ElectricPrismQ: anyone here running 13.04 daily? If I run it for say 6months will It automatically become 13.10 daily with updates?01:39
IdleOnenot automatically,you would need to change the repositories to reflect the correct version.01:41
ElectricPrismIdleOne: Excellent, that's no problem at all, where do I get Ubuntu+1 - I might as well just move from Arch and Sabayon to something with easy software01:42
IdleOneI believe it is daily.releases.ubuntu.com01:43
ElectricPrismIdleOne: excellent, appreciate it thanks01:45
IdleOnesure thing, that comes with all the required warnings about alpha/beta software and such01:46
IdleOneDon't blame me when you blow up your computer :)01:46
DaemonicApathyDon't worry, we'll blame PreciseOne.01:46
IdleOneSounds good01:47
ElectricPrismI don't think it could be worse than Sabayon dropping me to TTY1 every time it updates the kernel, and I don't suppose I'll have some funky new EXT4 driver that destroys my files so this should be fun :)01:47
avisext4 is always best for hard drives that are standard and can be prone to outages ?02:04
avisis good enough for that task ?02:05
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philipballewMy fan is running at full speed no matter what my laptop is doing. Has anyone else seen this bug/problem?06:57
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warren-hillAre there any plans for 13.04 to have improved support for hybrid graphics?11:08
bazhangwarren-hill, the optimus, you mean?11:09
warren-hillbazhang,or for a notebook with two ATI graphics cards. Its a question on Launchpad Answers and I'm wondering whether to just reply that for now at least hybrid graphics is best avoided.11:15
bazhangwarren-hill, I'd do that, and repeat here every day or so, some of the developers do peek in and answer sometimes11:17
warren-hillbazhang, thanks for the help.11:17
BluesKajHiyas all11:53
kubuntuserafter suspend mode audio doesn't work anymore. Kubuntu 13.0412:19
dkessel!info linux-image18:48
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB18:48
dkesselhggdh, has your/our broadcom wireless problem in raring finally been fixed?19:02
hggdhdkessel: I have not seen any progress in the bug, so I am assuming it has not19:02
* hggdh goes look at the bug(s)19:02
dkesseltoo bad. can you point me at the number so i can subscribe it?19:03
hggdhdkessel: bug 108911419:05
ubottubug 1089114 in linux (Ubuntu) " general protection fault: 0000 [#1] SMP on wl_cfg80211_scan+0x43/0x380 [wl] " [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108911419:05
hggdhdkessel: I am installing 3.8-rc2 now to check19:05
hggdh(But... I am not holding my breath)19:05
dkesselhggdh, thanks for checking19:06
dkesselhggdh, any results? i am surprised because now my wireless seems to work without the bcmwl-source-dksm (or so). but i have a different chipset than you.20:01
hggdhFernandoMiguel: goods21:11
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