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StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1511514/01:49
wgrantStevenK: No01:51
wgrantAPGF.findArtifactsByGrantee is expected by other callsites to only return direct grants01:51
wgrantYou might want a checkFooAccess or similar method01:52
wgranteg. checkPillarAccess performs access checks on an entire pillar01:52
wgrantYou don't care about the presence or absence of grants; you care about access of some kind01:52
* StevenK continues to work out how to grant an AAG to a team on a product in a test.03:21
wgrantStevenK: Subscribe a team to a bug on that product03:24
StevenKHm, it was working, but I think the query was wrong.04:17
StevenKNow I've fixed the query and it breaks :-(04:17
StevenKwgrant: That adds an AA for the bug, but I can't see anything related to the product.04:39
wgrantStevenK: Confused04:40
wgrantWhat are you expecting to see?04:40
StevenKAh, I need to match via AP for the product policy?04:42
wgrantA bug does not have a single product, so an AA cannot link to a product04:42
wgrantYour query probably wants to involve AAG, AA, APA, AP, TP04:43
wgrantNote that AAG, AA, and APA are merged into APGF records with non-NULL APGF.artifact04:43
StevenKSo far I'm using APGF04:44
StevenKAnd TP04:44
wgrantHow're you using them?04:44
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1511746/04:44
wgrant+            AccessPolicyGrantFlat.abstract_artifact_id == pillar.id,04:45
StevenKwgrant: Right, pulling out the APs using APS.findByPillar and linking that way works great.04:49
wgrantOne could alternatively do that directly in the query04:49
StevenKRight, switched to that04:50
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/product-limitedview-with-team-aag/+merge/14244105:22
wgrantStevenK: The method needs renaming, and you'll want to look for other callsites05:24
StevenKThere are none.05:24
wgrantThe convention is that "has grants" refers to a direct grant, not through TP05:24
* StevenK prepares to get murdered05:25
wgrantThat's not even the right subject/object, so yes, murder05:26
StevenKIt is only called from the LimitedView adapter. checkArtifactAccess doesn't work either05:26
wgrantPotentially checkPillarArtifactAccess05:27
wgrantOr PillarAnyArtifact05:27
wgrantOr something like that05:27
StevenKI don't mind checkPillarArtifactAccess, so let's do that05:28
wgrantOr a new flag on checkPillarAccess05:28
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1511809/05:30
wgrantSounds more reasonable05:31
StevenKwgrant: The diff is updated.05:40
wgrantStevenK: r=me05:48
StevenKwgrant: So, e-mail, or did you want to discuss that on the call tomorrow?05:49
wgrantMight as well discuss it on the call05:50
wgrantGiven it's getting toward EOD05:50
StevenKI might bugger off to the doctors, then. I'll be back on $LATER to deal with the mailman deployment.05:51
jtvGot a weird problem here: somebody logs into lp, but somehow after going through the oauth dance he's always logged in under some different, newer, similarly-named account.05:53
wgrantOAuth or OpenID?05:54
jtvSSO confirms his correct login name and email address, but once he's redirected to launchpad, it shows him as logged into the other account.05:54
wgrantalso, details :)05:54
jtvOh, no idea actually which it is.05:54
jtvHang on, I'll fetch you some details!05:54
jtvUsername: tahoar05:54
jtvAfter logging in, he suddenly found he was tahoar-z05:54
jtvHe renamed that account to tahoar2.05:54
wgrantHe has at least two SSO accounts05:55
wgrantHas he tried logging in with the other one?05:55
jtvLooks like — although I don't think he created that new one.05:55
wgrantHe did05:55
wgrantWell, or someone else with his email address did05:55
wgrantBut probably him05:55
jtvAre you looking at the original email address used for the account, or the currently configured email address?  Because he did change it  recently.05:56
wgrantGet him to log in with the original SSO account to get into ~tahoar, then merge at https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge?field.dupe_person=tahoar205:57
jtvThat's what he tried, but he can't log in as tahoar.05:57
jtvBecause when he does that, LP insists that he's tahoar2.05:57
wgrantThere are two distinct SSO accounts, because I can see that each LP account has a different OpenID identifier05:57
jtvBut somehow they get conflated.05:57
jtvFWIW Ubuntu One does say he's logged in as tahoar.  But lp disagrees.05:58
wgrantUbuntu One will probably have its own concept of username05:58
wgrantHas he tried logging into SSO with both of his email addresses?05:59
wgrantprecisiontranslationtools.com and yahoo.com05:59
jtvHe may have — but I don't think he'd know the password for tahoar2.05:59
wgrantAlso note that U1 uses login.ubuntu.com while LP uses login.launchpad.net, so he may be logged in as a different user on each05:59
wgrantThere's no "password for tahoar2" -- SSO doesn't have a concept of username06:00
wgrantIt's all about email addresses06:00
wgrantHe clearly *does* know the password for the SSO account that LP knows as tahoar2, because he's logged into it06:00
jtvNo, he logs in as tahoar, not as tahoar2.06:00
wgrant16:54:52 < jtv> After logging in, he suddenly found he was tahoar-z06:01
wgrant16:54:58 < jtv> He renamed that account to tahoar2.06:01
jtvBut he used the password for his own account.06:01
wgrantBut he has two accounts :)06:01
wgrantEach with its own email address and password06:01
jtvIgnoring for the moment the question of how he got two accounts, how can logging into one of them get him into the other instead?06:02
wgrantIt can't06:02
wgrantHe's logging into the wrong one06:02
jtvYes, but why?  It's not him doing that.06:03
wgrantHe's not logging into SSO as tahoar, simply because that's a username and SSO doesn't know what a username is06:03
wgrantHe's logging into SSO as tahoar@somedomain06:03
jtvHe uses his gmail address for logging in.06:03
wgrantNot tahoar06:03
jtvNow, as I understand, the gmail account is _not_ associated with that weird extra account.06:04
wgrantBut it clearly is!06:04
jtvThen it shouldn't be.06:04
jtvIt was associated with his gmail address at one point, but it isn't any longer.06:05
wgrantAh, I see that in the last couple of months he's changed the email address on the *LP* account ~tahoar2 from gmail.com to yahoo.com06:06
wgrantBut presumably the SSO account linked to ~tahoar2 still has gmail.com06:06
jtvYes, he's been trying to get back to his own account.06:06
jtvYes, looks like.06:06
wgrantThen he should log in with his old account's email address06:06
jtvHang on, I'll call him.06:07
wgrantSSO and LP can't magically detect that two accounts are owned by the same person; if you log in as the wrong account you'll get the wrong account, regardless of what you actually want.06:07
jtvHe's trying that now.  Looks like that precisiontranslationtools address fell by the wayside at some point.06:09
wgrantOnce he's in, point him at that merge link I gave about06:10
wgrantOnce the LP accounts are merged, either SSO account will work06:11
jtvI think he has the merging link...  He just couldn't get into the right account for the merge!06:11
jtvApparently there are things that get deleted rather than moved over when you merge accounts.06:12
StevenKVery few06:12
jtvIt was something specific that he didn't want to lose though.06:12
jtvI forget what.06:12
wgrantjtv: Nothing gets deleted from that account that will be kept06:15
wgrantAnd presumably there's nothing of value on tahoar206:15
wgrant(it is only a few months old and has no karma entries whatsoever)06:16
jtvHe got into his original account!  But the weird thing is, he created the tahoar account and it had the gmail address as its main address.  Then the new tahoar-z (now tahoar2) account got created with that same gmail address, and the gmail address disappeared from his original account.06:20
wgrantAre you sure?06:22
wgrantThere was no gmail address on ~tahoar last May, and in September the new account was created06:23
jtvWell I'm getting it from him but that's the part he's sure about.06:23
wgrantSo unless it was in those four months or removed before May, it was never there06:23
jtvHe may well have moved it to his gmail account at a later stage.  Did the tahoar-z account get created automatically?06:26
wgrantjtv: It depends what you mean by "automatically"06:30
jtvBy one of our various background jobs.06:30
wgrantIt was created automatically by LP when someone tried to log in when an SSO OpenID identifier and email address that were not linked to a Launchpad account. That's the normal way that a newly registered user logs into LP06:31
wgrantSo no, it wasn't autocreated when a background job saw the email address on an imported object06:31
wgrantA separate SSO account was created by the user, and then that account was used to log into LP06:32
jtvCould there have been some kind of replication-lag issue?  Changing the email address and then attempting to log in with it before things were ready?06:32
wgrantThere are two SSO accounts, and they must be created very explicitly06:32
wgrantWhen an unknown OpenID identifier (ie. SSO account) is used to log into Launchpad, we also check to see if there's a Launchpad user with the email address in the SSO response. If there is one, we link the OpenID identifier to that existing account06:34
wgrantWhich means that at the time of first login the gmail address was not known to Launchpad06:34
jtvWill it be safe for him to  remove the gmail address from the tahoar2 account at this stage and add it to the tahoar account?06:39
jtvOr would it be best just to merge from there?06:39
wgrantMerge to get rid of the excess account. It will transfer the addresses06:39
wgrantThe gmail address is presently on the gmail.com *SSO* account, which is linked to the tahoar2 aka. yahoo.com *LP* account06:40
wgrantI don't believe the gmail.com address is on any LP account today, just SSO06:40
jtvMassively confusing.06:42
wgrantWhich is why that anyone with multiple accounts very probably wants to merge them as the first step06:42
jtvWell in this case, the second account was never wanted in the first place.06:45
wgrantWhich is why we should merge it06:46
wgrantIt is the easiest and least confusing means of disposal06:46
jtvWill it produce a situation where the 2 SSO accounts map to 1 Launchpad account?06:46
wgrantSo it may be advisable to also request that the SSO admins merge the two SSO accounts06:47
wgrantBut having two SSO accounts is not problematic unless interacting with some particular external systems06:47
jtvThat's taking ages to load...06:49
jtvAh, there it is.06:49
wgrantIt probably involves SalesForce06:50
wgrantIt would have to be slow :)06:50
jtvHmm... it links to a separate SSO report form.  Wouldn't he want that one?06:50
wgrantIt doesn't really matter for this issue06:52
wgrantThey are support forms for the same service, just with a different theme06:52
wgrantThey go to the same people06:52
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StevenKwgrant: Is there a private project on qas we can borrow for this QA?23:41
wgrantStevenK: It takes like 10s to create a new one23:45
StevenKHmmm, isn't there supposed to be a checkbox about it?23:49
wgrantStevenK: There's an Information Type picker on the final step23:51
StevenKI'm on part 2, with a Complete Registration, and I can't see an information type picker23:51
wgrantWho are you logged in as?23:52
StevenKOh, I see it23:52
StevenKBetween Driver and Homepage URL23:52
StevenKNow for a team to subscribe to the bug23:58

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