maddernickochosi: knome have you guys decided upon loading indicator?15:08
ochosimaddernick: well i think we've settled on a circular indicator, have you uploaded your code somewhere yet? then i could simply push some samples of animations there next week16:01
maddernickochosi: i need to implement the animation itself, i would need height/width16:04
maddernickbut yeah, I will sudo apt-get install bzr ;)16:05
ochosimaddernick: pls ping me when you've created a branch16:25
maddernickochosi: okay16:26
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=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
maddernickochosi: pong, but its just the fading logo now16:40
ochosimaddernick: that's fine for now, link?16:40

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