coolbhavihi ajmitch05:25
coolbhavihi wendar happy that you are applying for MOTU :-)05:26
cwayneheya coolbhavi05:27
coolbhaviand we are thinking of extending the call for members for a bit longer05:27
coolbhavihey cwayne :-)05:27
cwaynecoolbhavi: how qualified does one need to be to be an arb member?05:28
coolbhavicwayne, generally a ubuntu developer and an endorsement by an existing ubuntu developer on your work05:30
cwayneah, not sure id be qualified to apply then :)05:30
wendarcoolbhavi: thanks05:35
wendarcoolbhavi: and it does seem worth getting highvoltage on now05:35
wendarcoolbhavi: you can always make another recruiting call later05:36
wendarcoolbhavi: like, maybe around the next UDS would be good05:36
coolbhaviwendar, yes we are really short of staff and we thought maybe extending the call for a week would help but the other way is people are busy :-)05:37
wendarcoolbhavi: ah yeah05:38
coolbhavijust had a talk with alessio he also wants extension for a week so that anyone else interested might apply but I dont think it will be the case05:40
coolbhaviatleast looking at the response05:41
coolbhavicwayne, you ll be if you have PPU rights for a package :-)05:41
coolbhaviwendar, btw I implemented all the remaining arb checks into lintian05:44
wendarcoolbhavi: great!05:45
coolbhaviits in the ARB contributors PPA now05:45
wendarcoolbhavi: I saw https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/app-review-board/2013-January/002852.html05:45
wendarcoolbhavi: haven't had a chance to try it out yet05:46
coolbhaviwendar, no problems :-) feedback at any point is accepted :-) was thinking of UDS to discuss this because face to face feedback works much better I think :-)05:47
coolbhavibtw ll have a look at apparmor this weekend and start generating some profiles if time permits...05:48
ajmitchcoolbhavi: hi05:54
coolbhaviajmitch, pm?05:54
* ajmitch doesn't mind extending by a week if you think it'll get anyone else05:54

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