7-15 I believe (I since downgraded everything from the ppa so I could have a usable system again).06:25
Sarvatt3.8 will be in there very soon which should have any patch you might have linked in it06:25
Sarvattbest to stick with quantal kernels in the meantime06:26
wrouesnelyeah my own digging seemed to indicate that there's been a lot of development to radeon/drm that's slated for 3.806:26
Sarvattsorry about the trouble :(06:26
wrouesnelit's fine. I wouldn't run it if I wasn't looking for the learning exercise06:27
wrouesnelwhat i did discover is that apt hates downgrades, but is very happy to "upgrade" to a lower versioned number, which was how I eventually purged the ppa without apt trying to uninstall my entire system.06:28
Sarvatthttp://people.canonical.com/~apw/3.8-rc2-raring/ is whats going in as soon as blobs get updated to work with it06:28
Sarvattapt tried to screw you over even with xorg-edgers ppa-purge version? i uploaded one there that should be ok06:29
Sarvattppa-purge 0.2.8+bzr57+edgers1~quantal actually works here06:30
wrouesnelhm I may have missed that one. anyway, just pinning the quantal repos to highest priority worked perfectly for me.06:30
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