elena-IKis there a screensaver that simply displays the current time? without 3d wiggling etc00:00
swmesquka1: 12.1000:00
HeLLyk1l: I found the right info, is there anyway I could email it to ubuntu so Bolivia can be added to the list of mobile broadbands?00:01
stercorDo I want to use LVM?  It's the default...00:01
mesquka1sw: if you want to use 12.10, try this: http://www.traffictool.net/vmware/ubuntu1210t.zip00:01
mesquka1sw: but, 12.10 runs a bit slow in VMware00:02
BlackWebI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 Server, & grub isnt automatically booting the selection, Which would be that big of a deal but I only have power, & Network cord attached to server, I've already tweaked with /etc/default/grub so that grub would have a hidden time out, But it seems that 50% of the time it still does that, Any Solutions? Or is 12.04 Not as Good?00:02
swmesquka1: 12.04 is Gnome?00:02
k1lHeLLy: i dont know which program you use and where the data is stored.00:03
trendynickI alt-tabbed a lot in my listed open apps and sometimes they appear (still nothing in sidebar and not listed in alt-tab)00:03
mesquka1sw: 12.04 is unity00:03
swmesquka1: So what would make 12.10 slower than 12.04?00:03
mesquka1sw: or what you could do is use 12.10 and install gnome00:03
HeLLyk1l: I am just using the stock network tools and I am on a 4G connection to :-)00:04
mesquka1sw: 12.04 has gnome00:04
mesquka1sw: whereas 12.10 locks you in unity00:04
bekks12.04 has Unity, too.00:04
swbekks: 00:03 < mesquka1> sw: 12.04 is unity00:04
dfgashow does it lock you into unity?00:04
swmesquka1: It's not possible to bin unity in 12.10? Wow. I'll try 12.04 and see if that works ok on VMware then.00:05
mesquka1sw: you could manually install gnome, but it doesn't come pre-installed00:05
dfgasso you are not locked into unity then00:05
swdfgas: I think that mesquka1 meant is that 12.04 has both as a choice, 12.10 doesn't, natively.00:06
dfgasahh, ok00:06
RU-XerYuSCan anyone help me return to a previous kernel (one before 3.5.0-21-generic)?00:06
mesquka112.04 has gnome preinstalled00:06
dfgasi know i am on 12.04 and i installed ghone shell00:06
mesquka1yes, sw's right00:06
dfgasi swapped out my bios on my cr-48 and put ubuntu natively on it without any chrome os00:07
mesquka1sw: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ubuntu-gnome-default-settings in terminal00:07
mesquka1that should do it00:07
BlackWebAnyone know how to FORCE grub to load the Selection within the boot loader?00:07
BlackWebUbuntu 12.04 Server, Half of the time It just Hangs out on the Boot Menu & never Loads its00:08
stercorWhat's a GPT partition table and do I want it?  Do I even want LVM?00:08
linxehstercor: maybe.00:08
TzunamiiBlackWeb: Tried to force the selection via the config-file and rewrite grub?00:09
dr_willisleave lvm alone then. ;-)00:09
linxehstercor: GPT will become more common (if you have a Mac you want it). LVM, up to you. it makes it trivial to extend volumes later over multiple disks if you need to00:09
stercorlinxeh: What are the considerations?00:09
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KsMBlackWeb: I think you can change /etc/default/grub, it should be the first 2 lines. then run `sudo update-grub`00:09
BlackWebI've tweaked with /etc/default/grub  - So that there was a timeout and I ran grub update and that still didnt seem to fix problem00:10
linxehstercor: if you are new to this all, and dont know any better (and arent on a Mac) dont use GPT and dont use LVM.00:10
=== seednode- is now known as seednode
linxehstercor: you will likely reinstall anyway before it becomes an issue for you (and there are other ways round most issues anyway)00:10
stercorJordan_U: Good show!00:10
swWhat's the most commonly used project/task management application for Linux?00:10
BlackWebIts like it'll load 50% of the time but the rest its like good luck00:10
KsMBlackWeb: also, you could check out kexec, which allows you to switch kernels/reboot without having to even see grub. it just loads the kernel into the memory and continues from there00:11
rypervenchesw: The kernel?00:11
stercorlinxeh: I'm re-installing now.00:11
swrypervenche: What?00:11
BlackWebkexec  so thats a package I need to install?00:11
rypervencheOh, I misread your question. Sorry.00:11
Jordan_UBlackWeb: The problem is that /etc/init.d/grub-common isn't being run at boot for some reason, and so the recordfail flag isn't being cleared (which would normally indicate a failed boot).00:12
mesquka1sw: http://www.dotproject.net/ prbably00:12
linxehstercor: :)00:12
swmesquka1: 'Installation Failed: [Errno 5] Input/output error'.00:12
mesquka1sw: VMware?00:12
swJeez, a couple of years back you'd have Ubuntu downloaded and running in a VM within 5 minutes.00:12
swmesquka1: Yes.00:12
molqra box gets its ip via DHCP ... could i write a script that would scp a file containing the ip to a remote box on startup?00:12
stercorlinxeh: Take the defaults?00:12
BlackWebJordan_U   is there a fix I can do?00:12
mesquka1sw: haha, I use virtualbox, so I can't realy help you any further, sorry00:13
mesquka1"Jeez, a couple of years back you'd have Ubuntu downloaded and running in a VM within 5 minutes." agreed00:13
Jordan_UBlackWeb: I would recommend adding "timeout=5" (without the quotes) to /etc/grub.d/40_custom (on a new line at the end). Then run "sudo update-grub". That will override the timeout from /etc/default/grub, and Ubuntu's code that disables timeout after a failed boot, and make grub have exactly a 5 second timeout no matter what.00:13
linxehstercor: defaults are often a good choice (I go with defaults on Ubuntu installs generally) - you can always re-do it later. most of my machines are VMs with all the data on a NAS though, so its a bit easier for me00:13
stercorlinxeh: It'll wipe the disk anyway, so what's the best option?00:14
stercorlinxeh: That's my estimate. They know a whole lot more than I do...00:14
BlackWebAlright I'll try that, cause Ya right now I have the timeout in /etc/default/grub  set to 1 second but I'll give your way a try and see if I still run into the same problem00:15
BlackWebThanks for the Help :)00:15
linxehstercor: re GPT, it makes little difference. LVM is up to you - it is a bit harder to get your head around, but its a staple of bigger linux installations (ie most big systems use it)00:15
mesquka1sw: well, im going afk for awhile00:15
linxehstercor: I use LVM, but dont use GPT at this stage00:15
swmesquka1: Thanks a lot, appreciated.00:16
mesquka1well, maybe not, ill stay awhile00:16
mesquka1sw:no problem00:16
password333페이스북을 하기위해선 어떻게 해야합니까?00:20
Guest86699can someone tell me my loader syslinux not show me os list?00:23
dr_willishow did you configure syslinux?00:23
Guest86699dr_willis: with grub00:25
y0gitywhats up linux users00:25
dr_willisthat  makesa very little sence to me Guest8669900:25
codephobicI'm having some trouble getting java to work in chrome and firefox. I downloaded the jre7.0.10 from oracle and followed their instructions but it has had no effect.00:26
codephobiccan anyone help/advise?00:26
codephobicI'm running 12.10 btw.00:27
MeanEYEy0gity: Jack Daniels. :D00:27
Guest86699dr_willis: my pen load grub and syslinux,but not show me 3 os that need this for work00:27
jelllowrsync keeps dropping from 32 mb/s to 120 kbs not quite sure why its all local00:28
BluesKajcod describe your trouble in more detail00:29
MeanEYEjelllow: drive problems?00:29
jelllowI'm not sure any idea how can check ?00:29
MeanEYEcodephobic: you need plugin as well, not just JRE.00:29
codephobicah, well I installed the jre from oracle but saw no mention of a plugin00:30
MeanEYEjelllow: Start gnome-disks and do a self-check.00:30
codephobicMeanEYE, what's the plugin I need?00:30
MeanEYEcodephobic: first tell me how did you install.00:30
codephobicI've also got the JDK installed, as I'm using eclipse to learn java, so I have a working java setup on my machine, just not for the browsers.00:31
codephobicI unpacked the tar and placed it in /usr/lib/jre...00:31
MeanEYEcodephobic: Ah, that seems to be the problem.00:32
codephobicthat's what they instruct.00:32
MeanEYEcodephobic: For JRE yes. But plugins are located in firefox directory. My advice, use this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html00:32
codephobicwell, I'll give that a go.00:33
MeanEYEcodephobic: that works 100%00:33
codephobicthe only reason I went to download the jre was because the java tutorial webpage sent me there.00:33
MeanEYEcodephobic: Yeah, well Oracle is not really good at writing documentation.00:33
MeanEYEcodephobic: This PPA has 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.00:33
codephobicMeanEYE, thanks, hopefully this works.00:33
MeanEYEcodephobic: Okay, you are welcome.00:34
iBurleyI have a rather odd question, and it may actually be a TeamSpeak issue, not a Linux issue00:35
MeanEYEiBurley: please ask, don't ask about asking.00:36
jelllowGames keep grabbing my keyboard and when they crash I have no way to recover other than reboot , Is there anyway I can stop games stealing keyboard input from X11 ?00:36
iBurleyAlright, so my side mouse buttons work for going forward and back in my browser, but I can't set them as push to talk in TS3 on Ubuntu, but they work just fine on my Win7 partition00:36
MeanEYEiBurley: You probably need to bind them in your games. Generally speaking there's nothing preventing them from working. So if it doesn't work, then yes, issue is with TeamSpeak.00:37
MeanEYEjelllow: Hm, depends on a game and input library in question. Linux kernel has SysReq, so that might help you avoid restarting.00:38
dalsgaardDoes anyone have experience with using Adobe Photoshop in Ubuntu?00:38
codephobicMeanEYE, thanks again! that was quick and painless!!00:38
MeanEYEiBurley: You might want to ask on askubuntu.com or forums if you don't find solution. But in my opinion it's best to contact developers. Often things like this sound harmless but are bugs.00:38
MeanEYEcodephobic: You are welcome. Glad it works. :)00:39
MeanEYEdalsgaard: Through Wine?00:39
dalsgaardAye. I've heard that it's really hard to do00:39
dalsgaardNot looking to do it right now, but I'd just like the lay of the land. :)00:40
jelllowMeanEYE: Is SysReq ctrl-alt + f1 keys that drop you in tty ?00:40
MeanEYEdalsgaard: Depending on version. You can see appdb.winehq.org for referrence. There are a lot of people testing that. Personally I don't use it but I was able to make CS2 work without a problem.00:40
dalsgaardI see, thanks.00:40
MeanEYEjelllow: No. Those are just terminals. Check u00:40
MeanEYEjelllow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:41
MeanEYEjelllow: basically it enables you to issue commands directly to linux kernel.00:42
jelllowMeanEYE: I've used them once before I think there is one that causes a kernel panic :P00:44
MeanEYEWell, doubt it causes panic. But it can do a lot fo things from force OOM killer to restart of graphical environment.00:44
MeanEYEjelllow: Am not sure what the problem is.00:45
MeanEYECan you give more information.00:45
sevenforallApparently GIMP is hanging. Is there any way to get it back up without having to restart it?00:46
BrinsonNetworking question for anyone out there who might can help me...my mom has satelite internet and the networking cable has been severed. Going to go out and try to fix it tomorrow. I've got a crimper but am going to need to pick up RJ45 connectors. No idea if the cable is cat5, cat5e, or cat6, will I need to buy specific RJ45 connectors or are they cross-compatible?00:46
=== nexus is now known as Guest45869
MeanEYEsevenforall: It shouldn't do that. If it's working something, leave it alone and it should get back. If it doesn't you might want to report a bug to gimp developer team.00:46
joeb3_Brinson, It's a standard ethernet cable. nothing special.00:47
MeanEYEBrinson: difference in cables is only in quality. CAT6 connectors have usually some metal (not only plastic). CAT6 cable has thicker wires.00:47
MeanEYEBrinson: So if you have cat6 cable, you'll probably need a bit different connector. But if you manage to squeze wires in, everything will work just normally.00:48
BrinsonIf I buy the cat6 ones there should be enough room for cat5 and cat5e in case its those, then?00:49
MeanEYEBrinson: yes.00:49
MeanEYEBut connectors are cheap. And you only need one? So it's not a big investment.00:49
Brinsonshe lives like an hour from the closest store that sells them though so didn't want to get out there with one that wouldn't work.00:50
pppingmeif you terminate a cat5 connector or jack onto cat6 cabling, you've downgraded the whole thing to a cat5 install.00:50
MeanEYEThat's the difference between cables.00:50
MeanEYECat6 has plastic inside.00:50
sevenforallMeanEYE: I didn't make any changes that are processing-heavy. I have a very decent PC that renders everything GIMP can do in less than a minute.00:51
ErdMutterI am looking for ways to improve security on Ubuntu 12.04. I have ufw setup, but I was wondering if anyone had some other suggestions xD00:52
MeanEYEsevenforall: In that case you should contact Gimp developers. And see what they have to say about it. It's not an OS issue.00:52
MeanEYEErdMutter: Don't run scripts you download online. :D00:52
MeanEYEErdMutter: that was a joke. :D :P In case I wasn't obvious. Do you have any reasont o be concerned about security.00:53
ErdMutterMeanEYE, Some of my old friends like to be 'jokers' sometimes.00:53
MeanEYEErdMutter: And?00:53
ErdMutterMeanEYE, and I like to keep things as secure as possible xD ... not a bad habit to be in lol00:54
dr_willisread up on security basics and fundamentals. ;)00:54
dr_willisufw may or may not make you any more secure. it depends on your setup00:55
MeanEYEErdMutter: It's not, but considering Ubuntu doesn't have open ports by default and you are probably behind a router. Chances of someone doing somethign to your computer without having physical access are pretty slim.00:55
ErdMutterok :) I guess I will continue reading more wiki articles on it then :D00:56
dr_willisbiggest danger i fint to a typical ubuntu setup - is the  admin user  ;)00:57
=== Someguy123 is now known as Guest37938
sonoffreedomanybody use Arch01:00
mesquka1I do01:00
MeanEYEYeah, people over at #Arch01:00
mesquka1On my raspberry pi01:00
mesquka1smartphones rule :D01:01
MeanEYEmesquka1: me 2 :D01:01
sonoffreedomreally that awesome what do you truly think of it01:01
mesquka1ummm..... a bit off topis01:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest41231
LevolentI registered and used info in email but freenode still won't let me talk in #python01:01
MeanEYEsonoffreedom: Too much trouble for little effort.01:01
MeanEYElittle benefit*01:02
sonoffreedomwhat is the greatest benefit from using Arch01:02
MeanEYEsonoffreedom: Control over everything. And probably less resources used.01:03
sonoffreedomright on01:03
sonoffreedomControl over everything sounds nice01:03
MeanEYEsonoffreedom: but being rolling distro, that means you get the latest stuff. That also means latest bugs.01:03
MeanEYEFor me it's not an option. I need my OS to be working all the time.01:03
sonoffreedomyea understand i use ubuntu 12.04lts01:04
sonoffreedomI have no problem running anything i want01:04
sonoffreedomnetflix steam all kinds01:04
MeanEYEAm on 12.10. But am still careful about updating stuff.01:04
pppingmeLevolent did you sign in using your password?01:05
mesquka1Linux Mint, usually, but using my Macbook Air because my PC is broken01:05
Elizmesquka1: really, apple?01:06
sonoffreedomdoes anyone no how to use proxy chains in xchat01:06
sonoffreedoma single proxy i understand but multi I cannot see an option01:07
MeanEYEWhy would you chain?01:09
sonoffreedomi don tmatter why i just need it01:09
=== Catbuntu is now known as Neshemah
MeanEYEHm, well you can only chain SOCKS proxies.01:10
MeanEYESOCKS5 I think.01:11
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest86925
MeanEYEBut am not sure Xchat supports chaining.01:11
MeanEYEstercor: Other slash. :P01:11
MeanEYEIn order for chaining to work. Software needs to connect to one proxy, then send a command to connect to next one, and so on.01:16
=== dayangkun_ is now known as dayangkun
=== bill is now known as Guest21749
=== Neshemah is now known as NancyS
davidoknerAny chance of getting macs Ubuntu certified?01:33
=== NancyS is now known as Nancys
MeanEYEApple is not really interested in sharing.01:36
MeanEYEBesides, what's the point to pay for overprices hardware and use free software on it.01:36
arges /q01:36
davidoknerMeanEYE: The reason I had in mind was so I could run non-mac software on a common platform without buying a second computer.01:36
MeanEYEAh, okay. That actually makes sense.01:37
MeanEYEWell, Macs have a weird, not-up-to-standard UEFI BIOS.01:37
MeanEYESo they are kind of painful to program.01:37
Elizdie mac die01:38
mesquka1death to apple01:38
MeanEYEI do know however that Greg Kroah-Hartman was working on it. He has a MacBook Pro nad is working on drivers.01:38
MeanEYESo latest kernels might have some experimental stuff.01:38
MeanEYEAll in all, I think it will be possible somewhere down the line to get Linux perfectly working on Mac.01:38
MeanEYECertification is something Apple needs to apply for. And that's not going to happen.01:39
mesquka1well, I have ubuntu running on my macbook air from an external harddrive01:39
mesquka1that runs perfectly01:39
MeanEYEmesquka1: That version probably. Others have more problems. I guess you are just lucky.01:39
mesquka1macbook airs 2012 model01:40
mesquka1the newer models work fine01:40
piccaEliza: grow up01:40
mesquka1its just the old ppc ones01:40
Elizpicca: hey!!!01:40
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
mesquka1picca: you insult her, you have to deal with me :D01:41
piccamesquka1: nice01:41
realm174I am a little confused about permissions. Ubunbu 12.04, Windows 7. From Windows, I need to access /var/log/apache2/access.log.  Do I need to add /var/log/apache2 to smb.conf AND set read permissions to access.log?01:41
MeanEYEI was so stupid to go for Sony laptop. Should have got Thinkpad X101:41
MeanEYErealm174: Windows doesn't support linux file system.01:42
mesquka1MeanEYE: should have gone with a self built desktop01:42
MeanEYEmesquka1: Have one already. :D01:42
mesquka1mine died01:42
mesquka1thats why im stuck with my MBA01:42
MeanEYErealm174: So the problem is lack of support for file systems, not permissions. If I got your right.01:42
adamkMeanEYE: Presumably he's trying to access the file over the network, otherwise why would he mention smb.conf?01:43
realm174MeanEYE: I can access ubuntu files via Samba shares.01:43
realm174Adam: Correct01:43
mesquka1samba file server?01:43
=== seednode is now known as Sinc_afk
Elizpicca: if you insult kieran you have to deal with me, it works both ways01:44
MeanEYErealm174: In that case, you need to share a directory that includes file you wish to access. Logs usually have Read permission for Others. So you should be able to read it.01:44
realm174MeanEYE: Thanks, that's what I was hoping for. I'll add /var/log/apache2 to smb.conf then, and see how that goes :)01:45
mesquka1Eliz: go to #ubuntu-au-chat for awhile01:45
roothalo ho to install driver make on backtrack01:45
MeanEYErealm174: For security reasons, make the share read only. :) Not that it matters, but it doesn't hurt.01:45
=== root is now known as Guest46931
=== Sinc_afk is now known as seednode_away
Riley88hey guys is there anyway to turn of virtual desktops on 12.10 if your not using them01:46
MeanEYERiley88: On Unity?01:47
=== seednode_away is now known as seednode
realm174MeanEYE: Yep, that's what I always do, unless there's a specific need to write to any share. But thanks for the tip nonetheless01:47
MeanEYERiley88: Yes, but you need to edit some configuration. All in all, they don't take extra memory. So it might be best to just leave it. Not sure how Unity would handle different number.01:48
Riley88i was thinking it might save battery a little01:48
MeanEYERiley88: Check this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34572/how-can-i-reduce-or-increase-the-number-of-workspaces-in-unity01:48
MeanEYERiley88: nothing to do with battery.01:48
MeanEYERiley88: Batery is used by display, CPU, GPU, HDD stuff like that. RAM always uses the same amount of battery.01:49
MuphridRiley88: is your touchpad working now?01:49
Riley88yea i switched back to 12.1001:50
Riley88were u the one helping me with that earlier01:50
MeanEYEI wonder though, how much battery life you would get if you would use something other than Unity.01:50
Riley88i kept breaking x lol01:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest79121
Riley88well arch and xfce i get around 4hrs of video playback01:50
Riley88unity on the 3.5 kernel i get about 3hrs 2001:51
MeanEYERiley88: I meant, compiz is GPU intensive, as it uses GPU. Rendering stuff costs power.01:51
MuphridI dont see any difference on mine01:51
Riley88the 3.5 kernel just kills my battery for some reason01:51
MeanEYEMaybe a regression.01:51
Riley88everything i have is intel pretty much01:52
mysteriousdarenRiley88: upgrade your kernel if possible or downgrade01:52
Riley88ive updated to 3.7 before but it made it worse01:52
MeanEYERiley88: battery?01:52
MeanEYEgavin__: Hi!01:53
Riley88yea meaneye01:53
MeanEYERiley88: did you try powertop? It will tell you what's using your battery.01:53
gavin__can anyone help me out? ubuntu keeps crashing, whenever i hover over the task bar, it starts crashing and same with the icons as well01:53
Riley88on the 3.7 kernel i get around 2.3001:53
gavin__i've just installed 12.1001:54
Riley88windows 7 i get around 4 3001:54
gavin__does anyone have a solution to my issue?01:54
Riley88nice gaven01:54
Riley88what is it01:54
MeanEYEgavin__: laptop?01:54
gavin__it is a desktop01:54
MeanEYEgavin__: which graphics card?01:54
Muphridgavin__: radeon card?01:54
gavin__i don't have graphic card01:54
El-E-Va-Tionanybody here know how to create a sudo shortcut on the desktop in 12.10?01:54
MeanEYEgavin__: Hm, are you blind?01:55
gavin__MeanEye: i had this computer for about 5 years01:55
gavin__i don't have graphic cards in them and that is just plain rude01:55
Elizi think he means an intergrate01:55
Elizd card01:55
MeanEYEgavin__: I didn't mean to offend. I was wondering what setup you have. Unless you don't have monitors you really do have a card.01:56
Riley88like intel01:56
Riley88mines integrated01:56
Riley88hd 300001:56
MeanEYEATI and nVidia integrate cards.01:56
gavin__i have a monitor01:56
gavin__how do i check what graphic card i have?01:56
Riley88thats not what he means01:56
MeanEYEgavin__: Can you do a "lspci" command and give us the output?01:56
MeanEYEgavin__: Don't paste it here. use paste.ubuntu.com01:56
gavin__how do i close the first firefox browser that i opened?01:58
gavin__the web browser won't open01:58
Muphridkill the process in gnome system monitor01:58
MeanEYEThis really does sound like a driver issue.01:58
MeanEYELet me check something.01:58
Muphridor pkill firefox01:58
MeanEYEgavin__: Can you paste here what you get when you do "lspci | grep VGA"01:59
Riley88launch firefox from the terminal and see what it says01:59
Muphridgavin__: paste only the line which starts with "VGA Compatible Controller"02:00
acovrigI have ubuntu 12 in a partition, can I resize it,add a new one setup lvm in the new partition, then move my current install into the lvm, then resize the lvm partition to the entire drive?02:01
nikiHi MeanEYE, are you still available02:01
nikimy computer just shutdown by itself, not a powercut or anything02:02
MeanEYEniki: Yeah, for what? :D02:02
MeanEYEniki: Did you do a memory test?02:02
nikii couldnt computer shutdown by itself for no apparent reason02:02
El-E-Va-Tionthx, I figured it out anyway, just needed gksudo instead of sudo02:02
El-E-Va-Tionpeace :) g'luck02:02
nikiwhat was the command again that i required02:02
MeanEYEacovrig: Yes. It's not as simple as it sounds but it's possible. You can only resize if you have free space. Just so you know.02:02
MeanEYEniki: For memory test?02:02
nikithink it was or something to do with driver02:03
MeanEYEniki: Sorry, I don't remember problems for long. So if you don't mind reminding me.02:03
acovrigMeanEYE: I want to convert my partition to lvm so I can setup xen02:03
=== rrittenhouse_ is now known as rrittenhouse
nikiMeanEYE: my task bar keeps crashing when i hover over the icons02:03
MeanEYEniki: Ahh, gavin?02:04
nikiMeanEYE: I just installed Ubuntu and it keeps crashing02:04
nikiMeanEYE: yea thats me02:04
MeanEYEOkay, :D02:04
MeanEYEniki: So command was "lspci | grep VGA"02:04
MeanEYEniki: that will list only display adapters.02:05
MeanEYEacovrig: I can't really guide you step by step as that's quite a complex problem to solve. GPartEd is your friend in this case. Also you need to run it from live session, as you can't resize mounted partitions.02:05
nikiMeanEYE: here is what it says in the terminal lspci | grep VGA02:06
niki00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)02:06
MeanEYEniki: So you have nVidia graphics card. 6150. Did you install drivers?02:06
nikiinstall drivers? you mean the motherboard?02:07
MeanEYEniki: No, nVidia proprietary drivers. I guess you didn't.02:07
nikiI don't know how to do that02:07
nikiare you able to guide me through?02:07
MeanEYEniki: Would you like to install them or stick with open source drivers?02:07
MeanEYEniki: Am pretty sure drivers are the problem here.02:08
nikiwhichever is the easiest?02:08
MeanEYEniki: Drivers are not hard to install. And process can be reverted.02:08
nikiwhere can I get the drivers for it02:08
MeanEYEniki: to install use this command: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings02:08
MeanEYEniki: Drivers are in Ubuntu repositories. :) So no need for finding them. Just one command away.02:09
acovrigMeanEYE: Hows this sound? sda1 is /, resize sda1, create sda2 (ext4?) run pvcreate; vgcreate; lvcreate; dd sda1 >(the logical volume) in sda2; make sda1 /boot and srink it.02:09
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest5553
nikiok, im quite new to ubuntu02:09
MeanEYEniki: No worries, that's why we are here.02:09
MeanEYEacovrig: Give me a moment to figure it out.02:10
MeanEYEacovrig: Well it looks logical, but I have really limited experience with LVM. Am not sure I shoudl be the one giving you advices.02:11
nikiMeanEYE: I think it has finished installing02:11
nikiMeanEYE: what do i do next?02:11
Muphridniki: reboot02:11
acovrigMeanEYE: I'm in a similar boat, but am told it's the best way to setup a xen guest.02:11
acovrigand I'm going for win7 in ubuntu 1202:12
nikiI'll reboot now and see how it goes02:12
nikitalk in a bit02:12
MeanEYEniki: That was suspiciously fast.02:12
MeanEYEacovrig: Am not sure what's the state of Xen. Any reason to prefer it over kvm?02:12
acovrigMeanEYE: can kvm do directs 3d in win7 (I'm new to virtuelization: I got hardware that supports it last wk)?02:14
MeanEYEacovrig: Hm. You want to play games from VM?02:15
acovrigI'm more of a programmer, but would like to have the option02:15
gavin__hi MeanEYE: are you there?02:15
MeanEYEacovrig: Am not sure that's a good idea. To my knowledge none of the virtualization solutions provide 3D acceleration. At least not for gaming. They usually emulate generic display adapter. Games would require direct memory access and that's something no OS would expose to a client OS.02:16
MeanEYEgavin__: Yes.02:16
gavin__MeanEYE: the taskbar has stopped crashing now and same with the icons02:17
gavin__don't know if it will crash in the future02:17
gavin__but I think that sorted the issue out02:17
MeanEYEgavin__: Glad it solved your problem. I doubt it will crash in the future.02:17
gavin__thank you for your help02:17
MeanEYEgavin__: No problem. :D And sorry if I sounded offensive :P ... didn't mean to.02:18
acovrigMeanEYE: I know (tried vbox), but don't want to shut down ubuntu to dual boot windows (I have services in ubuntu I don't want to stop (apache/sshd,ect.)02:18
gavin__thats ok02:18
gavin__we'll speak soon02:18
gavin__bye for now02:18
MeanEYEhave fun!02:18
OmegaXI need to record my audio output into a ogg or mp3 file, how do i do this?02:19
=== OmegaX is now known as ElectricPrism
MeanEYEacovrig: Tough problem. To be honest am not sure how good Xen is for gaming.02:19
acovrigMeanEYE:  yea, as far as I've seen, xen is perfect for this, but the cpu has to support IOMMU and mine doesn't, so it's probably the same as the others02:21
MeanEYEacovrig: Quick search shows there might be something to it. But I've never played with it.02:21
MeanEYEMay I ask which games? :D02:21
acovrigMeanEYE: xen or kvm?02:21
acovrigminecraft, portal02:21
ElectricPrismCan I pipe my audio output to an in channel so I can record it in Audacity?02:22
MeanEYEMinecraft is Linux native, and Portal 2 is comming to linux in less than a month.02:22
MeanEYEacovrig: Portal one is Wine compatible, because Valve is not a douche.02:22
MeanEYEElectricPrism: Linux is quite flexible with sound, but for anything more exotic than standard use I'd suggest looking at Jack. That's audio daemon built for that stuff.02:23
acovrigI forgot about wine, last time I used it it was on a *small* sys so it wouldn't work so I guess I blamed wine when it was probably the sys specs.02:23
MeanEYEAnd that's pretty much all I can help with :D audio on Linux. :P02:23
BWMerlinI have been told that I need to "go to synaptic and fix broken drivers" but I don't actually know how to do that once I am in synaptic02:23
cfhowlettElectricPrism: yes ... jack would be the cure, but I don't know how to configure what you want.02:23
MeanEYEacovrig: Wine has come a long way.02:23
ElectricPrismMeanEYE: Thanks for the starting point :) will do02:23
=== g_byers[Away] is now known as g_byers
ElectricPrismMeanEYE: Do you know of any other games coming to linux soon? I've been dying for some stuff to buy on steam02:24
MeanEYEBWMerlin: You can do it from command line. No need for synaptic. But in Synaptic you have "Fix broken packages' item somewhere in menu.02:24
acovrigyea, also, someone mentioned wine for mac, afaik: there is no 'wine' for mac, but there is a commercial 'version' called crossover, that sound right?02:24
MeanEYEElectricPrism: Steam is public beta now. I have some 40ish games on there. :D02:24
MeanEYEElectricPrism: TF2 is out, and works. That means Source engine is ported. So, we can expect Left 4 Dead (that already works but is still being tested), portal, counter strike and DotA 2.02:25
BWMerlinMeanEYE: I tried that but it didn't appear to work, I am trying to install  glx-alternative-nvidia but when I do I get the following error message "The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-alternative-nvidia : Depends: glx-diversions (= 0.2.2) Depends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."02:25
MeanEYEElectricPrism: Serious Sam is out, and bunch of indie games. Trine is always nice to play. Bastion <3... hm what else. Torchlight. Legend of Grimrock <3 ah, so much fun.02:26
MeanEYEBWMerlin: Hm. Did you add any PPA?02:27
=== seednode is now known as seednode_away
ElectricPrismMeanEYE: <3 Bastion as well, Ill look @ Legend02:27
=== seednode_away is now known as seednode
BWMerlinI am unsure, I am going to go with no02:28
MeanEYEElectricPrism: Legend of Grimrock is a oldschool dungeon crawler with modern graphics. Really good RPG. But only if youa re into that stuff.02:28
MeanEYEBWMerlin: I would expect that as well. Can you run this command: sudo apt-get install -f02:28
MeanEYEacovrig: Hm, well Crossover is commercial, but Wine works good. Especially with games that have been developed by companies who know what they are doing.02:29
acovrigMeanEYE: have u heard of a mac version of wine?02:30
acovrigbecause someone asked about it and I couldn't find it02:30
MeanEYEacovrig: Nope. Never heard of it.02:30
LZ2ILRhi am i in a good place for ubuntu linaro advice? linaro irc is dead02:31
BWMerlinacovrig: http://www.davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/02:32
cfhowlettLZ2ILR: linaro?  NO idea what that is...02:32
BWMerlinMeanEYE: done and it says it changed nothing02:32
LZ2ILRubuntu but for arm not intel02:32
MeanEYELZ2ILR: doubt. This is just general support channel for desktop Ubuntu. But ask, might be able to help.02:32
moesUsed a 16 gb usb flash drive to install Ubuntu 12.04...added apps and rebooted all apps saved...when I updated I cannot open some apps...out of drive space gparted shows unused at 13 gb...Where did I go wrong ?02:33
MeanEYEBWMerlin: Hm, are you trying to install something? I mean when did you get that problem?02:33
LZ2ILRim trying to set up internet but my devices dont show on ifconfig02:33
Ben64moes: installed onto flash drive?02:33
MeanEYELZ2ILR: lspci says nothing?02:34
BWMerlinMeanEYE: I am trying to install league of legends under wine02:34
SunMoonStar1I have ubuntu on old lappy. Want to try lubuntu instead. I made a live cd on flash drive using netboot but when I restart the computer, it get's stuck at the logo screen. If I choose the option to enter setup options, it says please wait and then nothing. If i choose the 'change boot order' option, it also just gets stuck seemingly. Anyone know why it is locking up?02:34
LZ2ILRusb only02:34
BWMerlinit spat out that I had missing dependencies as well as no hardware direct rendering02:34
Ben64moes: pastebin "df -h; sudo fdisk -l"02:34
MeanEYEBWMerlin: 64bit system?02:34
MeanEYEBWMerlin: Wine requires 32bit system. that's why it's complaining. Some of the libraries you have are conflicting with 32bit ones.02:35
LZ2ILRlsusb lists all my net devices02:35
MeanEYEBWMerlin: Further more, LoL doesn't work on Wine :(02:35
SunMoonStar1Anyone know my issue?02:35
Ben64MeanEYE: wine does not require 32 bit02:35
MeanEYELZ2ILR: ifconfig -a02:35
moesBen64...Not on flash drive now currently on 10.0402:35
BWMerlinhere http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=19141 and here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2957372 says it does02:35
Ben64moes: well... put the flash drive in?02:36
LZ2ILRmeaneye: that gives me >02:36
revickulous2001BWMerlin: It is insanely difficult to get LoL to work with wine02:36
BWMerlinT_T but it is the only game I play at the moment02:36
moesBen64 I will do and return to xchat02:36
MuphridSunMoonStar1: do you see the plymouth screen?02:36
BWMerlinand a little bit of Diablo 302:37
MeanEYEBen64: Did you try installing it?02:37
Ben64MeanEYE: it = ?02:37
SunMoonStar1Muphrid: no02:37
MeanEYEBen64: Wine on 64bit system.02:37
SunMoonStar1Muphrid: it is the generic HP logo screen02:37
Ben64MeanEYE: yeah02:38
MeanEYEBWMerlin: Well, Heroes of Newerth has a native Linux client. But it's not the same game. Sadly LoL developers don't care.02:38
MeanEYEBen64: and it doesn't pull ia32libs ?02:38
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: ok that lists loopback and a tunnel02:38
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Hm, can you paste your lspci output on paste.ubuntu.com02:39
Ben64MeanEYE: Thats not what you said before. You said "Wine requires 32bit system" which is untrue.02:39
MeanEYEBen64: Ah, okay. :D Sorry for not being more specific. :D02:40
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: there is no lspci on the system...the arm board only supports usb02:41
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Ah, okay. lsusb then :D02:41
dcopeis there a program to see wtf a trackpad is doing?02:42
=== Guest4970 is now known as Someguy123
dcopei need to figure out why mine is goofing up02:42
MeanEYEdcope: define goofing up02:42
=== Quark is now known as Guest81609
=== Someguy123 is now known as Guest21123
BWMerlinI might try and copy my LoL install from Windows across and see if I have some better luck rather than trying to install it02:42
AndChat330644Hey guys. Anyone doing upnp/dnla over vpn??02:42
nathwilldcope: xev02:43
dcopeMeanEYE: when i have a finger on the tackpad and click it is doing a secondary click when my xorg.conf tells it not to02:43
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: i cant paste or copy because that machine has no network yet. but it does list among many other devices the 3 different network devices i plugged in (hoping one will work02:43
moesBen64...Now it won't boot..ERROR "can not mount /dev/loop1 on /cow02:43
MeanEYEdcope: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log maybe there's somethign there. Maybe Xorg is ignoring your config for some reason.02:43
MeanEYELZ2ILR: you mentioned tunnel in "ifconfig -a" output. What's the interface name?02:44
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: imc networks 802, zydas 802, and ezconnect usb to eth02:44
MeanEYELZ2ILR: You got me. That's the output of ifconfig?02:45
AndChat330644My dilemma is the following I use mediatomb that will only broadcast through one of the interfaces. Not convenient. Wrote a little that switches between interfaces02:45
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: sorry that message was out of sync02:46
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: ifconfig gives just loop, iwconfig gives loop and tunl002:46
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: both obviously no wifi extensions02:47
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest14795
LZ2ILRso i think i need to activate one of my 3 network devices and load kernel modules to drive them, right?02:50
Ben64moes: put the flash drive in and do "sudo fdisk -l" and pastebin it then02:50
MeanEYELZ2ILR: well yes. What am interested in is why that didn't happen automatically02:51
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: me too, i usually use puppy linux (i am on this laptop) and it just does all this for me02:52
Ben64LZ2ILR: is it a raspberry pi or something02:53
LZ2ILRsimilar but more powerful, olinuxino a1302:53
MeanEYELZ2ILR: so you are connecting usb wifi dongles?02:54
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: yes currently 2 ports direct and the rest through a hub, it all shows correct under lsusb02:55
=== lex_ is now known as lex
MeanEYELZ2ILR: what does "ip link" say?02:56
Ben64LZ2ILR: could just be there are no arm drivers for the cards you have?02:57
=== sw0rdfish- is now known as sw0rdfish
j0b0xHi all. I am trying to edit my php.ini file via the GUI, but it says under permissions "You are not the owner, so you cannot..."02:59
j0b0xCan I switch to root and edit the file via the gui?02:59
j0b0xor do I need to use sudo via the terminal and use something like vim to edit the file?03:00
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: loop is up, tunl0 is down. i have a less powerful board that worked ok with one of the cards, a ralink 3070L chip usb device i ripped out of a crappy android tablet (i figured there must be arm drivers for that and was correct. the other board that it worked on was running arch03:00
MeanEYEj0b0x: gksu gedit03:00
j0b0xThanks MeanEYE will check it out03:00
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Am clueless here.03:00
MeanEYEj0b0x: gksu = sudo but for gui :D and yes you need to edit with superuser.03:01
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: thanks for giving it a go03:01
LZ2ILRanyone else want to try getting my network up?03:01
MeanEYELZ2ILR: can you tell me the model of that wifi dongle?03:03
dcopeanyone using ubuntu on a macbook? i can't find a working xorg.conf for the trackpad.03:03
dcopethat mimics OS X's behavior03:03
j0b0xGreat MeanEYE got it to work.03:03
MeanEYEj0b0x: Didn't have a single doubt in you. :D03:03
MeanEYELZ2ILR: perhaps difference between working distro and Ubuntu is kernel version?03:04
LZ2ILRits a bare board with ralink chip rt3070L, i ripped it out the old tablet and soldered it to a usb lead, like i say it works on another board fine03:04
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Not questioning the board, rather kernel version. It's possible and the only thing that comes to my mind.03:05
=== redrocket is now known as redrocket[DEN]
LZ2ILRhow do i find the kernel version03:06
MeanEYELZ2ILR: uname -a03:06
Riley88actually uname -r03:07
MeanEYEtmacy: hi.03:07
Riley88will have a smaller output03:07
goddardi got a sata to usb dock and it works kinda but it only recognizes one partition.03:07
MeanEYEI think his cognitive abilities are fine :P03:07
LZ2ILR-a gives linaro-alip 3.4.19+03:08
LZ2ILRthats a pretty new kernel03:08
Riley88not really03:08
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest8905
Riley883.4 is kind of old lol03:09
MeanEYEConsidering there's a version every couple of months.. and latest is 3.8 :D03:09
MeanEYENot really :P03:09
revickulous2001It's only a couple months old lol03:09
LZ2ILRi generally use 2.603:09
Riley88how old is your hardware03:10
Ben64goddard: what are you using that it only shows one partition03:10
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Not sure if kernel is the one to blame.03:10
LZ2ILRso if i dont have modules do i have to download on another machine and transfer via flash disk:03:10
LZ2ILRthis is getting like windows!03:11
MeanEYELZ2ILR: on board this dongle is working, is it the same board?03:12
MeanEYEAnd is it the same OS.03:12
LZ2ILRits working on imx233 machine with arch linux and also with my eeepc701 and puppy lucid03:13
MeanEYELZ2ILR: can you check versions there?03:14
LZ2ILRthe a13 boards often bundle with a similar rt wifi chip03:14
LZ2ILRversions of...?03:14
MeanEYEOr they are not running Linux?03:14
LZ2ILRpuppy pc is 2.6 but intel architecture,03:15
MeanEYESo it's not kernel.03:15
LZ2ILRwait 5 and i will fire up the other arm board and check03:15
MeanEYEIs the dongle connected to HUB or directly?03:15
goddardBen64: its a BlacX Thermaltake03:16
Ben64goddard: what program were you using though03:16
Ben64well theres your problem03:16
Ben64try "sudo fdisk -l" and it should show you all your partitions on it, or you could use gparted03:17
LZ2ILRMeanEYE: kernel 3.5 arch03:18
Ben64goddard: and in the future, check monoprice for stuff like that... http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=103&cp_id=10315&cs_id=1031502&p_id=5330&seq=1&format=203:18
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Is the dongle connected to USB directly or to hub?03:19
=== yugnip_ is now known as CharlieBrown
goddardBen64: gparted can see the other partitions03:19
goddardthey just aren't mounted03:19
LZ2ILRon the board it works with its via a hub (board has only one usb) on the a13 i tried both with and without hub03:20
MeanEYELZ2ILR: I thought board might not be able to provide enough power for it. :/03:20
MeanEYELZ2ILR: Weird. Well, am out of ideas.03:20
MeanEYEMaybe problem is simpler than it looks, and you only need a network manager to sort things out.03:21
LZ2ILRi thought of that, its a powered hub as well03:21
LZ2ILRim going to have to find out where i can download the module, or maybe i can copy it off the board that works03:21
MeanEYEFor the record, 3.4 was released on 20th May 2012. :D03:21
Ben64you'd probably have to compile it03:22
LZ2ILRcompile <shreek!!!>03:23
LZ2ILRgive me dependencies, give me libs... compile my libs...03:24
revickulous2001MeanEYE: But 3.4.19 was released November 17th :P03:24
MeanEYErevickulous2001: It's a update release. :)03:24
LZ2ILRi wish i was released03:24
Ben643.4.24 was released December 17th :D03:24
Ben64hmm... why does 12.04 have 3.203:25
revickulous2001Stability, I would assume.03:26
MeanEYEYeah. GKH maintains a lot of kernel versions. :D03:26
MeanEYEPoor fella.03:26
LZ2ILRthanks for the help guys, im off to bed, its half 5, seeya another day03:27
MeanEYEOkay. Sorry for not helping. ;D03:27
LZ2ILRby eliminating some faults you will have helped a lot. night all03:28
MeanEYEWell, folks. Now you can witness Linux becomming a gaming platform.03:31
MeanEYEValve's electronic engineer said SteamBox is due in 2013.03:32
MeanEYEAnd it's running Linux.03:32
MeanEYELove em or hate them, this is what brings attention to Linux.03:32
Tmacylinux is everywhere03:33
revickulous2001What is SteamBox?  A gaming console?03:33
MeanEYEYeah, Valve's gaming console.03:33
MeanEYETmacy: it is everywhere, but this is what will pull desktop users to Linux. Which is great.03:35
MeanEYEJust imagine.03:36
MeanEYEEvery big publishing house will make games for Steam console, and we in Linux world get it.03:36
MeanEYEValve gets great OS, for free. We get games and more users.03:36
abbytime for lunch !03:38
frozenlockI'm trying to play stepmania on ubuntu, but my USB pad (input/js1) won't accept two opposing Dpad value. For example: L-R or U-D. Any suggestion on how to remap those?03:40
Tmacyi am a yang gay from china and this is my first time in xchat,so nice to meet you03:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:41
MeanEYETmacy: I think you got the wrong channel. :D This is not dating channel.03:41
goddardi need to mount a couple partitions03:42
goddardwhats the easiest way to do that?03:42
MeanEYEgoddard: Automount on startup or manually?03:42
goddardMeanEYE: i think i want to just manually mount it03:43
MeanEYEgoddard: In that case you use mount command.03:43
goddardjust "mount /dev/sdd2" ?03:44
MeanEYEgoddard: If /dev/sdd2 is in fstab.03:44
goddardMeanEYE: whats fstab?03:45
MeanEYEgoddard: if it's not it's like this: mount -t type /dev/sdd2 /target/directory03:45
MeanEYEgoddard: fstab is a list mounts with options. Helps when you want to mount same thing many times.03:45
goddardMeanEYE: oh ok where do I find out if it is in fstab?03:46
MeanEYEgoddard: fstab is a simple file located in /etc/fstab03:46
MeanEYEgoddard: so you can "cat /etc/fstab"03:46
goddardoh doesn't look like it is in fstab03:47
goddardfstab is for my internal disk drives?03:47
MeanEYEgoddard: It's used so you don't have to retype everything all the time.03:47
MeanEYEgoddard: Also, things in there can be set to be auto-mounted.03:48
MeanEYEgoddard: So if you want to mount something it doesn't need to be there. It's just a convenience.03:49
goddardMeanEYE: ahh ok03:49
MeanEYELike a convenience. It does have a purpose. :D03:49
MeanEYEgoddard: So which filesystem is that partition?03:49
goddardMeanEYE: it is ext4 i think03:50
goddardone is linux one is extended and the other is linux lvm03:50
goddardi can amount the entire disk or only one partition?03:51
goddardthat is from sudo fdisk -l03:51
MeanEYEgoddard: Linux always mounts by partition. So you can moutn the whole disk by mounting each.03:51
goddardMeanEYE: ahh ok03:51
goddardMeanEYE: if i write a shell script i can just have all these auto mounted by disk identifier?03:52
MeanEYEgoddard: If you add partition in fstab, you can have it automounted without script.03:52
MeanEYEWant me to dig up fstab documentation?03:53
goddardMeanEYE: nah its alright bro03:55
MeanEYEEverything in Linux is quite easy and logical. (I think).03:55
tsubakihow do I fix tearing in mplayer and TF2, its not a DE specific problem too03:56
MeanEYEtsubaki: Which graphics card?03:56
goddardMeanEYE: ya it makes sense just got this usb to sata dock today because one of my computers died03:56
tsubakiGTX 460se03:56
tsubakiI have tried the work around in compiz03:56
tsubakiand the nvidia settings03:56
goddardit only auto mounts the boot portion i think 255mb bit03:56
MeanEYEtsubaki: So you have proprietary drivers installed?03:56
tsubakiIts an issue in Gnome and Unity03:57
MeanEYEtsubaki: Do you have v-sync off?03:57
tsubakialso Windows movement becames "laggy" at times03:57
tsubakiit happens with it on and off03:58
cfhowlettmesquka: greetings03:58
MeanEYEtsubaki: v-sync on or off?03:59
tsubakiirrelevant, these issues happen regardless of what I have v-sync too03:59
MeanEYEtsubaki: Can you be specific which 310 drivers?03:59
goddardMeanEYE: how can i figure out what type of file system it is exactly ?04:00
goddardMeanEYE: it just says extended04:00
MeanEYEgoddard: That's a partition type. They can be primary or extended.04:00
MeanEYEgoddard: You can let the system guess filesystem type.04:01
tsubaki"using Experimental Nvidia binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library from nvidia-experimental-310(proprietary)04:01
TranshumanistHow do I check what model of graphics card I am using?04:01
tsubakisystem settings, detail04:01
MeanEYEtsubaki: So 310.14. Hm. Am using same, and no problems h ere.04:01
goddardMeanEYE: im trying to mount it and it is saying i must specify the filesystem type and i try using -t extended or Extended and it says unknown filesystem type04:01
MeanEYETranshumanist: lspci should give more information.04:01
tsubakiI had these issues back in 11.10 too04:01
MeanEYEgoddard: -t auto04:01
tsubaki12.04 didn't have the windows issue tho04:02
TranshumanistCheers guys. I found it in Software Sources -> Additional Drivers04:02
tsubakiand its some pretty extreme tearing04:02
goddardMeanEYE: no go04:02
MeanEYEgoddard: Then try ext404:03
MeanEYEabby: out for lunch. :D04:03
goddardMeanEYE: what is lvm?04:03
MeanEYEtsubaki: Hm, could the compiz be the one to blame?04:03
tsubakiIt happens on Gnome shell too04:04
MeanEYEgoddard: logical volume manager04:04
tsubakithe Windows movement is fine04:04
tsubakibut the tearing is still their04:04
MeanEYEtsubaki: shell uses opengl as well :/.04:04
tsubakishould I try a WM only?04:04
MeanEYEtsubaki: by tearing. What exactly do you experience?04:04
mesqukagnome could be using compiz04:04
goddardMeanEYE: http://pastebin.com/muFu5AZc04:04
tsubakithe top half of the screen has vertical lines04:05
tsubakilike that row (or rows) of pixels are off04:05
tsubakito the side a bit04:05
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
goddardMeanEYE: thats my fdisk -l04:06
MeanEYEgoddard: You can't mound sdd2, you can though mount sdd504:07
goddardoh ok04:07
MeanEYEgoddard: sdd2 is just keeps information of other partitions inside of it.04:07
MeanEYEtsubaki: Hm, is the card overclocked?04:07
goddardMeanEYE: mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'04:08
tsubakino, the clock is reset on boot and only set by evga percision on windows04:08
=== Guest21123 is now known as Someguy123
MeanEYEgoddard: Do you have lvdisplay command installed?04:09
MeanEYEtsubaki: Hm, sounds like a driver issue. Did you try installing others?04:09
tsubakisame issue04:09
MeanEYEtsubaki: Did any drivers work with that card?04:10
tsubakiall had the same tearing issue04:10
MeanEYEtsubaki: Tried other distributions or versions?04:11
tsubakiMint, same issue04:11
tsubakiOpenSUSE w/ nouveau worked well04:11
tsubakinouveau is the worst for tearing on ubuntu04:11
MeanEYEtsubaki: Mint is pretty much Ubuntu. And it's not strange Nouveau worked.04:11
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
MeanEYEDid you try Swat PPA?04:12
goddardMeanEYE: i installed lvm204:12
MeanEYEgoddard: what lvdisplay prints?04:13
MeanEYEtsubaki: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa04:13
MeanEYEtsubaki: But be ware. They are latest and greatest in drivers.04:14
=== kslater1 is now known as kslater
tsubakiok thanks04:14
MeanEYEYou might not want that.04:14
tsubakiI know how to fix X04:14
goddardMeanEYE: http://pastebin.com/9BAyT7Sr04:14
MeanEYEOkay then. In that case I suggest giving it a shot.04:14
tsubakiwhats the syntax for adding ppa's again?04:15
MeanEYEtsubaki: sudo apt-add-repository04:16
RosenzweigHey guys.04:16
cfhowlettRosenzweig: greetings04:16
RosenzweigSo the Ubuntu Image is set to release in a few weeks.04:16
RosenzweigUbuntu Phone Image*04:16
ubottuRosenzweig:: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone04:16
RosenzweigI've been snooping for information to start developing apps for it but the best I can find out is using the Quickly Pythons tuff.04:16
MeanEYEgoddard: http://serverfault.com/questions/36569/how-to-mount-a-lvm-partition-on-ubuntu04:17
RosenzweigDiscussino there.04:17
MeanEYEgoddard: Take a look at that.04:17
cfhowlettRosenzweig: yep.04:17
tsubakibuild them with qt and the webapp stuff04:17
tsubakiok MeanEYE I have added the PPA how do I install them?04:20
MeanEYEtsubaki: Just update. And then upgrade.04:24
=== g_byers is now known as g_byers[Away]
tsubakido I have to select a differnt? driver in software sources?04:24
MeanEYEtsubaki: sudo apt-get update04:24
MeanEYENope. They have the same name, and since they are newer version they will overwrite existing ones.04:25
tsubakieven if I have the 310 selected?04:25
MeanEYEtsubaki: Hm. In that case I think you should install nvidia-current04:25
tsubakiok im installing current-updates04:25
MeanEYEThat works I think.04:26
=== hack is now known as megha
tsubakialso some preferencial thing04:27
tsubakihow do I get notifications on my main monitor04:27
tsubakithey seem to default the to right04:27
MeanEYEWith Unity04:27
MeanEYEI don't think you can configure that.04:27
tsubakithats dumb04:27
MeanEYEUbuntu developers were really against any configurability of notifications.04:28
tsubakiwell they need some control over placement04:28
tsubakiat least being able to chose the monitor04:28
MeanEYEBe happy multiple monitors are supported.04:28
c00keeanyone have success running ubuntu on google chromebook04:28
tsubakithey want to compete with windows, they should be able to support the most basic features it has04:29
c00keehaving a wee bit trouble running virtualbox on chrubuntu04:29
MeanEYEtsubaki: I don't know what to say to that.04:29
MeanEYEc00kee: Is it ARM based?04:29
MeanEYEc00kee: Does VBox even support that?04:30
c00keerunning  chrubuntu right now04:30
michael_2Compete with Windows?  Why would any Linux distro want to do that?  Completely different uses between the two operating systems.04:30
c00keewhich is ubuntu 12.0404:30
zivesterwhat is the network manager in xubuntu? I have two with indicators spinning, and I'm pretty sure I'm only suppose to have one04:30
tsubakiUbuntu is a Desktop OS (mainly)04:30
c00keefor chromebooks only04:30
tsubakiits competing with all Desktop OSes04:31
tsubakiOS-X, Windows, etc04:31
tsubakibrb gona restart X04:32
MeanEYEzivester: nm-applet can be started more than once. Is it Ubuntu with Xfce installed?04:32
tsubakiwait need toupdate first04:32
zivesterMeanEYE: it's xubuntu 12.1004:32
kslaterI've managed to only have 1 app launcher on my twinview, dual monitor desktop, but I have two top status bars. Wondering how to turn one of them off now. 12.04.1 LTS04:32
tsubakihow much of a preformance do you take from using a second X screen for a second monitor?04:33
MeanEYEkslater: I don't think there's a way.04:33
kslaterNot that big of a deal I suppose04:33
MeanEYEkslater: Just to make it clear, by status bar you are thinking top panel?04:33
kslatermy monitor setup isn't quite right yet anyway04:33
kslatersorry, I don't know the proper names (they've changed and I haven't?)04:34
MeanEYEYup. Changed everything that could be changed.04:34
kslaterribbon across the top that shows the application menus04:34
kslatertime, network, bluetooth, etc.04:35
kslatertop panel works for me04:35
MeanEYEkslater: time, network and similar are called indicators.04:35
kslateranother new name. I did learn that one the other night when I was looking for an item I had on my 10.10 top panel.04:37
kslaterdoes the Unity Launcher have an official name?04:38
MeanEYELauncher is the toolbar on the left.04:38
MeanEYEThing that popsup is dash04:38
MeanEYEAnd menu is HUD04:38
MeanEYEGo figure.04:38
kslaterHUD is the menu. Aha04:38
kslaterHUD pops up when you hit the Wxxxxxxws key04:39
tsubakino thats the dash04:39
MeanEYEJust windows key, that's dash.04:39
tsubakiand its the super key or mod key04:39
MeanEYEAm gonna name buttons in my program -> pancakes.04:39
kslatersuper key, like that betterer than Windows key04:40
TXRoadkill_Yeah, I haven't got the hang of that either04:40
TXRoadkill_The whole HUD/Dash thing04:40
tsubakiWindows is awesome in my set up, it blue screens on shut down04:40
TXRoadkill_The Dash in Apple OS X contains Widgets04:40
kslatertap Alt and you get a command window?04:40
MeanEYEAm using ugly stuff called i3wm :D04:41
tsubakiwell time to kill x04:41
MeanEYEWorks like a charm.04:41
kslateror what is that reffered to?04:41
TXRoadkill_short cut to a command line04:41
kristenbbWhat does 'build-depends' mean in a DEBIAN/control file of a .deb ?04:42
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
docmurI'm looking for a good dlna server to allow me access to my media, I tried serviio but it turned out to be horrible04:48
Tsubakiwell some retard didn't put the kernel dependacies with the drivers04:54
Tsubakiso x is broken04:54
Tsubakiand i cannot install the headers from linux-kernel-headers-$( -uname)04:54
KaligaryHey guys04:56
cfhowlettKaligary: greetings04:56
KaligarySo I installed perspective and Lmms but niether of them run04:56
Kaligaryany ideas?04:56
excalibrHey anyone use wine from wine-team's ppa? Does windows app icon showing on your unity launcher?04:57
KaligaryI'm using ununbtu04:57
cfhowlettKaligary: unbuntu?04:57
KaligaryExcalibr I use "play-on linus which has wine built and an configs. it for me"04:57
cfhowlettKaligary: not ubuntu?04:58
Kaligaryoh >_< Yea that I meant sorry04:58
KaligaryI've looked around online, but couldn't find any answers04:58
KaligaryCould it be that I'm using an older version?04:59
cfhowlettKaligary: ok.  i'm familiar with lmms somewhat but what is perspective?04:59
cfhowlettKaligary: and what version are you running?04:59
KaligaryIt's a game, they made a build of it for linux and hold on I think it's 10.0.204:59
cfhowlettKaligary: confirm: lmms = linux multimedia studio?05:00
Kaligarysorry it's 10.04 that I'm running05:00
KaligaryI picked it cause if I;m not mistaking it's the last version running gnome05:01
Ben64they all have gnome05:01
cfhowlettKaligary: good to know ... ok, well, lmms is no longer installed by default for 12.04 the most current ubuntustudio05:01
Ben64there is no 12.205:01
cfhowlettKaligary: errr, the most current LTS ubuntustudio05:01
subcoolOk - so- someone please help me.05:02
cfhowlettKaligary: 12.10 is the most recent ubuntu05:02
subcoolChrome keeps complaining about flash..05:02
Ben64yep, they all have gnome05:02
subcoolhow do i fix it05:02
KaligarySooo... I have to have 12.04 or later for it to run?05:02
cfhowlettKaligary: does perspective require lmms?05:02
KaligaryNegative, it is it's own software05:02
Ben64Kaligary: try running lmms from the terminal05:03
cfhowlettKaligary: ok and you need lmms for ... what then?05:03
Kaligarya quick looks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6bXbZQuwaA&list=LLwc-b_g4T_bc4Dotyn1VFAA05:03
KaligaryLmms to use and make music of coure05:03
KaligaryI used FL when I had Windows05:03
cfhowlettKaligary: nice.  sadly, YT is blocked here in chiina.  that said, I think you might want to take a quick look at ubuntustudio?05:04
KaligaryBen what are the difference bewteen 10.04 and 12.04+05:04
cfhowlettKaligary: yep.05:04
Ben642 years.... 12.04 comes with Unity by default05:05
TsubakiUnity is good05:05
cfhowlettKaligary: but on Ubuntustudio NO unit05:05
Tsubakibut slow05:05
KaligaryThat's it?05:05
Tsubakiunder the hood stuff05:05
KaligaryAlso ben I tried via terminal05:05
Kaligaryno good05:05
cfhowlettKaligary: no.  take a look for yourself at www.ubuntustudio.com05:05
Ben64"no good" doesn't really describe anything05:05
Kaligaryoh ok.05:05
cfhowlettKaligary: also see #ubuntustudio for general support05:06
KaligaryIt brings up a window for it then terminates the window with out authorization05:06
KaligaryOk thanks!05:06
cfhowlettKaligary: note: US 12.04 doesn't ship with LMMS as the new lowlatency kernel is installed by default for US05:06
KaligaryI burn my own disc05:07
acovrigI copied an ubuntu install to another drive and now it won't mount / on boot05:08
cfhowlettKaligary: US is too big for CD ... DVD or USB stick05:08
zwircDo i need to install any package to use Ajax in php? etc?05:08
cfhowlettKaligary: but you might wish to try before you buy.  test it out in virtual box.  You've got a few more months of support left on 10.04 ...05:08
goddardI have a usb 3.0 external drive and it isn't recognized when I plug it into my USB 3 port only USB 2 port05:09
KaligaryAre you talking about ubuntu 10.04? I burnt a live cd and made it my default05:09
cfhowlettKaligary: no I was talking about 12.04 ...05:09
acovrigI copied it with gparted (booted from usb), then grub-install and marked the partition bootable, when it boots, I get a mount error for / and the boot fails, why?05:09
c00keeanyone install chrubuntu on chromebook05:09
KaligaryWhat happens after support runs out?05:09
zwircDo i need to install any package to use Ajax in php? etc? (ubuntu 12.04 LTS)05:09
cfhowlettKaligary: no more updates ...05:10
michael_2zwirc: Package?  You need an apache server to develop and test on your computer.  But AJAX is just JavaScript.05:10
KaligaryI see..05:10
cfhowlettKaligary: you can run your software, but NO updates means no updates ... including security updates ...05:10
zwircmichael_2 strange, some scrips do not work after i moved server and installed lamp05:11
zwircdoes i need any lib packages or something?=05:11
michael_2zwirc: No.  LAMP is all you need.05:11
cfhowlettKaligary: for a musician, US is very sweet ... a nice collection of multimedia and production tools.  Ardour is similar to FL05:11
zwircmichael_2 humm, strange that its not working then o.O05:12
KaligaryI guess I'll have to swap over to unbuntu 12.04 regardless. Also thanks I'll check that out05:12
cfhowlettKaligary: last thought.  do a clean install not a distro upgrade.05:12
michael_2zwirc: Does any PHP code work for you?05:12
cfhowlettKaligary: I love US.  Ask me if you need help with the basics05:12
KaligaryAlright, will do. Thanks for all your help. And I'll be sure to do that05:12
cfhowlettKaligary: have fun, be safe.05:13
michael_2zwirc: Have you tried testing your AJAX in multiple browsers?  Certain browsers are pickier than others when it comes to coding conventions.05:13
KaligaryYou to brother05:13
michael_2zwirc: PHP is server-depending...Meaning you need a LAMP server or something like that.  But the JavaScript part is completely dependent on the web browser.05:14
Martijn-NLHi zwirc - i think your website url has been changed. Maybe the virtualhost settings in your Apache2 config are different. For example your website references to http://www.example.com and in your config stays http://example.com05:15
goddardI have a usb 3.0 external drive and it isn't recognized when I plug it into my USB 3 port only USB 2 port05:15
zwircworked earlier, but sure will try05:16
Martijn-NLMy advice: use the Firebug extension on Firefox or Fiddler to detect dead ajax links on your website.05:17
Martijn-NLAnother opportunity is that not all javascript files are copied to the new server...05:19
acovrigmountall: Filesystem could not be mounted: / at boot05:20
zwircmichael_2: the page does not update (like javascript missing something)05:21
zwircI need to update page manual to see changes05:21
goddardzwirc: what is your poblem?05:21
zwircon prev page it did update automatic05:21
zwircgoddard: think i miss one package for my web server05:21
Martijn-NLDid you read my advice, zwirc?05:21
zwircsorry Martijn, testing now05:23
goddardzwirc: what is the error message or what isn't working05:23
zwircajax script that updates mysql tables05:23
goddardajax updates mysql itself?05:24
goddardor with php or something?05:24
Martijn-NLHe has problems with his website on a new installed / configured server, especially making AJAX-calls. I think: incorrect virtualhost settings, some files are not copied?05:25
michael_2zwirc: Do you keep your MySQL database access constants (login name, password, etc.) in a separate file?  If so, was the file successfully copied to the new server and in the right location?05:26
zwircgoddard php ye05:27
zwircajax is just refreshing page using javascript05:27
zwircmichael_2 yes it is, and updated info05:27
Martijn-NLWith the Firebug extension on Firefox you  can detect a lot of problems with websites (clientside), but you can also recognise server problems - like missing files...05:27
alex20032Hi, when we invoke python, which version is it?05:28
alex20032I mean, the default python in ubuntu 12.1005:28
michael_2alex: 3.2 I think05:30
Muphridpython --version05:30
Muphridwill tell you05:30
alex20032well, its because currently i dont have a linux box near me05:31
alex20032And i was wondering which distro made the big switch05:31
Martijn-NLBy missing PHP files PHP gives a clear error message (if error reporting is on) : error_reporting(E_ALL)05:31
Muphridquantal (python): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)            2.7.3-0ubuntu7: amd64 i38605:31
alex20032Currently, i know that arch is officially using python 3.x as their default, #!bin/python pointing to python 305:31
fr33zrhyt3manyone know how to run game via wine on ubuntu 12.1005:32
alex20032quantal is 12.10?05:32
michael_2alex: I'm pretty sure that Python 3.2 is included with 12.10.  But I can't promise that I'm right lol.05:32
ubottufr33zrhyt3m:: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:32
Muphridit is included05:32
Muphridbut you have to specify the version to invoke it05:32
alex20032well, i was not asking if included, but if default05:32
michael_2alex: Just use a ln command and set the default to what you want05:32
alex20032anyway, im sure in the next version (or the version after the next) will be 305:33
Muphridthey still have apps to port before making it default05:33
alex20032no, changing the symlink will break lot of script if its not using 3.x as default05:33
michael_2alex: what's the difference between typing 'python' and 'python3.2' besides the three extra keystrokes?05:35
zwircHow to use the firebug o.O05:36
michael_2alex: Furthermore, you don't have to change the link.  Create a link to 3.2 in your development directory that is outside BASH's PATH variable.05:36
michael_2zwirc: Firebug is just a Firefox extension.  Just download it from their extensions site.05:37
michael_2zwirc: It's a good development resource.05:37
zwircajax_rank.php?upgrade=VarmSvartKaffe 500 internal error05:38
Martijn-NLDid you read the firebug manual? Have a good look at : http://getfirebug.com/wiki/05:38
Martijn-NLHope you will find what you need..05:38
zwircdo i need to install jquery ?05:38
zwircis that standard?05:38
michael_2zwirc: if you use JQuery on your pages, you will need to import it on every page.05:38
Martijn-NLWhat are you meaning by installing JQuery? You need to reference / include to JQuery before you use it for your website...05:39
islanoh man05:39
islanlast time I ran Ubuntu was around 8.04 I think -- what happened?05:39
michael_2islan: It's about 8 versions better now.  :D05:40
cfhowlettislan: details of what are trying to accomplish would be useful ...05:40
zwircmichael : the strange thing is that it work on the old site05:40
islaninstalling the latest nvidia drivers seemed a lot easier back then, for one05:40
zwirccan i check php extensions etc?05:41
zwircwith a ssh command?05:41
zivesteranyone know what the <input type="file" /> dialog box is called under ubuntu/xfce ?  I'm trying to figure out why it autofills when i click "browse" in Chrome.. I'm pretty sure it's OS specific05:41
islanbut this download manager is kinda nifty05:41
michael_2zwirc: what extensions are you referring to?05:42
Martijn-NLAnother opportunity is to edit your PHP file and add the following command in the first line: error_reporting(E_ALL);05:42
cfhowlettLocalization query: during installation, update files are sourced from the main ubuntu site, not the local mirrors.  Can the be set to local mirrors prior to installation?05:42
zwircmichael_2: thats what i wondering05:43
Martijn-NLThis command displays PHP error. Notice: you need to remove this line if your website is in production environment!!!05:43
zwircits a ajax jquery script that do not work after i just moved the server from location a to location b05:43
zwircbut rest works05:43
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
limikaelanyone who knows about a command for replacing text in multiple files?05:43
Martijn-NLFirebug displays no errors?05:44
zwircajax_rank.php?upgrade=VarmSvartKaffe 500 internal error05:44
limikael(could be done with a shell script and sed , but is there no single command that can do it) ?05:44
Martijn-NLIs that the error firebug gives?05:45
islanso is there any easy way to switch from Unity back to gnome?05:45
Martijn-NLThere will be an error with the ajax_rank.php file or some PHP files ajax_rank.php includes.05:46
michael_2islan: just install gnome-shell05:46
Martijn-NLajax_rank.php gives a 500 - internal server error!!!!05:46
KiraxHello all.05:46
islanhiya Kirax05:47
KiraxHow goes everything tonight?05:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:48
arrrghhhhey all.  can I add LVM to drives that are already partitioned / have data on them?05:48
limikaelKirax: this morning… :)05:49
arrrghhhor must I reformat/repartition for LVM...?05:49
zwircah, 7 in morning, have to sleep :/05:49
zwircbut tnx for help, will try with firebug tomorrow05:49
limikaelthe rooster woke me early today.. :)05:49
Kiraxhehe. LVM?05:50
limikaellogical volume manager?05:50
nocturnal_if i run 'mv [folder name] /' does that move that folder to the root?05:50
michael_2Kirax: Uggg...Don't say LVM.  I'm still pissed over choosing a LVM filesystem.05:50
arrrghhhlimikael, that's what lvm is05:50
arrrghhhmichael_2, I don't even want to know...05:51
nocturnal_because i cant find the folder now05:51
arrrghhhnvm I don't want to risk it.05:51
limikaelyes i saw that sorry…05:51
michael_2arrrghhh: Nothing too dramatic lol.  I just REALLY wanted to install ElementaryOS Luna today and it doesn't support LVM yet.  :P05:51
michael_2And I wasn't about to wipe my Ubuntu partition for a beta linux distro lol05:52
Hwkillermichael_2: if it uses up to date kernel and kernel utils, it supports LVM; you'd have to do it manually, but you could do it05:53
arrrghhhuhm... this is bad.  it looks like the ubuntu installer changed all my disk types from ext4 to lvm...05:53
KiraxOh LVM is cool! Learnt something new already lol05:53
arrrghhhI didn't "finish" any of these changes...05:53
kslateris there a way in Settings->Sound to control which application is at the top of the list in the indicator for the top panel?05:54
nocturnal_if i run 'mv [folder name] /' does that move that folder to the root?05:54
arrrghhhnocturnal_, yes05:54
michael_2Hwkiller: I wasn't able to find any options in the installer that would allow me to be selective of what part of the partition I installed to.  It seemed to only want to allow me to install to my full sda2 partition.05:54
Kiraxnocturnal_ don't forget the sudo infront of mv.05:54
Vencentpreced sudo05:54
nocturnal_arrrghhh, Kirax: i did and now for some reason i have lost the file05:55
nocturnal_err folder05:55
spobatIs there an option for moving one window to another desktop (quickly) ?05:55
arrrghhhnocturnal_, why are you moving anything to /?05:55
michael_2spobat: Yes.  Hold in the super key (in unity) to get a reference chart of the commands.05:56
kslaterI'd like to know if I can control spotify with my bluetooth headphones (Nokia BH-905i), specifically next track. Unfortunately Rhythmbox is at the top of the list and takes the input first.05:56
nocturnal_arrrghhh: i was in a hurry one day and was typing out a path to move the folder and i realized i was running late so i just moved it to / for later and i came back and cant find it05:56
spobatmichael_2, what is the "super key" ?05:56
michael_2spobat: the windows key.05:56
michael_2spobat: Linux calls it the super key05:57
* kslater needs a super sticker to put over the logo from M$05:57
michael_2kslater: lol05:57
dr_willisthey got those. ;)05:57
dr_willisand litt'e tux penguins05:57
arrrghhhnocturnal_, have you tried using the "find" command?05:57
Kiraxhehe. I already scratched off the made for windows stickers on all my pc's. That was a proud day for me.05:57
topper4125My superkey no longer has a win logo on it, replaced it with a penguin05:57
spobatsuper+s <- :D05:57
spobatyeah, thank you05:58
cfhowlett"powered by ubuntu" ... system 76 IIRC05:58
nocturnal_arrrghhh: yes. both for the folder name and for .jpg which was the filetype of the files inside the folder05:58
kslaterI gave a musician a Think Geek monkey sticker the other day. Maybe someone will give me a sticker in return05:58
kslaterPlan 9 would be a sweet choice, just for the arcaneness of it05:58
arrrghhhnocturnal_, I don't know what to tell you.  look at your bash_history05:58
arrrghhhperhaps you mv'd it to /dev/null05:59
arrrghhhso the ubuntu installer flipped all the flags on my hdd's from ext4 to lvm...05:59
arrrghhhno mkfs was sent I don't think... can I just change the flags back and be OK?06:00
Kiraxkslater, I have this awesome sticker I was saving for a new laptop. Its a monkey "downloading" to a toilet ^_^06:01
michael_2arrrghhh: Any particular reason you don't want a LVM?06:01
arrrghhhmichael_2, I do.  But I have disks that are already formatted ext4 and now I'm worried my data is fubar...06:01
kslaterlvm is bad-juju06:01
kslaterlose 1 of the physical partitions in the lvm and you're hosed.06:02
arrrghhhkslater, that's nice...06:02
KiraxI just learned about lvm recently, any reason why you consider it 'bad-juju' kaslater?06:02
dr_willisweird that it changed their type to lvm06:02
arrrghhhdr_willis, pretty sure it was my user error06:02
dr_willisbiggest danger to a system is the end user. ;)06:03
michael_2arrrghhh: Don't feel so bad...Ubuntu does everything it can to coerce you into use LVM06:03
dr_williscant say ive ever noticed it trying to get me to use lvm.06:03
arrrghhhdr_willis, I read a warning message the wrong way... derp.06:03
kslaterI used to think it was the cat's pajamas, but the fatal flaw is that sure-to-be-encountered condition where you lose a part of the logical volume.06:03
dr_willisbut i tend to partiton first.06:03
arrrghhhscrew it.  i'm just going to fdisk and change the flags06:04
arrrghhhi'm pretty sure that's all it's done...06:04
michael_2dr_willis: If you partition first then you'll be ok.  If you use the Ubuntu installer to partition...Those sneaky b'tards hide LVM in the filesystem type06:04
dr_willissant say ive ever noticed the auto partioned doing more then a / on  primary and swap on a logical06:05
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KiraxInteresting... I have recently been fascinated by file type structure on systems. So many options these days.06:06
Kiraxext4 has been treating me very well. Although I am a hard core do it yourself kind of person and would love to code my own file system.06:07
kslaterif only we had zfs06:07
Kirax<-- is off to wiki for zfs.06:08
Muphridwe have Tux3 again06:08
Abhijitkslater, we don't have zfs?06:08
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS06:09
kslaterman, a guy goes away for a few months and the whole world changes06:09
michael_2kslater: You haven't been using Windows for the past few months have you?06:10
kslatermichael_2: mostly I've been using hospitals and Dr's offices for the past few months. I only use Windows when I have to.06:11
michael_2klater: ach...That doesn't sound good.06:11
kslaterType IV GBM (brain cancer)06:11
kslaterI go under the saw / knife again in 5 days.06:12
KiraxBe strong kslater. People do beat it ^_^06:12
kslaterindeed Kirax and I intend to be one of them.06:12
michael_2kslater: I'm terribly sorry to hear that.  A lot of my family have gone through cancer.06:12
kslaterthis surgery is actually a good thing since it's my best shot at getting a 'clean scan' (MRI with nothing lit up)06:13
=== _JKL1234-_ is now known as The_[206]
cfhowlettkslater: strong mental attitude.  I recommend the S. L. Jackson philosophy.  "I am sick and tired of this ..."06:13
kslaterI have a great team of Dr's I'm working with. And The Great Physician is also working on me more than a bit.06:14
arrrghhhdr_willis, uhm... would there be more than just changing the flag to 83 in fdisk and writing it?06:14
kslaterok, back to the grind06:14
KiraxOh on a side note, recently new to ubuntu 12.04 lts. Been using 10.04 for the longest time. I noticed something odd.06:14
kslaterI have a ex-colleague who is a zfs fanatic, but I thought it was only available for *BSD types (and Slowlaris of course)06:15
kslaterI'll have to tell him about this.06:15
KiraxBoot time / shutdown time and loading programs is very slow. I am on decent hardware. Already checked out cron / init.d and not much is in there.06:15
michael_2kirax: are you using unity?06:15
michael_2kslater: I'm pretty sure zfs is a port to linux06:16
michael_2kslater: meaning it's not native.06:16
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arrrghhhso... is there anyway back guys?06:18
kslaterporting code to a new platform isn't a bad thing, it just depends on the efforts06:18
michael_2arrrghhh: You mean to revert back from LVM?  Not that I can find...And I've been looking.06:18
arrrghhhI need to undo whatever the Ubuntu installer did to setup LVM on these drives and put them back to plain ext4...06:19
AvernaHi, I'm trying to update java on ubuntu 10.04. there are 2 listings for canonical in ect/apt/sources. does that seem right?06:19
arrrghhhmichael_2, yea, I don't understand what the installer did... oy.06:19
michael_2arrrghhh: I suppose you could create a tarball of your system, wipe, repartition, then extract the tarball...06:20
Kiraxarrrghhh my understanding is that once a file type is selected for a drive, only a reformat will change it. (I have limited knowledge on the subject though)06:20
KiraxAverna, have you tried getting it directly from the java creators site?06:21
arrrghhhwow... it didn't format to lvm.06:21
AvernaKirax yes, it seems like I have two copies of java 7. I want the most recent version so I can download minecraft06:21
michael_2Averna: I have two canonical sources as well06:22
Avernamichael_2 ok that's good. so I guess I can move to the next step. I am using a ghacks directions site06:23
Avernatried to apt-get update and I get this msg: E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2: No such file or directory)06:25
AvernaE: Unable to lock the list directory06:25
arrrghhhmichael_2, I don't get what you mean... make a tarball of what?  The data should still be on the drives, I assume... They're just trapped in this LVM thing?  Oy.... what the heck have I done.06:26
cynixx3Who has a favorite wiki on mounting??06:26
michael_2arrrghhh: The LVM wont mess up your data.  You still have your same filesystems.  It is just a different partition manager scheme.06:27
topper4125!mounting | cynixx306:27
ubottucynixx3: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap06:27
milambercynixx3: man mount06:27
michael_2Averna: use sudo touch to create that file again.06:27
arrrghhhmichael_2, I don't understand.  How can I mount the data on these drives now?06:27
michael_2arrrghhh: The same way you mounted them before.  But when using a LVM, the partitions are referenced by names instead of sda3 or whatever.06:28
michael_2arrrghhh: check out your /etc/fstab file to see if it gives any hints.06:29
arrrghhhI've on a livecd right now... I just wanted to make sure my data was OK06:29
arrrghhhbefore I proceeded to do anything else06:29
cynixx3milamber, :( i need more than a man. Its a topic that has me upside down and I can never understand why. I need a real tutorial on how the system finds mounting points and how it works06:29
michael_2arrrghhh: Have you not ran the installer yet?06:29
michael_2cynixx3: mount points are located in the /etc/fstab file06:30
arrrghhhmichael_2, I had ran it, but stopped it when I freaked out.  Ran a different livecd and wanted to make sure my data was thar06:30
cynixx3Understand where they are. but sometimes something I plugs in does not show up in that file06:30
michael_2arrrghhh: The Ubuntu installer can safely transition for a classic partitioning scheme to LVM.06:30
arrrghhhoh... ok06:30
cynixx3I just want to read something that tells me why06:30
michael_2cynixx3: What do you mean?06:30
michael_2arrrghhh: Just don't select to record your installation OVER that partition06:31
cynixx3so i have a usb to serial adapte that i use with a rollover cable. Why does it not show up in /etc/fstab?06:31
michael_2cynixx3: Did you add it to /etc/fstab?06:32
michael_2cynixx3: It wont be there if you don't add it.  :P06:32
AvernaMichael_2 thanks. Not familiar with that command. Can you explain? Do I need to go to /var/lib/apt/lists/ to perform sudo touch?06:32
arrrghhhmichael_2, yea, I was really careful where the install was going...06:33
cynixx3michael_2: do you have a favorite wiki on mounting?06:33
michael_2Averna: touch is used to create an empty file if it doesn't exist.06:33
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:33
arrrghhhOy.  I had a bit of a heart attack when I saw all the drives change from ext4 to LVM06:33
michael_2averna: just type sudo touch /path/to/missing/file/error06:34
michael_2arrrghhh: lol...They're still ext4...Just using a different partition managing schem.  Backwards compatibility might be an issue for you though06:34
michael_2arrrghhh: That's why I'm currently pissed at my LVM scheme.06:35
ikillcypherIm having some issue installing my ati graphics card on my Ubuntu06:36
arrrghhhmichael_2, backwards compatibility?  Just so long as my data is still there lol06:36
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:37
michael_2arrrghhh: And on a side-note...GParted doesn't support LVM.  So you'll need to use a different partition editor for it.06:37
michael_2sudo apt-get install system-config-lvm    will give a good one06:38
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA06:40
ikillcypher01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV620 [Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series] [1002:95c4]06:40
ubottuikillcypher:: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:41
ubottuikillcypher:: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:41
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Avernamichael 2: Have tried sudo touch /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open and several other variations mostly saying it's not a directory or not found06:46
KiraxGoodnight all.06:46
Avernamichael_2: also tried  sudo touch /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2: No such file or directory)06:47
Avernabash: syntax error near unexpected token `('06:47
* ikillcypher does not know how to install at all06:47
flatuses :)06:48
ikillcypheranyone care to help how do I install the ATI Card on my system06:48
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:49
limikaeli'm implementing a server api and I want to make sure a remote computer is talking to the api and not a human with telnet, so i need to implement anti-captcha… what is a suitable anti-captcha problem?06:49
CrazyZurferHi guys, which is the command to setup some program to be easily executed from terminal, for example instad of "sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start" -> just "sudo lampp start"06:50
limikaelCrazyZurfer: the command needs to be in the path06:51
limikaelso either add the directory containing the command to the path, or make a symlink in /bin06:51
CrazyZurferlimikael: I guess that I want that.. a symlin, how can I create one? :)06:52
MarzzWhen I copy directories (with big files like Videos) in the terminal - e.g. cp -rf /source/source /destination/destination - it does copy it but it doesn't show me anything that it is doing06:52
limikaelln -s /the/path/to/mycommand /bin/mycommand06:52
MarzzIs there something, a command or parameter, that I should type so it will show me the current file that it is copying06:52
MarzzIt just stands there without telling me anything and only tells me after a couple of minutes if it was successful or not06:52
limikaelMarzz: i don't know… what i usually do is check the target file with ls -l to see it grow06:54
topper4125Marzz have you read this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/cp-command-with-a-progress-bar.html06:54
limikaeltopper4125: cool +106:55
Marzzlimikael: That is what I'm currently doing too06:55
CrazyZurferlimikael: Thanks!06:55
Marzztopper4125: No, I just want something like the terminal will output what file it is currently copyiing or something just like when you are updating or downloading kernel updates06:55
CrazyZurferI've just installed php5 cli, but don't remember it's package name, how can I remove it?06:56
cfhowlettMarzz: -v will give you verbose feedback06:56
* ikillcypher cant install the ati card06:56
ikillcypherI already download the driver06:56
ikillcyphercame with an extention .run06:56
ikillcypherI open it comes up with gedit06:56
limikaelCrazyZurfer: that is possible… :) it is possible to ask what package owns a certain file, but i don't remember how06:57
Marzzcfhowlett: that's exactly what I06:57
Marzzmcfhowlett: that's exactly what I'm looking for06:57
AvernaHi, I was trying to apt-get update and got this error: E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2: No such file or directory)06:57
AvernaE: Unable to lock the list directory06:57
Averna Michael told me to  use sudo touch /path/to/missing/file/error but I keep getting the no such directory msg06:57
Marzzmcfhowlett: thanks06:57
cfhowlettMarzz: have fun, be safe06:57
limikaelCrazyZurfer: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/what-package-is-that-file-in.html06:58
warfarhey can somone help me figure out why i can't install wine?06:58
delinquentmeneeding to grep recursively through all *rb files for the string "search("06:58
delinquentmehow do06:58
limikaeldelinquentme: find . -name "*rb" | grep "search("06:59
topper4125warfar, did you read: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine#Troubleshooting07:00
limikaelgrep "search(" `find . -name "*rb"`07:00
warfarit has nothing to do with those issues :(07:00
delinquentmelimikael, not sure... nothings happening07:01
limikaelnooo… sorry again… let me try again...07:01
topper4125warfar, wow.. just read your pastebin... ya... the troubleshooter aint gonna cut it... hold on, I have notes on that somewhere...07:01
warfari also tried to add i386 as a foreign architecture07:01
BlackDalekI am trying to upgrade a fairly old low spec PC from Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.10... It keeps failing with unrecoverable error ubi-partman failed with exit code 10. No idea what this means. Does it every attempt. PC s an AMD Sempron 2500+ with 1 Gb RAM, 64Mb nvidia AGP card.07:02
datruthAnyone have issues using a linux or bsd router connecting to rtsp client with nat'd cliented07:02
limikaelcat `find . -name "*rb"`|grep "search("07:02
limikaelbut… that will just show you the lines where "search(" occurs, not in which files07:03
cfhowlettBlackDalek: 1 gig ram?  I'd suggest you try lubuntu or xubuntu.  Both optimized for older, low spec machines...07:03
arrrghhhSo can anyone help me with migrating from ext4 to lvm?  I really hope all my data is still thar...07:03
CrazyZurferlimikael: Don't get how to use apt-file, already downloaded and updated it07:03
machicoladoes anyone happen to know what these processes relate to: "kworker3:2, ksoftirqd/6, watchdog/7"07:03
BlackDalekwhat is lowest recommended ram for 12.10 to run?07:03
cfhowlettBlackDalek: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements07:04
kslaterAbhijit, michael_2 thanks for the pointers on zfs. I've installed support for it on my machine. I'll consult with my ex-co-worker on the details.07:05
limikaelCrazyZurfer: dpkg --search /path/to/file07:05
topper4125warfar, have you tried: sudo apt-get update --fix-broken07:06
warfarnot yet lemme try07:06
warfarThanks! it worked :D07:07
topper4125kewl... be safe warfar!07:07
CrazyZurferlimikael: Thanks! that worked, problem solved :)07:07
BlackDalekWhat does "ubi-partman failed with exit code 10." mean anyway?07:09
cfhowlettBlackDalek: partition manager could not complete it's task07:09
Third3yeHello everyone :) Just installed Ubuntu to test it -- and steam for linux ^^07:10
BlackDalekcfhowlett, so it couldn't partition the drive because....? it ran out of ram?07:10
Third3yeI've got a problem however with regards to using an external screen via HDMI. I want to hide the dashbar but once I have I can't make it appear again by either enabling it to pop up when hovering the left side of the screen or top left07:11
warfari also have another problem with installing skype, here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/9xzr5AM507:11
cfhowlettBlackDalek: I'm seeing multiple reports but no consistent cause ...07:12
topper4125warfar are you installing it from a deb file?07:15
soulcitois possible to configure a openvpn client without encryption?07:15
warfartopper4125, yeah07:15
topper4125you can force the install: sudo dpkg -i package.deb then after install use the same sudo command to fix it (source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/222090/cannot-install-skype-due-to-dependency-errors-spkg-doesnt-install-dependencies )07:16
warfarok i'll try that07:18
warfaralso when i'm installing wine through terminal, how do i click ok for the tos?07:18
topper4125usually tab to highlight and 'space' or 'enter' to acknowledge it... its been a LONG time since I agreed to a TOS via terminal07:19
warfarthanks! tab worked haha07:19
warfari just installed ubuntu on my computer today07:19
topper4125ahhh.. good luck with it! its all I ever use anymore (100% win free for 3 years)07:20
warfari still have to use win7 for some games :P07:20
topper4125warfar nothing wrong with that... I see no reason to set up a 'puter the way it works fer ya.... I'm not a real die hard 'linux or nothing' kind of person :)07:21
topper4125Said that wrong: meant I see no reason to complain about how a person sets up their 'puter...07:22
warfari'm just hoping i can use linux for most of my computing now07:22
topper4125there's good gaming in linux (and steam is on its way in... it'll open up a LOT of stuff)07:22
warfaryeah but the higher end games probobly won't show up07:23
topper4125we'll have to see, once the big software houses see if steam can make a profit from Linux, they'll come...07:24
arrrghhhCan I fdisk my logical volumes?  I'm so confused07:26
TheRootis there any one have agood idea in ubuntu private cloud?07:28
TheRootin credential exactly ?07:28
cfhowlettTheRoot:  a good idea for what?07:28
TheRootcfhowlett credential07:29
SyriaCan I give the same command to more than 10 computers via cssh? All I get is ten screens and each time I have enter the same command to each one!07:29
TheRoothello cfhowlett are u there?07:30
cfhowlettTheRoot: see the discussion on credentials   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide07:30
kslaterand on that note, I'm really going to bed now..07:30
datruthif rtsp rarely works over NAT what would be the solution?07:31
topper4125Syria, not sure if this answers your question or not: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105542907:32
TheRootcfhowlett thank you for the link ,but i want it for private <not amazon>07:32
cfhowlettTheRoot: ah. sorry.  such knowledge is above my paygrade.  ask in this channel or perhaps #ubuntu-server07:33
rasanen7is there a "list" of what mail is sent in what cases, to root for example?07:33
TheRootthank you for trying cfhowlett07:34
cfhowlettTheRoot: it seems there is also #ubunt-cloud07:34
topper4125TheRoot, not sure if this answer will work for you, but might get you in the right direction: https://forums.rightscale.com/showthread.php?t=65707:34
Syriatopper4125:  Actually I don't want to apply one simple command using a script, Sometimes I may use more than one.07:34
andromedashow would I add a program to a start up script with specific arguments?07:35
topper4125Syria: This maybe: http://www.frozenindustries.com/2006/09/21/control-multiple-terminals-simultaneously/ If not, I'm out of ideas07:36
warfarwhats the fastest way to force close a program07:38
arrrghhhsudo kill -907:38
topper4125!info keyboardcast | Syria07:38
ubottuSyria: keyboardcast (source: keyboardcast): A keyboard multiplexer for the gnome desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.1-0ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 13 kB, installed size 112 kB07:38
Muphridwarfar: pkill nameoftheprogram07:38
warfaroh ok07:38
lcabrezaany has an idea why teamviewer button connect to partner is greyed out on ubuntu 12.0407:39
Syriatopper4125:  keyboardcast seems a good Idea ! thanks, But do you know how to use cssh? clusterssh please? it says that i can the same change on multiple servers at the same time.07:45
Syriatopper4125:  Please read this http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/clusterssh/index.php?title=Main_Page#ClusterSSH_-_What_is_it_all_about.3F07:45
SyriaIt says Any text typed into the administration console is replicated to all windows. ! but I don't know how to do this, I get all the windows infront of me.07:46
topper4125Syria, I'm pretty unfamiluar with that... I'll read up on it.07:47
Syriatopper4125: Thank you in advance.07:47
jayarso i setup ubuntu on a raid array with 2 40gb drives, one seems to be failing, and the raid array is "degraded" how do i fix that?07:48
jayarit wont let me do anythin07:48
jayarthe one drive is so bad, its serial #/model # is garbled even in BIOS...07:49
Emanonjayar: What type of raid? Redundant, Striping? Do you have any parity?07:50
jayarraid 107:52
topper4125Syria, almost looks like keyboard cast and ClusterSSH are close to being different solutions to the same problem to me... with the exception of clusterssh being more of a setup for administration only, and keyboard cast being for a bit of everying (10 calculators lol)... This subject really is out of my knowledge base :(07:52
Third3yeWhy is it recommended to download the 32bit version of Ubuntu? Is it just to prevent confusion in unexperienced users or are there actual compatibility issues with the 64bit version?07:52
dikiI was wondering, can I embed some programs in ubuntu so I can run them from a livecd?07:53
topper4125Third3ye ... pretty much... they can't guarentee that everyone looking at ubuntu for the first time is knowlegable about 32/64 bit OS's and their limitations/expectations07:53
dikiIn particular, airmon-ng,aircrack-ng etc.07:53
Third3yeCan I just dist-upgrade to 64bit or do I have to reinstall the whole damn thing?07:54
Syriatopper4125:  Thank you I will go with keyboardcast :)07:54
Emanonjayar: RAID 1 is a mirroring RAID so you have an automatic backup of anything on them the RAID manpage should have options for replacing one of the component drives in case of failure but if you give me a few minutes I'll try to find a how-to so you don't have to try to figure out which combination of flags you should use.07:54
Third3yeoh and proprietary nvidia drivers... are there compatibility issues with 64bit ubuntu?07:54
tenXThird3ye: think you cant simply switch from 32 to 6407:55
brady2600ok in my home folder07:55
topper4125!persistence | diki07:55
brady2600there is a folder calledfontconfig07:55
ubottudiki: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence07:55
brady2600im not sure if its a system related folder or07:55
brady2600if its just some junk folder created in some process07:55
EmanonTry this jayar: http://www.howtoforge.com/replacing_hard_disks_in_a_raid1_array07:56
topper4125Third3ye, http://askubuntu.com/questions/5018/is-it-possible-to-upgrade-from-a-32bit-to-a-64bit-installation07:56
brady2600there is a folder in my home called output07:57
topper4125Syria, you're welcome, and good luck with keyboardcast07:58
brady2600inside the folder is a series of other folders, gif, exe, docx, all sorts of file types in this folder called output07:58
brady2600however, none of these folders contain anything07:58
Third3yeHow about this: I use my TV as my main screen via HDMI and because of this I can't hide the dashbar because it won't reappear when I hover the mouse on the left-hand side of the screen, or the top left for that matter...07:58
brady2600is this folder junk from another process?07:58
EmanonNow, as a side note did you set up your RAID using the standard drive IDs (/dev/sd*) or via UUID (/dev/disk/by-uuid/<whatever the ID was> ?07:58
Third3yeAnyone found a solution for this? I was in the configuration file and it's set to <main>yes</main>07:59
brady2600is this some crazy system for outputting from programs to a million diffrent filetype folders07:59
brady2600can i safely get rid of this folder?07:59
brady2600ahhh chat rooms.. that special place we go to ask each other questions as a community so we can all ignore each other.08:00
soulcitoanyone happen to where openvpn profiles (network manager) are in ubuntu 12 are stored?08:01
brady2600possibly hidden .folder in home08:01
EmanonDid you consider that it's because we might be helping other people and you are spamming the channel with many short posts instead of one complete one?08:01
XRS1output is not a folder you would normally find. see if its recovered data you recognise, otherwise throw it out08:02
brady2600when i ask questions in single lines, they get even less of a response08:02
brady2600but thanks for trying08:02
XRS1that was to you brady260008:02
jayarEmanon: i set it up standard drive IDs...08:03
chris___hello can someone tell me how can i uninstall/blacklist vesa? i have already done it but it still reports as loaded.!08:03
XRS1sudo apt-get purge?08:03
EmanonThen that link I sent you should be accurate unless they changed something in RAID since the last time I used it jayar.08:03
aeon-ltdchris___: if it's blacklisted the module shouldn't load when you boot08:04
chris___  echo "blacklist vesa" > /etc/modprobe.d/vesa.conf   right?08:04
topper4125<-- done for now... g'nite08:05
jayarcool thans08:05
jayar*thanks :)08:05
chris___how can i remove vesa completely from my system?08:06
H4xt3hpl4n3tDoes Ubuntu 12.10 have atheros Wireless adapter support08:07
EmanonH4xt3hpl4n3t: Yes.08:07
EmanonMine worked by default anyways.08:08
Geethi.. I used ubuntu using wubi for over 12 months now.. thought that was the safest way to try it out.. but now that i have done it i would like to dual boot my system with win7.. so is the wubi installation convertable to a dual boot?08:08
H4xt3hpl4n3tIt hasnt recognised mine. But i also have the newer UEFI boot//Legacy mode enabled\\08:09
XRS1chris___:  you can sudo apt-get remove or sudo apt-get purge the package08:09
XMLnewbiif I needed to make a folder 777 in chmod             would the command look like  $ chmod u+x filename           Im not sure on the middle part08:09
EmanonI may just have a supported card too H4xt3hpl4n3t.08:09
jayarlegacy mode just helps with old pci cards (sometimes isa, but i doubt anyone has that anymore)08:10
XMLnewbiused to making these edits in net2ftp but it giving me erros editing something out of httpdocs08:10
XRS1Geet:  back up your /home/ directory and once ubuntu is installed, replace it with your backup08:10
XRS1XMLnewbi: sudo chmod 777 /dir/to/path -Rv08:11
GeetXRS1 could you please give me a link for a step by step tutorial for this?08:11
XMLnewbinice got it thx08:12
mh`@geet ^08:12
mh`the script has been maintained, works with latest version08:12
Geetthanks mh`08:12
XRS1Geet:  this is a lil more involved than what i was proposing: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174854108:14
XRS1did not know about that wubi move script08:15
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:15
DrCodehi all08:21
DrCodeI have two disk same size, is there way to do dd image from one to ther?08:21
DrCodeIt seems that I need more space to dd finish, can I use gzip?08:22
DrCodethe image come demage08:22
Ben64DrCode: what are you trying to do exactly08:22
DrCodegzip compress at same time dd work or it compress after it finish?08:22
DrCodeI have one part ext408:22
DrCodeit seems that the targer disk is smaller08:23
DrCodeI want to image my hdd108:23
jayarannamaria doesnt seem to be one of wit08:23
Ben64you can't dd to a smaller partition08:24
DrCodecan I use dd to make image to hdd smaller then source?08:24
DrCodeif I will use gzip , it can help?08:24
EmanonSeriously can we just kickban anyone who says "!list" within a set short period of time after entering the channel? Cause that seems to be what trolls have been doing lately.08:24
DrCodeis there other solution?08:24
mesqukaresize partition before making the image08:24
excalibranyone using Wine from its official ppa?08:24
EmanonLike set up a bot to do it.08:24
DrCodeI don't have space to do it08:25
Ben64DrCode: you can resize the source partition to be smaller, or you can just copy the data using rsync or something similar08:25
Ben64!anyone | excalibr08:25
ubottuexcalibr: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:25
DrCodeis there prog that copy only files and then I can mount it?08:25
jayarDrCode: i used xxclone08:25
DrCodexxclone , I can then mount it?08:26
* XRS1 recommends Redo Backup: http://redobackup.org/08:26
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:26
Ben64annamaria: stop doing that08:26
excalibranyone using Wine from its official ppa? is your windows app icon showing in unity task launcher?08:26
jayarDrCode: it creates a bootable disk, but when in another system its completely mountble08:27
DrCodeI will check it out08:28
XRS1i have wine current installed but on xfce. not currently in use for anything08:28
keber4 vasaku südamega ükskotti ja 4 vasaku südamega jumalat ja 4 parema südamega ükskotti ja 4 parema südamega jumalat ja kuu peal on samamoodi maa peal on 4 parema südamega meest kellel muna on tagasi õmmeldud 4 vasaku südamega meest kellele muna o08:28
jayarnp. its quick n easy. i did it when i got my new SSD, and didnt wanna reinstall. so i used XX to copy my entire install to the new drive (which was also a dif size) and it booted flawlessly. and when i switched drives back, i could mount it and had all my info there08:29
bazhangkeber, english here please08:29
wanfupoor guy, uses icechat08:29
Ben64bazhang: its not even ubuntu related08:29
aeon-ltd!estonian | keber08:29
DrCodeXRS1, redobackup can help me with diffrent size hdd?08:31
XRS1it will allow you to modify partition sizes08:31
jayarquestion (mostly because XRS1 just mentioned xfce) anyone remember lightstep? is there a way i can customize my Unity like that?08:31
brady2600i used to use litestep08:32
jayarDrCode: yea its a GUI partition proggy, like PartitionMagic i guess (yes no?)08:32
jayarme too brady08:32
brady2600there was another one08:33
brady2600i forgot the name but, it had this really cool side bar08:33
jayaryea lightstep like fell a few times, then a bunch of people (devoted developers) picked it back up again08:33
brady2600you could hover your mouse , the sidebar would pop out, if you held it over the notes icon, a notes panel would pop out08:33
jayarbut i havent heard of it in a long time08:33
brady2600you didn't need to save stuff on it , you could just write stuff down quick, and it would retract when you click on something else08:34
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
brady2600i miss that feature sooo much08:34
jayaryea i even made my own theme a few times, but everytime they updated the damn thing, my theme wouldnt work, and it was a resource hog, back when i had a 266Mhz with 512mb and thought i was KING08:34
brady2600it had tabs aswell, for multiple pages of notes08:34
brady2600yes.. thats why i moved to ubuntu, just the ability to theme without windows trying to kill it every new version of the os08:35
jayarso thats kinda my question... how do I... ME edit my ubuntu theme?08:35
brady2600thats what it was called, the other shell08:36
brady2600good question, i recall window blinds at one point made like a theme builder08:36
brady2600that would be awsome to have for ubuntu, an application for building your own theme08:37
jayarim a graphic artist... so i wanna layout my screen that looks like sex with bacon on top08:37
EmanonAston Shell was/is awesome.08:37
jayarwait... yer sayin it doesnt exist yet?08:37
jayarhow f'n open source is this?08:37
brady2600no.. im just saying it would be awsome08:37
jayarim mad that it isnt08:37
brady2600its my understanding that ubuntu is copyleft08:37
jayaryea but, ubuntu or not, theres tons of other *nix distros...08:38
brady2600yeah, i like ubuntu with gnome 3.6 though08:38
jayarwheres the "how to create your own KDE" or GNOME... or whatever08:38
brady2600one of the other features i liked about aston/litestep was that08:39
brady2600you could set it up so you could right click on your desktop08:39
brady2600and you could assign diffrent folders or drives to it08:39
jayaryea that was my biggest thing08:39
jayarright click = menu08:40
jayarand you could make the menu have whatever you wanted08:40
brady2600so you would see your drive, hover over it in the menue, then a dropdown would open up with its contents, you could quickly drop down , drop down , drop down and find your files quick08:40
jayari right click BAM! theres my docs, projects, email...08:40
jayarLOVED that08:40
bazhang!ot | brady2600 jayar08:40
ubottubrady2600 jayar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:40
brady2600we are seeking support08:41
brady2600we are looking for that08:41
brady2600we are looking for what was being explained08:41
bazhangbrady2600, its gone way past support. chit chat elsewhere08:41
degkoratHi, need help desperately about installing. It stocks on  "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place"08:41
Jester86anyone following the ubuntu phone?08:41
bazhangJester86, #ubuntu-phone08:42
Jester86ahh thanks bazhang08:42
ben_howdy late night ubuntu channel!08:42
bazhangdegkorat, stops for how long08:42
bggme too08:43
jayari've been on the IRC since '97. this channel isnt busy enough for me to care about that at 3:42am... however, i do completely agree with management, and i'll be moving to #ubuntu-offtopic if anyone wants to join :)08:43
keber4 vasaku südamega ükskotti ja 4 vasaku südamega jumalat ja 4 parema südamega ükskotti ja 4 parema südamega jumalat ja kuu peal on samamoodi maa peal on 4 parema südamega meest kellel muna on tagasi õmmeldud 4 vasaku südamega meest kellele muna o08:45
bazhangkeber, wrong place and language for that08:46
brady2600a ton of people idle in here, but ive never seen this room moving all that fast, the amount of policing here is excessive, authoritarianism is the way to win people over to your os08:46
decciI installed virtualbox 4.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 and it got installed properly but when I am running it through Ubuntu GUI its not working. how to fix?08:46
jayardecci: check your error logs /var/logs08:47
mesqukabrady, please stop slamming08:47
bazhangbrady2600, #ubuntu-ops should you wish to discuss further, NOT here08:47
bazhangdecci, got the guest additions installed? the kernel header?08:47
vect0rAm I able to discuss wine related issues with Ubuntu here? Or only #winehq ?08:48
bazhangvect0r, app help in that channel08:48
brady2600yes.. go beg to the people who have already decided to ignore. Thanks comrad.08:48
bazhangvect0r, did you check the appdb yet08:48
deccibazhang: While I installed Virtualbox, I could see it starting Virtualbox Kernel module08:49
vect0rYep, supposed to work fine according to appdb. I have a feeling it's an issue related to my graphics card and ubuntu, not sure though.08:49
kelvinellathere is a bug in inserting text in xfig08:49
kelvinellamissing fonts in xfig in 12.0408:49
deccibazhang: I dont see anything in logs08:49
mesqukavect0r: whats the app and problem you are having?08:50
deccibazhang: the var log shows vboxdrv: TSC mode is synchronized , kernel timer is normal08:50
deccivboxplci: IOMMU not found08:50
kelvinellagsfonts-x11 needs to be installed manually to get it to work...08:51
deccibazhang: How shall I start virtualbox08:51
vect0rIt's a game - Rift - (http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=22884). I've configured as per those options (and tried many different configurations, as well as Wine versions) and the framerate is unplayable. 1FPS at most.08:51
vect0rCan get it to run and everything like that, but no dice on playability.08:51
bazhangdecci, if the header and guest additions are installed, I'm not sure then; you may wish to also ask in #vbox as well08:51
vect0ri7 2600 + Radeon 7970 is what I'm running.08:51
degkoratHi everybody somebody willing to help?08:51
auronandacevect0r: are you using unity/compiz?08:52
deccibazhang: virtualbox wont install if kernel header is missing correct?08:52
mesqukado you have the drivers installed?08:52
vect0rI have the latest drivers from AMD installed.08:52
deccibazhang: How shall I verify it running through commandline08:52
jayarask your question, degkorat08:52
vect0rauronandace: Using 12.10 out of the box with unity.08:53
degkoratSo I am trying to use Skeychup but I got a problem about pixel, and it does not start08:53
bazhangdegkorat, how long does it hang at ldconfig08:53
auronandacevect0r: games in wine don't play nice with compiz, try another desktop like xfce with xfwm08:53
deccijayar: How shall I start virtualbox through commandline08:53
bazhangdegkorat, thats your last question before you parted here08:53
faryshtaHi, does usb-creator works for other distros too? I want to install fedora on a usb08:53
degkoratthis is my first, I had another one but solved already08:54
auronandacevect0r: its the very first warning in the topic in #winehq08:54
bazhangfaryshta, use unetbootin, or ask in #fedora08:54
degkoratso this is my second08:54
Muphridfaryshta: no, use unetbootin08:54
mesqukachannel is too fast to follow on my small phone screen08:54
vect0rWell, if it helps I had the exact same issue using LinuxMint.08:54
faryshtaMuphrid, bazhang thanks08:54
vect0rIt's not that the framerate is just slightly low, it's at 1FPS staring at the ground. I'm thinking it's got to be something else.08:55
vect0rJust can't figure it out.08:55
jayardecci: http://www.linux.com/news/enterprise/systems-management/8224-secrets-for-controlling-virtualbox-from-the-command-line08:55
vect0rI'll give that a go, though.08:55
faryshta /join #fedora08:55
degkoratSketch up I mean08:55
auronandacevect0r: compositing window manager don't play well with wine games08:55
bazhangdegkorat, and where is skeychup installed from, what does it do, is it a windows app through wine or what. please give us these details, First08:56
jayarbazhang: i think sketchup is a google prog08:56
deccijayar: I tried running vbox and it says command not found08:56
degkoratYes, si it is Sketchup (Google 3d). You can use it for 3d drawing. I installed with wine after download from Google08:57
bazhangdegkorat, and what do google forum s and the wine appdb say about using it with Ubuntu08:57
degkoratwine just installed. I follow instruction from http://ubuntuguide.net/install-google-sketchup-cad-style-app-in-ubuntu-using-wine08:58
bazhangdegkorat, so you have checked neither?08:59
bazhangdecci, did you read the article jayar linked you to?08:59
deccibazhang: Yes..I am trying to run vboxManage or vbox but command is not there08:59
bazhangdecci, do you have the case correct?09:00
degkoratI just get the welcome page of Sketchup, then I get the error that sketchup was unable to inziate the GL... and say to be sure about driver but I don't really know the meaning09:00
blaz_how can i setup iptv over lan to work simultaneusly with internet over wifi? i have 12.0409:01
bazhangdegkorat, and what does the appdb say about using that with ubuntu and wine09:01
degkoratwhat is appdb?09:02
highway900Hi, some processes I have started with upstart are causing my machine to hang when shutting down. i.e. shutdown is unable to kill the processes. Any ideas how to debug what is causing this?09:02
auronandace!appdb | degkorat09:02
ubottudegkorat: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:02
degkoratOK, I will try it09:02
bazhangcheck there, degkorat , also google forums, and /join #winehq for particular app help09:02
deccibazhang: You mean in CLI09:03
bazhangdecci, what is cli. you got a link to read about controlling vbox via command line, did you read the link.09:03
highway900bazhang, command line interfac09:04
deccibazhang: I am concerned about how to get Virtualbox 4.2 working rather than CLI09:04
bazhanghighway900, context please,09:04
degkoratit seems nobody there09:04
deccibazhang: I tried /etc/init/vboxdrv setup..it worked but nothing openning up while i Click on VM Virtualbox09:04
bazhangdegkorat, then be patient it takes more a single minute to get a response09:04
deccibazhang: How to verify the installation09:05
degkoratyes, wait09:05
vect0rauronandace: Thanks for the info, going to give it a try :) Can you point me in the direction into how to go about to chaing to something like xfce?09:06
auronandace!xfce | vect0r09:07
ubottuvect0r: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:07
still-point68salve a tutti la mia scheda wireless  Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01), quando la spengo da tastiera non si riattiva. il led rimane sempre spento.09:07
=== Guest72510 is now known as grandrew
joapuipehi. I have tracker-miner-fs consuming 100% of one of my cores and 6.6GB of memory. Any advice to reduce the CPU and Mem. usage of this process?09:09
blaz_can anyone help me... i'm busting my ass on this thing for some weeks now09:10
vect0rThank you09:10
ubottuSupport: #xubuntu | Developer Discussion: #xubuntu-devel | Offtopic chatter: #xubuntu-offtopic09:10
nNaHow can I reduce the microphone noise? I know that in Windows, there was just a simple checkbox in the Control Panel, but in Ubuntu I tried alsamixer, etc., but I can't seem to find the option.09:11
faryshtahow can I know my graphic card driver?09:12
Muphridfaryshta: do you know the model?09:12
bazhangfaryshta, lspci09:12
malusblaz_ restate your issue - I can't find your original question...09:12
bazhangblaz_, is that iptv card compatible with linux?09:12
faryshtaMuphrid, bazhang http://pastebin.com/kVX7m52h09:12
mesqukalspci | vga09:13
bazhangblaz_, whats the exact make and model of it09:13
faryshtamesquka, http://pastebin.com/kVX7m52h09:13
atleffaryshta, open a terminal and type: inxi -Gx09:13
Muphridfaryshta: the driver for that is fglrx-legacy, what ubuntu version are you using?09:13
faryshtaMuphrid, 12.1009:14
blaz_its not an iptv card its an ethernet card i already works so that i can view tv... just that i cant view v and use the internet at the same time....someone once told that the default routes need to be set up09:14
faryshtaatlef, installing inxi09:14
degkoratAny news about Google Sketchup on Lubuntu?09:14
faryshtaatlef, can't find package inxi09:14
bazhangdegkorat, whats the appdb say? and google forums09:14
blaz_malus how can i setup iptv over lan to work simultaneusly with internet over wifi? i have 12.0409:14
faryshtaMuphrid, do you think everything will blow or stop working if I uninstall that card?09:15
faryshtaI mean driver. sorry09:15
Muphridfaryshta: what driver are you using?09:15
degkoratno answer from appdb09:15
faryshtaMuphrid, I don't know, that is what I am asking09:15
faryshtaMuphrid, which command can tell me?09:15
bazhangdegkorat, its a website09:15
Muphridfaryshta: fglrx-legacy is not supported by that particular version of ubuntu09:15
blaz_i tried some things using ifconfig but if i delete the original default route an set he default route throught the wifi card then i dont have tv :D09:15
Muphridand i would not advise using 12.10 in radeonhd cards...09:16
Muphridthere is a ppa for downgrading the xorg09:16
atleffaryshta, inxi should be there by default09:16
blaz_a similiar issue with windows is resolved by setting a different mtu09:16
Muphridparticular version of xorg* i meant09:16
faryshtainxi program not found :/09:16
degkorathold on09:16
faryshtaMuphrid, so what do I do?09:16
Muphridfaryshta: any reason you want the proprietary drivers?09:17
Muphridthey are not good for anything except gaming09:17
jayarblaz_: whats the error?09:17
blaz_not mtu i mean matrix (the value by which the order of cards is defined)09:17
faryshtaMuphrid, no I don't I don't even know if I have it installed09:17
faryshtaMuphrid, how do I know if I have it installed?09:17
faryshtaMuphrid, is there an alternative?09:18
Muphridfaryshta: you probably dont09:18
faryshtaMuphrid, so what do I do?09:18
blaz_jayar there is no error... just that i cant use the net while watching tv on the lan card09:18
Muphridfaryshta: what exactly do you want to fix, a slow system?09:18
jayarblaz_: are you using VLC?09:18
faryshtaMuphrid, too much energy consumption and overheating09:18
blaz_jayar: yes i am09:18
Muphridfaryshta: follow these instructions http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2012/10/how-to-install-amd-catalyst-legacy.html09:19
64MACH8ZNhello! i search a documentation of Applet Framework (gnome shell), can anybody help?09:19
mesqukafaryshta: try underclocking09:19
mesqukadont worry,listen to murphid09:19
faryshtaHow do I know which driver I am using? http://pastebin.com/kVX7m52h09:20
faryshtaMuphrid, that is for HD Radeon cards09:20
Muphridfaryshta: your is Radeon HD320009:20
auronandacefaryshta: lsmod tells you what is loaded09:20
=== alberto is now known as Andre
michele__3d ita09:20
jayarblaz_: you cant USE the net while watching tv via internet...09:21
faryshtaauronandace, ok what do I look there?09:21
jayarblaz_: that was a question btw, not to be confused with a statement.09:23
BlackDalekhey... in the middle of installing xubuntu alongside my regular ubuntu - I am at the paritioning screen.. there is a left side and a right side but utterly no explanantion which side is which :( ... is xubunut the left side or right side?09:23
gaussblurinchello! can anybody helps me with Applet Framework (gnome shell)?09:23
iLogicali don't have kde accessibility package installed but i have it running on my system tray, how do i remove it09:23
blaz_jayar: aha ok :D yes while watching IPTV i CAN'T use the internet09:23
faryshtaMuphrid, but that will install another driver, I want to know which one I am using first09:23
MuphridiLogical: do you know the package name?09:23
Muphridfaryshta: there are only two radeon drivers, the one included in xorg (xserver-xorg-video-radeon) and fglrx09:24
jayarblaz_: thats very odd. when you pause, can you use the internet? or is it just while its open09:24
BlackDalekis there a separate channel for xubuntu questions or is this the right channel?09:24
blaz_jayar: its while i have the lan cable inserted09:24
iLogicalit's not installed though09:24
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:24
Muphridfaryshta: type 'lsmod | grep radeon'09:25
Muphridis the radeon module is loaded then youre using the xorg driver09:25
jayarblaz_: please tell me that you have the lan cable inserted the entire time you are trying to gain internet access...09:25
blaz_jayar: because the default route goes through over the lan cable... which is hooked in a viedo out port on the modem, and has no internet acces, just iptv acces09:25
faryshtaMuphrid, http://pastebin.com/6WbRxF4Q09:26
Muphridfaryshta: lspci -v | grep -A 10 VGA\ compatible    could work aswell09:26
jayarblaz_: oh wait... you're trying to use an iptv connection to access the internet?09:26
blaz_jayar: i do not have internet over the lan cable.... its just for iptv... i connect via the wifi for the internet09:26
BlackDalekno one is awake in #xubuntu09:27
iLogicalMuphrid, do you know how to disable it?09:27
blaz_jayar: no i use wifi for internet and lan for iptv09:27
Muphridfaryshta: yes youre using the radeon driver from xorg09:27
jayarwell theres yer problem kid09:27
iLogicalfound it nvm09:27
blaz_jayar: but cannot use both at the same time09:27
MuphridiLogical: i dont use kde, you should look for the package name. type ps -u yourusername09:27
Muphridand look for the process09:27
BlackDalekhey... in the middle of installing xubuntu alongside my regular ubuntu - I am at the paritioning screen.. there is a left side and a right side but utterly no explanantion which side is which :( ... is xubunut the left side or right side?09:27
iLogicalMuphrid, already found it, nvm, thanks09:27
faryshtaMuphrid, http://pastebin.com/3ScZaG1Z09:28
Muphridfaryshta: yes, like i said...09:28
faryshtaMuphrid, what if I uninstall that driver and NOT use fglrx?09:28
Muphridgoing on09:28
Muphridfaryshta: you will have a low graphics fallback09:29
Cur10u8which torrent client is the best for ubuntu?09:29
Muphridresolution and other things wont be detected09:29
jayarohhhhhhhhhhhh i gotchya... so your wireless card is on yer wifi, but when you plug in to watch tv, it takes over your net... i cant say its an IP conflict, cuz im not sure how the iptv box gives you an ip (dhcp or static) but it sounds more like one of your lan/wifi cards is taking over09:29
blaz_Cur10u8: try transmission09:29
jayari have 3 on my box, and i cant use 2 at a time...09:29
faryshtabut to install fglrx I need to downgrade xorg right?09:30
Muphridfaryshta: unfortunately, yes09:30
faryshtaMuphrid, I dunno if that is what I want. I prefer to roll back to 11.1009:30
jayarblaz_: have you tried to bridge the connections?09:30
Muphridfaryshta: I have a similar card, HD3300 and im running 12.04.1 , got no issues with graphics or performance09:31
Muphridrunning the radeon module09:31
degkorathi again, it says many things but not why does not work09:31
Cur10u8what can i use as alternate to notepad++ for windows. as it does not support ubuntu.09:31
jayarblaz_: (that worked for my partners pc which has a nas/lan and my network)09:31
blaz_jayar: yes its is like that :D i do remeber on win xp it was solved by setting a different matrix for each card then it would work.... on win7 it works automatically.... on raspberry pi i set it up using vlan09:31
aeon-ltdCur10u8: what features do you need?09:32
Muphridfaryshta: the xorg downgrading operation is reversible09:32
Muphridyou can try it...09:32
jayaryou lost me at matrix09:32
vect0rauronandace: Thanks for the tip, installed xubuntu and selected that as my session after reboot, however, still not going over 1FPS. The search continues.09:32
Cur10u8html and css editor.09:32
blaz_jayar: i will look insto brigding connections... one moment09:32
jayarput the interfaces on dif subnets maybe09:33
blaz_jayar: the lan is on static ip09:33
aeon-ltdCur10u8: http://superuser.com/questions/256035/what-is-a-good-linux-html-css-php-editor-for-somebody-recently-migrated-from-n09:34
degkoratNo help here?09:34
blaz_jayar: yes sorry its not the matrix its a value to assign to the card so the pc knows which has the priority09:35
jayaryea but you have 2 dif connections to the world. wifi and iptv. they both need to be in love with they dont like to share tho... unless you running windows and enable "network sharing"09:35
degkoratIs there anybody around Bangkok that I can meet to let the program works?09:36
blaz_jayar: the value is called interface metric :D09:37
faryshtaMuphrid, I see I have other xserver-xorg-video-* drivers installed09:37
faryshtaMuphrid, including intel, nvidia, etc. should I remove them?09:37
jayaryea i knew what you meant :)09:38
Muphridfaryshta: they are pre-installed because people have different hardware and they should support the most hardware possible09:38
Muphridthey are inoffensive to your hardware09:38
degkoratSomebody here for help?09:38
faryshtaMuphrid, so they are not causing overheating too? if I remove them something bad happens?09:38
Muphridfaryshta: no09:39
Muphridthey are not even loaded09:39
keber4 vasaku südamega ükskotti ja 4 vasaku südamega jumalat ja 4 parema südamega ükskotti ja 4 parema südamega jumalat ja kuu peal on samamoodi maa peal on 4 parema südamega meest kellel muna on tagasi õmmeldud 4 vasaku südamega meest kellele muna o09:40
jayarblaz_ matrix is funnier. : however.. when you $ ifconfig, it shows 2 network devices, 2 IPs, they're both static, fine, but are the subnets the same? are the IPs the same?09:40
keber4 vasaku südamega ükskotti ja 4 vasaku südamega jumalat ja 4 parema südamega ükskotti ja 4 parema südamega jumalat ja kuu peal on samamoodi maa peal on 4 parema südamega meest kellel muna on tagasi õmmeldud 4 vasaku südamega meest kellele muna o09:41
jayar!english keber09:41
degkoratReally not nice no have help. I am trying from many weeks to let the Ubuntu working and seems it does not and everybody looks like are an elite of programmer that never give a clear answer.09:42
degkoratI think I will remove all09:42
jayardegkorat: what is your issue?09:42
blaz_jayar: yes it shows them both wifi is not static.. i found something on the net now... will try it but will probably lose net connection will come back if it works09:42
degkoratI would like to use Sketchup. It does not work as it doesn not work Open office and more and I don't know why09:43
degkoratI spend hours on forums and terminal for nothing09:43
degkoratand sometimes I get tired too of course09:44
degkoratalso the synaptic never have something when I look for09:44
BHAGIany backtrack buddies ????09:44
degkorator maybe I don't know how to use it09:44
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:44
mysteryDoes anyone know anything about a user called chmod775?09:45
atlefdegkorat, http://ubuntuguide.net/install-google-sketchup-cad-style-app-in-ubuntu-using-wine09:45
BHAGIyup @IdleOne09:45
degkoratYes I did follow that09:45
IdleOneBHAGI: #backtrack-linux09:45
datruthdoes anyone connect to remote rtsp servers that sits behind nat+firewall?09:45
jayaratlef: alley-oop. you win, cuz i almost pasted that same damn link09:45
atlefdegkorat, ok, and it did not work?09:45
degkoratbut it does not start, it crash after entering09:46
mysteryDo you know a chmod775?09:46
faryshtawhat happens if I uninstall my graphic card driver? Will the computer not reboot anymore?09:46
BHAGIwhy what happened mystery ??09:46
jayarfaryshta: no09:46
mysteryDo you remember that?09:46
mysteryHe added me on Skype, claiming he's "Anon" and is listing all m details (and my brothers).09:47
jayarfaryshta: it will boot fine until you get to the OS, then it will either tell you its broken, or not show you the beautiful images you desire09:47
IdleOnemystery: contact your local police, has nothing to do with Ubuntu09:47
mysteryBut look at that link.09:47
mysteryYou've talked to him.09:48
faryshtajayar, well that is a problem09:48
IdleOnemystery: I have talked to literally thousands of people in the last 6-7 years09:49
jayarfaryshta: when you uninstall a graphic card driver, when you reboot, it wants to reinstall it09:50
faryshtajayar, but if the system doesn't load I won't be able to connect to internet and re install the driver.09:51
jayarwell if the system doesnt load, its not your video card thats the problem09:51
faryshtajayar, just to make it sure. how do I download installation files without installing them with apt-get ?09:52
degkoratstill there? Suggestion?09:52
Muphridfaryshta: --download-only ?09:53
decciI am getting some permission issue09:53
faryshtaMuphrid, yes, so I can just install them if I don't have internet09:53
decciwhile starting virtualbox command in ubuntu 10.04.409:53
blaz_jayar: i was playing around with the metric but i couldnt set it up properly i guess...09:54
decciWhile I run virtualbox command it says RagnaRok__ VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/Virtualbox.so") , failed : /usr/lib/libQtOpenGL.so.4:undefined symbol: _ZN14QPaintEngineEx1drawEllipseERK5QRecr09:54
Muphridfaryshta: sudo apt-get install packagename -d09:54
faryshtaMuphrid, trying09:54
jayarwhen you boot, if you get a messed up screen, use ctrl+alt+f109:55
degkoratno time for me?09:55
faryshtaMuphrid "apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon -d" doesn't download anything09:55
jayarfaryshta: you have internet now. download it, put it on a USB or CD09:55
decciRagnaRok__ VirtualBox: supR3HardenedVerifyFileInternal: cannot trust the file "/usr/lib/virtualbox/Virtualbox": group and/or other writable (st_mode=0100777)09:56
jayardegkorat: i'm not sure how to help you09:56
degkoratI need to be guide step by step, all the suggestion I get in forum and google are for expert, I cannot understand the meaning of all09:56
degkoratnow I found that I need to change a register but how to open a .exe in ubuntu?09:56
faryshtadegkorat, what is your problem?09:56
Muphridfaryshta: sorry it is apt-get download packagename09:56
degkoratI would like to use SKetchup but it crash09:57
jayaryou dont open .exe in ubuntu09:57
degkoratSo now it seems that I need to change a register09:57
degkoratin the windows simulation of wine09:57
faryshtadegkorat, yay working09:57
jayari think the one dude suggested he use wine09:57
degkoratbut to do this I need to lounch regedit.exe09:57
Ben64type "regedit"09:58
atlefwine will open regedit.exe09:58
degkorator there is another way ti use Sketchup?09:58
jayargoto start>cmd and type regedit.exe09:58
jayarwhat version of windows are you running on wine?09:58
jayaror is that a stupid question09:58
Ben64degkorat: read this http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2129009:59
degkoratOK wait don't run away... I will try it09:59
jayartheres no running in #ubuntu10:00
faryshtaMuphrid, yay working10:00
blaz_lol :D10:00
jayarslippery when grep10:00
blaz_jayar: this is my routing table http://justpaste.it/1q6p10:00
blaz_if it gives you any ideas10:01
faryshtaMuphrid, jayar uninstalled the driver and rebooting wish me luck.10:01
blaz_the routing table when both lan and wifi are connected10:01
Muphridfaryshta: Good luck10:01
LeMikehello. can someone help with symlinks please? I do "ln -s ./vendor/buddy ./htdocs/wp-content/themes" on a folder but the created link is useless and just looks like a file.10:03
faryshtaMuphrid, jayar rebooted. everything looks the same. after removing xserver-xorg-video-radeon10:04
Muphridfaryshta: check what module is used in lspci -v10:05
degkoratOK, now I can open it but I cannot save the image10:06
faryshtahttp://pastebin.com/n8dHtSau Muphrid jayar10:06
degkoratand how to install open office from Synaptic?10:07
degkoratlater I will see why cannot save images, Temporary I will screen shot it10:07
Muphridfaryshta: Um, youre still using the same10:07
Third3yeEy -- after installing ubuntu 64 and doing a dist-upgrade with stable nvidia drivers unity won't start10:08
faryshtaMuphrid, damn. I uninstalled the package10:08
GoogleGuyI have an issue where rsyslog is not logging anything. What's the best way to debug that?10:08
Third3yeThere's no window manager at all and when I log in there's nothing on the desktop except the wallpaper10:08
faryshtaMuphrid, how can I remove the driver?10:08
Third3yeHow do I debug this problem, where are the crash logs for unity?10:08
faryshtaapt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-radeon didn't worked10:09
Muphridfaryshta: you can simply blacklist it though i dont know what you would use instead10:09
goddardhow can i mount this disk? http://pastebin.com/P4409Vi610:09
faryshtaMuphrid, I think I won't use graphic card at all. I don't play video games and don't even have flash installed10:10
Muphridfaryshta: there is the vesa driver, although i dont know how to use it exactly10:10
Muphridfaryshta: http://askubuntu.com/questions/145821/how-do-i-force-x-to-use-the-vesa-driver10:12
jacklkHi, is there any support channels for Openbox or can I get it here?10:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:14
Muphridfaryshta: Um, i think youre better downgrading still10:15
jacklkAre there any support channels for Openbox?10:15
Muphridfaryshta: what if you use something like gnome fallback instead of unity?10:16
faryshtaMuphrid, I am using xfce10:17
Muphridfaryshta: that should be a performance problem10:18
EmanonSo, I heard that 13.04 may integrate network bonding into the network manager, is this true?10:21
EmanonOr is there a better channel to ask this in?10:21
ChaozHenchmanI think #ubuntu-offtopic would be better suited for this10:22
ChaozHenchmanbecause it's not really a troubleshooting thing10:22
EmanonBut this is on topic just a beta release is there a channel for upcoming ubuntu releases?10:23
MuphridEmanon: #ubuntu-devel i think10:23
EmanonThank you Muphrid.10:23
ChaozHenchmandid not know about that channel10:23
EmanonIt's ok it happens to me all the time. :-)10:23
MonkeyDustEmanon  support for 13.04 in #ubuntu+110:24
EmanonThanks again.10:24
bazhangEmanon, its #ubuntu+110:25
EmanonThanks bazhang I'm in there now.10:25
Third3yeWhat's ubuntus gdm?10:28
Third3yeI'm trying to restart it because I think the nvidia drivers were to blame for my problems -- so I've now removed them and want to restart the login screen :P10:28
EmanonLightDM handles the login screen I think.10:28
Third3yeThere we go..!10:29
Third3yeSo now the question is: how the hell do I get nvidia to work?10:29
jayar^ what Emanon said, and you can use CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to prompt10:29
Third3yejayar: way ahead of you ^^10:29
Third3yeI'm not a complete n00b :P10:30
* jayar was late on the answer tip10:30
Third3yeHad to use apt-get to remove the nvidia drivers10:30
EmanonI hope I'm not either but I didn't know about ctrl alt f110:30
Third3yeBut I still want the proprietary nvidia drivers :/ I only installed ubuntu to use steam10:30
Third3yeEmanon: it's how you get to the console :)10:30
EmanonAnd I didn't know that.10:30
jayarwait what? "only installed ubuntu to use steam" ???10:31
Third3yeI wanted to test steam for linux10:31
EmanonI'm used to alt+d2 for the quick version and ctrl+alt+t for the ful terminal.10:31
Emanonalt+f2 I meant.10:31
Third3yeSo I installed the 32bit, it worked -- then I installed 64bit, and it didn't work with the nvidia drivers :/10:31
EmanonIt works fine with mine...10:32
EmanonOr at least it works.10:32
jayarthat would be a hardware issue10:32
EmanonI have multiple monitors so nothing really "works great"10:32
onto1Hi! I am trying to compile some SDL-dependent code but here's what I get: undefined reference to `SDL_MapRGB'10:32
onto1undefined reference to `SDL_Init'10:32
onto1under precise10:32
onto1it used to work fine in 10.0410:32
Third3yejayar: how so?10:33
jayaronto1: are you getting something like this? /tmp/ccoqWjtQ.o: In function `Slock(SDL_Surface*)':10:34
_polto_hi !10:34
jayarThird3ye: video drivers might not like 64bit10:35
onto1jayar: No10:35
jacklkHi, I have Openbox installed, and am using the tint2 taskbar. It has a square border and background around it and is meant to be curved, can someone help?10:35
EmanonIDK the latest nvidia driver in jockey works in 64 bit 12.10 for me.10:36
_polto_is there a way to test ubuntu-phone on my Galaxy Note 2 ? I am running a chrooted Ubuntu for a year now. My web and mail servers are running on it. :) but I'd really like to ban Android completely from my phone. Is it already possible since it has been announced ?10:36
MonkeyDust_polto_  #ubuntu-phone10:36
EmanonOh MonkeyDustI love you I'm heading there now.10:37
_polto_thanks MonkeyDust10:37
jayaryou include SDL.h with double quotes and not < > ?10:37
jayarah crap wrong windo10:37
onto1here's my full error message http://pastebin.ca/229978610:37
jacklkDoes anyone here know about Openbox and/or tint2?10:37
onto1jayar: Yes10:38
jayaronto1: well then i dunno. im lookin at yer error msg... one sec10:38
onto1jayar: Should it be "SDL.h" or "SDL/SDL.h"?10:39
aeon-ltdjacklk: ask the real question10:39
jacklkHi, I have Openbox installed, and am using the tint2 taskbar. It has a square border and background around it and is meant to be curved, can someone help?10:39
aeon-ltdjacklk: what do you want it to be?10:40
jacklkBut for some reason there are sharp rectangle edges.10:40
aeon-ltdjacklk: that screenshot shows it is curved10:40
warfarhello i have a problem where i cannot access my windows partion10:41
warfari get the message the location is not a folder10:41
Muphridjacklk: did you use tint2conf?10:41
warfarwhen i go to media/username it says i don't have enough permission10:41
jacklkMuphrid: No I don't know what to edit.10:41
Muphridjacklk: tint2conf should be a GUI10:42
aeon-ltdjacklk: oh wait i think i understand now, you mean there is a black background behind the panel?10:42
jacklkMuphird: I know?10:42
jayaronto1: you have installed libsdl?10:42
Cur10u8HI @10:43
onto1jayar: Yes10:43
Cur10u8I use ubuntu inside windows.10:43
onto1jayar: libsdl1.2-dev10:43
MonkeyDustCur10u8  that's called wubi10:44
Cur10u8now i want to setup new windows. so can i make a backup of Ubuntu.?10:44
aeon-ltdjacklk: in your tint2 conf did you enable transparency?10:44
Cur10u8ubuntu 12.04 LTS10:44
Cur10u8help me pls...10:44
MonkeyDustCur10u8  wubi is meant not a real installation, it's for testing purposes, better install ubuntu on its own partition10:44
warfarlol i installed wubi on its own partion10:45
Cur10u8i'm not a expert.10:45
jacklkaeon-ltd: Okay I'll have a look.10:45
MonkeyDustCur10u8  no problem, that's why i'm explaining10:45
warfarbut can anyone help me?10:45
jayaronto1: compiler looks for environment defined values so normall you should not need to define it.... so im not sure whats goin on here10:46
Ben64!details | warfar10:46
ubottuwarfar: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:46
warfarhello i have a problem where i cannot access my windows partion10:46
warfari get the message the location is not a folder10:46
warfarwhen i go to media/username it says i don't have enough permission10:46
onto1jayar: it says on some pages (http://askubuntu.com/questions/68922/cant-compile-program-that-uses-sdl-after-upgrade-to-11-10-undefined-reference) that it's the order of the options but I am using a makefile, could that be the issue?10:46
Cur10u8MonkeyDust help me.10:46
MonkeyDustCur10u8  i have not enough experience with wubi, sorry, and i do not advice to use it10:48
jayaronto1: yea could be the order10:48
serp_6wagow do you try to accesa it?10:48
serp_warfar: how do you try to access it?10:48
warfarclicking on the gateway button on the top of the file browser or going into media/(username)10:49
MonkeyDustCur10u8  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_can_I_make_a_backup_of_my_Wubi_install.3F10:50
serp_oh i dunno then10:50
onto1jayar: but how do I modify the order in a makefile? (I can post it if you want)10:50
warfarthanks -.-10:51
jacklkaeon-ltd: I don't know how to make it transparent.10:52
aeon-ltdjacklk: http://code.google.com/p/tint2/wiki/Configure#Background_and_border10:52
jayaronto1: edit10:52
jayaronto1: change. modify. alter.10:53
Cur10u8@MonkeyDust how can i install ubuntu on my pc without wubi?10:54
warfarCur10u8, make a bootable usb or dvd10:54
aeon-ltdjacklk: if that doesn't work, you'll need this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Tint2#Enabling_transparency - yes i am aware that is the arch wiki10:54
MonkeyDust!install | Cur10u810:54
ubottuCur10u8: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:54
=== tdc_ is now known as tdc
warfaris there anyway to fix my problem?10:55
ActionParsnipWarfar: I just joined. What is the issue please?10:55
warfarhello i have a problem where i cannot access my windows partion10:56
warfari get the message the location is not a folder10:56
jacklkaeon-ltd: Ah, thanks!10:56
warfarwhen i go to media/username it says i don't have enough permission10:56
ActionParsnipWarfar: how did you mount it?10:56
warfarits my windows disk10:56
ania_ActionParsnip, are u paid staff for your work?10:56
onto1jayar: here's what my Makefile looks like currently https://gist.github.com/446655010:57
ActionParsnipWarfar: yes I know, how did you mount it? What steos did you take10:57
warfarno idea what that means :P10:57
lonnieDoes Ubuntu have root access to all installations of ubuntu?  See "we have root" here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/118210:57
ActionParsnipAnia_: just a user whom is an ubuntu member.  Not paid :-)10:57
warfarbut this happened after i made a new wubi disk10:57
warfarsince my old one was too small10:57
onto1How do I append the CFLAGS to the end? :s10:58
ActionParsnipWarfar: are you using wubi now?10:58
Third3yeSo I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers from nvidias web-site10:58
ania_ActionParsnip, your the best i have seen you pirst time like 3-4 years ago....and you are still helping thank you very much10:58
ActionParsnipWarfar: if you run:   ln -s /host ~/Windows        it'll make life easier10:59
ActionParsnipAnia_: no worries dude, thanks for the gratitude :)10:59
ActionParsnipWarfar: ok, open your home folder in nautilus10:59
warfarwhats nautilus11:00
ActionParsnipAnia_: trying to catch Martin Pitt in launchpad11:00
warfaroh ok11:00
warfaryou can tell i'm new to linux11:00
jayaronto1: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2129391/append-to-gnu-make-variables-via-command-line11:00
lonnieDoes Ubuntu have root access to all installations of ubuntu?  See "we have root" here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/118211:01
Third3yeI've installed the kernel headers, I've directed the installer to /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/build/include/linux (which contains kernel.h) but it won't recognise it...11:01
ActionParsnipWarfar: the file manager by default is nautilus.  Everyone is new at some time11:01
sw0rdfish_hi, can apt-get remove.... uninstall apps I manually installed using dpkg -i ?11:01
warfaroh i see11:01
warfarso kinda like explorer11:01
ActionParsnipSw0rdfish_: yes,11:01
sw0rdfish_ActionParsnip: oh wow, that is good news :D11:02
ActionParsnipSw0rdfish: it still adds the package to the database11:02
warfarActionParsnip, my wubi is on a seperate partion than windows11:02
lonnieDoes  Canonical have root access to all installations of ubuntu?  Find "we have root" here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/118211:02
El-E-Va-Tioncan I get some help with kppp?  the window disappears after I connect and the options aren't fixing it11:03
ActionParsnipWarfar: do you see your files in the Windows folder in your home ?11:03
warfarmy linux is on K: and windows is on c:11:03
ActionParsnipWarfar: when did you last chkdsk your windows partition?11:03
=== enchilado is now known as ENchilado
aeon-ltdlonnie: if you're afraid, don't go on the internet.11:03
warfardon't know what that means11:04
ActionParsnipWarfar: and, if you installed wubi on a different partition to Windows, why not do a proper install?11:04
warfarmy flashdrive won't work11:04
lonnieI'm asking a question. and that's not an answer.11:04
lonnieDoes  Canonical have root access to all installations of ubuntu?  Find "we have root" here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/118211:04
warfari tried fat32 and nfts11:04
MonkeyDust!root | lonnie start here11:04
ubottulonnie start here: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:04
ActionParsnipWarfar: its a Windows term, checks the data structure is sound. Scandisk mean anything tobyiu?11:04
aeon-ltdlonnie: in a way, you can give them control. but no if you do not willingly accept (or if your machine accepts) then they don't have control11:05
lonnieWhat does he mean by "we have root" then?11:05
ActionParsnipLonnie: no, there is no root pass and the account is disabled. Nobody has root access11:05
warfari don't  know11:05
Emanon!offtopic | lonnie11:05
ubottulonnie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:05
=== ENchilado is now known as en_CHILADO
warfarbut i was able to access the partion before i made a new disk drive that had more space11:06
ActionParsnipWarfar: I suggest you unmount the NTFS, boot to Windows and run a scandisk11:06
wdplonnie, i don't think it's meant like that; i.e. i don't think they really have root access. by default ubuntu has no root password set. However, they _might_ have or lemme rephrase "one" might use sudo or a special user account with root permissions. You should check your sudo rules. Anyway: Read the "we have root" part with the following sentence in that article.11:07
ActionParsnipLonnie: the Amazon suggestion thing is anonymous.  You can remove the Amazon thing easily11:07
wdplonnie, i think it's meant like that: you're installing ubuntu - that means you're trusting them in some way - there might be all sorts of exploits, and code in applications which originate from ubuntu developers.11:08
wdpnot saying that is the case, just saying that is possible. so in a way... they have root.11:08
jayarwdp: you can say that for any distro of opensource OS11:09
lonnieI was concerned that he means, he can see all your files if he wants too, but choses not to and you should continue to trust him. He said "we have root"11:09
wdpjayar, correct.11:09
ActionParsnipYay I'm the top dog in launchpad karma.11:09
aeon-ltdderailing but; if you are afraid can you truly trust anyone. can you trust microsoft just because you pay for a license?11:09
lonnieIf there is not root, then why would he say "we have root"  ?11:09
wdplonnie, this is correct -> he could, if he adds that to some application.11:09
Ben64lonnie: a quick google search answers your question11:09
wdplonnie, just like in every other distribution.11:09
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
bazhanglonnie, this is for ubuntu support. lets move on please11:09
ActionParsnipLonnie: no, that isn't a feature11:09
lonnieIt is a fair concern have have. I appreciate the answers.11:10
MonkeyDustlonnie  by now you should have understood that you cannot have root access11:10
* wdp wonders if such questions are really not part of support-questions. Actually there's a user who needs support because he/she is wondering about an official statement on some page regarding the security of ubuntu.11:10
wdpor even regarding privacy.11:11
bazhangwdp, after ten answers its way past support11:11
lonniestrange thing for him to say, being that there is not root access11:11
jayarbut its getting into a debate,11:11
wdpright, i see.11:11
bazhanglonnie, thats enough. #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat11:11
IdleOnelonnie: That one sentence taken out of context does seem strange. it was meant to be cheaky. Now let's move on please.11:12
lonnieI just want all of you to know. "I have root" before I go.11:12
ActionParsnipFunny how the Amazon thing is only in Unity/Gnome and not in the other flavours ;)11:12
ActionParsnipLonnie: via sudo, yes11:12
=== bipul is now known as B|i|p|u|l
El-E-Va-Tioncan I get some help with kppp?  the window disappears after I connect and the options aren't fixing it11:13
jayarEl-E-Va-Tion: i had a problem with that and dual monitors, do you have dual monitors?11:14
ActionParsnipEl-e-va-tion: try running it from konsole11:14
El-E-Va-Tionnope, just one monitor on a laptop11:15
El-E-Va-TionI'm running ubuntu 12.1011:15
El-E-Va-TionI click connect and you're supposed to get a globe in your taskbar but there's nothing11:16
=== en_CHILADO is now known as enchilado
El-E-Va-Tionor at least a window pop up or something, nothing comes up but I'm connected11:16
troophttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=S7EbyY53FrA#t=240s what a good font render, but how?11:16
troopplease watch for few seconds11:16
El-E-Va-TionI'll try the console, one sec11:18
jayartroop: #php11:19
codecowboyhi. anyone know why i can to do an openssl connect from the command line in an ubuntu vm except when I have a vpn connection open (on the VM)? the target is internet accessible.11:19
troopjayar what?11:19
El-E-Va-Tionif I run it from the console then all my configuration is gone11:19
bekkscodecowboy: I dont see any special there.11:19
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
Third3yeGetting the nvidia installer to recognise the kernel-source is a pain...11:20
Third3yeI've now installed the headers, linux-source... and yet nothing11:20
jayartroop: what does your post have to do with #ubuntu?11:20
codecowboybekks huh?11:20
ActionParsnipThird3ye: how so, the packages manage it for you11:21
troopjayar if you read my post, i'm asking about font rendering. not php, video tells php but i'm interesting with font rendering especially in web browser.11:21
jayaragain... what does that have to do with #ubuntu?11:21
faryshtaMuphrid, you convinced me. can you give me the downgrade link again?11:22
cfhowletttroop: see #firefox for browser rendering guidance11:22
=== Limit__ is now known as Limit_
Muphridfaryshta: downgrading of xorg?11:22
Third3yeI know -- it's supposed to be in /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/build/include/linux -- the nvidia installer finds the directory but says it can't find kernel.h... which obviously is in the folder11:22
Third3yeEven when specifying where it is it claims it's not there11:23
Ben64Third3ye: why are you installing it manually? you should use the package manager11:23
troopisnt it related with ubuntu ? just firefox?11:23
ActionParsnip! Info linux-image-generic11:23
Third3yeBecause that version doesn't work -- unity won't start and glxinfo says it can't find the screen11:23
Third3yeI'm using 64bit btw, and defeat is not an option11:23
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic11:23
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB11:23
Third3yeAlready installed...11:24
Third3yeand the headers...11:24
faryshtaMuphrid, yes11:24
ActionParsnipThird3ye: well, yeah it's your kernel.11:24
jayartroop: font rendering on websites has nothing to do with an operating system... unless you have like accessibility stuff enabled that makes fonts bigger so, no.11:24
codecowboyhi. anyone know why i can to do an openssl connect from the command line in an ubuntu vm except when I have a vpn connection open (on the VM)? the target is internet accessible.11:24
Muphridfaryshta: http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2012/10/how-to-install-amd-catalyst-legacy.html11:24
troopjayar but in this video all fonts like vector based, even in gedit. anyway  i think its utopic i never seen before11:25
ActionParsnipThird3ye: sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-headers-generic dkms11:25
Ben64Third3ye: installing it manually could cause more problems11:26
El-E-Va-TionActionParsnip:  I ran kppp from the console and it does the same thing - no connect window or icon on the taskbar11:27
Third3yeBen64: What else can I say but "meh"...11:27
Third3yeI installed Linux specifically to try out steam for linux...11:27
ActionParsnipEl-e-va-tion: is there anything output in konsole?11:27
Third3yeI want a 64bit OS, I want the nvidia drivers... nao! :P11:27
Third3yeI'll try to reinstall using the official package... maybe even using an older kernel11:28
ActionParsnipThird3ye: tried the xorg updates PPA (not the edgers)11:28
Third3yethe ubuntu package I mean11:28
El-E-Va-TionActionParsnip:  Yep, it says "sni-qt/2773" WARN  void StaticNoitfierItemFactory::connectToSnw()11:28
El-E-Va-TionInvalid interface to SNW_SERVICE11:28
Third3yeDon't think I have edge turned on...11:28
jayartroop: you can change the font of gedit if thats what your asking11:29
ActionParsnipEl-e-va-tion: ok, find out what that means online11:29
IgramulHi, how can I disable the voice output (might be in the login menu)?11:29
IgramulI am not aware that I'd enabled it.11:29
Igramulbut its "welcome to ..." almost made me deaf11:30
El-E-Va-TionActionParsnip:  only result is something in Italian for VLC, I don't think it's related11:30
ikillcypherHi guys11:31
Ben64Third3ye: you should use the 310 beta in the ubuntu repos11:31
WintusHi, is there anyone who could help me with my Thinkpads trackpoint problem?11:31
Ben64Third3ye: works great with steam11:31
ikillcypherIm issues with my Ubuntu11:31
ikillcypherim actually a newbie11:31
Third3yeBen64: is it the one marked "unstable"?11:31
MonkeyDustikillcypher  let's hear it11:31
Ben64Third3ye: possibly11:31
ActionParsnipThird3ye: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates; sudo apt-get update;  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current11:31
ikillcypherI cant install my ati card here11:32
Ben64Third3ye, ActionParsnip: that version isn't as good11:32
IgramulI installed mythbuntu-desktop, btw.11:32
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: which ati chip and which release11:32
Third3yeAlright... we'll try both :P first; the "experimental" version...11:33
Ben64Third3ye: i'm just saying, because i play games on steam daily11:33
ActionParsnipBen64: 304 works well here11:33
Ben64steam even tells you to install 31011:33
ikillcypherATI 340011:33
ikillcypherno idea about release11:33
ActionParsnipBen64: yeah it also advises the bleeding edge xorg, pretty weird if you ask me11:34
Third3yehmm... I did some grub configuring to... added "nomodes"11:34
jayarikillcypher: have you checked the "additional drivers"11:34
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc11:34
Third3yeWould that be detrimental or should I just leave it?11:34
Ben64nvidia has been putting through a bunch of updates for linux because of steam11:34
ikillcypherand 2) issue11:34
Third3yeWhich is awesome ^_~11:34
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~$ su11:34
Ben64304 -> 310 almost doubled my framerate in TF211:34
ikillcyphersu: Authentication failure11:35
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: use    sudo -I11:35
Third3yeikillcypher: don't use su... use sudo11:35
Igramulikillcypher: use sudo11:35
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: there is no root pass and the account is disabled11:35
Third3yeor sudo bash if you don't want to reenter the password everytime you're entering a command11:35
Igramulikillcypher: usually, Ubutnu has no root password set11:35
ikillcypher<ActionParsnip> Ikillcypher: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc  >>> quantal11:35
jayaryea youre not a super user... your making the super user DO stuff for you11:35
El-E-Va-Tioncan anybody help me with kppp window disappearing in 12.10?11:35
ikillcypherwhy am I not a superuser ?11:36
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: the xorg version in Quantal hates 2xxx 3xxx snd 4xxx ati gpus. There is a fix11:36
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: you get admin access via sudo, logging into gui session as root is mot wise11:36
* ikillcypher is new so he does not understand this11:37
ikillcypherok so how do I fix up my first issue11:37
ikillcyphergetting ati working on Ubuntu11:37
Third3yeHa! it worked, Ben64 ^^11:37
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/ashwinraon_1?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ashwinraon.com%2F2012%2F10%2Famd-legacy-driver-solution-for-ubuntu-12-10%2F&dm_redirected=true11:37
Ben64Third3ye: :)11:37
WintusI have a problem with my new Thinkpad L430. It has both touchpad and trackpoint. When I installed 12.10 it only finds the touchpad. I installed the tp-trackpoint-elantech package and the trackpoint started working. But now I want the touchpad disabled and I can't seem to do it without disabling the trackpoint. Xinput recognizes only one pointer at a time, though there is supposed to be two of them. :l11:39
ikillcypherError: need a repository as argument11:39
DrCodeok, dd worked, it was target disk size, thankyou11:40
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:makson96/fglrx11:40
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: each command starts with the word sudo, so you can now break it up as it should be, the author missed the semicolon between11:41
ikillcyphernot working11:42
Third3yeNow we can only hope they port the gamebryo, unreal and crysis engines :D11:42
ActionParsnipIkillcypher: how can I possibly reply to thst?11:43
ewan_i'm about to file a bug against nexus 7 installer functionality running on 12.04. Before I do, is anyone here involved in that area, or can offer guidance on making that report as useful as possible?11:43
ikillcypherhold on let me get a hold of it11:43
ActionParsnipThird3ye: unreal is ported. What do you think runs urban terror ;)11:43
Third3yeAh shiiit :P ofc11:43
Third3yeGamebryo then11:43
Third3yeThen we could play Fallout and Skyrim on Linux ^_~11:44
Third3yewithout emulation, I mean11:44
Third3yeNow! on to the next task...!11:44
Third3yeHow do I get HDMI sound to work?11:44
ActionParsnipThird3ye: which emulator runs syrim?11:44
MonkeyDustThird3ye  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a headache11:44
Third3yeSorry, MonkeyDust :P ActionParsnip: I'd asume a derivative of wine... like cedegas new venture, whatever it's called again...11:45
ActionParsnipThird3ye: go look up what Wine is an acronym for ;-)11:45
faryshtaMuphrid, after install I have to reboot right?11:46
Muphridfaryshta: yes11:46
ActionParsnipThird3ye: not an emulator11:46
vect0rQuick question, I've got a Radeon 7970. I've installed the latest beta drives - running Ubuntu 11.10. Going into All Settings -> Details -> Graphics, it is showing Driver - VESA: TAHITI11:46
Third3yelol - ofc, but nvm semantics :P11:46
vect0rshouldn't it be showing something else?11:46
faryshtaMuphrid, rebooting, wish me luck11:47
ActionParsnipThird3ye: calling something what it isn't is not semantics,  its being incorrect :-)11:47
Third3yeAlright, alright :P So HDMI sound doesn't seem to work... it shows up HDA Intel but not Nvidia... I'm guessing it is Intel HDA that's the media interface, but when testing audio via the sound configuration there is no sound whatsoever...11:49
ActionParsnipThird3ye: if you run the sound app in dash, do you see the hdmi as an option for output?11:49
Third3yeYes -- it's what I tried to test sound with (the whole left-right thing) but it didn't make a sound11:50
jacklkHas the additonal drivers feature from Ubuntu been removed?11:51
jacklkI need to install my crappy AMD Radeon drivers.11:51
ActionParsnipThird3ye: if you run alsamixer   are all levels unmuted and maxed. If you press F6, is the hdmi selected?11:51
jribjacklk: no it was moved to a tap in software sources11:52
jacklkjrib: SO what can I do?11:52
ActionParsnipJacklk: which ati and which release?11:52
jacklkI have an ATI Radeon HD629011:52
jribjacklk: use it?11:52
jacklkthat's all the know11:52
Third3yeYepp, everything is unmuted ActionParsnip11:52
jacklkjrib: What's a "tap in sources"?11:52
jribjacklk: "tab" not "tap"11:52
jribjacklk: software sources11:53
ActionParsnipJacklk: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc11:53
jacklkWHere do I find them?11:53
jribjacklk: system settings or from the menu in software center11:53
jacklkquantal ActionParsnip11:53
jacklkok jrib11:53
ActionParsnipJacklk: sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle; sudo aticonfig --initial11:55
faryshtaMuphrid, just came back to say thanks, looks like the computer is not heating now11:55
Muphridfaryshta: alright, glad it is working11:56
jacklkActionParsnip OKay11:56
Third3yehere's my alsainfo.sh output -> http://goo.gl/tvzrl11:59
ActionParsnipJacklk: copied from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI11:59
marI have a problem in my laptob hp proBook in ubuntu 10.04 the sound come from both speaker and headphones11:59
ActionParsnipMar: lucid has about 4 months support,  is it really worth it? Why not install Precise and get support til April 201712:01
cfhowlettActionParsnip: your logic is unassailable, Captain ...12:01
ActionParsnipCfhowltt: aye ya scurvvy seadawg12:02
gartralhello all, I'm looking for a way to set up automatic cd ripping from a headless machine, just open tray, drop in disk, close tray and a few minutes later it's done.. any way to do this? Please kep in mind that this is a headless server and doesn't have a graphical front-end12:03
ActionParsnipGartral: you could have a script to run after cd is inserted, you can ssh in to run it12:04
marwhat you mean there is no answer now :'(12:05
gartralActionParsnip: I have that.. but what I want to do is automate it.. it's more for my father who.. well.. is used to a Wii..12:05
ActionParsnipMar: by the time you setup the OS, it will cease to be supported.12:06
Tashtegohi. i am trying to install latest catalyst drivers under ubuntu. and i get an error "previous install of the fglrx driver has been detected".... ? but dpkg -l | grep fglrx <- no hits12:06
ActionParsnipMar: why such an ancient release?12:06
ActionParsnipGartral: http://www.andrews-corner.org/abcde.html12:07
gartralTashtego: try building the package through the CCC install12:07
ActionParsnipMar: why did you not install the latest LTS?12:07
Tashtego? how .. what is ccc install12:07
poqHi guys. Can anybode tell me is the Ultimate Boot CD legal and free for use?12:08
gartralTashtego: that's the Catalyst Control Center installer .run you got from AMD.12:08
marhow you mean reinstall ubuntu again ???12:08
MonkeyDustpoq  you mean Ultimate Edition?12:08
Tashtegogartral: how can i build the package?12:08
gartralActionParsnip: Perfect! I had forgotten about abcde12:09
gartralTashtego: run the .run by double clicking it, it'12:09
cfhowlettpoq: don't know as it's not supported on this channel.  suggest you contact them direct ...12:09
gartralTashtego: run the .run by double clicking it, it's an option in the early step12:09
poqMonkeyDust: I can't see any editions. Here is http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ what I am talking about12:10
MonkeyDustpoq  download it and try it12:10
Tashtegogartral: there were errrors during package generation :(12:11
jacklkHi, when launching a game I get this error: http://pastebin.com/5QzAsE5M12:11
jacklkCan anyone help?12:11
Tashtegogartral: ./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: 294: ./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: debclean: not found12:11
Tashtego./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: 295: ./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: dpkg-buildpackage: not found12:11
ActionParsnipMar: yes, or upgrade directly to Precise.12:12
gartralTashtego: ahh.. apt-get install build-essential12:12
atlefjacklk, do you have your gfx card driver installed12:12
jacklkatlef: idk12:12
ActionParsnipMar: again,  why such an ancient release with so little support left in it?12:12
jacklkI done what ActionParsnip said, I don't think I have the real drvier12:12
Third3yeSo now there's no sound whatsoever... not from internal speakers, not from hdmi either...12:13
wargar2hey is it logical to set my swapspace to my win7 install?12:13
k1l_wargar2: what?12:13
wargar2im installing Ubuntu and i should set a swap  space12:13
marwhat did you mean i didn't get what you said12:13
ActionParsnipWargar2: you could use a swap file stored in NTFS (maybe, never done it). Swap is usually its own partition12:14
wargar2would it effect windows12:14
ActionParsnipMar: why did you install lucid (ubuntu 10.04) when it has only 4 months support left?12:14
Third3yeSo how do I failcheck alsa sound or kernel audio drivers anyways?12:14
atlef!sound | Third3ye12:15
ubottuThird3ye: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:15
k1l_wargar2: make a seperate partition for swap. that is the easiest12:15
Tashtegogartral: make: dh: Command not found12:15
Tashtegomake: *** [build-arch] Error 12712:15
Tashtegodpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 212:15
Tashtego[Error] Generate Package - error generating package : Ubuntu/precise12:15
marOops may be this the problem of our support team they already gave my this Laptob with this version !!!12:15
ActionParsnipWargar2: no, but i'd recommend using its own partition.  If you tell the installer to use the NTFS as swao, it will wipe it and use the whole partition12:16
ActionParsnipMar: no, lucid is nearly dead12:16
troopcan i tune fontconfig on live cd ?12:16
wargar2how do ii add a partion in setup12:16
ActionParsnipTroop: sure, you can do anything in liveCD except reboot12:16
gartralTashtego: I'm not being mean, and to prove the point I'll give you one last hint, but from here out you should do your own research if things blow up.. apt-get install debhelper12:16
troopActionParsnip thanks12:17
jacklkPlease help12:17
ActionParsnipMar: you can upgrade to Precise from Lucid, both are LTS so it is supported12:17
MonkeyDust!info teeworlds12:18
ubottuteeworlds (source: teeworlds): online multi-player platform 2D shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1+dfsg-1 (quantal), package size 335 kB, installed size 860 kB12:18
wargar2how do i add a partion on Ubuntu setup12:18
marActionParsnip: many thanks but how can i do that :)12:18
ActionParsnipJacklk: is there a config file storing the resolution to use?12:18
jacklkI think so12:19
jacklkI will have a search12:19
ActionParsnip!upgrade | mar12:19
ubottumar: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:19
atlefwargar2, you need to shrink windows partition and create free space for ubuntu to be installed12:19
gartralTashtego: It's not you... I just hold a very deep grudge against AMD..12:19
atlef!install | wargar212:19
wargar2aww dang i have to go into win again12:19
ubottuwargar2: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:19
jacklkActionParsnip: I've found it12:20
jacklkWhat shall I set the resolution to?12:20
wargar2how much is reccomended?12:20
jacklkThis monitor is like 1440 x 90012:20
marmay thanks ActionParsnip and ubottu12:20
wargar2(swap size)12:20
Tashtegogartral: ... installed deb-helper. even now it crashes. well its quite the latest ubuntu version and it doesnt support my vga card.... thats ... what about "long time support" ;(12:20
wargar2i have 8gb ram12:20
atlefsame as ram12:21
Tashtegogartral:  thx anyways12:21
gartralTashtego: wait12:21
gartralTashtego: what card?12:21
Tashtegogartral: Radeon HD 7850 Royal King12:21
jacklkActionParsnip: I've changed it, now I get this: http://pastebin.com/eSquXvuH12:21
wargar2nice card12:22
gartralTashtego: *sigh* hang on..12:22
Tashtegogartral: <3 !12:22
gartralTashtego: 35 seconds of googling reveals this.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/205112/ubuntu-12-10-amd-intel-hybrid-graphics-not-working/210565#210565 follow it up to the Optional part..12:24
ActionParsnipJacklk: tried renaming the config folder for the game?12:24
jacklkActionParsnip: What to?12:25
ActionParsnipJacklk: something different12:25
gartralTashtego: in the future, invest in Nvidia.12:26
jacklkthat would just mess it up even more if it can't find the files?12:26
troophello again. now im on live cd. where is fontconfig file?12:26
ActionParsnipJacklk: the app will see no config and make a vanilla folder for you. What do you think happened when you first installed and ran it?12:27
=== Morphje__ is now known as Morphje
jacklkShall I delete the current folder?12:28
jacklkOr move it somewhereit cannot find?12:28
ActionParsnipJacklk: no, rename, like I said and explained12:28
jacklkit still fails12:29
ActionParsnipJacklk: jesus, if its too hard just add the wird 'old' to the end12:29
ActionParsnipJacklk: did a new folder get generated?12:29
jacklkIt's not hard I never said it was12:29
jacklkanother folder did get generated12:29
jacklkIt looks like a problem with my graphics driver, after I installed it I keep getting these error messages12:30
jacklkMaybe I should just sudo rm -r /?12:30
ActionParsnipJacklk: thats how configs work. Very handy. Now you know its not the config at fault. You can delete the new config and rename back the old if you want12:30
alcaprawndidnt expect a native version of steam for nix *_*12:31
bhaveshMy Unity on Ubuntu 12.04.1 started working incredibly faster when I did "sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel", anyone has any idea why?12:32
jacklklol ^12:32
Third3yeok... so I've found a solution, but the solution doesn't work -- since it relies upon a special snapshot of alsa-driver. It's a problem with hp dvx laptops (I have hp dv5). I found it on the help pages for ubuntu, but he source is a bit old (2009) and only works on a Ubuntu 9.04...12:32
jacklkbhavesh: Maybe because you installed your graphics driver?12:33
jacklkActionParsnip: any idea?12:33
jacklkShould I install a different graphics driver?12:33
gartralThird3ye: well.. it's an ugly kludge, but can you live with a usb sound card?12:33
ActionParsnipJacklk: do other games run?12:33
alcaprawndo u have ati or nvidia12:33
jacklkI don't know12:33
jacklkI don't play games12:33
Third3yegartral: not really :P cause I want HDMI to work...12:33
jacklkI only play Teeworlds ;p12:33
alcaprawnjacklk: , what gpu do u have?12:34
jacklkalcaprawn: ATI Radeon HD629012:34
jacklkIt's integrated into this crappy AMD CPU12:34
alcaprawnyou should try latest beta drivers12:34
alcaprawnfrom ati's site12:34
alcaprawnim using them with a 6870 running good enough for now12:34
jacklkOkay I'll try12:34
bhaveshjacklk, I already had it installed..12:34
alcaprawnlook at this post.12:34
jacklkbhavesh: "My Unity on Ubuntu 12.04.1 started working incredibly faster  when I did "sudo apt-get install --reinstall12:35
ActionParsnipJacklk: isn't teeworlds a game?12:35
jacklkActionParsnip: "12:33 < jacklk> I only play Teeworlds ;p12:35
Third3yeIt's kind of perplexing... as internal speakers worked on the 32bit version of ubuntu12:35
jacklkbhavesh: nvm12:35
ActionParsnipJacklk: and you didn't think to maybe try different games....12:35
jacklkLike what games?12:35
Robbiliei really want ubu for phones to be released :(12:36
ActionParsnipJacklk: tuxcart, frozen bubble, ntry searching software centre12:36
jacklkalcaprawn: What psot?12:36
bhaveshRobbilie, Ofcourse it will be released12:36
jacklkRobbilie: It will probably crash your phone12:36
k1l_!phone | Robbilie bhavesh jacklk12:37
ubottuRobbilie bhavesh jacklk: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone12:37
jacklkAMD's servers are so slow it takes like 1 hour to download a graphics driver..12:37
sigurdingcan anyone tell me how to install a plain server with a core unity desktop? I mean without the whole open office stuff etc12:37
ActionParsnipRobbilie: imho, its too late and will die off soon12:37
RobbilieActionParsnip, i dont think so ;)12:37
Robbilieit will have great performance over other oss'12:38
cfhowlettsigurding: purpose of the server?12:38
Robbiliebhavesh, i guess it will be :D jacklk i have an intel powered phone muhahahan :D12:38
DrCodehi all12:38
ActionParsnipRobbilie: considering iphone and android are doing so well, there is little room for a new entry especially at this time12:38
jacklkActionParsnip: What desktop envrioment do you use?12:39
DrCodeIf I have low video card , can I make gnome run faster?12:39
DrCodeI want to use ubuntu12:39
sigurdingcfhowlett: it shall be a local testing machine with postgres and mongo and I do want to have the admin uis installed on it, because of that I would like to have a desktop12:39
ActionParsnipJacklk: I don't,  I only use fluxbox these days12:39
sigurdingcfhowlett: it is installed in VM12:39
DrCodeits ati card,12:39
RobbilieActionParsnip, i guess like in desktop environments, they dont want to be the biggest but are fine with beeing beside the biggest12:39
jacklkDrCode: only if you have the latest drivers12:39
ActionParsnipDrcode: try lxde, it uses a lot fewer resources12:39
cfhowlettDrCode: if you suspect your hardware is strangling you, consider a different desktop environment: lxde or xfce are both optimized for older, low spec machines12:39
cfhowlettsigurding: looking for the right configuration tutorial12:40
RobbilieDrCode, try archlinux it only takes up about 200mb ram :D12:40
Robbiliewell less12:40
DrCodeits ari SB60012:40
Robbilieruns smoothon my phone12:40
DrCodenow propl driver12:40
k1l_Robbilie: stop that offtopic here please12:40
DrCodeati SB60012:40
Robbiliek1l_, just adding smthng to what somebody else wrote ;)12:41
Robbiliek1l_, atm im just here for news bout ubu phone os12:41
sigurdingif have seen --without-recommendations or so, but I did not get to work unity at all, because no applications were accessable12:41
DrCodeATI RS690 , it say vga in lspci , is there driver?12:41
k1l_Robbilie: i pointed you to the ubuntu-phone channel. and if you want to support archlinux they got their support servers.12:41
jacklkRobbilie: you installed Arch Linux?12:41
ActionParsnipRobbilie: tried tinycore :) 12mb iso12:41
Robbiliek1l_, dont want to support them but you must admit that it runs smoother on low end hardware...? thanks for the channel, didnt read that12:41
jacklkActionParsnip: TinyCore is useless12:42
cfhowlettsigurding: I THINK this is it.  if not look for something similar ... or ask in #ubuntu-server  http://www.docstoc.com/docs/22211437/How-to-configure-VMWare-WorkstationServer-install-Ubuntu12:42
Robbiliejacklk, ActionParsnip why useless? arcvh is fine12:42
ActionParsnipJacklk: obviously never used a thin client12:42
k1l_Robbilie: im not gonna admit anything here besides ubuntu support. thats what the channel is for. thanks for sticking to the guidlines12:42
RobbilieActionParsnip, just ran it because ubu didnt chroot well12:42
Azmuthanyone familiar with winetricks ?12:43
sigurdingcfhowlett: I have the server already running under vmware, but I need to know how to install unity-desktop without this whole soft clash12:43
ActionParsnipRobbilie: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video12:43
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:43
ActionParsnipRobbilie: is how I chroot :)12:43
jacklkWho was "p5DDF9DA9.dip.t-dialin.net"?12:43
cfhowlettsigurding: OK.  Over my head.  sorry.12:43
Azmuthok lol12:43
EmanonAzmuth: Not directly but PlayOnLinux uses it to some positive ends.12:43
EmanonIf I'm not mistaken that is.12:44
ubottuazmuth: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:44
ActionParsnipAzmuth: try in #winehq as well12:44
Azmuthi tried but no one answered12:44
Emanonjacklk: ~Robbilie@p5DDF9DA9.dip.t-dialin.net12:44
EmanonHe was kicking Robbilie in such a way that changing his nick wouldn't let him back in.12:45
Azmuthi installed directx with winetricks and when i run gta sa it show error "required directx 9.0" ?12:45
sigurdingcfhowlett: ok12:45
Azmuthany idea12:45
Tashtegogartral: "Download from this direct-link:".... there are no more files to download. i think i am giving up. downloading from several sites, free packages around all the net and thousands of packages... i dont even know if i can trust 'em. that should not be the way a simple vga driver is installed... :(12:45
ActionParsnipAzmuth: wine is an abstraction for directx, you cannot install directx in wine12:46
ActionParsnipAzmuth: did you check the apodb for x12:46
Azmuthyes i did12:46
Robbilie_stop that i didnt do anything12:46
Azmuthand it work!12:46
AndylandPlus with Steam for linux coming along in a short while (6-18 months) you won't have to W(h)ine anymore :D12:46
EmanonThat is unless he proxies...12:47
ActionParsnipAzmuth: cool, did you scroll down on the psge, is there a how to guide?12:47
Azmuthi installed it with winetricks...12:47
EmanonAzmuth: If you like I could walk you through installing DX properly via PlayOnLinux.12:47
EmanonSince I am somewhat more familiar with that.12:47
ikoniaplayonlinux is no better than wine12:48
ikoniaif you want to play a windows game....use windows.12:48
AzmuthEmanon: do playonlinux support samp injection12:48
EmanonNo it's not but it's easier to use ikonia.12:48
EmanonI'm not sure Azmuth give me a minute.12:48
ActionParsnipAzmuth: on the appdb there are how to guides12:48
ActionParsnipAzmuth: try reading the whole page12:49
failori heard there is native steam for linux already, is there cs:s on linux without wine?12:49
ikoniafailor: check out the steam website for what's available o nlinux12:49
_kudSince I've upgraded my ubuntu and some other stuffs, I can't use anymore my keyboard in my cli12:49
_kudAny idea?12:49
AzmuthActionParsnip: can you give me link ?12:49
_kudI'm on ubuntu server, no Xorg12:49
MonkeyDustfailor  http://store.steampowered.com/browse/linux/12:50
_kudit seems not to be a tmux trouble because when I disable it, it still doesn't work correctly12:50
failorMonkeyDust, ikonia thx12:50
ActionParsnip_kud: is the system ca laptop?12:50
Azmuthi have installed it!12:50
_kudNo, i'm on desktop12:50
arshavinfailor: yes steam has native linux client,I have it installed took 121 mb of downloading and there only a handfull games available12:50
EmanonAs in Samp SQL Injection for pentesting Azmuth?12:50
_kudit worked previously12:50
ActionParsnipAzmuth: read ALL the page12:51
Azmuthit inject a dll12:51
failorarshavin, i already bought uplink and defcon lol12:51
EmanonSo San Andreas Multiplayer?12:51
failorhavn't tried it yet though12:51
arshavinfailor: good for you12:51
_kudI'm on 3.2.0-35-generic12:51
ActionParsnip_kud: if you pull the keyboard out, wait a while rhen reinsert, does it work?12:51
EmanonAlright I've played EverQuest on with PlayOnLinux so I think it can handle SA at least in theory.12:52
_kudWhen I connect via root, I have no trouble, ActionParsnip12:52
_kudit seems to be my profile but dunno why12:52
_kudI use zsh12:52
_kudI will try with root + zsh12:53
ActionParsnip_kud: if you boot an older kernel,  is it ok12:53
EmanonIn theory POL can do anything wine with winetricks can do since it's just a gui for them. In practice you still have to know what your doing if to a lesser degree than when using wine without it.12:53
_kudyes, it's zsh.12:53
AzmuthEmanon: playonlinux use wine ?12:53
_kudI try with a fresh profile, with bash and zsh12:53
_kudand zsh has troubles12:53
Third3yeIt kinda irritates... cause I can't get sound to work. But everytime I reboot I hear this bassdrum like kick when the kernel shuts down12:54
AzmuthEmanon: how to install it ?12:54
ActionParsnipAzmuth: its always wine doing the work,  the other stuff are just frontends to settings12:54
EmanonIt's just a GUI to handle the rough edges of wine. You can install it from the standard Ubuntu (or possibly partner/nonefree) repos or get the latest version from their site here http://www.playonlinux.com/en/.12:54
Azmuthok thx12:55
EmanonOnce you get that installed PM me and I'll tell you how to install DX the easy way.12:55
ActionParsnipAzmuth: what is the output of: apt-cache policy winev| grep -I installed12:55
ActionParsnipI hate this tablet sometimes12:55
ActionParsnipAzmuth: apt-cache policy wine | grep -i installed12:56
Azmuthinstalled: (none)12:57
Azmuththat's the output12:58
Third3yeSuch a simple friggin' fix...12:58
ActionParsnipAzmuth: ok run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; dpkg -l | grep wine | pastebinit12:58
Third3yeI just had to add "options intel_hda model=dv5" to alsa-base.conf xD12:59
Third3yeThe internal speakers are working now12:59
ActionParsnipThird3ye: yeah those are needed sometimes12:59
EmanonWait, ActionParsnip there is a way to pipe the output straight to pastebin?12:59
EmanonThat's awesome.12:59
AzmuthActionParsnip: done12:59
ActionParsnipAzmuth: what is the url generated?13:00
Third3yeNow this irritates me... it worked, untill I logged in and changed the tv to the main display and turned off the laptop display...13:00
Third3yeNow the sound doesn't work again -.-;;13:00
sw0rdfish_anyone know a reliable free vpn service?13:01
Third3yeThough I did hear the drum when lightdm loaded :P13:01
EmanonYou just made my evening ActionParsnip.13:01
failorsw0rdfish, depends on goals, there r no free and reliable once for hardcore purposes, buy one "double"+13:02
ActionParsnipEmanin: sure, pastebinit accepts text streams :)13:03
sw0rdfish_failor: its just that my vps provider let my current vps expire even though I paid for another one and told him to move the current plan to the new one... so now I'm vpn-less13:03
sw0rdfish_so to speak13:03
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: from where?  I ask because I found a non-vpn workaround for FB here in china ...13:04
sw0rdfish_northern europe13:05
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: so not to bypass gov't restrictions then ...13:05
EmanonCouldn't you just use Tor cfhowlett?13:05
cfhowlettEmanon: maybe, but I'm a casual FB user and my impression is that tor is meant for more worldly matters *syria* *arab spring*13:06
Andylandsw0rdfish_: Yeah download the Tor browser bundle: https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en. Your DL might be a little slower due to the tunneling but your totally anonomous13:07
EmanonHardly. One of the lead Devs mentions it's aid in getting Chinese "citizens" to facebook.13:07
EmanonWOA Never say something is totally anonymous. That's putting people in danger.13:07
cfhowlettEmanon: as I said, I've got a workaround ... although I'm certain the gov't is very aware of it.13:07
EmanonIt hasn't been seriously compromised yet and they try to keep it that way.13:08
jacklkGoodbye Ubuntu, I'm installing Windows 713:08
sw0rdfish_i need a vpn13:08
jacklkfinally no more errors13:08
sw0rdfish_i'm having trouble installing it on my local laptop13:08
AndylandEmanon: Yes Mr IT security there's no such thing as "totally anonymous" but the Tor project is a pretty good step at getting there you have to admit?13:09
Third3yeHow do I delete the user sound settings?13:09
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: installing a vpn?13:09
Third3yeis it in .conf?13:09
jostjacklk, right... you do know that windows was programmed by Microsoft? So dream on.13:09
failortor has serious security issues13:09
EmanonDefinitely I just think it's irresponsible to say it's totally secure. It gives people the impression they don't need to use other methods to protect their identities online as well.13:09
cfhowlettEmanon: point taken.13:10
sw0rdfish_cfhowlett: installing openvpn i mean13:10
jacklkjost: So? Microsoft sucks, but Windows 7 is fine13:10
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: it won't install?  I am surprised ..13:10
sw0rdfish_i meant setting up is tough13:10
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: how are you installing and what feedback are you getting13:10
cfhowlettsw0rdfish: oh, well yeah...  not the most intuitive.13:11
El-E-Va-Tioncan anybody help me with kppp window disappearing in 12.10?13:12
magik_I have been having a heck of a time accessing my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop from my gf Windows 8 on the local net using SAMBA so I can get her music on her computer,  Anyone have any ideas?13:12
sw0rdfish_yeah sorry bout that cfhowlett :)13:12
Tashtegoafter installing and testing with ati drivers i cant see my unity launcher anymore :((((( plz help. i only see my desktop and my console13:12
lastleo85uh? magik_13:12
failorsw0rdfish_, well probably i have an abadoned router of mine somewhere in russia with routeros and ~15mbit bandwidth if u won't find any free vpn subscription that fits13:12
jacklksw0rdfish_: I will set it up for you13:12
Tashtegoalready tried unity --reset and unity --reset-icons but that doesnt finish13:13
failorif u're interested in such kind of solution of course13:13
Tashtegoi fucked up my system :(13:13
ubottujacklk:: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!13:13
MonkeyDustTashtego  language13:13
magik_yes lastleo85 ?13:13
lastleo85can you please elaborate magik_13:14
jacklklol cfhowlett :P13:14
failorelaborate magick13:14
failorsounds like fun13:14
MeanEYEI need a CPU test program. Can someone suggest somethign?13:15
magik_For some reason lastleo85 when I try to login from her Windows 8 computer to my SAMBA share it says that she does not have access to the network.  I'm pretty sure I set everything up right but there might be something I'm missing on my end.13:15
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* Andyland <3 id_rsa.pub13:15
BluesKajHey all13:16
cfhowlettBluesKaj: greetings!13:16
sw0rdfish_the script i'm modifying and using is for OpenVZ VPS so thats why I'm having a hard time setting up openvpn successfully13:16
Robbilie_Tashtego what exactly happens?13:16
madc|SPYnXhi How to set up wammu with ZTE MF-627?13:16
BluesKajhi cfhowlett13:17
sw0rdfish_I'll tell you what13:17
jacklkBluesKaj: hi, sup?13:17
cfhowlettBluesKaj: what's the word, truBlue?13:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:17
sw0rdfish_I'm surprised there is no good ubuntu 12.04 openvpn server setup tutorial or somethin13:17
TashtegoRobbilie, i can see the login, then i do login and my desktop starts with my icons. but the launcher is away and the strg+alt+arrow shows different13:17
BluesKajhi jacklk13:17
jacklksw0rdfish_: Let me do it for you, I set up VPns all the time on OpenVZ13:17
TashtegoRobbilie, my start bar is completely away, that launcher13:18
BluesKajcfhowlett, "Coffee" is the word atm :)13:18
magik_lastleo85, I made her a unix account set the SMB password and everything but it says cant access and sometimes it acts like im giving the wrong password.13:18
sw0rdfish_jacklk: I'm trying to set it on my laptop not on OpenVZ vps.... and why are you soo adamant to set it for me?? .... are you really such a nice person :D13:19
jacklksw0rdfish_: I am bored and have nothing better to do -- can you set up a ssh server?13:19
Robbilie_Tashtego please add the underscore because my other acc is muted13:19
jacklkI'm wating for 1 hour download so want tod o something :P13:20
Robbilie_Tashtego you want to run ubity right?13:20
TashtegoRobbilie_ right. unity runs right now, but without my launcher13:20
MonkeyDust!korean | oming13:20
ubottuoming: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko13:20
* cfhowlett some people just don't learn ...13:21
sw0rdfish_jacklk: if your intentions are nobel, write me a script that sets it up successfully for 12.04 :D13:22
jacklkI can try13:22
madc|SPYnXhi How to set up wammu with ZTE MF-627?13:23
Third3yeSound.... on internal speakers working... o___o no HDMI though... still; bumping mr Oizo with "flat beat"... so it's breakneck time in this mofo ^__^ *headbop*13:23
sw0rdfish_jacklk: plz do :D13:23
TakeItEZsw0rdfish_: what do you need a script for? installopenvpn, create your client.conf and run "sudo openvpn your.conf"13:24
sw0rdfish_i need a 5 minute break i'm too frustrated to think straight at the moment.... been working on it for some hours now.13:24
TakeItEZsw0rdfish_: openvpn has a superb documentation on their website and there is #openvpn on freenode too13:24
sw0rdfish_thats the easy part which I have already accomplished TakeItEZ13:25
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jacklksw0rdfish_: Have you ever started from scratch?13:25
sw0rdfish_client.key and .crt is a bit annoying with all the commands13:25
sw0rdfish_jacklk: no actually13:26
sw0rdfish_I'm gonna do that after i take a break... gonna go at it without the script i found online13:26
jacklkYou may have messed it up13:26
Third3yeCan anybody make heads or tails out of a alsa-info file for me? http://pastebin.com/jU1pBav313:26
Third3yeTrying to get hdmi to work...13:27
sw0rdfish_if so, then I can uninstall openvpn and re-install it, right? jacklk13:27
jacklkThat would be fine13:27
jacklkif not better!13:28
jacklkmake sure you have backed up anything important you need though13:28
sw0rdfish_ok :D13:28
ubuntuaddictedhave static when i record with analog microphone, anyone know how to fix? my built in sound card is a VT82xx [HDA VIA VT82xx]13:28
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
jacklksw0rdfish_: when in doubt and feel you have to give up, start again :P --it works every time13:29
EmanonDoesn't "Ubuntuholic" have a better ring to it ubuntuaddicted?13:29
TakeItEZsw0rdfish_: http://bit.ly/LM3uMN13:29
ubuntuaddictedwhats weird is that it used to be fine before I installed an HD PVR and a Logitech C260 webcam.13:29
lrunehjust installed ubuntu - van't get my canon mx340 printer to work - any body able to help?13:29
ubuntuaddictedEmanon, sure. lol13:29
sw0rdfish_i have half an hour til a match begins and I can't use my tv box without a vpn ..... damnn13:29
sw0rdfish_TakeItEZ: that would work for 12.04?13:30
jacklkGood luck sw0rdfish_!13:30
sw0rdfish_thanks you! jacklk :D13:30
TakeItEZsw0rdfish_: i odn#t see why it shouldn't13:30
sw0rdfish_should I su or use sudo to do it?13:31
TakeItEZsw0rdfish_: what about reading the howto first13:31
ubuntuaddictedi hate how some things as simple as mic recording seem so hard to fix13:31
Third3yeAudio... for... testing purposes :P of a "state of the art" OS ^__~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWIKQMBBTtk13:31
magik_lruneh, what ubuntu version are you using?  Is it a full install?13:33
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras13:33
ubottupino50: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:33
lrunehmagik_ using 12.10 it's a full install. my printer is on wifi network13:33
magik_can you see the printer using any other machines?13:35
lrunehyes. yesterday using windows 7 I could find it,np13:36
lrunehI've tried following som tutorials on installing drivers, but no luck13:36
magik_Ok, I personaly have never used a wifi printer except at college.13:37
magik_What I would suggest you do is set up a share on the windows computer and connect to it through samba but that might even be more of a pain lol.13:38
john_555hi, i think my ssd is dead. need help to confirm it. dmesg shows nothing plugging and unpluging the 120gb ssd. attaching it to ide directly results in (after a few minutes) as "no drive" in the phoenix v1.18 bios. lsusb show nothing same as dmesg. what can i do next??13:38
magik_But I'm almost positive there is a solution so keep searching.13:39
ubuntuaddictedno one can help with microphone static?13:39
lrunehOK, thanks anyway, Magik_ :)13:40
annamariaciao a tutti13:40
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:40
magik_lruneh, np, one more thing have you tried hooking the printer up directly to the computer?13:40
lrunehno, havn't done that. I'll give that a try13:40
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magik_lruneh, yes definetaly try that because then it will recognize it better possibly.13:41
Emanonbazhang: The troll is back.13:41
lrunehgood point13:41
biopytehi, using 12.04 i have to login again every time i close the lid of my notebook (not running on battery). what setting can change this behaviour (do nothing upon closing the lid)?13:42
magik_Emanon, what's a troll i'm kinda old school haven't heard that term yet lol13:42
EmanonGreifer. Someone who does stuff just to rustle other people's jimmies.13:42
magik_Emanon, ah I see13:43
wormbiopyte: How about have a look at "System Settings"? I think that there should be something in "Power" section.13:45
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : what release ofubuntu r u using13:45
Third3yeSo, over to a subjective matter... what's the best MP3 player for unity that is as equally awesome as Amarok... and no; rhythmbox is not as equally awesome...13:46
magik_Third3ye, I use Banshee13:46
EmanonI'm fond of banshee.13:46
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, Xubuntu 12.0413:47
biopyteworm, i checked that already13:47
SpheXHello, i just created ubuntu secured remix usb key with LiLI, and when i try to install it says invalid magic number and after thath line you must first install kernel.13:48
SpheXWhat should i do?13:48
SpheXActualy second line is: you need to load the kernel first13:48
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, it's beyond me why there is static, never used to be. i recently plugged in a HD PVR and a webcam but even unplugging those still results in static recordings. I mean it still records my voice but also has static and is unacceptable for my youtube videos13:48
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : ok, there is a common problem with PulseAudio on ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10 it causes audio distortion when using skype and playing multimedia files with VLC13:49
MeanEYEDoes nvidia-experimental-310 support custom compiled kernels?13:50
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, files play fine in vlc for me, it's just recording my voice13:50
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, I have a VT82xx [HDA VIA VT82xx]13:51
ubuntuaddictedMeanEYE, I don't see why not. the newer drivers have DKMS13:51
EmanonTex_Nick: Thanks for that tip about bonding the other night (that sounded so much less homoerotic in my head) I saw somewhere that 13.04 might be including a bonding option in the network manager.13:51
Tex_Nicki'm not sure if xubuntu is also affected ... i've had the problem & the fix is easy ... it only requires editing one line in the pulse directory ...; http://askubuntu.com/questions/157891/skype-and-vlc-sounds-sizzle-distorted-bad13:52
MeanEYEubuntuaddicted: Am not sure. I think it failed once on me.13:52
Tex_Nickyou might give it a try ... can easily change it back it it doesn't help13:53
=== warfaren_ is now known as warfaren
Tex_NickEmanon : hey no problem ... hope it pointed you in a good direction ;-)13:54
john_555bump...hi, i think my ssd is dead. need help to confirm it. dmesg shows nothing plugging and unpluging the 120gb ssd. attaching it to ide directly results in (after a few minutes) as "no drive" in the phoenix v1.18 bios. lsusb show nothing same as dmesg. what can i do next??13:54
EmanonBet THAT sounded different in your head too.13:54
nibbler_john_555: sounds pretty dead13:55
nibbler_john_555: which is sort of standard behaviour of SSDs13:55
john_555i tried knoppix and backtrack also nothing13:55
john_555worked fine so far, after a hybernation it stoped13:56
nibbler_john_555: its dead as dead can be, leave distros out of that, you bios does not even get it13:56
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, i don't even have this line: load-module module-hal-detect? I have a line that reads: load-module module-udev-detect13:56
john_555nibbler_: so there is nothing i can try?13:57
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : ok that was the same for me ... it fixed me right up ... i've also helped other people here with similar problems ... has helped most of them13:58
nibbler_john_555: no13:58
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, my file already has load-module module-udev-detect tsched=013:58
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : try editing that line ... i think you need to logout & back in or restart for it to work13:59
john_555nibbler_: If i could only safe some data from it. howabout forensic tools?13:59
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, it already had the tsched=0 on the end of the line I am saying.14:00
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : ah ok an upgrade must have already done it for you ... it's been a pesky problem14:00
GibbaTheHutthi, does anyone know where gnome-terminal profiles are stored these days ?14:00
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, what's weird is that just a few days ago I was able to record my voice fine using the same hardware14:01
TakeItEZjohn_555: how would forensic tools access the data if the ssd isn't recognized as a drive at all? get back your data from backups14:01
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : i don't know what else to tell you ... you'll probably find someone here that can help though ;-)14:01
ubuntuaddictedTex_Nick, k, thanks anyway, I love the ubuntu community. been using since breezy badger14:02
ubuntuaddictedgotta run, laters14:02
john_555TakeITEZ: i guess you'r right.14:04
Tex_Nickubuntuaddicted : yeah linux ROCKS :-)14:04
=== DanielGT is now known as Daniel_GT
nibbler_john_555: sometimes its hard to let go, but there is no other way here14:04
=== Daniel_GT is now known as DanielGT
john_555nibbler_: it was freaking 6mnds old and i broke the warranty seal to look inside, that thing was expensive14:07
nibbler_john_555: my first 3 ssds... none survived the first week - my 4th was snatched by my college and worked a full 2 years for him before it died14:09
linelevelHi guys. I'd like to copy a bootable image (for my Raspberry Pi) to an SD card using my Ubuntu laptop. My laptop does not have an SD-card slot, but I have a USB SD-card reader. I type `ls -la /dev/sd*` before and after inserting the card reader, and /dev/sdb appears in the list (not immediately, but eventually). However, when I try to `sudo dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdb`, it says "dd: opening `/dev/sdb': No such device or address". Please help!14:09
linelevel^ Did that cut off?14:09
TakeItEZjohn_555: i'd still try to get warranty exchange for that drive, you have nothing to lose. maybe the maufacturer knows about his sh...14:09
Third3yeWhere can I find dmix?14:10
TakeItEZsorry, sh...= "superb piece of hightech-hardware"14:10
weeblHi all, I have a problem with keys getting 'stuck' occassionally. I don't know why it happens. I've googled and it says it has to do with the repeat key option in the keyboard settings, but it's a pain to have this turned off. Does anyone else know if there is a fix for this bug?14:11
john_555nibbler_: what do you use now? i had mayor problems using TRIM, sometimes it was or was not recognised by bios. I still thing the drive might not be broken cos it is a bios problem14:11
EmanonI wonder if SWGEmu runs in WINE...14:13
iceroot!appdb | Emanon14:13
ubottuEmanon: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help14:13
EmanonIt's a new'ish project so I don't think it would be in the db yet.14:14
EmanonI was just wondering aloud so someone might say "gee Ema, I used to play that game too why don't we regail each other with stories of the good old days when MMO's were reviled in the media from the relative safety of offtopic.14:15
apricothallo, ich habe den messenger 'goober' (http://goober.de) installiert.  Beim Start Fehler:  libssl.so.0.9.8 fehlt. Synaptic / apt-get finden nichts14:15
EmanonAnd now we wait to see how long till that hanging quotation drives someone with OCD insane.14:16
Tex_Nick!de | apricot14:16
ubottuapricot: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:16
voxadamI have an old single core netbook with half a gig of ram that isn't good for much, if I were to load a minimal OS and maybe XFCE on to it would it make a decent X client (I know that's not the correct term) to run stuff off my workstation? I'm just looking to run an IRC client, IM client, simple browser, and some terminals that are all running on my quad core workstation remotely over my wireless lan?14:17
voxadamI'm terrible with X terminology.14:17
jribvoxadam: I'd go with lubuntu (lxde).  Should run fine on there14:17
voxadamjrib, will it run better remotely than it would locally assuming a decent network connection?14:18
voxadamMy workstation is a quad core i5 with 32 gig of ram.14:18
jribvoxadam: I don't think you'll have a problem either way.  I would just experiment with each and see what works better for you14:19
voxadamMy network is a lightly loaded 802..11n.14:19
voxadamI'll try it out.14:19
jacklkCan I use.. dd to create a bootable Windows 7 USB?14:19
jacklkI'm talking about dd on Linux.14:19
MeanEYEvoxadam: Browsers eat the most memory of the bunch. But half a gig should be enough for daily tasks. Make sure to have a decent swap, and you should be okay.14:19
icerootjacklk: ask ##windows its depending on the iso14:20
jacklkiceroot: Windows 714:20
icerootjacklk: ##windows14:20
jacklkiceroot: I have.14:20
EmanonI forgot, where did I say unity stored its dashboard shortcuts in the /home directory the other night?14:22
CrusaderADAnyone have any recommendations for a solid, stable pci e graphics card for Ubuntu 12.10 x64?14:23
El-E-Va-Tioncan anybody help me with kppp window disappearing in 12.10?14:24
EmanonSomething NVidia I would guess CrusaderAD.14:24
home__back again14:24
Tex_NickEmanon : .gconf ... ls -aR | grep 'gconf.*keybindings'14:25
EmanonDashboard not keyboard.14:25
EmanonLike the win-key menu.14:26
CrusaderADEmanon: I have a Nvidia GeForce 610 and it doesn't perform too well with compiz.14:26
T|ASKHi, I want to seal a proprietary software folder with new group and user rights. How can I create a user account without password? Not sure if I'm on the right track.14:26
EmanonNothing performs really well with compiz CrusaderAD do you have the proprietary drivers installed?14:27
CrusaderADEmanon: Yep :/14:27
madc|SPYnXWhere can i download for my graphics im using 12.10 and using Radeon HD 429014:28
El-E-Va-Tionnevermind, I figured it out how to do it with the network setup :P thanks, peace! :)14:28
=== user_ is now known as tux-linux
EmanonTry in the drivers tab of the sources menu madc|SPYnX.14:28
madc|SPYnXEmanon, is doesn't show the driver in that ta b14:29
EmanonThen I'm out of my depth ;-) wait for someone else.14:30
sw0rdfish_I got it to work but I can't bypass the stupid blockade14:30
madc|SPYnXEmanon, is it in Software Sources >> Additional Drivers???14:30
tux-linuxhola alguien para charlar un rato sobre temas de informatica14:31
madc|SPYnXEmanon, no prop drivers in use14:31
Emanon!es | tux-linux14:31
ubottutux-linux: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:31
EmanonThen I can be of no help perhaps one of the guru's here know something that might help you.14:32
madc|SPYnXHow can I put Radeon 4290 in my ubuntu 12.1014:34
T|ASKOh should  I create a system user instead?14:34
Tex_Nickmadc|SPYnX : have a look at this ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/203232/radeon-hd-2000-3000-4000-on-12-10-quantal-fglrx-legacy-12-6-unsupported-wh14:34
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ubottuGuest88615: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:36
compdocno musica14:37
Tex_Nick!es compdoc14:37
no_techhi there.  anyone able to assist with why trying to upgrade to 12.10 from 12.04 i get an "authentication failed" message?14:38
Tex_Nick!es | compdoc14:38
ubottucompdoc: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:38
dalsgaardAfter having done a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop to try it out, my computer has been booting slower, even after removing the package again. Does anyone have suggestions?14:38
k1lGuest88615: no warez here. even no italian. and irc as root is even a bad idea14:38
compdoc!try-to-follow-the-conversation  | Tex_Nick14:39
Tex_Nickyeah sorry :(14:39
skp1can anyone help me with my hemmheroids?14:40
=== ekrem is now known as Guest82894
buhmanis gnutls known to be broken? http://sprunge.us/OSbf14:40
k1lskp1: that is not appropriate here.14:41
skp1oh ok14:41
kumarI need help on ubuntu14:43
k1l!ask | kumar14:43
ubottukumar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:43
kumari am unable to install ubuntu on my laptop14:43
madc|SPYnX!patience | kumar14:43
ubottukumar: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:43
kumarits a HCL14:44
k1lkumar: what menas: unable?14:44
submanMy launch bar keeps moving from my left screen and back to my right screen seemingly randomly upon each start up.  Is there a way to keep it in one place all the time?14:47
DrDiegoDeLaVegatotally off topic people14:52
DrDiegoDeLaVegabut my scooter has just been stolen, I'm not covered for theft under my insurance , and hte prospects of recovering it are slim.....14:52
DrDiegoDeLaVegaIf I report it will my insurance premium go up?14:53
DrDiegoDeLaVegaI live in the UK14:53
DrDiegoDeLaVegaand am I obligated to do so?14:53
auronandaceDrDiegoDeLaVega: seriously, if its off topic why mention it14:53
DrDiegoDeLaVegabecause auronandace I know that ubuntu users are a very intelligent and well informed bunch and that there is likely to be someone here who can tell me the answer where people not familiar with the UK in #law couldnt :-)14:54
buhmanDrDiegoDeLaVega: LOL14:55
DrDiegoDeLaVegaa sign of the high regard with which I view our community ;-)14:55
buhman"ubuntu users are a very intelligent and well informed bunch" rofl14:55
DrDiegoDeLaVegawell perhaps I'm only speaking of those I know personally who use it then, lol ;-)14:55
EmanonDrDiegoDeLaVega: https://pay.reddit.com/r/rbi/new/?sort=new14:56
DrDiegoDeLaVegaIt's also one of the biggest chatrooms on freenode => probability of success is larger ;-)14:56
auronandaceDrDiegoDeLaVega: just because there is a large audience here and you acknowledge your post is off topic doesn't mean you can continue to use this channel for anything other than ubuntu support14:56
k1l!ot | DrDiegoDeLaVega14:56
ubottuDrDiegoDeLaVega: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:56
auronandace!guidelines | DrDiegoDeLaVega14:57
ubottuDrDiegoDeLaVega: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:57
EmanonSeriously DrDiegoDeLaVega try reddit, they love a good sleuthing.14:58
DrDiegoDeLaVegathat site is really cool emanon ;-)14:58
DrDiegoDeLaVegaIs it just US based?14:58
EmanonFailing that try /b/ (good luck there)14:58
EmanonReddit  is global but many (probably most) are US.14:59
k1lEmanon: please keep the offtopic of here. you both were pointed to the appropriate channels14:59
EmanonFair enough.14:59
EmanonSee you in OT DrDiegoDeLaVega15:00
DJones!hi | serhat15:03
serhatI'm having trouble with audacious15:04
serhatwhen I minimize it15:04
serhatplaylist doesnt get minimized15:05
auronandaceDJones: that factoid was removed years ago15:05
DJonesauronandace: Hadn't realised that15:05
Tex_Nickserhat : If you don't get help here ... The official Audacious channel is presently not on freenode - to get to it: /server irc.atheme.org /join #audacious15:08
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
serhatTex_Nick, i am not familiar with irc channel adding15:09
Tex_Nickserhat : it's not the channel, it's on another server ... if you are using xchat you can add the server from the menu xchat/networl list15:11
serhatTex_Nick, okay i think i got it, thanks15:12
Tex_Nickmenu xchat/networklist*15:12
_kudHello, I can't use my numeric keyboard with zsh and kitty on ubuntu server, since my last upgrade15:12
Tex_Nickserhat : np hope it helps :-)15:12
bekks_kud: So which encoding/charset do you use in kitty?15:13
serhatTex_Nick, i also disabled my workspace switch shortcuts by mistake15:13
serhatTex_Nick, keyboard shows them but id just doesnt work15:14
_kuddo yosorry but how to know bekks  ?15:14
_kud-do yo15:14
serhatTex_Nick, i can see them on keyboard->shortcuts15:14
bekks_kud: It is in the settings of the kitty session.15:15
Ubiquity4321hello everyone15:15
tomleoHi dr nick15:16
Tex_Nickserhat : how did you disable them15:16
Ubiquity4321so i set up ubuntu server on an old box i have15:16
serhati don't know, i was messing with compiz settings, probably then15:16
Ubiquity4321and I want to set it up as a headless machine15:16
icerootis there a shortcut to delete files directly without putting them in trash first? (12.04 unity)15:17
Ubiquity4321and I want to set up wake on lan15:17
Ubiquity4321I've done googled my heart out at this point15:17
_kudYes i'm utf-8 bekks15:17
Ubiquity4321and i'm really kind of lost15:17
serhaticeroot, shift+delete15:17
icerootserhat: thank you15:17
Tex_Nickserhat : try logging off then back on ... if that doesn't work you might need to reset unity15:18
serhatTex_Nick, reset unity?15:18
Tex_Nickserhat : what distro are you using15:19
serhatTex_Nick, ubuntu 12.0415:19
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: have you enabled WoL on your nic? "ethtool ethX" tells you15:20
Tex_Nickserhat : ok first i'd just try logout then back in ... if it doesn't restore them ... you can reset the compiz settings15:20
serhatTex_Nick, is there a method to reset them all15:21
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: installing ethtool now15:21
serhatTex_Nick, do you use ubuntu with unity too?15:22
serhatTex_Nick, if so can you use those shortcuts?15:22
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: check the lines containing "Wake-on"15:22
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: hmmm says no such devices15:24
Ubiquity4321i've enabled it in my power settings15:24
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: rel´place ethX with your actual network iface15:24
Ubiquity4321in bios15:24
Ubiquity4321oh derp15:24
skp1i have a question. my video card is a radeon hd 6300. according to my computer details i am using a vesa driver. am i getting the best experience with this?15:25
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: "supports wake-on: pumbg"15:25
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: "wake-on: d'15:25
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: sudo ethtool -s ethX wol g15:25
serhatTex_Nick, okay i got it on my own15:25
serhatTex_Nick, thanks anyway15:25
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: do you use /etc7network/interfaces to configure your network?15:25
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: one minute, let me read my man page. i wanna see what i'm doing here15:26
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: do you use /etc/network/interfaces to configure your network?15:26
ravenis streamripper able to record 1 hour blocks?15:26
serhatTex_Nick, seems like i somehow disabled expo wall, silly me15:26
Tex_Nickserhat : great, i was looking for the link to fix that ... out of curosity what did you do15:26
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: it was automatically set up, but i'll look into that15:26
Tex_Nickserhat : lol ... ok ;-)15:27
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: check /etc/network/interface, add 2 lines after the "iface ethX..."  to enable WoL permanently:15:27
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: post-up /usr/sbin/ethtool -s ethX wol g15:28
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: post-down /usr/sbin/ethtool -s ethX wol g15:28
ravenis streamripper able to record 1 hour blocks?15:30
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: it's all written15:31
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: " /usr/sbin/ethtool -s ethX wol g" simply tells the given network-iface to wake on magic-packets, nothing dangerous :)15:31
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: tbh, i was only curious what -s did15:31
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: -s "change". so restart your network-iface, bring the machine down and wake it up from a different one using etherwake or a similar tool15:33
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: well, i want to wol from a windows box15:33
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: i dual-boot fedora and win715:33
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: there are wol-tools for windows also, i just cannot name one15:33
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: could you assist me with the headless part as well?15:35
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: headless as in remote X?15:36
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: headless as in remote command line15:36
nemosHello i have problem seting nomodset. My grub is black and not pink with F6 options15:36
TakeItEZ!ssh | Ubiquity4321  simply use ssh15:36
ubottuUbiquity4321  simply use ssh: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)15:36
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: well, i've got xming installed and configured15:36
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: but i don't know how to connect the two15:37
nemosHello i have problem seting nomodset. My grub is black and not pink with F6 options15:37
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: xming is an Xserver for windows, thats not commandline15:37
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: and i've got openssh installed on the linux box15:37
Mkop1so I have come to the realization that ubuntu 12.10 is not made for my 5 year old laptop. what should I downgrade to? 10.04 LTS?15:37
kylescottmcgillUbiquity4321: if you have openssh you should be able to ssh user@ipadress15:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:38
kylescottmcgill-_- excuse the spelling15:38
Third3yeMkop1: you could trim the components...15:38
Third3yeMkop1: remove unity, install xfce...15:38
jribMkop1: try xfce or lxde (xubuntu-desktop and lubuntu-desktop packages will give you the option at login for them)15:38
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: ohhhh. i'll just use putty then15:38
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: use putty from windows to connect to the linux-box and you're done15:39
nemosI need help. How can i start with nomodset if my grub is black with no F6 options?15:39
kylescottmcgillMkop1: if you are really keen to skimp on resources, you should out a Tiling Window Manager, or OpenBox15:39
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: i thought it would be harder than that. thank you15:39
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: from fedora, use "ssh user@box"   box= yourlinux.box15:39
TakeItEZUbiquity4321: and if you don't want to use X-apps remotely, you can remove xming, no need for it then15:39
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: you're so knowledgeable and helpful15:40
Ubiquity4321TakeItEZ: thank you so much15:40
nemosI need help. How can i start with nomodset if my grub is black with no F6 options?15:40
Mkop1jrib: if I just apt-get install lubuntu-desktop I can just log out and the login screen will give me an option to use those desktop managers instead of unity?15:40
jribMkop1: yes15:40
kylescottmcgillnemos: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313215:41
Mkop1I don't get why, for example, gnome-system-monitor is currently using 27% of CPU.15:41
nibbler_nemos: you could boot from cd and fix it from there...15:41
nemoskylescottmcgill, you missunderstood my grub doesnt look pink its black. I dont have F6 option15:42
nemosnibler_, i am trying to boot from live cd15:42
volponeciaoa tutti15:43
nemosbut my grub looks black with options to install or try its not pink. Therefore i dont have F2, F3,F4,F5 and F6 options15:43
kylescottmcgilli havnt seen grub look pink before, its always been black for me, as for not having a F6 option, boot into a live cd, chroot your ubuntu install and change the grub cfg line, and reboot again15:44
nemosi see the grub. Its just black with options to press C to edit commands and some other. Escape gets me to bash commands15:44
kylescottmcgilli think you can bash tab as well, and it will take it out of splash screen mode, or allow you to do something... argh memory is a little hazy :)15:44
john_555what is a good brand ssd in the 120gb range for ubuntu. my adata ssd just died.15:45
kylescottmcgillwhen you see that grub screen can you see your boot options?15:45
kylescottmcgillnemos: ^15:45
TakeItEZjohn_555: there is none, they all suffer from early deads15:45
compdocjohn_555, do you set the options for ssd in your fstab?15:45
nemoskylescottmcgill, i can see the try before install, install and so on15:46
kylescottmcgill:/ i have a vertex 4 by OCZ, i hope it doesnt die.....15:46
kylescottmcgillnemos: so you booted the live cd?15:46
john_555compdoc: no, and it is too late anyway, if i plug it in the ide it is not recognized by bios15:47
compdocjohn_555, how old is the adata?15:48
arrrghhhHey all.  Can I "uninstall" LVM?  I put LVM over some already formatted ext4 drives and I'm hoping my data is still OK....15:48
kylescottmcgilljohn_555: does it heat up when you turn it on? (even if the bios doesnt see it)15:48
nemoskylescottmcgill, yes. I am trying to try the ubuntu before install and i get a freeze because of my graphic card so the solution is to boot with nomodset15:48
kylescottmcgillnemos: ok before we continue, do you have ubuntu installed already?15:49
kylescottmcgillor are you actually just trying it out?15:49
nemoskylescottmcgill: no i dont. I tried to install it with wubi but it cannot see the install file after reboot so i am trying this instead15:49
john_555compdoc: 6mnds     kylescottmcgill: yes, a bit15:49
tasslehoffSetting up my first server, and I need to share files to osx and android. Is samba the way to go?15:49
Tex_Nickjohn_555 : i've been using OCZ for a few years now ... have 5 of them ... no problems here ... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100008120%2050001550&IsNodeId=1&name=OCZ%20Technology15:50
michael_2nemos, have you selected the "try it out" option and pressed the 'e' key to go to the boot options menu?15:50
kylescottmcgillnemos: ok then, please re-read that forum i posted you, if you have a recent version of Ubuntu (12.10) you should see those options, if you have a special keyboard trying holding the function key prior to pressing F6 for other options15:51
nemosmichael_2: so i need to navigte to try before install and then press E?15:51
nemoskylescottmcgill: i dont see the normal grub options thats why i am asking what to do15:52
michael_2nemos: depending on your live cd setup, that might give you some options.  I've never tried it from a live cd, however, so I can't confirm if it wil work.15:52
nemoskylescottmcgill: the grub looks like if you dualboot and have few versions of linux and one windows.15:52
kylescottmcgilljohn_555: if i was you, i wouldnt put it back into your computer, let it sit over night and try it in someone elses computer, just incase, something might have gone wrong and your bios has gone all crazy on your ssd... otherwise, i have a OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB, and its bliss, and its cheap15:53
nemosblack with white letters15:53
kylescottmcgillnemos: any chance you can take a photo of it, and upload it to imgur or something?15:53
nemossure with my phone15:53
nemosill be back15:54
kylescottmcgillif you can that would be great15:54
=== Guest6444 is now known as ccsteale
kylescottmcgillactually i will brb in 5 too15:55
ankurhi can any1 help me plz?15:56
ankurhi can  u help me plz?15:57
ccstealehi ankur how can we help?15:57
ankuri am a newbie to  linx15:57
ccstealeI can certainly try, what's up?15:57
ankurand when i try to boot frm cd then i get this error15:57
Toph2Ankur...what is the problem, your car won't start?15:57
ankurisolinux disk error 8015:57
ankurax=4280, drive 9f15:58
ankurwhat is this?15:58
ankurand when i boot my laptop with the same cd, it gets booted...15:58
ankurplz help me what is the matter?15:58
bekksankur: Whats the complete error message you get when doing what exactly?15:58
ankurits this15:58
yousaf_hi every, i am new to linux stuff in fact i don't know anything. I have a few PHP processes in a "tasks" folder and I need to find they are active or not. my app has stopped working and i think one of the tasks has stopped15:59
ankur"isolinux disk error 80, ax=4280, drive 9f"15:59
michael_2ankur: corrupted install15:59
ccstealeankur, if the disk works in your laptop, chances are it could be an issue with the drive itself15:59
bekksankur: And it happens when doing what exactly?15:59
michael_2ankur: download again and make sure to use a supported live cd creation tool15:59
ankuru mean my hard drive15:59
kylescottmcgillankur: sounds like you need to re-burn the cd, or your drive is busted15:59
Petazcheck mdsum15:59
Justicehow do I enable webapps in ubuntu 12.10?15:59
ankurwhich drive dvd rom drive or hard disk?16:00
michael_2Justice: Use Firfox, go to a web-app supported site, and you should get a pop-up16:00
kylescottmcgillthat looks like your cd/dvd drive to me16:00
kylescottmcgillankur: ^16:00
ankurhey listen plz, i have alrdy got a 32bit ubuntu cd and when i insert it, then it gets booted16:00
MeanEYEJust like I thought. nVidia doesn't like latest kernel :/16:00
Toph2ankur,,, is this helpful?     http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/install-boot-login/426713-isolinux-disk-error-80-ax-4280-drive-9f.html16:00
Justicemichael_2, will it work with chromeium ?16:01
michael_2Justice: It works with Chromium (I think) but not Chrome16:01
ankurhahahahaha, i alrdy visited this page bt not helpful16:01
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: try lsof | grep -i <yourphpfiles> # in a terminal16:01
bekksankur: Then check the md5sum, investigate wether it is a drive error, etc. - you got plenty of answers already.16:01
Justicemichael_2, hm i dont get any notifications16:01
ankurwhts dis md5sum16:01
Justicethough i did now sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-*16:01
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: and sudo service apache2 status # to see if apache is running16:02
michael_2Justice: What site did you go to?16:02
bekks!md5sum > ankur16:02
Justicemichael_2, gmail16:02
ubottuankur, please see my private message16:02
yousaf_apache must be running as the site works fine its the background processes i.e. tasks that seem to have stopped16:02
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: you can also tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log or /var/log/apache2/access.log16:02
yousaf_let me do that, thank you16:03
nemoskylescottmcgill: http://i.imgur.com/BdtDG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/a3ffD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/wdmlG.jpg16:03
nerxgascan anyone recommend a good ultraportable laptop with touchscreen? pm me please16:04
kylescottmcgillnemos: what version of the CD are you running? but on the try linux command, you can press e16:04
kylescottmcgillwhich will let you edit the boot options16:04
nemoskylescottmcgill: i just downloaded 12.10 x64 and burned it to a dvd16:05
nemosand yes i can press E16:05
kylescottmcgillon the linux line, http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/3509/dgfdgrunningoraclevmvir.png <-- like this, you need to add nomodest16:05
michael_2Justice: Try it with Firefox and see if it works there.  My understanding is that it's supposed to be enabled by default16:05
nemosi get bunch of commands16:05
nemoskylescottmcgill: ill try that thanks!16:06
kylescottmcgillno problem16:06
Justicemichael_2, it worked now had to install chromium extension16:06
michael_2Justice: Ah cool.  :)16:06
Justicehm wonder if spotify gets this aswell16:07
sw0rdfish_how do I restarted iptables?16:07
aleinservice iptables restart16:07
michael_2Justice: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/07/list-of-that-websites-support-unitys-new-web-apps-feature16:08
kylescottmcgilldoes spotify work on linux these days?16:08
MonkeyDustkylescottmcgill  with wine16:08
sw0rdfish_alein: says unrecognized service....16:08
kylescottmcgillbleh lame -_- :D16:08
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ankurmy problem is isolinux disk error 80, ax=4280, drive 9f16:09
bekksankur: And you have been given plenty of answers on how to investigate further. You cannot have been gone through all of them in a few minutes.16:09
ankursorry got dc16:09
michael_2sw0rdfish: iptables is a command not a service16:10
Petazsw0rdfish http://serverfault.com/questions/129086/how-to-start-stop-iptables-on-ubuntu16:10
ankurbekks at least plz listen my problm16:10
sw0rdfish_thanks Petaz16:10
aleinsw0rdfish_ so just use iptables-save > /etc/iptables16:10
bekksankur: You told it to us three times now. The answers are still the same.16:10
Petazi just google it im using windows16:10
ankurmy problem is isolinux disk error 80, ax=4280, drive 9f, and i tried to boot my laptop with the same cd and it did16:10
aleinif you want to remove all rules use iptables -F16:10
Petazi dont know anything about linux16:10
MonkeyDustankur  i read on several non-ubuntu forums, that the problem is solved, when the iso is burned with another burner16:11
sw0rdfish_hey i want to restore the settings in /etc/iptables.save16:11
MonkeyDustankur  what burner did you use?16:11
ankuri got this cd frm my friend16:11
TheLordOfTimesw0rdfish_, then iptables-save > /etc/iptables.save16:11
aleinsw0rdfish_ ok then use iptables-restore -c /etc/iptables.save16:11
ankurand it is running on my laptop but not on the desktop16:11
TheLordOfTimesw0rdfish_, although i strongly suggest you look into iptables-persistent if you want to autoload rules or something.16:11
ankuri just want to know why16:11
TheLordOfTimeankur, repeating yourself will not help.  you've been given plenty of answers16:11
TheLordOfTimeover two days.16:12
TheLordOfTimeand you should follow the suggestions on what to investigate.16:12
sw0rdfish_oh thank god16:12
sw0rdfish_thanks sooo much alein :D16:12
ankurso u mean i need to burn the data of that cd at slow speed and then try again16:12
aleinsw0rdfish_ you're welcome16:13
ankurand just 2 questions more16:13
michael_2ankur: yes...And use a burning program reccomended by Ubuntu16:13
ankurbt why is it running on my laptop and not on desk?16:13
TheLordOfTimePetaz, answer: no it's not (i can ansnwer that in my sleep)16:13
yousaf_how can I restart all processes?16:14
Petazthis foruns are great source of questions to ask in this channel :)16:14
TheLordOfTimeyousaf_, reboot your computer.16:14
sw0rdfish_saved by the bell :D haha16:14
MonkeyDustankur  you should have understood, that nobody knows, if you've been asking for two days16:14
yousaf_I only have SSH access16:14
sw0rdfish_you saved me from a lot of frustration alein, appreciate your help :)16:14
aleinyousaf_ what do you mean?16:14
michael_2ankur: All I can tell you is that the error you are receiving is almost always due to a corrupted cd16:14
aleinyousaf_ use reboot ;)16:14
nemoskylescottmcgill: i was able to get in with this command but i was only able to move my cursor. Both clicks didnt work and the keybord doesnt work. Its not even on. No lights. And after a minute it crashed again16:15
ankurok i agree with you, bt just answer me why my laptop gets booted and my pc doesnt16:15
ankurthis is the smple ques that i am asking16:15
yousaf_alein, are there any associated risks with that?16:15
kylescottmcgillnemos: ahh, how old is your computer?16:16
aleinyousaf_ this command will restart the server/pc...16:16
MonkeyDustankur  keep it in the channel, please16:16
michael_2ankur: different bios versions?  Maybe one is UEFI?16:16
nemoskylescottmcgill: its new. I bought it this summer it has 3770k intel and nvidia gtx58016:16
MonkeyDustankur  nobody knows, on the non-ubuntu forums, nobody knows, either. period.16:16
ankurya my laptop is frm hcl, and desk motherboard of gigabyte16:17
nemoskylescottmcgill: both keybord and mouse are usb since there are no old round connectors on this motherboard16:17
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kylescottmcgillyousaf_: if your background tasks have died you will need to restart them, this could be in any manner, did you set up the site? whoose website is it?16:17
yousaf_aein igot social is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.16:17
ankurbt i don think so16:18
yousaf_kylescottmcgill no I haven't set it up16:18
michael_2ankur: Ultimately it doesn't matter why one of your machines is being 'pickier' than the other.  The problem is likely the CD.  Just create a new one.  Or use a USB drive or something.16:18
aleinyousaf_ you have no admin rights to this server/pc ;)16:18
ankurok let me giv a try16:19
kylescottmcgillnemos: That should be ok, i have installed on a macbook, with an external keyboard and mouse and they both worked out of the box, you seem to have something that is causing you issues, it might be best to google some of your hardware and Ubuntu Support, because it sounds like something is seriously not right16:19
ankurthnk u all16:19
nemoskylescottmcgill: ok ill try to google some more and get back to you16:19
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: where is the server located? if its hosted with another company, restarting it via the terminal might be bad, as it might not come up (you may have to reboot the server from their control panel)16:20
kylescottmcgillnemos: ok cool stuff im here all night :)16:20
yousaf_that is a risk, i might have KVM access16:20
yousaf_is that better?16:20
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: if you dont know how to reload those php processes, then i would advise you to either search through your bash history, or the other users bash history, look for php -f16:21
burdickjpI'm coming to unity from KDE.  I'm missing some features from KRunner such as unit and currency conversions.  Are there lenses or other utilities for this in unity16:21
kylescottmcgillphp -f will run php files as commands... kinda, to fork them to the background can be done in many ways, and you will need to correct way in order to have it hooked up to which ever system your using16:22
kylescottmcgilla correct way**16:23
MonkeyDust!info convertall | burdickjp16:24
ubottuburdickjp: convertall (source: convertall): very flexible unit converter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-1 (quantal), package size 50 kB, installed size 300 kB16:24
Owiechi guys, i tried install the newest ubuntu on sony vaio but. livecd form usb start without errors but i cant start instalation because installation cant see partitions and all crash. Do you know solution for that?16:24
michael_2Owiec: Is your partition set up as an LVM?16:24
kylescottmcgillyousaf_: try running this sudo cat /home/**/.bash_history | grep -i -- php -f16:25
nemoskylescottmcgill: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdrm/+bug/99041116:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 925048 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #990411 [GTX 580] X seems to hang a login prompt -- PFIFO errors in dmesg" [High,Triaged]16:25
Owiecmichael_2: i dont know, i didnt touch anything, its new computer.16:25
michael_2Owiec: And are you trying to set it up as a dual boot with Windows 8?16:26
Owiecmichael_2: windows 7 + ubuntu16:26
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Guest90562How to Download complete website for offline use from ubuntu16:27
michael_2Owiec: You might want to try adjusting your partition tables using a Windows utility before the install.  Then select the new partition manually during the Ubuntu install.16:27
McPelsHow can I format a flash memory in Ubuntu 12.10?!!16:27
jacklkIf my USB drive is /dev/sdd then what would the root path be to it? I want to use mv to copy a file to it.16:27
jacklkMcPels: Install GParted16:28
kapcom01hello, which one of the two laptops would you suggest me for ubuntu?16:28
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jacklkMcPels: sudo apt-get install gparted -y, find your USB device, make a new partition table and FAT partitio.16:28
Guest90562How to Download complete website for offline use from ubuntu16:28
Owiecmichael_2: i use http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/gg309170.aspx to create new partition with 70 GB, its empty but ubuntu still can see this.16:28
kylescottmcgillnemos: you might need to bite the bullet, and either install Ubuntu or try the mentioned work arounds16:28
kylescottmcgillnemos: i was going to suggest to drop into a terminal, but you wont be able to login i think16:29
Owiecmichael_2: i cant even click new partition because all crush then16:29
kylescottmcgilldoes anyone know if the root user is unlocked in the livecd?16:29
MonkeyDustkylescottmcgill  there is no root, there is sudo16:29
michael_2Owiec: Have you tried using the "try ubuntu" option with the live cd yet?16:30
Guest90562Any one please16:30
kylescottmcgillMonkeyDust: so if you swap to TTY do you just enter root as the user name?16:30
kylescottmcgillTTY1 **16:30
nemoskylescottmcgill: so it will work if i install instead of try to run it from livecd?16:30
bekksGuest90562: You cant, since you wont have that much space locally. You'll need several hundreds of Gigabytes to do so.16:30
Owiecmichael_2: mayby the problem is sony vaio has hybrid disk? (32 GB SSD)16:31
SailorMoonHow do i start Ubuntu in a Terminal?16:31
MonkeyDustkylescottmcgill  nu, you can use su -i, but be careful, it basically turns your pc into a windows machine, nobody wants that16:31
xxkoncyxxhy everybody16:31
McPelsjacklk: is there any other way?16:31
Owiecmichael_2: yes, i tried this and livecd see disk and data16:31
k1lGuest90562: just download it with firefox?16:31
kylescottmcgillMonkeyDust: lol you mean sudo -i ?16:31
michael_2SailorMoon: Are you asking how to make Ubuntu start in console mode by default instead of GUI mode?16:31
kylescottmcgillMonkeyDust: this is for nemos16:31
jacklkMcPels: Using GParted is easier16:32
jacklkMcPels: look on YouTube how to do it -- I've seen some videos it's simple16:32
jacklksearch for a guide online16:32
Guest90562bekkk, k1l  Then how people download wiki ,   i think one of my old friend downloaded it of 25 g16:32
mfdoomif I download ubuntu desktop 12.04, can I do a core install from that? Or will it automatically install recommends and such?16:32
kylescottmcgillhe cant boot into a livecd "try Ubuntu" due to some GFX issues on some of the later Mobo's16:32
michael_2Owiec: You could try adjusting the partition tables from Ubuntu in live cd test mode16:32
xxkoncyxxi have lubuntu 10.04on my Asus Eee PC 701SD.  Is there any way to install kde, openbox oe gnome onlubuntu?16:32
k1lGuest90562: that is different from "downloading a website". you should look out for a wikidump. but that is not a ubuntu support question. better ask the wiki support16:33
dufaGuest9041: you can use the command wget with -r to download a site recursively16:33
kylescottmcgillnemos: you could give it a shot, i cant promise its going to work, but according to the link you pasted me, there is a way around some of those issues, plus i have seen other users with your GFX Card running Ubuntu, so i know it works, but im not 100% sure about your Mobo sorry16:33
Petazhttp://www.tomshardware.co.uk/p320h-ssd-pci-express,review-32600.html A PCIe Drive Capable Of 3.2 GB/s16:34
Owiecmichael_2: what exatly should i do?16:34
michael_2Owiec: After booting into test mode, use the GParted app to modify the partition tables.16:34
McPelsjacklk: sorry, I cannot have access to you tube now! in previous versions of ubuntu, by a right click i could simply find the "format" choice in the list, do you know why in this version this does not exist?16:34
xxkoncyxxany hungarian? :)16:35
kylescottmcgillmichael_2: can you change the partition type in gparted? (out of curiosity)16:35
xxkoncyxxwhats your problem with your pc?16:35
Owiecmichael_2: test mode?16:35
Owiecmichael_2: you mean "try ubuntu"?16:36
xxkoncyxxplease write it and i'll help, if i can :)16:36
jacklkMcPels: because the newer versions of Ubuntu suck16:36
jacklkIt's true16:36
michael_2Owiec: Exactly16:36
jacklkMcPels: Just search for a simple command online how to16:36
kylescottmcgillxxkoncyxx: you can install most Window Managers, or Desktop Managers, i have Awesome WM, and Gnome 3 running16:36
michael_2kylescottmcgill: You mean from ext2 to ext3 and such?16:36
xxkoncyxxubuntu's problem is he unity..16:36
michael_2Unity is great.  :D16:37
jacklkMcPels: ever since the introduction to unity it's lost many of it's features16:37
kylescottmcgillmichael_2: nah, sorry i was meaning GPT to MBR, so the Partition Record Type16:37
xxkoncyxxand you can downloada parted linux with unetbootin16:37
t2maheshi like Unity then gnome 3.4+16:37
xxkoncyxxi'm using lxde, 'cause i have an asus eee pc 701sd16:38
McPelsjacklk: thank you16:38
michael_2kylescottmcgill: I don't think so, but I could be wrong.  I use system-config-lvm for most of my partitioning needs.16:38
xxkoncyxxfor partitions you can use a Partition Magic or something like this16:38
Owiecmichael_2: or mayby exist other way to install ubuntu? some other instalator, mayby in text mode usign other tool to disk?16:39
kylescottmcgilli see, i might have a look later, i want to change my partition type to MBR and try Classic BIOS on my Macbook... without bricking it16:39
xxkoncyxxwrite it to cd or cop to a bootable pendrive, and woala it works16:39
jacklkxxkoncyxx: On your ASUS Eee PC did you have any compatibility problems? Mine, and I've seen many others are really bad with linux16:39
Owiecmichael_2: gparted see all partiations16:40
Owiecmichael_2: and all is corect16:40
xxkoncyxxjacklk: i havent got an problem with lubuntu 10.04.. i use it in live mode now, i just installed. ubuntu 11 not works16:40
jacklkxxkoncyxx: ok16:41
michael_2Owiec: Does it say that any of them are LVM partitions?16:41
xxkoncyxxi want to install openbox or gnome to lubunu16:41
Justicehm for some reason unity webapps are not working with ubuntu16:42
Justicetried firefox and chromeium16:42
jacklkxxkoncyxx: How much RAM does it have?16:42
Justicebut nothings aks about integration and nothing in sound panel16:42
Justiceany ideas?16:42
Owiecmichael_2: i dont see any text info "LVM" in any coulumn in any partitions so i guess no16:42
xxkoncyxxi want to buy 1gb to it :)16:42
kylescottmcgillxxkoncyxx: you should be able to just sudo apt-get install openbox16:42
xxkoncyxxthanks :)16:43
MonkeyDustxxkoncyxx  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?16:43
kylescottmcgillalso in your autostart file make sure you add gnome-keyring-daemon16:43
michael_2Owiec: I think you told me earlier that you already have a partition set aside for Ubuntu.  You could use GParted to format THAT partition as ext2 or something and then rerun the installer.16:43
xxkoncyxxi'm in live mode now16:43
xxkoncyxxbut it worth a try to get information:D16:44
MonkeyDustxxkoncyxx  of what ubuntu version?16:44
xxkoncyxxlubuntu 10.0416:44
kylescottmcgillwhats live mode.. is that the live cd?16:44
auronandacexxkoncyxx: lubuntu wasn't official at 10.0416:44
Owiecmichael_2: ok i will try that, give me a 3 minuts. Yes i have parition for ubuntu but not formated before.16:44
MonkeyDustxxkoncyxx  it will soon be !eol, don't struggle with it, better use 12.04 or 12.1016:44
xxkoncyxxi tried, but it was too slow16:45
MonkeyDustxxkoncyxx  and the other is too old16:45
michael_2xxkoncyxx: Try Xubuntu16:45
xxkoncyxxlive usb drive :)16:45
F3SpeechHaving a problem with my cifs network shares after extetended idle on server, is there any way to tell the server not to sleep/suspend etc. so when services go to access the shares they are always there. Thanks16:46
xxkoncyxxwill it work? i mean it would be great to use it, but i want a fast os :)16:46
jacklkxxkoncyxx: Openbox is very fast16:47
auronandacexxkoncyxx: try lubuntu 12.0416:47
jacklkBut it can be hard to get working nicely16:47
jacklkI've given up on it16:47
xxkoncyxxit worth a try16:47
kylescottmcgillxxkoncyxx: you should try ubuntu remix, or arch linux if you are looking for faster, but you should look at having at least 1GB of ram :)16:48
xxkoncyxxto update16:48
xxkoncyxxi have 512mb in it, but i want to expand itwhen i will have money for it16:48
Hwkillerarch won't be "faster"; if you need speed, use a different DE16:48
Petazyes use e1716:48
HwkillerI recommend xfce for a good balance of speed and features16:48
xxkoncyxxthanks :)16:49
xxkoncyxxi've never tried xfce16:49
xxkoncyxxonly lxde16:49
xxkoncyxxand kde16:49
Hwkillerkde is good. I find lxde to be lacking compared to other DEs16:49
xxkoncyxxunity is not for me :D16:49
Petazlxde is lighter that cface16:49
Petaze17 is even lighter16:50
xxkoncyxxi'll think aboutit16:50
Hwkillerhonestly, gnome-shell is lighter than compiz :p16:50
xxkoncyxx*about it16:50
poqIs any app to easily create multibbot cd from several images under ubuntu?16:50
Petazdont think ... just do it!16:50
xxkoncyxxthanks for helping me16:50
xxkoncyxxhy :D16:50
NekuraHello, for some strange reason adduser --disabled-password --disabled-login <user>;sudo <user> is asking me for a password. I'm not accustomed to this, can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?16:52
kylescottmcgillsudo will still expect a password unless they are in the sudoers list as NOPASSWD16:53
lovepenguinhey all, i've got a touchscreen laptop (asus q200e) and i'm wondering if there's a touchscreen-focused ubuntu that will work with that model?16:53
Nekurakylescottmcgill: thanks.16:54
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gunknownin nvidia-settings: this driver is activated but not currently in use16:54
Owiecmichael_2: wow i have so sick situation. Linux in gparted show my partition as ext4 but in windows 7 i see this parition as NTFS16:54
gunknownwhat does this mean? Am i using the nuvou driver?16:54
zwirctrying to16:55
zwircsudo: add-apt-repository: command not found16:55
zwircwhat to do?16:55
cuqayou are not using it :p16:55
zwircwant to update my php to 5.416:55
Owiecmichael_2: and still i cant install ubuntu16:55
zwircbut when i do apt-get update i also get error16:55
zwircgot a clean 12.04 server16:55
michael_2Owiec: Windows doesn't recognize ext416:55
Owiecmichael_2: instalation gui dont see partition16:55
cuqatry sudo apt-get update16:55
cuqaor:  su -c "apt-get update"16:56
zwircW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/dists/precise/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-amd64/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)16:56
Owiecmichael_2: any other way to install ubuntu?16:56
zwircE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.16:56
milamberzwirc: are you on a server installation?16:56
bekkscuqa: su will not wotk due to:16:56
zwirc12.04 LTS16:56
bekks!root | cuqa16:56
ubottucuqa: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:56
lovepenguinNobody knows anything on touchscreens and ubuntu?16:56
milamberzwirc: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties (that is the package that contains add-apt-repository)16:57
MonkeyDust!anyone | lovepenguin16:57
ubottulovepenguin: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:57
cuqayou can also use ubuntu with root password and without sudo .. some providers do that to their vservers16:57
cuqathats why im saying it16:57
kylescottmcgillzwirc: are you connected to the internet?>16:57
zwircmilamber: ok tnx will try16:57
lovepenguinMonkeyDust: I already asked the question above16:57
zwirckylescottmcgill: yea16:57
MonkeyDustlovepenguin  better repeat it then, but not too often, this is a busy channel16:58
michael_2Owiec: Manual installation can be extremely difficult.  The only easy option is to use the installer.  Have you tried redownloading and reburning the install disk in case of a corrupt copy?16:58
lovepenguinI've got an Asus q200e and I need a touchscreen-compatible operating system, is Ubuntu ready for that use case?16:58
kylescottmcgillzwirc: also, if you are running gnome, i would open System Settings, Under packages or software there are some options, about mirrors, get Ubuntu to find the one you want, and then try to sudo apt-get update ;16:58
Owiecmichael_2: no i didnt try, i think all is ok. I also found that problem in google but i didnt find the solution16:59
Owiecmichael_2: i can install manualy, give hint to some documentation17:00
cuqalovepenguin:  ubuntu offers you to try ubuntu without the need to install it. so you can try it out. just download latest ubuntu iso and get it on a stick17:00
milamberlovepenguin: you might want to look into kde plasma active also17:01
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dartosCan anyone tell me how to get ubuntu running on a netbook with cedar trail? I can run the installer with the GUI but when it boots X fails to start17:01
lovepenguinI'll give it a shot - kde plasma looks interesting17:01
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michael_2Owiec: I'm not aware of a resource for manual installation.  It would basically involve manually setting up GRUB, setting up your swap partition, and copying all the files manually.  Then you would have to manually configure everything.  It would be a very difficult process.17:02
zwirctnx for help, got PHP 5.4 now =)17:02
Owiecmichael_2: i dont see any other option17:02
milamber!yay | zwirc17:03
ubottuzwirc: Glad you made it! :-)17:03
kylescottmcgillmichael_2: there is the minimal version of ubuntu, its like 30 MB, and then you can tasksel to get most things set up17:03
lovepenguinOne other thing - can you install 32 bit ubuntu on a 64 bit compatible laptop?17:03
wtingHow do I forcefully shut down a program (xbmc) when my system is locked and I can't move the mouse?17:03
lovepenguinJust for compatibility I mean17:03
milamberlovepenguin: yes, and i would actually recommend it for a new user17:03
wtingor, what's the Ubuntu equivalent of ctrl+alt+del?17:03
lovepenguinThanks guys!17:03
michael_2Owiec: Check what kylescottmcgill just said.  That might be your best option.17:03
dartoswting: You mean task manager?17:03
milamberlovepenguin: depending on how much ram you have you may want to enable pae17:04
dartoswting: if you want to kill something that froze run xkill in the term and click on the frozen window17:04
wtingdartos: I want to force quit a program that's not responding, through GUI so my mom can do it.17:04
kylescottmcgillOwiec: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD you can this out17:04
dartoswting: ah... if you hit alt-f2 then type in xkill it would still work... but thats all I got for ya17:05
wtingdartos: Mouse was unresponsive, I could not bring up terminal. I had to drop to tty1 and use kill -9, but I need a mom-friendly method.17:05
dartoswting: alt-f2 then xkill17:05
dartosxkill is not hard to remember17:05
kylescottmcgillOwiec: http://wiki.debian.org/tasksel then you can install Desktop Enviroment, and sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop (if you want gnome)17:05
dartosand if she can remember ctrl-alt-del then she can get alt-f217:05
Random832unless the keyboard is also unresponsive17:06
dartosRandom832: then you reboot :P17:06
wtingPerhaps, but the bigger issue is why does xbmc crashing lead to an unresponsive mouse / keyboard.17:06
Random832might have to restart the computer - it's _possible_ for a program on windows to get it wedged so that you can't start the task manager, too, just less likely17:06
wtingi.e. why does a userspace program have the ability to halt X?17:06
Random832alternately, you could set up sshd, so that when your mom calls you you can fix it remotely17:06
kylescottmcgillTeamviwer is great17:07
wtingRandom832: It's already set up, but you and I know that's a poor long-term solution.17:07
kylescottmcgillfor remote fixes17:07
Owiecmichael_2, kylescottmcgill: ok thx, i will try that17:07
mario_7Is it possible to boot LiveCD on Dell desktop with Ubuntu preinstalled? When I try to do it, it somehow loads not the contents of CD, but contents of recovery partition in 'live mode'. This also happens when one choose Install Ubuntu - installer from recovery partiton loads and it does not allow to finish partitioning step because of partition from hd lready mounted. Recovery partition seems to be mounted in /cdrom. Any ideas how to avoi17:07
mario_7d such behavior?17:07
Random832wting: does she have two computers?17:07
kylescottmcgillOwiec: good luck :) i have done lots of those setups so yell out if you get stuck17:07
greyduckhowdy peeps17:07
TheLordOfTimemario_7, select what to boot from at BIOS.17:07
wtingRandom832: Yes.17:07
Random832you could set up a script that finds whatever program is taking up the cpu or whatever and kills it, and put an icon on the other computer that runs it17:08
TheLordOfTimemario_7, you may have to tell your system to boot from CD, rather than recovery.17:08
=== Teufelchen_ is now known as Teufelchen
wtingRandom832: The other computer is Windows. T_T17:08
wtingTrying to get her to try out Ubuntu.17:08
Mir09hi all17:08
Random832wting: i'm not sure what the problem is17:08
mario_7TheLordOfTime, pc boots from cd, when i choose LiveCD mode it does not load the CD but it loads system from recovery partition17:09
cuqame neither17:09
greyduckhi Mir0917:09
Random832the script itself would reside on the ubuntu system, all you need on windows is to run a ssh command to start it17:09
Owiechmm i have one question more: i see ubuntu has now option to save change in system in live usb. I need linux only to code in Ruby On Rails, so mayby it will work in that way on live usb? Or it is stupid idea?17:09
dartosis the cedarview-graphics-drivers package for ubuntu17:09
Random832mario_7: How exactly was TheLordOfTime's nick meant to be formatted in your last line?17:09
Ubiquityhello all17:09
wtingRandom832: There's no easy GUI way to kill programs, especially when X is frozen. On Windows, ctr+alt+del *always* works except in BSODs.17:09
Nekurakylescottmcgill: still no idea what's wrong with sudoers: http://pastebin.com/tSAf5exj17:09
UbiquityI'm on my last big hurdle of a project17:10
milamberOwiec: it's not a bad idea, but persistent usb installs are not able to update kernel or the like17:10
greyduckthis is way above me17:10
UbiquityI need to enable wake on lan17:10
Random832wting: my point is, you write a script, in python or whatever, on ubuntu, to find the bad problem and kill it17:10
greyduckbetter look for ubuntu noobs17:10
Random832then you have an icon you click on the windows system to ssh into the ubuntu system and runs the script17:10
Owiecmilamber: but what with performance?17:10
UbiquityI've set it up in the bios17:10
mario_7Random832, huh?17:10
Random832mario_7: <mario_7> HTheLordOfTimeH, pc boots from cd, when i choose LiveCD mode...17:11
kylescottmcgillNekura: kyle ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL17:11
Random832i'm trying to figure out what those weird H's were supposed to be17:11
milamberOwiec: obviously there would be a performance decrease, and i would always recommend a full install of the linux17:11
kylescottmcgillis the line you need17:11
greyducktatty bye!17:11
Random832was it in like bold, italic, blinking rainbow sprinkles, or what?17:11
kylescottmcgillNekura: you also need to log out and login before this will work properly17:11
Nekurakylescottmcgill: ohhh. that'd help huh lol.17:11
cuqaso what Ubiquity? whats the problem17:11
milambergreyduck: this channel is for new user support17:11
Nekurathanks ;p17:11
mario_7Random832, I can see it properly, x-chat's fault?17:11
kylescottmcgillthen after that you can sudo <command> and it wont ask you for your password... please be careful though, it is bad practise :)17:12
Random832mario_7: you can see _what_ properly, is my question17:12
Ubiquitycuqa: well, i have it set up in linux, as far as i can tell. And I have a program on windows to wake it up17:12
TheLordOfTimeRandom832, that's your end.17:12
Ubiquitycuqa: but it's not waking up17:12
Random832i have no way to know what it's supposed to be, _because_ i don't ...DAMMIT17:12
TheLordOfTimeRandom832, and not a question related directly to this channel.17:12
Random832I want to know what font the nick is in so that I know what that control character does, IS THAT SO HARD?17:12
Random832like ctrl-b does bold, ctrl-_ does underline, ctrl-c does color, what does ctrl-h doe17:12
Nekurakylescottmcgill: no one else has access to my box. If I could just give it nopasswd without the ALL part that specifies command privileges ( or atleast i think it does) i'd be set17:13
TheLordOfTimeRandom832, which irc client17:13
Random832....whatever mario_7 is using17:13
Random832all i want to know is what font the nick was supposed to be in17:13
NekuraI'm not familiar with the format of sudoers, so I will now become accustomed with man sudoers lol17:13
kylescottmcgillNekura: trust me, use that line as it is and replace kyle with your username, the all in those means all commands17:13
mario_7i see it as clear text17:13
=== Bladerunner is now known as Bladerunn
Nekuracool, thanks.17:13
Ubiquitycuqa: i've set up ethtools17:13
mario_7and i didn;t add any formatting if you ask about it :P17:13
NekuraI put no doubt in you lol.17:14
kylescottmcgillNekura: :)17:14
cuqadid you once try to wake it up manually?17:14
DarkPrince946Hello, anyone got any experience with nxserver?17:15
bekks!anyone | DarkPrince94617:15
ubottuDarkPrince946: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:15
Ubiquitycuqa: you mean, by pressing the power button17:15
kylescottmcgillNekura: also, sudo su <user> is what you need too17:15
Ubiquitycuqa: yes, that works17:15
cuqai mean by sending a magic packet17:15
skaI have a lot of old kernels in my grub.cfg file. Many are long gone. How do I fix/clean it?17:15
bekkskylescottmcgill: Wrong. HE needs to use sudo -i     --- sudo su is a bad idea17:15
mario_7TheLordOfTime, is it because of Ubuntu CD choosing to boot recovery partition insted of its own contents or rarther it's PC choice to boot revocery partition when it detects Ubuntu CD?17:15
cuqaor by  using wol by your router17:15
LastRitesGameshi, can anyone point me in the right direction for creating (for distributing) a package of software i wrote?17:16
Ubiquitycuqa: i have tried. I use WakeMeOnLan in Win717:16
kylescottmcgillbekks: not if that user isnt root17:16
Ubiquitycuqa: the box is running ubuntu 12.04 server17:16
cuqaI think WOL does not have much things to do which os you use17:16
kylescottmcgillsudo -i will drop you into interactive sudo as root, sudo su will force you into that user17:16
cuqau activated it in bios, right?17:17
DarkPrince946NXServer is disconnecting me with a Server configuration error, looking at the logs its getting a permission denied when it trys to create a directory.17:17
DarkPrince946I'm not quite sure what to do.17:17
bekkskylescottmcgill: without specifying a user, it will force you into the root user....17:17
bekkskylescottmcgill: So sudo .i is the better solution.17:17
=== yakster_ is now known as yakster
kylescottmcgillbekks: the pastie has more info, he/she is adding a user, and trying to su into that user17:17
kylescottmcgillnot root17:17
Ubiquitycuqa: i know. just giving as much info as possible. I'll try to wol from my router17:18
mz`explain diff between "sudo su - <user> -c [command]" and "sudo -i [command]"17:18
kylescottmcgillsudo -i is going to use sudo interactively, su is to become that user, sudo su, is going to force yourself into the user, so the end results are different17:19
dartosCan someone please tell me how to get X working on a netbook with Cedar Trail?17:19
alhirzelI need to edit a .glade file that targets GTK 2.16, how can I install a really old version of Glade?17:19
MonkeyDustmz`  #bash17:19
bekksdartos: Whats Cedar Trail?17:20
dartosbekks: chipset...17:20
dartosbekks: X won't start17:20
auronandacealhirzel: that would be problematic17:20
dartosIt used to work but then NOPE17:20
troopwhile installing Tahoma i broke my ubuntu. now i cant login. actually login and logout same time and its not becoming only gdm. even console..17:20
bekksdartos: After youz changed what exactly?17:20
dartosbekks: the OS17:21
dartosbekks: from lubuntu 12.04 to fedora 17 and now back to lubuntu 12.0417:21
dartosand lubuntu no longer wants to startx17:21
dartosso it's a fresh install17:21
bekksdartos: So basically you have an Intel Atom with an integrated graphics chipset.17:21
kylescottmcgilltroop: try jumping into TTY1 (ALT + CTRL + F1) login, and sudo service gdm restart17:21
dartosbekks: yeah my laptop is gateway lt4004u17:22
kylescottmcgilltroop: or lightdm, which ever one your using17:22
troopkylescottmcgill,  as i said i cant login on tty too17:22
mz`missing devices in /dev17:22
bekkstroop: did you set a password for that user?17:22
mz`use a live cd and chroot in your system disk, then debug17:22
troopyes bekks my identically user.17:22
dartosDoes anyone know.. this is kind of urgent17:24
troopi ran this script and restart pc http://paste.org/5974817:24
alhirzelauronandace: I agree. I am finding a sufficiently old .deb and I am gonna try to force it.17:24
troopand now i cant login even on tty17:24
cuqado you see bootloader?17:24
auronandacealhirzel: you will likely break something17:25
troopcuqa, me?17:25
roadfishwant to drop reserved-blocks-percentage on ext4 from 5% to 1%. is a 3TB hdd holding large, static video files. is 1% a safe value? will I get bad behavior if I drop to 1%17:25
alhirzelauronandace: yep, I sure wish this project would just upgrade their files! =]17:25
bekkstroop: Did you boot a live cd and checked wether you have a full disk?17:25
troopi can see everything.  i can see gdm login screen look im trying to telling you. ubuntu login normally but logout at the sametime.17:25
troopbekks no: fresh install on 250gb now im writing in live cd17:26
troopim saying my problem started with that script17:26
blaz_hi.... when i try ''vconfig add eth0 2''     i get    ''WARNING:  Could not open /proc/net/vlan/config.  Maybe you need to load the 8021q module, or maybe you are not using PROCFS??ERROR: trying to add VLAN #2 to IF -:eth0:-  error: Operation not permitted''17:26
kylescottmcgilltroop: you tried a reboot i take it?17:26
alhirzelauronandace: hold the phone, i think glade-gtk2 will work. False alarm then!17:26
troopi tried tty too. writing my username and pass it welcomes me but logout at the sametime17:26
troopkylescottmcgill, yes17:27
kylescottmcgillnothing in that script looks wrong :s17:27
troopbefore this script i had installed mscorefonts17:27
troopi think there is a serious bug. because i cant login17:28
jhutchins_wktroop: Can you log in on a console?17:28
troopi cant login from anywhere17:28
troopjhutchins_wk,  no17:28
kylescottmcgillblaz_: try with sudo17:28
troopit log me in then logout again17:28
ma_hello everyone :)17:29
cuqahave you tried different users troop?17:29
kylescottmcgilltroop: if you cant login via the console, you will need to chroot, and check your profile or something17:29
troopi tried guest user17:29
jhutchins_wktroop: Is there more than one user on the system?17:29
ma_here comes the newbie who asks about every thing :D17:29
blaz_kylescottmcgill: so stupid of me :D... thanx... it works man :D:D17:29
mariorgrossiMy page can be in Portuguese (I'm Brazilian) but already put the option for English and German languages​​. Can register and start posting your articles and if they need a new category, please contact me by own site.17:29
mariorgrossiwe will share our knowledge with the world.17:29
FloodBot1mariorgrossi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:29
kylescottmcgillblaz_: :)17:29
troopno jhutchins_wk  only my user and guest user which automatically created.17:30
troophow will i do kylescottmcgill  ?17:30
DevilbirdGuys, i installed ubuntu with the windows installer, but when i restart i get the following message: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7c78tb7jpyzwh9/2013-01-06%2018.23.08.jpg (dutch) i tried installing again but it does not help17:30
jhutchins_wktroop: Can you log in as the guest user?17:30
troopnow i reach my system files17:30
troopjhutchins_wk, i cant login anykind17:30
kylescottmcgilltroop: what do you mean you reached your system files? are in a livecd?17:31
troopyes im in a livecd17:31
kylescottmcgilltroop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery <-- everything you would need is here if you can get to it17:31
troopi installed 12.10 then updated then installed infinality then installed mscorefonts then installed this script and boom.17:32
troopokay im reading kylescottmcgill17:32
kylescottmcgillyou should just be able to sudo chroot /mnt17:32
kylescottmcgillafter mounting it sorry17:32
jhutchins_wktroop: Take a look at the logfiles, I'm betting they'll have a font error.17:33
troopjhutchins_wk,  where are logfiles?17:33
k1l!guidelines > mariorgrossi17:33
ubottumariorgrossi, please see my private message17:33
troopok im looking17:33
bekksjhutchins_wk: Which is irrelevant when being unable to ven log in on a TTY.17:33
jhutchins_wktroop: The fastest way to recover at this point would probably be to reinstall.17:34
troopreinstall ubuntu ?17:34
bhaveshI always get http://i.imgur.com/c4eDq.png  when I start empathy, any solution?17:34
kylescottmcgillbekks: it might have updated the alternatives and is trying to use one of those when he logins in via console, maybe... idk17:34
jhutchins_wktroop: Since you don't have any investment of time on the current setup, yes.17:34
kylescottmcgilloone of those fonts17:34
jhutchins_wkIt could have broken the default font.17:35
Zaki-SamaCan i ask you something about the "Ubuntu for MOBILE" or should i go to a specific room ?17:35
bekkskylescottmcgill: On a regular tty, there are no different fonts, especially not ttf fonts like the ones that where installed.17:35
jhutchins_wktroop: That's why I suggest looking a the log files.17:35
xangua!phone | Zaki-Sama17:35
ubottuZaki-Sama: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone17:35
MonkeyDustZaki-Sama  #ubuntu-phone17:35
jhutchins_wkbekks: Don't be too sure of that.17:35
troopa lot of log files here17:35
bhaveshI also checked "remember this choice for future connections" but still I get same thing17:35
bekksjhutchins_wk: I am 1000% sure about that.17:35
troopboot.log bootstrap.log dpkg.log kern.log fontconfig.log etc....17:36
jhutchins_wkbekks: framebuffer.17:36
troopi will install again :D17:36
bekksjhutchins_wk: Which is not in use by default on a tty-.17:36
Zaki-Samaxangua: MonkeyDust: thank you !!17:36
nullby7ehow to run virtualbox needs some modules?17:36
jhutchins_wkbekks: My uncle is the guy who developed the code to do text on a CRT.17:36
bekksjhutchins_wk: Thats pretty cool for you, but still does not affect what I said above.17:37
troopjhutchins_wk,  kylescottmcgill  i think i found right log17:37
troopJan  6 19:11:47 yigitPC login[1148]: pam_unix(login:session): session opened for user yigit by LOGIN(uid=0)17:37
troopJan  6 19:11:47 yigitPC dbus[809]: [system] Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.52" (uid=110 pid=1960 comm="/usr/lib/indicator-session/indicator-session-servi") interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" member="GetAll" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.15" (uid=0 pid=1184 comm="/usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon ")17:37
FloodBot1troop: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:37
bekksjhutchins_wk: Honestly, I am not even impressed now. :)17:37
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kylescottmcgilltroop: why are you logging in as root?17:38
alienauthello, i have general problem17:38
kylescottmcgilloh wait sorry17:38
troopi just loggin with `yigit`17:38
kylescottmcgillya, sorry i saw uid=0 and just blabed17:39
=== rat is now known as Guest17853
alienauti feel my ubuntu 12.10 a bit slow is it because it is not LTS ?17:39
bekksalienaut: No.17:39
troopalienaut: sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping17:39
SnowmanX11alienaut: no. It should be someting else17:40
jallmorgCan anyone help me with some problems with unity/compiz and opening the Dash?17:40
jhutchins_wkbekks: Just explaining that I have an understanding of the evolution of on-screen fonts from things generated in firmware to modern software fonts - yes, on consoles.17:40
=== maequises is now known as maequise
kylescottmcgilltroop: ok i guess you have two choices, you can reinstall, or you can debug this... we might not win though17:40
troopi will reinstall17:40
jhutchins_wkbekks: The display you see on a modern PC console no longer comes from hardware on the graphics card.17:40
kylescottmcgilltroop: :)17:40
SnowmanX11alienaut: use top or install htop and use them in the terminal to examine, which process slow down your machine17:40
troopi cant spend time.17:40
bekksjhutchins_wk: And still: Unless manually having configured a framebuffer, there is no framebuffer in use which would be able to render TTF fonts.17:40
Ubiquitycuqa: btw, thank you. I forgot to add a character to my /etc/network/interfaces lol17:41
troopand now im clicking to glory button :D17:41
Ubiquityi've been screwing with this system for 4 days17:41
kylescottmcgilljhutchins_wk: bekks im going to try this out by manually setfont inside a tty... brb17:41
jallmorgUbuntu 12.04.1 When I open dash it runs slow and uses 100% of my GPU17:41
Ubiquityover 12 hours yesterday alone17:41
=== grzegorz is now known as myhe
kylescottmcgilli just need to find a ttf font17:41
troopanyone use Tahoma?17:42
Ubiquityand it's finally right...where...i...want...it17:42
alienauti removed shop app and my unity looks like ok now17:42
DarkPrince946http://pastebin.com/DGaxL0kE Thats the errors I'm getting17:42
mariorgrossialgum brasileiro?17:42
troopalienaut, fine17:42
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:42
alienautSnowmanX11,  top is an application?17:42
myhecan someone help me with xen installation?  I did go step by step with this wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen but when i check if it did install i get ERROR:  Can't find hypervisor information in sysfs!17:42
MonkeyDustmyhe  ubuntu server?17:43
troopalienaut,  top shows you system resources i think task manager in console17:43
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: whats NZ Server?17:43
myhethe hypervisor is installed17:44
DarkPrince946Its a remote desktop tool I believe.17:44
kylescottmcgillya in your log file17:44
myhebut it says its not running17:44
myheas above17:44
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: are you doing anything special? like logging in? or remote D on to another machine or something17:45
myheso any ideas?17:45
=== Bladerunner is now known as Bladerunn
DarkPrince946Its a VPS, the program I need to use is GUI only.17:46
troopi want Tahoma17:46
kylescottmcgillmyhe: do you have the hyper-visor running?17:46
myheare the grub modify and toolstack commands on that site ?17:46
troopinfinality windows7 setup and Tahoma17:46
myhewhen i check it seems not17:47
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: ok, thats not going to really wont, you need to install Xserver and a bunch of other stuff17:47
MonkeyDustmyhe  i guess xen is server technology, maybe you need other server services installed17:47
alienauthow can i understand if my graphic driver properly installed17:47
DarkPrince946What other stuff.17:47
DarkPrince946If you can give me a link that would help.17:47
=== nexus is now known as Guest73077
myhewell im noob when it comes to linux and xen17:48
myhewhen i check with sudo xm list it says he cant find it17:48
MonkeyDustmyhe  start with the basics, xen is advanced17:48
devlostroop: here this might work http://panic83.livejournal.com/19679.html -but idk i havnt tried... a little google goes a long way tho17:48
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: Xorg, X11, ummm... i will see if can find a tutorial on setting ubuntu up as a RDP service, also are you sure you want to do this? it will have a significant impact on your server17:48
mariorgrossiThere is a version of aptana studio 3 for ubuntu?17:48
myhebut when i try to install it again it says its installed17:48
myhealso i did not get any errors when changing grub17:48
myheand toolstack17:49
DarkPrince946You sure that nx server isn't the right thing?17:49
MonkeyDustmyhe  why do you need xen, if you're a beginner?17:49
myhewant to learn it17:50
linociscowhat is the best opensource software like AutoCAD?17:50
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: if this is a VPS, then it wont have Xorg installed, VPS normally have ssh access not RDP, this is an assumption, but installing a GUI on to a VPS isnt going to work right off the bat17:50
ikonialearn it when you have experience17:50
Ronalds_Mhi, I have old PC 2,2 GHz AMD Athlon and I tried using lubuntu on it, but flash clearly doesn't works, is there any way to make linux usable on it?17:50
=== sourcode2 is now known as sourcode
linociscoI would like to use it on Windows like QGIS which is powerful , opensource and can be installed on windows17:50
myhesigh if you dont want to help please dont talk thank you17:50
jhutchins_wkbekks: Anyway, it looks like it's moot, but it is possible to screw up a non-fb console by messing with the system fonts.17:50
myhei jsut need help with installing it and running thats all17:50
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: could you RDP on to your server before installing this application?17:51
greyduckhello everyone17:51
=== sourcode is now known as Guest82948
ikoniamyhe: so basically you need help with all of it then17:51
DarkPrince946I could.17:51
myheits first time i have problem installing xen in linux17:51
ikoniamyhe: installing it and running it is %99 of xen17:51
devlosRonalds_M,  xubuntu works on more of my old machines than lubuntu.17:51
myheon fedora its painless17:51
BluesKajRonalds_M, install ubuntu-restricted-extras17:51
myhebut i want it in ubuntu17:51
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: what is the software you tried to install?17:51
jhutchins_wkbekks: Also, I have seen installations where the consoles DO default to framebuffer, with screens byond 40x80 and often graphical overlay.  If you don't see the boot messages, chances are this is the case.17:51
ikoniamyhe: so what's the problem ?17:52
myhethat it seems that its not running17:52
Ronalds_MI tried installing all kind of extras, it doesn't works, right now I have gnash but it's so slow17:52
myheeven if i did go with how to17:52
ikoniamyhe: that's not really a good description17:52
myhei did write what problem it is some time ago but wait ill do it again17:52
Ronalds_Mmy old PC has 700 mb of RAM, and nvidia 128 mb old one17:53
myheso i did try to install xen on ubuntu from this site https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen should be easy peasy but something is wrong17:53
myhei did install hypervisor17:53
jhutchins_wkRonalds_M: Um, I don't understand how flash not working (normal) is a problem with the OS.\17:53
myhei did change grub etc17:53
myherebooted pc17:53
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linociscowhat is the powerful opensource alternative to AutoCAD software?17:53
myhethen when i check if it works it says ERROR:  Can't find hypervisor information in sysfs!17:53
myhethat the problem17:54
ikoniaso it's not booted the xen kernel then17:54
ikoniaand the hypervisor isn't running17:54
myheany idea how to fix that then?17:54
ikoniawell, look at the kernel and look at the xen process list and see what's missing17:54
jhutchins_wkRonalds_M: Whether gnash works depends mostly on what flash you're trying to display, most of what's on the 'net won't work.17:54
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: was there a guide you followed? that looks a little out of the box, i have never done anything like that, but basically your error messages are saying i cant start (respectively17:54
myhei did figure that out thats why i did ask if the command on that site are correct for grub17:54
daniel_do i need to format my hard drive before setting up my server with it17:54
jhutchins_wkRonalds_M: Did you try flash from adobe?17:54
Ronalds_MI have CD/RW disk, when I putted lubuntu on it, and tried to install, it took down windows xp in partitioning, so I installed Ubuntu, installed lubuntu packages and removed Ubuntu stuff17:54
BluesKajRonalds_M, ubuntu-restricted-extras isn't all kinds of extras , it contains what you need to play flash content17:54
ikoniamyhe: sorry what ?17:55
DarkPrince946Not really, I just install the .deb's17:55
Ronalds_Mso my linux is a mess now17:55
BluesKajjust install ir Ronalds_M17:55
myhein other way is this correct? sudo sed -i 's/GRUB_DEFAULT=.*\+/GRUB_DEFAULT="Xen 4.1-amd64"/' /etc/default/grub and sudo sed -i 's/TOOLSTACK=.*\+/TOOLSTACK="xm"/' /etc/default/xen17:56
Ronalds_MI installed restricted extras17:56
Ronalds_Mnothing happens17:56
Ronalds_Mflash doesn't work even on chrome17:56
Ronalds_Mor chromiom17:56
kylescottmcgillDarkPrince946: follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NomachineNX17:56
Ozzyanybody knows how to deploy a qt creator project with a Ubuntu QML toolkit?17:56
abc-DEat first sorry for my bad english. but i have a big problem. When I scan for channels in Kaffeine there are only channels in HD. What can I do that I can use channels wich are not in HD. I use DVB-S.17:57
greyduckthanks for the welcome folks, i'm orf17:57
SnowmanX11alienaut: top is a command in the terminal17:58
maksimhi, can someone help me with sound issue? I have Linux Mint 14 Mate for about a month or so and today sound started to glitch. I can't play mp3 file with Banshee, GnomeMPlayer, Rhytmbox and Audacity. it sounds like this 'h-h-h-h-h-h-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o'. it repeats small sound chunks several times and moves on. I've tried 'pulseaudio -k' but without any luck. 'mv .pulse pulse_old' helped in some way, now sound works ok, but only for Banshee,17:58
maksim GnomeMPlayer and Rhytmbox. but not for Audacity, the thing is I need especially Audacity. can anyone help me with this?17:58
Ronalds_Minstalling linux with cd/rw is alright?17:59
lhavelund!mint | maksim17:59
ubottumaksim: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:59
troopwhich nvidia driver do you recommend ?17:59
lhavelundmaksim: they wlil be a lot more knowledable about the in-depth workings of mint.18:00
maksimI know this is ubuntu channel, but on linuxmint-help channel there is no support for this issue, as far as on #alsa and #pulseaudio18:00
DarkPrince946Still no worky.18:00
jhutchins_wkRondom: That's how it's usually done.18:00
SnowmanX11alienaut: just type to the command line: 'top' and you will get a monitoring tool, which shows the usage of memory/processor and monitoring online. Push CTRL+C to abort18:00
Ubiquityi'm trying to setup a static ip address, but I don't know what my "address netmask network broadcast gateway" values should be in /etc/network/interfaces18:00
jhutchins_wkRondom: N'mind, missing nic.18:00
alienautSnowmanX11, thanks!18:00
lhavelundmaksim: Those are the only three channels I could suggest being helpful, I'm afraid. If #linuxmint-help isn't helpful, and the upstream channels (#alsa, #pulseaudio) aren't useful either, you seem to be on your own. :(18:00
Ubiquityhow can I find out what my "address netmask network broadcast gateway " values should be18:01
ikoniaUbiquity: ask your network administrator18:01
Ubiquityfor configuring a static ip18:01
SnowmanX11alienaut: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/top.1.html18:01
SnowmanX11alienaut: your welcome18:01
Ubiquityikonia: i am the network administrator. I'm jumping in head first and configuring my first server. This is the second to last hurdle18:02
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: Do you have a working windows system?18:02
Ubiquityam on it right now18:02
ikoniaUbiquity: if you are the network administraot, you should know what your gateway device is, and what you network address ranges are18:02
ikoniaUbiquity: this is a basic requirement of running a network18:02
devlosUbiquity,  try route -n18:03
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: ipconfig /all should show you most of the required settings.  If you are behind a router that is doing DHCP you should be able to just tell the linux system "use dhcp".18:03
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: If you're getting your current config from your ISP that should work as well.18:03
devlosroute -n will show gateway18:03
DarkPrince946Same error18:04
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Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: see, i don't want to use dhcp for this server if i can help it. I'm trying to run WOL and I've configured it to run remotely18:04
jhutchins_wkDarkPrince946: As what?18:04
alienautcompiz is using %4.6 of memory is that normal?18:04
compdocmaksim, that happened to me and it turned out a usb device was causing it. But other hardware issues can cause it too. You have many usb devices, or have you added any devices to your system recently?18:04
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: thank you for the ipconfig help18:04
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: How are addresses on your network assigned now?  By a router?18:04
DarkPrince946jhutchins_wk: http://pastebin.com/DGaxL0kE18:04
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: It's usually a good idea for routers to be static, but you can also lock an addres to a MAC in dhcp.18:05
compdoc maksim, btw, there is a bug in some kernel versions dealing with pulseaudio18:05
maksimI have only one usb device - mouse18:05
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: addresses are assigned by dhcp18:05
maksimand there wasn't a problem with it for last 5 years :)18:06
nemosI need help. What bios settins need to be set in order to try the linux livecd? I tried both ubuntu and centos and i get a freeze at the login screen, the keyboard and mouse clicks doesnt work. The graphics dies or something.18:06
greyduckwhere's the best room for a noob?18:06
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: i assume that's what you mean18:06
Ubiquitygreyduck: a padded room far far away from here. just kidding18:06
Ubiquitygreyduck: have you looked at the documentation for whatever ails you?18:07
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: So either set the dhcp server to assign a consistent address to that mac, or choose an unused address in the proper range, put it in a static config, and make sure you reserve that address on the dhcp server so it won't be assigned.18:07
greyduckduck fever18:07
jhutchins_wkgreyduck: This one's not too bad.  Got a question?18:07
MonkeyDustgreyduck  ask your question and see if someone can help18:07
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: i think i'll set my dhcp server to assign a consistent address. That sounds like it will solve two problems18:08
burdickjpIs there a gnu units lens for unity?18:11
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: Believe me, I remember how frustrating it was when documentation said "ask your network administrator".  No I am one for real.18:13
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Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: it's also frustrating when people tell you you're supposed to know this stuff and you're just starting out18:14
bogorI am working on command line. How do i get to play mplayer in backgound. I am trying to listen to mp3 song while working.18:14
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: like it's an 'exclusive club and no girls/people that don't know things are allowed'18:15
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: you have been very helpful18:15
bogorusing "mplayer fn.mp3 &" doesn;t work18:15
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Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: thank you very very much18:15
jhutchins_wkUbiquity: Hey, just paying forward the help I got.18:15
Ubiquityi'll have to do that one day18:16
F3SpeechAnyone any ideas how to fix "CIFS VFS: Unexpected lookup error -112", happens after about 1-2 hours inactivity. Running server install 12.04 thinking it might be something to do with the servers power managment, just because it only happens after a large idle time?18:17
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: What's serving the cifs share?18:19
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: If it's server grade hardware, it's more likely an issue on the client, but I would guess network hardware somewhere in the link.18:19
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: buffalo nas is serving share18:21
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F3Speechjhutchins_wk: and server hardware is old q660018:22
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: Any outstanding software/firmware updates?18:22
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: server is using a tp-link wifi usb adaptor18:23
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: nafaif18:23
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: wifi will do that.18:23
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: THere's no way you can completely eliminate that kind of error with that kind of setup.18:23
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: why is it only after a long idle it happens?18:23
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: Traffic helps keep the links active.  They're more likely to drop when idle.18:24
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: i thought is might be acpi related, powersaving on the usb or something18:24
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: It's more the sensitivity of cifs to minor network errors.18:24
F3Speechjhut the server is processing all the time the network link should be idle that long tbh18:24
F3Speechthink i should maybe try with smb?18:25
* SnowmanX11 is away: I'm busy.../Elfoglalt vagyok, ne zavarj!18:25
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: if the share _is_ idle periodically it's a good idea to set it up with autofs so that it brings up a new connection whenever it's needed.18:26
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: No significant difference.18:26
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: im still thinking its a power managment issue rather than protocol but atm i dont really 'know' anything :)18:26
MonkeyDust!away | SnowmanX1118:26
ubottuSnowmanX11: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»18:26
* SnowmanX11 is back (gone 00:00:39)18:26
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: If it were a power management issue, other connections would be affected.18:26
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: the whole server hangs, all the web services and python i have running lose network connection18:27
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: Ok, that's not what you origianlly reported.18:28
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F3Speechjhutchins_wk:  sorry let me be clear, when i say hangs it is still responding to a degree as it reports errors to screen, but refuses any network connections18:29
cornfeedgood morning...I am trying to acpid to work with  my toshiba and i am about at my wits end...I have tried everything....I have a toshiba portege r835-p81 (laptop). I have acpid running and I can use acpi_listen to see that is catching events like changing screen brightness, but it doesn't *actually* do anything. I looked into fnfxd which is custom tailored to toshiba laptops but I cant find anything about its implimentation. has anyone worked with18:29
cornfeed toshiba laptops and acpid??18:29
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: dmesg or hald logs would be whre to look.18:29
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: I would still say hardware is the most likely issue.18:29
cornfeedF3Speech: try a boot flag of acpi=off18:29
cornfeedF3Speech: i had the same issues...drove me nuts for a month18:29
F3Speechcornfeed: i did read that few hours ago18:30
F3Speechcornfeed: tried it and my usb wifi wouldnt connect18:30
jhutchins_wkF3Speech: What are the chances of getting an actual internal wifi card, or going to wired?18:31
F3Speechi want to find where the server sets stuff like blank screen and any idle conditions try turn them off18:31
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: none really... well actuall guess now its setup i could move it18:32
cornfeedF3Speech: hmmm you could try killing acpid18:32
fegohi all, any idea in which package i can find the "helvetica-medium" font?18:33
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: it has a internal card, i dont dont have the  cable available at my desk18:33
F3Speechjhutchins_wk: and i think my router is full, if i remember i think thats why i went wifi18:33
F3Speechjhut i guess i could give the server my lan cable and ill take the wifi lol18:33
F3Speechcornfeed: how would i do that18:34
cornfeedF3Speech: sudo service acpid stop (i think, i only use ubuntu in a few offices)18:34
cornfeedpretty sure though18:34
cornfeedthen use "pidof acpid" to make sure18:35
F3Speechit seemed to stop ok18:35
F3Speechi dont have pidof installed18:36
kelvinellahi, can ubuntu be installed in macbook pro or macbook air?18:36
F3Speechnetwork is still up so that a bonus18:36
cornfeedkelvinella: yes18:36
MonkeyDust!mac | kelvinella start here18:36
ubottukelvinella start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages18:36
kelvinellabecause i am thinking to buy a laptop18:36
Muphridfego: if helvetica is not free software then it isnt in any package, you have to download it manually18:36
F3Speechcornfeed: ill leave it alone see what happens18:36
cornfeedkelvinella: but from what I hear, its a pain18:36
kelvinellahow painful?18:37
stercorHow do I fix :connect to host xxxxxxxx port 22: No route to host?18:37
MonkeyDuststercor  install openssh-server and/or openssh-client18:37
devlosstercor ssh??18:37
kelvinellawhich brand has the same laptop quality like the apple?18:37
stercorI wish to scp. It worked last night.18:38
MonkeyDuststercor  scp uses ssh too18:38
kelvinellai am thinking to get asus or thinkpad, but thinkpad is too ugly18:38
kelvinellaasus has so many model, dont know which one to choose from18:38
F3Speechkelvinella: i like asus18:38
d1zzyhi, this may e an FAQ although I'm unable to find an answer on the internet. I'm using 12.04, clean, no unstable packages, and I can't install all the deps needed by the steam beta client. I successfully installed ia32-libs but currently I'm unable to install zenity:i38618:38
fegohi all, any idea in which package i can find the "helvetica-medium" font?18:39
d1zzyits zenity-common:i386 for example can't be found by apt-get install for some reason18:39
kelvinellai dont know why asus has like 30 different models on their site18:39
sonikhaving problems disabling Ctrl to show mouse option, it's not in the "Mouse Settings" window on 12.10?18:40
F3Speechd1zzy : the package name is prob just zenity-common?18:40
stercoropenssh-server and openssh-client are at newest versions at both ends18:40
d1zzyzenity-common works (it installs the amd64 version), but zenity-common:i386 doesn't (it's needed by zenity:i386 which is needed by the steam beta client)18:41
MonkeyDuststercor  then maybe it's blocked by iptables?18:41
F3Speechd1zzy: you have 64bit install?18:41
devlosstector does the machine you are connecting to have them installes18:41
stercorIt worked last night.18:41
F3Speechd1zzy: you might just have to add the 32bit repos then18:41
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stercordevlos: latest versions18:41
d1zzyF3Speech: I think it should be part of the main repos already, as I was able to install many :i386 packages already with ia32-libs18:42
d1zzyF3Speech: are there any other repos to add?18:42
stercorMonkeyDust: it worked last night.  That's the reason I'm stumped... :-(18:42
F3Speechd1zzy: lemmi have a lookas i was planning to install this myself soon18:42
MonkeyDuststercor  i had that too, with my headless remote PC - restart of that PC was required, never solved the issue18:43
d1zzyI can find zenity-common:i386 in 12.04 on packages.ubuntu.com, not sure why it's not available with apt-get18:43
F3Speechd1zzy: is there a tutioral your following?18:43
ofcanhow can I view command line history from a certain date?18:44
d1zzylots of unsatisfied :i386 deps when you dpkg -i steam_latest.deb and I resolved most of them with apt-get install ia32-libs18:44
F3Speechd1zzy: this video tutorial is 2 days old might be worth a look http://revision3.com/osalt/install-steam-linux18:45
milamberstercor: are you trying to reach the same box from the same location? (i.e. at home, laptop to server)?18:45
stercormilamber: yes.  Netbook to desktop.  /etc/hosts has both machines.18:46
stercorMonkeyDust: did the restart work?18:47
milamberstercor: can you ping your local router from the netbook? and have you restarted the server at all?18:47
MonkeyDuststercor  yes, but i found no way to prevent it18:48
stercormilamber: I can ping the router.  It looks like a restart might help.18:48
* stercor goes to restart both machines. brb18:48
MonkeyDuststercor  mind: the remote pc had debian running on it18:48
milamberstercor: you shouldn't have to18:49
EaglemanWhere do you suggest placing important key and crt files for for example openvpn and apache2 ssl ??18:49
milamberstercor: have you verified the ip of the server?18:49
d1zzyF3Speech: is there a way to get a complete list of all packages (and their architectures) for the "main", "restricted", "universe", "multiverse" repos?18:49
stercormilamber: OK. Where to from here.  I'm on 12.10 and it reports internal errors.  That recommends a restart.18:50
stercormilamber: Yes, the addresses are good.  I even tried the IP addresses.18:50
F3Speechd1zzy: yes, where is is... maybe one of the more experianced members can remember18:50
milamberstercor: we'll need more details then, from what i gather you are trying to scp from a netbook to a home server behind a residential/home router/firewall and getting the error 'no route to host'    what are the internal errors you are talking about?18:51
EaglemanWhere do you suggest placing important key and crt files for for example openvpn and apache2 ssl, currently i have them in each applications /etc/ folder but since they are also backupped by rsnapshot and then copied to a windows disk in a rar file, the key and crt files are accessible, which is not so secure18:51
stercormilamber: unrelated...18:51
F3Speechd1zzy: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/ here looks like a good start though18:52
milamberstercor: if you think you need to restart go ahead and do that18:53
stercormilamber: that seems heavy-handed, but it's the only option I see...18:53
StormKinghello all18:54
milamberstercor: what router is it and what command are you issuing (you can obviously remove specific ips)18:54
StormKingu here guys18:55
stercorRestarting the netbook seems to have fixed the problem.18:55
StormKingi need to join next opration18:56
StormKingu know what channel18:57
DJonesStormKing: This is Ubuntu support, do you have a support question?18:57
devlosstector, great!18:57
Greg8823Storm; Sorry but no i do not18:57
Ubiquityjhutchins_wk: you still around/awake?18:57
EaglemanWhere do you suggest placing important key and crt files for for example openvpn and apache2 ssl, currently i have them in each applications /etc/ folder but since they are also backupped by rsnapshot and then copied to a windows disk in a rar file, the key and crt files are accessible, which is not so secure18:57
StormKingok ty18:57
ikoniaEagleman: totally your call18:57
StormKingim use now anonymouse -os18:58
StormKingany1 use it like me?18:58
DJonesStormKing: Thats fine, but we only deal with ubuntu support questions here18:58
StormKingu use it Djones?:D18:59
StormKingor just me18:59
ikoniaStormKing: you don't seem to grasp this, let me make it clear18:59
=== pcl is now known as PeterCL
ikoniaStormKing: this channel is for ubuntu support questions only18:59
ikoniaStormKing: no other topics.18:59
XRS1StormKing:  take it to @ubuntu-offtopic18:59
DJonesStormKing: This isn't a general chat channel18:59
StormKingok sorry :)18:59
Andy80does anyone know how to fix Spotify crashing under Ubuntu? I've explained my problem here in this comment http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/spotify-update-brings-linux-users-new-features-first#comment-757912503 thanks!18:59
cubwhy does linux sukk19:00
cubnothing works19:00
Greg8823Hello i am looking for some help i getting my sound up and running. I am running 12.04 that s fully updated. Nothing is muted and i am using a pair of headphones that have been confirmed working, any help would be appreciated.19:01
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MuphridGreg8823: what is the output of aplay -l ?19:02
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
revickulous2001cub: user error19:02
ofcanhow can I view command line history from a certain date?19:02
milamberofcan: not possible as far as i know, but all commands each user enters should be logged in their home directory in a "hidden" file .bash_history19:03
Greg8823Muphrid: a list of playback hardware devices19:03
atlefofcan, have you set HISTTIMEFORMAT19:04
MuphridGreg8823: do you have a different playback defaulted? like hdmi or s/pdif instead of analog?19:04
atlefif not i do not think it is possible19:04
ofcanatlef: nope19:04
devlosis opera not available in ubuntu??? not in repo?19:05
Greg8823Muphrid: no, not that i know of19:05
yeatsdevlos: not open source, so not included, no19:05
yeatsdevlos: see this http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/841/19:06
devlosoh. i like it though it is good>19:06
cubi upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 and now my display is messed up, how do i fix it19:07
Greg8823Muphrid: aplay does show a card 0. but it shows it twice and says one is analog (device 0) and digital (device 1)19:07
devlosgreat thanks yeats, thats what i was looking for>19:07
MuphridGreg8823: which one is selected on sound settings? did sound work before and not anymore, or never worked?19:08
Greg8823Muphrid: no, it has never worked19:08
MuphridGreg8823: what is your headphone model?19:09
nicholashave a question?19:09
nicholaswhat is the key for moving close button to left in gnome classic19:09
DominikST95hey folks, I have a strange bug in Skype...if I try to play sound through my speakers, it starts to cackle extremly...Any help(I guess it has something to do with pulseaudio)19:09
Churchnicholas: imho it depends if you really have gnome classic or gnome fallback option19:10
Greg8823Muphrid: Digital is selected in sound settings and im using a pair of saitek GH30 headphones to test19:10
Churchnicholas: as in in first case it might be somewhere in metacity options in control panel IIRC, in second .. maybe some gconf/dconf settings19:11
nicholashow do i find the difference. i did "apt-get install gnome-shell" and then gnome classic19:11
MuphridGreg8823: you should select analog if you are connected to a headphone jack, digital is for hdmi or spdif19:11
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aberranthi all19:11
aberrantwhere can I find instructions on how to upgrade a server from 10.04 to 12.10?19:12
=== help is now known as Guest68822
bekksaberrant: You have to upgrade to 12.04 first, then to 12.10 - usually, on a server, you want to stay on LTS, aka 12.0419:12
yeats!upgrade | aberrant19:12
ubottuaberrant: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:12
aberrantgotcha. Thank you.19:12
mrg_ok  i have a slight issue at mo, i followed this guide https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx and now my ubuntu loads to black screen (i have tried ctrl+shift+f1 to get console with no luck19:13
kylescottmcgillHow do you install Ubuntu using the text based installer? According to Google, Ubuntu dropped support for the Alternate CD's for 12.1019:13
Churchnicholas: try running gconf-editor, there key /apps/metacity/general/button_layout19:13
Greg8823Muphrid: i did and i tried both headphone jacks still neither works19:13
aberrantso I have to go 10.04 -> 11.04 -> 12.04 -> 12.10?19:13
MonkeyDust!text | kylescottmcgill19:13
ubottukylescottmcgill: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode19:13
mrg_i tried root recovery terminal and to delete xconf ....but no file like that exists19:13
MuphridGreg8823: what do you mean "both" jacks?19:13
bekksaberrant: No. 10.04 -> 12.04 as I said19:13
Churchnicholas: eg. i have "close,minimize,maximize,menu:"19:13
DominikST95@aberrant You can upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0419:13
kylescottmcgillty MonkeyDust19:13
aberrantok. Hm.19:14
Muphridthere is only one19:14
mrg_im using the live cd from my phone at mo but it has maybe 30 mins battery left and is not charging19:14
Churchnicholas: as in all of them on the left19:14
mrg_so how do i rescue my ubuntu isntall?19:14
Greg8823Muphrid: The tower has a front and a rear heaphone jacks19:14
nicholasChurch: i haven't a metacity option19:14
MuphridGreg8823: ah, true19:14
aberrantso it's just update-manager-core and then do-release-upgrade?19:14
aberrantthat is, install update-manager-core?19:14
mrg_sorry for the urgency but im stuck at work and as i say time limited19:15
nicholasChurch: i'm using compiz on gnome-classic19:15
atlefmrg_, it's called xorg.conf maybe19:16