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ken70join #linux02:15
goodtimeanyone ever get a touch screen to work on a notebook with kubuntu?02:52
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kubuntuserhi Jenm05:34
dniMretsaMhi kubuntuser05:35
cjaewhat does one use to get the laptop camera working in kubuntu 12.10, never have used a desktop cam very often so I am unfamiliar with software06:52
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hateballcjae: do you know for sure it does *not* work?07:20
hateballcjae: you can test it in VLC for instance07:20
cjaehateball: no I was just wondering what softwares are for it. I see kamoso, but seems development is stale at 201007:21
cjaecheese it gtk07:21
* cjae hasnt installed yet, waiting on a disk image07:22
hateballWell I don't know what you're looking to do :D07:22
hateballkde-telepathy has support for it in the protocols supporting cams (iirc)07:22
hateballAnd you can use it in VLC as I mentioned07:22
cjaesetting up someone with kubuntu instead of windows07:22
cjaeI dont use webcams so I have no idea07:23
cjaefor example have never even seen skype07:23
cjaeexcept the logo lol07:23
hateballwell, launch vlc, open "capture" and pick video for linux07:24
hateballshould stream the webcam07:24
hateballthat way you know it works07:24
hateballthen it's up to the individual apps to make use of it07:25
cjaeseems that kde is such a full fledged DE you would think such a thing would have more attention07:26
hateballI don't see what you mean?07:26
hateballWhy would you have an app whose sole purpose is to show what is on the webcam07:26
cjaewell what does cheese do07:27
hateballlets you watch yourself, and I think you can add filters and what not07:27
hateballif you want to record yourself07:27
cjaeI see07:27
hateballAnd you could still run it in KDE even if it's GTK :p07:28
cjaeI meant like cheese for qt, with some active development07:28
mah454I can not run KDE Desktop in VNC server !07:28
mah454this is my xstartup : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1512043/07:28
mah454How can fix this problem ?07:28
cjaebut I mean when I start a laptop with unity, I can set a picture for my user off webcam07:29
hateballcjae: well that's a nice cosmetic touch I guess, no one is stopping you from adding it to KDE/Kubuntu ;)07:30
hateballin the meantime, if all you want is a photo of yourself you can take that using VLC, so07:30
cjaeoh it can take stills07:31
cjaeI thought it just print screen07:31
cjaeand had to crop07:31
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* Wizard yawns08:19
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:42
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FlashDeluxehi!  I got a question, thunderbird always crashes if i want to add an account. Does anybody know this problem and has a solution for me? at the moment i have to copie the .thunderbird folder between linux/windows to add accounts, that works but it s*cks11:11
BluesKajHiyas all11:53
kubuntuserafter suspend mode audio doesn't work anymore.12:07
kubuntuseron 13.04 daily12:08
kubuntuseranyone here ?12:15
Tm_Tkubuntuser: 13.04 isn't supported (here), but you may try ask in #ubuntu+1 which is the place to discuss about 13.04 before it's released12:17
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kubuntuserok thanks Tm_T12:23
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Peace-HI :D12:34
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WizardPeace-Flu: Hi.12:43
Peace-FluWizard: hi12:43
lordievaderGood afternoon12:48
kubuntuserhello all12:48
WizardHi kubuntuser.12:52
kubuntuserhi Wizard12:52
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zoiehello, how can i switch desktops with my keyboard?13:35
lordievaderzoie: I believe that there is no default keyboard shortcut for, however you can create one.13:38
zoielordievader: i think i did something with "tab" and some of my windows disappeared13:39
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lordievaderzoie: Systemsettings -> Shortcuts -> Global Keyboard shortcuts -> Kwin -> look for "Switch Desktop"13:40
zoielordievader: it's ctrl+F1 and such but that's not what i did13:40
lordievaderzoie: Ah, that is probably the Activities (super+tab)13:41
zoielordievader: yes thanks :)13:41
lordievaderzoie: No problem ;)13:41
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WizardSeems Kubuntu run pretty well - nobody with troubles today :)15:43
Peace-FluWizard: :)15:52
Third3yeWhat are the keyboard shortucs for changing desktops?16:51
sbivolThird3ye: Ctrl+F1,F2...16:52
Third3yelol -- that simple, ey? Thanks :)16:52
Third3yeSo can anyone confirm of the rumors are founded?16:54
Third3yeThat KDE is losing developers and is in danger of becoming unmaintainable?16:54
OerHeks rumours .. check your sources16:56
tsimpsonI'm going to take a wild guess and say "HA! no"16:56
Third3yeFirst time I'm relieved to see journalistic integrity ia still just a warm memory :P17:08
OerHeksThird3ye, let me guess, that article you refer too, is written on friday afternoon ?17:10
Third3yeDerHeks: I actually read it like 3 weeks ago, and from where I'm not sure17:15
douglfriday afternoon after cocktail hour you mean?17:18
Third3yeBut like my dad always says: there are no stupid questions, only answers with stupid premise :P17:18
OerHeksdougl, more like a deadline-article17:24
douglah - thanks... more media ppl trying to get attention.17:25
OerHeksThird3ye, maybe the source of this all is that Kubuntu is no longer supported financially by ubuntu, but KDE is strong17:25
RiddellThird3ye: huh?  we have plenty of developers17:27
RiddellOerHeks: Kubuntu remains part of Ubuntu just as it always has been17:27
OerHeksRiddell, correct, but Blue Systems is sponsoring now?17:30
Third3yeDerHeks: HA! "oooo... a big company is no longer supporting an open source project... IT WILL SURELY DIE!"17:30
RiddellOerHeks: Blue Systems is one sponsor yes17:31
Third3yeI have bought a new keyboard, a Microsoft keyboard... Sidewinder X4 to be specific17:33
Third3yeSome of it's extra keys are not recognised by the KDE keyboard shortcut settings17:34
Third3yeAny hints as to how I can fix this?17:34
Third3yeAnd how do I assign an action to JUST the <meta> key... without having to add another key in to the shortcut17:34
dniMretsaMThird3ye: you might want to look at ksuperkey17:35
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Third3yeSo anybody else had problems getting HDMI audio to work with Nvidia MCP77/78 HDMI?18:16
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keithzg-mobileSo are there Kubuntu images for the Nexus 7 yet?23:28
RaphaelBarrosDOes anybody there knows how to make a panel stay on its place after reboot? I have replace my top panel for a new one (since it was unable to hide or be covered by windows), and now this panel moves to another place every time I boot kubuntu23:53
RaphaelBarrosEven while I'm using kubuntu, it changes place23:53
RaphaelBarrosTo the middle of the screen, for example23:54
sonyvaioduo11has anyone managed to use kubuntu on the sony vaio duo 11?23:56

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