zequenceWorking on -controls at the moment. Been thinking about writing a new jack control application. One that is really easy to use and includes a "auto setup" function, which optimizes settings for the system, yet has all the possible controls for setting jack up manually, if required. 00:10
zequenceSome people will like jack to start automatically at login, some not00:11
zequenceIt might be nice to have it start at login by default, for audio users. So, a part of the audio workflow. Again, would be nice if the user could decide which of the workflows to use during install00:12
zequenceMore I think about it, the more I feel a new jack control gui would make a lot of sense00:12
zequenceAnd, some people might want to disable PA all together, etc00:13
zequencePA / jack integrated functionality. Alsa mixer controls00:13
zequenceIt's not a small task, but it might be worth the effort00:13
zequenceI know falktx has been working on this00:15
zequenceBut, his application doesn't really do anything new, I think00:15
len-1304zequence, I think he is doing session automation.00:44
len-1304I'm not sure it is real new  but refined.00:45
zequencelen-1304: You're talking about ladish, right?00:45
zequenceBest thing would be that jackdbus start whatever jack program needs it to be started. That would be the ultimat solution. And then, if someone wants to configure it, use the gui of their choice. But, in our case, we could have a simple and easy one (with the advanced stuff tucked away deeper in the gui)00:47
len-1304It would be nice to have latencies for jack set as "guitar effects", "Live softsynth", "tracking", "Mixdown" etc.00:49
zequenceI'd go for a slider, but one could add descriptions00:50
len-1304So that people had an understanding that latency is not something that is the saem for every use.00:50
zequenceI think there are really only two settings. The low and the high00:50
len-1304Ya, but the low one needs to be set for the system00:51
zequenceThe low is the one that diffs, depending on the system00:51
len-1304Maybe use descriptive tool tips for "low" and "high"00:52
zequenceI was able to solve how to get a list of "normal" users, which means I at least can list them for the user realtime privilege administration part00:56
zequenceusers in /etc/passwd, who have UID between 1000 and 6000, have /home and are not disabled for logins00:58
zequenceWas googling, and also checked the source for users-admin, a part of gnome system tools00:58
zequencebtw, I'm doing a course on Linux starting next week. Will be teaching how to install and use linux. Also some bash stuff. For beginners actually00:59
zequencehoping to get some people interested01:01
len-1304zequence, I have been able to test most of the synths, but no samplers. I am wondering is it makes a difference to samplers what rate the audio IF and jack run at.01:51
len-1304I don't have any samples to play with.01:51
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