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didrockshey mmrazik, do you have some logs about the issues we are currently having in corrupted checkouts?07:56
didrocks(knowing that we just started fresh from trunk)07:56
mmrazikpretty much just the output of "bzr branch lp:~mrazik/libdbusmenu/xvfb-run-a"07:57
mmraziklet me pastebing that07:57
mmrazikerr.. sorry.. output of " bzr checkout lp:~mrazik/libdbusmenu/xvfb-run-a07:57
mmrazikbzr branch works fine07:57
didrocksvila: jelmer: hey! would you have any idea of what can be the cause of this? ^07:58
mmrazikthe steps to reproduce are: 1. bzr branch lp:libdbusmenu07:58
mmrazik2. make your changes + commit07:58
mmrazik3. bzr push07:59
mmrazik4. bzr checkout (from the same location where you just pushed)07:59
didrocksmmrazik: easier, bzr checkout lp:libdbusmenu has the same issue08:00
didrocksso something not correct in the launchpad repo?08:00
viladidrocks, mmrazik : weird, when tried locally I got an additional hint in the error message: "Run 'bzr reconcile --canonicalize-chks' on the affected repository."08:03
vilawhich doesn't appear in your paste...08:04
mmrazikvila: I tried that on my xvfb-run-a repo (locally) and then pushed to xvfb-run-a2 but it didn't help08:04
didrocksvila: I don't see this hint as well08:04
vilammrazik: well, if the lp repo has the issue, fixing your local one won't help (and you may be additionally tricked if the offended repo is stacked on on lp)08:05
didrocksvila: so bzr reconcile --canonicalize-chks :parent?08:06
vilahmm, "bzr info -v lp:libdbusmenu" erroring is suspicious, is the lp branch properly configured ?08:07
didrocksah interesting, indeed08:07
vilabzr config -d lp:libdbusmenu08:07
vila  stacked_on_location = /+branch-id/59078208:07
vila  parent_location = ../../../+branch/dbusmenu/08:07
didrocksthe project was renamed08:08
vilathat parent_location is really weird...08:08
didrocksfrom dbusmenu to libdbusmenu08:08
didrocksand I guess when renaming a project, trunk branch naming follows but not the configuration08:08
vilabut shouldn't really matter in fact08:08
didrocksvila: there should be no parent location for lp:libdbusmenu, it's the real trunk08:08
mmrazikI start to recall an issue with the rename. Trying to recall what additional bzr command we were running08:09
vilayeah, I don't think it's ever used08:09
vilaanyway, can you run reconcile on that lp branch ?08:09
vilaif :parent doesn't work, use the lp url instead08:10
mmrazikwill do08:10
mmrazikvila: bzr: ERROR: RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/libdbusmenu/.bzr/) cannot canonicalize CHKs.08:12
mmrazikbtw. what we have done in CPH had something to do with unstacking but I can't figure out the exact command08:13
vilaCPH ?08:14
mmrazikvila: copenhagen08:14
mmrazikI believe we did the renaming there08:14
mmrazikbut then checkout of the trunk didn't work due to some stacking errors08:15
mmrazikand somebody (I believe from the launchpad team) helped us with that08:15
vilaright, I was about to say that lp guys may have better access...08:15
mgrandithat error seems really vague..08:16
didrocksbzr reconfigure --unstacked08:16
mgrandiis there no more descriptive error?08:16
mmrazikdidrocks: yep... thats the one we were using08:16
didrocksmmrazik: maybe try this on lp:libdbusmenu ?08:16
mmrazikdidrocks: thats what we did08:16
didrocksmgrandi: I guess that's what bzr is giving :/08:17
mgrandiis there a stack trace?08:17
mgrandieither in the output or in bzrlog08:17
mmrazikmgrandi: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1512096/08:17
mgrandii meant for one that says "cannot canonicalize chks"08:18
vilaso lp:libdbusmenu is stacked on lp:libdbusmenu/12.10 indeed so the error may be there for all we know08:18
vilabah and that one is stacked on lp:dbusmenu/0.6 ...08:19
vilaand finally stacked on 0.508:19
mgrandirussian dolls, bzr style08:20
mgrandiwell having a stack trace08:20
mgrandifor that 'cannot canonicalize' would help...08:20
mmrazikbtw. I just did the reconfigure and I can checkout lp:libdbusmenu now08:20
mmrazikbut bzr info -v still gives errors08:20
vilamgrandi: grep shows only one call site08:20
vilabzr checkout lp:libdbusmenu/12.10 succeeds08:21
didrocksmmrazik: confirms about checkouting working now08:21
vilahaving trunk stacked on another branch... is kind of wrong, you generally want trunk's repo to contain most of the history08:22
didrocksvila: I think that the indicator team is normally doing at the end of a release, something like:08:22
didrocksbzr branch lp:libdbusmenu08:23
didrocksbzr push lp:~…/libdbusmenu/13.1008:23
didrocksand then, set lp:libdbusmenu to …/libdbusmenu/13.1008:23
didrocksso that's why we have branches stacked an previous releases I guess08:23
vilaI probably miss why you need such a workflow...08:24
didrocksvila: I don't know why they are doing that, but it seems to be there one :)08:24
vilabut that's not the best way to use stacked branches08:25
didrocksI think they don't know (and arguagly, they shouldn't have to know) about stacking08:25
vilaanyway, you're unblocked right ?08:25
mmrazikvila, didrocks: yes08:25
didrocksvila: I think, yeah :)08:26
vilaok, cool08:26
didrocksthanks vila, mgrandi!08:26
didrocksI'll try to have them changing their workflow :)08:26
didrocksmmrazik: btw, it's part of the things we should write on a wiki, like process to create a new release08:26
viladidrocks: sounds like a good idea08:26
didrocksmmrazik: because the unity team is doing one way, the indicator team is doing another…08:26
mgrandihaha, not sure i did anything but ok08:27
vilabut that "canoot canonicalize" error is worth a bug report, it sounds like something really weird is going on there08:27
didrocksvila: ok, we'll open one with those info, hoping that we can recreate it :)08:28
vilamgrandi: well, you pointed out that the error message was weird and that's often the way to detect bugs ;)08:28
mgrandiwhy i try to always give as much info in error messages, vague stuff hurts to look at =(08:28
mgrandialmost worse then microsoft saying "error code 21124124XABB"08:29
vilahere, the message is triggered by an attribute check on the repo object, so probably something jelmer did for foreign repos except we are dealing with a bzr repo here... so I'm a bit lost08:31
mgrandii noticed that it was saying osmething about sha1:blahblah08:31
mgrandithose are for git right?08:31
jelmervila: it's not necessarily something to do with foreign repos08:32
jelmervila: just that we happened to have a known bug in bzr-svn that was related to this08:32
vilajelmer: that was just a feeling ;) A bzr repo object missing a bzr method...08:33
vilasome borked inheritance path ?08:33
jelmervila: possibly08:38
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xnoxCan somebody push https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/bzr-dbus/pygi/+merge/137173 ?16:51
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mgzxnox: done17:47
xnoxmgz: thanks17:48
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