digigrammaaz coffee on07:09
* Maaz washes some mugs07:09
digigramawesome bot!!07:09
Cantidethat is a fine idea07:11
* Cantide finishes his pap first though07:11
digigramthen get yourself some07:11
Cantidedoes Maaz deliver? :D07:12
CantideMaaz: coffee07:12
MaazCantide: coffee is liquid code07:12
digigramif you ask him nicely he might07:12
CantideMaaz: coffee, please07:12
MaazCantide: Go get it yourself!07:12
digigramhet be nice07:12
* Cantide cries07:13
Cantideis everyone still using 12.04 btw?07:13
Cantidei tried 12.10 and failed07:13
digigramMaaz is normally mean to me, but it's okay, I understand his issues07:13
Cantideand since i came back to 12.04 i have been quite happy :)07:13
MaazCoffee's ready for digigram!07:13
* digigram uses Mint 13, so 12.04 yeah07:13
digigramthank you Maaz 07:13
* digigram gives a botcookie to Maaz 07:14
Cantidedo you use cinnamon?07:14
digigramMATE, but I want to try Min 14 with the updated Cinnamon, it looks really good07:15
* Cantide puts cinnamon in digigram's coffee07:15
Cantideyeah, it does look nice07:15
Cantidei've finally gotten used to Unity07:15
Cantideit took me a few months :/07:15
digigramlol with time it might've worked for me, but I need something light07:16
digigramrunning my OS permanently from a USB drive, so access speed is limited07:16
sharpeymorning all07:49
Cantidedigigram, i see :) is MATE light?07:49
digigramfor me much lighter than unity!07:50
digigramor KDE07:50
sharpeyfreenode is blocking Kilos because of something to do with unaffiliated something07:50
Cantideaww :(07:51
Cantidedigigram, that's good news :) i've never bothered with KDE because it looks too heavy for me, and not very creative either imho07:51
digigramworks great from harddrive on a very slow celeron, and works the same from flash drive on my i5 laptop07:51
CantideUnity is unnecessarily heavy07:51
digigramKDE is very nice, I prefer it, but its on the heavy side07:52
Cantideit's a lot like Windows in terms of layout, isn't it?07:53
digigramIf the i5 was my own laptop and not company laptop I would've had KDE on it right now07:53
Cantidei liked gnome 2.x, which is why i am tempted by cinnamon07:53
Cantideoh :)07:53
sharpeymate is very like07:53
digigramit does have a lot in common with windows in the visual department, but looks very much better07:54
sharpeyvery much faster than unity when installed on unity07:54
digigrambut as soon as I get home to my ADSL I'll get the new Cinnamon to try it out07:54
Cantidecool :)07:55
Cantidewould you mind posting a few screenshots?07:55
Cantidecurious Cantide is curious07:55
digigramof Cinnamon?07:55
=== sharpey is now known as Kilos
Cantideis it working now?07:57
digigramCantide here is some: http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_nadia_whatsnew.php#cinnamon07:57
digigrambut remember, cinnamon on ubuntu and cinnamon on mint does not look the same07:57
digigramhey Kilos welcome at last !07:57
Kilosso where are the freenode experts07:57
Kilosunaffiliated/kilos :is now your hidden host (set by services.)07:57
digigramwhats wrong Kilos 07:58
Kilosthats where my xchat sticks if i come right in as Kilos07:58
Kiloshi didgican07:58
digigramyeah, did you apply for a cloak?07:58
Kiloslast week07:58
digigramwell it's granted now07:58
Kiloshi digigram Cantide 07:58
digigramyour cloak is unaffiliated/kilos07:59
Kiloslets hope i dont have to start of as sharpey everytime07:59
Cantidedigigram, thanks for the link :) it's a bit different to gnome 2.x it seems07:59
Cantideintegrated the top and bottom bar 'o'07:59
digigramI get this as well everytime:   unaffiliated/digigram :is now your hidden host (set by services.07:59
Kiloshow do you get past it digigram ?08:00
Kilosit wouldnt log in any further08:00
digigramit's just a status message. It tells you you are cloaked now08:00
Kilosya but stopped there, didnt log in08:01
digigramfrom there I just do / join #ubuntu-za08:01
Kilosdidnt work08:01
Kilosoh well08:01
Kiloswhen i try again as Kilos if it dont work ill go see #freenode as sharpey and ask their ops08:02
digigramyeah try that08:02
digigrambut it should work...08:02
Kiloseven tried to get in from maverick too08:02
Kilosok lemme try. cant struggle with xchat like this everytime08:03
digigramwell I'm going to try and reach the beach or something, wayyyy to hot in my room08:05
Kilosjust had to login from another nick and then identify Kilos08:05
digigramis your IRC client set to auto identify?08:05
Kilosnow it sees me first time as Kilos08:05
Kilosmust be i always just get straight here08:06
Kilosmaybe it was something to do with the cloak needing me to identify 08:07
Kilosweird after a week of being cloaked though08:07
digigramyes the cloak needs it. so if you keep on getting the issue after a restart or similiar, try removing your password from your client, the manually identigy08:07
digigramJust remembered I can't go to the beach. cut my foot and can't get sand in there. darnit08:08
KilosCantide, whats with the cinnamon and stuff now08:14
Kiloswhat have you been using08:14
Cantidei'm using Unity08:15
Cantidequite happy with it08:15
Cantidebut my dad's "new" PC is not that powerful08:15
Kilosyou get used to it yes08:15
Cantideso i was considering an alternate desktop08:15
Cantidealso, he can't find the shutdown button on Unity haha08:15
Cantideso he switches it off at the wall -_-;08:15
Kilosi tried mate here on unity and it was 3 times as fast as unity and looked same as gnome208:16
Kilosonly had some sound probs so went back to unity08:16
Kilosyou can add a shutdown on the desktop if i member right08:17
Cantidei think i might do that08:17
Kilosbut mate is very fast08:17
Cantidebut i think he can learn :p08:17
Kilosi enjoyed it but need alerts here and pidgin so i gave up08:18
=== Kilos is now known as sharpey
Kiloshi kbmonkey 08:46
kbmonkeytomorrow is back to work!08:47
kbmonkeywhen is the next irc meet?08:47
Kilosoh my08:48
Kiloseek inetpro next meet and all not updated08:49
Kilostopic bar 08:51
kbmonkeyah yes08:53
kbmonkeytoo many different topics in one topic bar :p08:53
Kiloslots can change08:53
Kilosno more reapp thing08:53
kbmonkeywe did good08:56
Kilosyeah i think so08:57
Kilosbut must make it look better for next one in 2 years time08:57
Kiloslike/better than the mexicans one08:57
kbmonkeyhmmm I like08:58
Kilosi still havent seen their one but the fly said it was awesome08:59
zerefherro ubuntu-za09:03
Kiloshi zeref 09:03
zerefhi Kilos 09:03
zerefi've noticed that since i started working. I've not been here alot09:04
Kilosi noticed too09:04
zerefso what's up09:04
Kilosgave up greeting you09:04
kbmonkeyhi zeref 09:04
Kilosthough it was just the pc lurking09:05
Kiloslike ludo09:05
Kiloshmmm where is theblazehen09:05
zerefbtw for anyone interested: there is a group called innovatez: https://www.facebook.com/pages/INNOvatorzIT/118604361551779?ref=hl09:06
Kiloswhat do they do zeref ?09:06
kbmonkeyeeek facebook alert. abort. abort. critical error.09:07
zerefk, this is there logo or mottor or about profile: We are an IT community. A Hub for IT students and young IT Professionals to connect, share, learn, grow, develop and show their skills and talents09:07
zereflol kbmonkey 09:08
zerefthey got to all kind of conferences and organise events09:08
Kilosthats nice zeref only the fb part sucks for me09:08
zerefbut from what i've seen, they are mainly in the mobile space09:08
zerefbut tehy said that this year they will branch out09:09
kbmonkeylike a lug 09:09
Kilostell them irc is good09:09
zerefyeah Kilos: they are on twitter and FB, i was like get a website guys09:09
zerefthere is also something new coming up; http://jozihub.org/09:10
kbmonkeyand happy new year, again XD09:10
zerefbut i;ll know more when i go visit them and attend a conference with them09:11
zerefahhh, so nice to chat to you guys again.09:11
zerefjava, java, java, java, java, thats all i'm doing now days.09:12
kbmonkeystarting work again tomorrow so will also be afk during the day :/09:12
zereflearnt alot09:12
kbmonkeyhey zeref, you can write android apps in java :)09:12
zerefi've just downloaded the android-sdk09:13
zerefwill start working on programming09:13
Kilosi did that to try get that chat thing working here09:14
zerefkbmonkey: I'll be working on the android world09:14
zerefjust to branch out09:15
kbmonkeyI'm so jealous zeref! :]09:15
kbmonkeythis job I do now works in C# :(09:15
zerefmy condolences kbmonkey 09:15
zerefwell we only use java09:17
zerefI tried to introduce python09:17
zerefbut none of them no java09:17
zerefI was :-(09:18
kbmonkeythis moring I discovered http://playterm.org09:18
Kilosnuvolari, ping09:18
zerefbecause some things are easy in python as compared to java09:18
kbmonkeyplay back your term commands :)09:18
kbmonkeyI wrote python code that ran through the android emulator09:19
Kiloshi theblazehen 09:19
kbmonkeyusing pygame, you can do most fast drawing and sounds09:19
zerefhi theblazehen 09:19
Kilosyour bot beat you here09:19
kbmonkeyhi theblazehen 09:20
Kiloswhy dont you clever guys install 0ad and help them develope the game09:35
kbmonkeywhat is that Kilos?09:41
Kilosits a game similar to AOE but in our repos09:41
Kiloszero ad09:42
Kilosand somewhere they asked for peeps to give their input09:43
Kilosstarting shows their irc addy and mail and all09:43
Kilosi need it developed more so i can win now and again09:44
kbmonkeyhe he he09:45
Kilosi get killed terribly09:45
kbmonkeyi never liked AOE though. I always liked Civilization more. Freeciv is the free one09:45
Kilosfor linux?09:46
kbmonkeyfor everywhere09:46
kbmonkeyin my repos09:46
Kilosb ig download?09:46
Kilosspose so09:46
kbmonkeyits a turn based game, 0ad is real time09:46
Kilosi dont understand that09:47
Kilosoh your crashbang repos09:48
kbmonkeyits about 18MB09:48
Kilosso small09:48
Kilos0ad is 388m09:48
Kilosserious warfare09:48
kbmonkeyturn based mean you can go make a coffee between moving men. he he09:49
kbmonkeyeach man gets a turn09:49
kbmonkeynot like real time where you constantly have to click and do something09:49
Kilosyou never heard of pause09:49
kbmonkeyhe he09:49
kbmonkeyoops. he got lost there09:54
Kiloswb zeref 09:55
Kilosbad connection again09:56
kbmonkeyKilos, its a pity we dont have an uncapped local network, man that would be nice10:00
Kiloscan play games against each other10:01
kbmonkeyye. i'd like some freeciv players10:01
kbmonkeyfor us without too much time, you can take your turns daily for 15 mins10:02
kbmonkeyso games can last weeks even10:02
Kilosthats worse than chess10:02
kbmonkeyha ha ha10:03
Kilosi would forget what i planned to do yesterday10:03
kbmonkeythen its best to stick to  supertuxkart!10:04
kbmonkeyill chat later Kilos, having visitors soon.10:14
Kiloscool kbmonkey enjoy10:14
kbmonkeyyup yup. you too!10:15
kbmonkeylater, Oom10:15
Kiloshi timkeller 10:52
SquirmMooi River time12:11
Kilosyou there?14:47
* Squirm lets loose with a can of doom and goes and plays squash14:56
Kiloshi smile 15:24
smilehi Kilos :D15:24
Squirmthe storm stole my electricity :/16:01
* Squirm grumbles16:07
* Squirm gives the people of #ubuntu-za a scare so they wake up16:08
Squirmthat worked16:08
Kiloslo pro16:08
inetproallo sharpeys16:08
Kilosgroot gesukkel16:09
inetproand helo to everyone else16:09
Squirmok rain, you can go away now16:10
inetproSquirm: no!16:10
inetprojust send some here16:10
Squirmwe just had a nice downpour16:11
Squirmafter a while I have enough16:11
Squirmespecially after it stole my electricity16:11
Squirmthankfully only one side of campus is down16:12
Squirmwell, I'm on the side of campus that is down. but there is an access point on the side of campus which is still online, netbook ftw16:12
* Squirm ponders16:12
Squirmour office should be without16:12
* Squirm checks his trip switches16:13
inetproSquirm: no backup generator?16:14
inetproand UPS?16:14
Squirmwe're busy putting a backup generator in place. UPS should keep it up though16:14
magtieHi Kilos16:59
Kiloshi magespawn  you well girl17:00
Kilosoh ya inetpro you slacking on the topic updating hey17:01
magtiemagtie is well yes17:01
Kiloswe reapped long ago17:01
Kilosand next meet is 21st17:01
Kiloshmm he ran away17:19
inetproKilos: I didn't run away18:08
* inetpro is always here18:08
Kilosyour pc is always here dodo18:08
inetproKilos: what's the diffs?18:09
Kiloswell one never knows if one must wait for an answer or come back and check tomorrow18:10
Kiloshi tumbleweed is there a easy way to make the bot use more than 6 lines for a reply without using your nick again for the extra line?18:12
inetproKilos: what 6 lines?18:14
inetprothe above request to tumbleweed is just one line18:15
KilosMaaz, define yolk18:16
MaazKilos: Yolk \Yolk\ (y[=o]lk or y[=o]k; 277), n. [OE. yolke, yelke, [yogh]olke, [yogh]elke, AS. geoloca, geoleca, fr. geolu yellow. See {Yellow}.] [Written also {yelk}.] [1913 Webster] 1. The yellow part of an egg; the vitellus. [1913 Webster]  2. (Zool.) An oily secretion which naturally covers the wool of sheep. [1913 Webster]  {Yolk cord} (Zool.), a slender cord18:16
Maazor duct which connects the yolk glands with the egg chambers in certain insects, as in th…18:16
Kilossorry tumbleweed i need smaller fonts18:16
Kilosi think18:16
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inetproKilos: ^^ Happy? 18:29
* Kilos hugs inetpro 18:29
Kilosty sir18:29
Kilosthat smile is corrupting us18:30
Kiloswhats the MMlist18:30
Kilosdont tell me go look18:30
inetproMailMan List18:31
inetproKilos: click the link18:31
Kilosis that what its called18:31
Kilosi woulda done Mlist18:31
Kilosfirst time i heard of the mailman list18:32
inetproKilos: well they are using Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager18:32
Kilosoh well18:32
inetprofrom http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html18:33
inetproI can change it to MList if you want18:33
Kilosoh my you put slexy in there18:34
Kilosgracias amigo18:34
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inetproone less character18:34
Kiloswhy not just give ubuntuza as twitter18:35
Kiloswhy whole link18:35
Kiloseveryone has twitter18:35
inetproKilos: so you can click on it18:35
Kilosok so you have twitter open already18:36
Kiloswhat happens if you then click the link18:36
Kilosanother browser window?18:36
Kilosor tab18:37
inetproKilos: all depens on your setup18:37
inetproon mine it opens another tab in firefox18:37
Kilosnot mine , everyone else18:37
Kilosi use pidgin18:37
Kilostwitgin twitpig or something18:38
inetproKilos: you not using xchat?18:38
Kilosfor twitter man18:38
Kilosxchat is for irc18:38
Kilossjoe ek sukkel18:39
inetproKilos: but the topic with link and all is on irc18:39
inetproai, ek sukkel!18:39
Kilosi just asked18:39
inetproKilos: and I gave you the answer18:41
Kilosok so i have twitter open on pidgin and irc on xchat18:41
Kilosi see that link in xchat18:42
Kilosso the logical thing to do is join or follow or something @ubuntuza18:42
Kilosnot so18:42
Kilosor even just leave a message18:43
inetprouh, that sounds like an assumption18:43
inetprothe logical thing IMHO would be to open the link in your browser and go check out what it's all about before even thinking to post anything18:44
Kilosif its in #ubuntu-za topic it would surely be to do with ubuntu not so18:45
Kilosor is that an assumption18:45
inetprowe would hope so18:45
inetprobut not just to do with ubuntu but but Ubuntu in South Africa18:46
Kilosya thats the assumption18:46
Kilosai my maag is al seer gelagf18:47
inetproKilos: what's the problem?18:47
Kilosyou on top form again18:48
Kilosgive kilos a hard time weekend18:48
Kilosi was only trying to save you a few more characters when you do the topic so those old fingers will last a bit longer18:49
inetprooops... there's really no typing involved18:50
inetproexcept for changing the date18:50
inetprooh and creating the agenda item, if it wasn't created yet, like today18:50
Kiloswe are very grateful inetpro 18:51
inetproKilos: ag kom nou!?18:52
inetprothat's really nothing18:52
Kilosno its lots18:52
Kiloslittle things mean a lot18:52
inetproanyone can do it18:53
Kilosya but you offered18:53
Kilosso we are grateful18:53
inetproKilos: dis 'n groot plesier oom18:54
Kiloseven if i have to remind you18:54
inetproKilos: and why you keep so quiet now?19:06
Kilosi just recovered from my sore tummy then you start again19:06
Kiloswb magespawn 19:08
Kiloswb magtie 19:08
smilehi Kilos :p19:10
Kiloshi smile 19:10
smileI'm tired :)19:16
Kilosyeah its getting late19:16
inetprosmile: why?19:16
smileinetpro: lol, I'm working to hard for Wikipedia xD19:19
inetprosmile: why?19:19
smiledead links on wikipedia p19:21
inetprosmile: do you get paid for fixing broken links?19:22
smileno :'(19:24
inetprosmile: so how do you motivate yourself to keep going?19:25
smilethe community is fine, and I love the idea of open source / free texts with knowledge for everyone :)19:26
smileinetpro: I have over 24000 edits19:28
inetprosmile: I noticed19:29
inetprosmile: I checked at http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gebruiker:Smile4ever19:30
inetprosmile: is there another page with more stats?19:30
smileinetpro: yes :D19:31
smilehttp://toolserver.org/~tparis/pcount/index.php?name=Smile4ever&lang=nl&wiki=wikipedia for example (I don't know if it will load)19:32
smileinetpro: on the right, you can see a table with numbers19:32
smilethere are numerous links :)19:32
inetprotakes for ever...19:32
smilehere too :p19:33
smileinetpro: http://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Speciaal:CentraalAanmelden&target=Smile4ever19:33
smilethats a quick one19:33
smileI have to go, byee :)19:33
smilebye :)19:34
Kilostoods smile 19:34
smilegood night :D19:34
Kilossleep tight19:34
smile@ Kilos & others :)19:34
inetprogoeie nag ou grootte19:34
smiledankie :p19:35
inetprogood night everyone20:00
Kilosnight inetpro and all other night owls20:01

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