FloatingGoatholstein: hello01:57
FloatingGoatmy home boy02:00
jambeedrumasides from hydrogen and ardour, what other sorts of fun applications are there in music?02:08
len-1304It depends on what you would like to do...02:14
FloatingGoatlen-1304: lol check out my new jam02:15
len-1304Which app did you use? Is that lmms?02:16
jambeedrumlen-1304: with ardour i do recoding, and with hydogen i get a drummachine02:19
jambeedrumtheyr ok02:19
len-1304qtractor allows midi or sample recording... if that is what you do.02:19
jambeedrumdont some apps got the picture and buttons of real hardware machines02:20
len-1304there are soft synths, effects. DJ/VJ set ups02:20
jambeedrumused for music?02:20
len-1304I am not sure what you mean. The mixer in ardour has faders, and controls as a normal mixer.02:22
len-1304I'm not sure seeing tape reals move would help much02:22
len-1304Harrison Mixbus may be closer though02:22
len-1304I once had an end to end analog setup (OK still have the stuff but can't afford the tape to get lower quality sound than the computer) and what I can do on the computer doesn't make sense to look at quite like the analog counter part02:24
jambeedrumlen-1304: you never had the need to buy cubase?02:25
len-1304Never used windows02:25
len-1304(except at work)02:25
len-1304I am not sure why I would "need" cubase though.02:26
len-1304I can record 10 (or 100 or whatever) tracks and mix them down with EQ, effects and whatever.02:27
len-1304 I can sync qtractor or rosegarden and have a midi based set of tracks that can be mixed in as well.02:28
len-1304What is the big thing cubase has (aside from the name) that I "have" to have it?02:28
len-1304jambeedrum, what has to be there before anything else is the music or talent. There is great music that was recorded straight to vinyl or tape (single track) that still sounds exceptional today. It started out as music before the mic is all.02:43
FloatingGoatlen-1304: did you listen02:44
len-1304FloatingGoat, you mean the short clip above?02:44
len-1304Was that lmms or qtractor?02:45
len-1304How did you record the audio?02:45
FloatingGoatsound recorder02:45
len-1304Thats what its called?02:46
len-1304FloatingGoat, what sample rate did you use... and what format did you upload?02:48
FloatingGoati converted it from 4800 wav02:48
len-1304Ok system default is 44.1k02:48
len-1304I'm just doing some testing here02:49
FloatingGoatoh alright02:49
len-1304So I was seeing how much work my system has to do to play it02:49
len-1304It sounds like a good balanced collection of sounds.02:51
len-1304The vocal levels are good too.02:51
FloatingGoatwait are you len-td?02:55
len-1304-dt? ya, I am testing 13.0402:55
len-1304Speaking of which LMMS does now come on the ISO02:56
FloatingGoathaha awesome03:00
FloatingGoatlen-1304: thanks for giving it a lsiten03:18
len-1304no problem.03:28
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Paul92_hi. can you recomand me a good piano vsti?20:13
zequencePaul92_: Don't think a lot of people here do vst instruments. You doing that on Ubuntu?20:15
Paul92_zequence: well..actually on archlinux. but here is the only channel where I can find help on this topic, and i can manage to get things work on archlinux. With some help here, I managed to make hexter work, but it doesen't sond too good20:17
zequencePaul92_: hexter is a very simple synth clone20:19
Paul92_it's good but..i wish something that sounds better20:20
zequencezequence: I think I've talked to you before. The best I know, though haven't used much, is linux-sampler20:20
zequenceThere are a couple of piano sample libraries for that20:20
zequenceOn their site, but also the salamander library20:20
zequenceThe guy who made that hangs out at #opensourcemusicians20:21
Paul92_ok. I will try there also. thank you20:21
zequencePaul92_: linux sampler usually needs to be built from source. kxstudio has it in their repo, and from what I understand, falktx keeps a repo for Arch20:22
Paul92_that isn't a problem :)20:24
Paul92_so, I need to install linuxsampler, and after that qsampler, right?20:28
zequencePaul92_: There are two front ends for linux-sampler. qsampler and jsampler20:29
zequencelinux sampler is the server20:29
Paul92_and I have to choose between qsampler and jsampler?20:29
zequenceUsually, you can get all the other stuff, dependencies and front ends as packages, but you need to build the server separately20:30
zequenceYeah, you can only use one at the time20:30
zequenceqsampler is based on QT, while jsampler I guess is Java based20:30
Paul92_I have some errors at make20:36
zequencePaul92_: I remember having some problem last time I was building it. Sure you have all the right dependencies?20:46
zequenceOtherwise, a simpler approach might be just to add the prebuilt package by falktx20:46
zequenceYou can find him on many channels. #kxstudio, among others20:47
Paul92_ok. I will see what i can do. If i don't succed, I will ask somewere for further help20:48
Paul92_thank you very much20:48
LaRueGTgood afternoon21:52
LaRueGTI'm looking for a composing aid of sorts. I'd like to be able to sing a tune into my mike, have the computer process it, and give me a MIDI stream that corresponds to the notes I just sang. That way I don't have to struggle with keyboarding them all down and forgetting them. Is there s smooth way of doing that floating around somewhere?22:29
zequenceLaRueGT: You'd like to record your voice and turn it into a midi file?22:35
zequenceThere might be some pitch detector available. But, I'm not at all sure how automatic that process could be22:36
zequenceWhat you need is something that can output midi22:38
LaRueGTwell I have a keyboard but im not good enough at it to get the tunes out of my head before I forget them22:39
LaRueGTso yeah, Id like a software that recognizes the notes of my voice22:40
zequenceLaRueGT: Hang on. I'm sending you a pure data patch. A very simple one that detects pitch, and sends midi out. If you connect it properly with jack and alsa midi, you can record your voice in both audio and midi22:46
LaRueGTim on a web client on my tablet so you probably wont be able to dcc it22:53
zequenceLaRueGT: No. You'll need puredata, and most probably installed in a PC22:54
LaRueGToh yeah, my linux box upstairs has all that on it22:56
zequenceLaRueGT: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12809728/pd_audio_to_midi.pd22:56
zequenceLaRueGT: install puredata. open the file with it, and read the instructions22:56
LaRueGTdid you just make this for me or get it off google somewhere?22:57
zequenceI just made it22:57
zequenceBut, I'm also interested in doing something with that later myself22:57
zequencePretty basic22:57
zequenceBut it works pretty well22:57
zequenceIf you want to hear the notes live, you'll need low latency22:57
zequenceBoth jack and pd need to be set up for that22:58
zequencepd might give you problems, if you try to adjust to lower latency while jack is running. So, might be best to run it from a terminal: pd -jack -alsamidi -audiobug 1022:59
zequenceAnd start jack with something like 64 or 128 frames/period22:59
zequencehmm, I forgot one thing23:00
zequenceNo noteoff..23:00
zequenceLet me fix that23:00
LaRueGTI wouldn't have thought a solution could just be whipped up so quick, its impressive23:01
zequencepuredata is impressive in that respect23:02
zequenceBut, it takes a while to get used to it23:02
zequenceI updated the file https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12809728/pd_audio_to_midi.pd23:03
zequenceNow every time there's a new note, the previous note gets a noteoff23:03
zequenceActually, it would not be too much trouble to add velocity controlled noteoff too. Let me do that23:04
LaRueGTsounds like this pd stuff is worth studying23:06
zequenceLaRueGT: All right. It's done. enjoy :)23:11
zequenceIt detects the pitch of any audio source, and sends midi notes with 100 velocity.23:11
zequenceWhen the audio signal goes below a threshold of 30 RMS, the a noteoff is sent23:11
zequenceAlso, every new note is prepended with a noteoff of the previous note23:12
LaRueGTall im really doin is like "doo - dooo - seeeeeee-" of some notes into my mike so I dont need a whole lot of sophistication, it might be cool to have that yield volume controls and pitch bends in the future mebbe23:13
LaRueGTim just really bad at knowing what note is in my head and trying to get it out of there, I know what it sounds like but not how to play it most of the time23:19
zequenceLaRueGT: In case you downloaded it, I redid it again. There were a couple of bugs. Should work fine now23:19
zequenceLaRueGT: That actually is in my view one of the most important parts of learning how to make music23:20
zequenceThe faster and easier you can produce your ideas, the more fluid the music will be23:20
LaRueGTwell im not above using a computer to help me with it, perhaps with this thing recognizing my voice, I'll get familiar with them better the more I use it23:21
zequenceLaRueGT: I'd do some interval excercises, if I were you. It really helps23:21
LaRueGTid imagine those are set up in some nice way on the web somewhere these days23:21
zequenceDon't know. There was practically no internet when I started out23:22
zequenceSo, I did it the old school way23:22
LaRueGTI used to be alright at finding the tunes on my cello when I was little, that was years and years ago23:22
LaRueGTcould sorta feel where on the string the tone was that I was looking for23:22
LaRueGTbut its hard to get that feeling back on a computer23:23
zequenceYou can either try singin two notes, any interval, and trying to figure out what they are on an instrument. Then try it out. The slower, and the more focused, the better. Or listen to recorded intervals, and trying to figure out what they are.23:23
zequenceJust 15 min of practice already makes a difference, especially if you aren't used to it23:24
zequenceI used to write music using the keyboard roll on Cubase. No need to listen to the notes almost.23:25
zequenceBut, I don't ever anymore though23:25
zequenceSinging sounds like a much better approach to me23:26

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