SmallFryYou failed your test:P01:34
Etherninlol myes01:39
EtherninSmallFry, what do u use ubuntu-arm on?01:41
SmallFryNexus 701:42
Etherninnice me too01:42
Etherninany damn luck with the gestures or getting the user interface to be ah...more usable?01:42
EtherninI've just got the latest raring image on there, I've recompiled the kernel a couple times with a buddy to get it to do some extra stuff01:43
SmallFryI installed kde,01:43
Etherninyeah i've tried litterally every desktop env01:43
Etherninkde was buggy as hell for me01:43
Ethernindid u install just kde or plasma as well?01:43
SmallFryMine was a bit too01:43
SmallFryPlasma won't show up if i install it via apt get01:43
Etherninyeah, i actually found xfce4 to be the most stable and customizable - problem was because it was xfce the touch screen wouldn't work for window titles/min/max/close01:44
Ethernini was bummed because xfce4 ran really well and really fast on the nexus, plus it's stable as hell01:44
Etherninit was just that ONE thing that was a pretty big deal01:45
Etherninlubuntu on the other hand worked pretty well01:45
Etherninlxde was OK, but also buggy as soon as u tried to resize ANYTHING01:45
EtherninI tried gnome class but it was virtually impossible to customize and not enough options for settings01:46
Etherninunity is pretty much unusable - soooo damn slow01:46
Etherninalso had to stop a couple services right off the bat like avahi-daemon and cups01:46
EtherninSmallFry, the cool part was I was able to install just about any tool I wanted, but using that touchscreen is a nightmare01:47
SmallFryI have been running vanilla01:47
SmallFryI agree01:47
Etherninnot the same experience as running android on the device...01:47
SmallFryI'm such a Linus noob thougg01:47
SmallFryNot at all01:47
EtherninI wish they would put a little more development into the interface and touch screen, plus the keyboard also needs some work01:47
Etherninbut hey, i am happy they released it!01:48
EtherninI know youre working hard out there devs!01:48
SmallFryAye, had to put the on-screen keyboard button in the corner so I could get it up on unitys search01:48
Etherninyeah omg the thing is awefull for the most part01:48
Ethernini wish onboard actually was a little more concious of things running01:48
Etherninit's definitely getting better01:48
Etherninbut it's not like in android where the keyboard is built into each app essentially01:49
Etherninso when you're using the terminal the keyboard doesnt block the text ect,01:49
SmallFryThe on-screen keyboard button actually isn't bad01:51
SmallFryJust enabled it in the accessibility options01:51
Etherninyeah i love the button, just wish it was more application aware01:58
rasterEthernin:  keyboard isnt built into apps in android. but it is a standard SERVICE apps are aware of and they "request" either manualyl or as part of the toolkit02:02
Etherninraster, cool thanks for the info, so basically it's the apps that are aware of the keyboard, not the keyboard that is aware of the apps?02:05
rasterwell its mostly the toolkjit02:05
Etherninraster, in ubuntu it's basically the other way around with onboard correct?02:05
rastereg you place an entry "widget"02:05
rasterand when it is "focuseD" it asks for a kbd service02:05
rasterthe kbd is in fact a separate window/app/process02:05
Etherninso with ubuntu02:06
rasteri think what ubuntu has done is recycle the input method framework to detect something needs input02:06
Etherninis it possible to get that same kind of functionality easily?02:06
rasternmot everything is configured to use it02:06
rasteror uses it "right"02:06
rasterand thus it doesnt work for all apps/all toolkits etc. in all cases02:06
Etherninyeah, my experience has been when it's been aware it basically triggers on input02:07
rastermost linux toolkits are pretty much unaware of vkbds at all02:07
rasterefl i think is a major exception02:07
Etherninraster, do you know of any terminals that are aware in such a way?02:07
rasteri dont know about qt02:07
rastergtk last i looked didnt really know anything specific02:07
rasterand xterm/rxvt etc. etc. just have no clue02:07
rasterthey CAN use input methods02:08
Etherninhmm...yeah ive been trying to figure something out02:08
rasterbut normally via xim (the old old old input method framework - your scim/uim/whatever will often have an xim bridge)02:08
Ethernini love the power of ubuntu and flexibility - but it's pretty hard to use with that touchscreen02:08
rastertbh - i dont much care myself :)02:08
raster1. i use a toolkit that knows about vkbd's and input methods02:08
Etherninyeah yeah i hear that alllll the time :)02:08
raster2. i have a ui/desktop env that provides vkbd's built-in02:09
raster3. i work on both the toolkit and the wm/vkbd/desktop02:09
rasterso i can "make it work"02:09
Etherninwhat toolkit?02:09
rasterwhatever other things do... is of just "passing interest" to me. :)02:09
Etherninawesome, checking it out!02:10
rasteras efl is what is used in tizen for mobile phones02:10
rasterit has.. support for this stuff02:10
rastertouch figner controls/friendliness etc.02:10
Etherninthat's interesting02:10
EtherninTHANK YOUS!02:10
rasterso just drag to scroll02:10
raster(and it has momentum/bounces etc.)02:10
rasterwell ok - its configurable02:10
rasterit has "perconalities"02:11
rastererr  personalities02:11
Etherninenlightenment foundation libraries02:11
Etherninthis is hilarious02:11
rasterconfigure in "standard" mode and u get a littrle scrollbar u drag as normal02:11
rasterand things kinda are desktop-y in the way they behave02:11
rastercopy & paste in entires etc.02:11
rasterif u switch to "mobile" mode02:11
Etherninthis is EXACTLY what i have been looking for!02:11
rasterit swizzles some config values02:11
rasterand then finger drag scrolls, copy & paste/selections behave differently (finger-friendly)02:12
Etherninfreakin awesome02:12
Ethernindude seriously thank you!02:12
rasterso basically an app can work on both a desktop (mouse+kbd) setup and a touch setup02:12
rasterjust by swizzling "system config vlaues"02:12
rastersystem confgi also controls scaling ANd sizing of ui elements02:13
rasterie figner size forces any elemnt u are to "click/touch/press"02:13
SmallFryIts just an apt get?02:13
rasterand forces it to be a bigger size02:13
SmallFryApt-get efl?02:13
rasterie.. be a "finger in size" so its easy to hit with a finger02:13
Etherninwow they even got the domain name "enlightenment.org"02:13
rasterso if on a tocuh ui - just scale up the finger size and its easy to use02:14
rasterif on mouse/kbd - dial down finger size and elemtns size less "fatty" to reflect that a mouse is far more accurate in hitting things02:14
SmallFryIs it just apt get efl?02:14
rasterit'll dynamically adapt02:14
rasteru'll probably need to find a ppa02:14
rasterand it isnt called "efl" in packages02:14
Etherninraster, omg dude this is exactly what i've been trying to find, yeah so do you have to compile from source or is it in the repos?02:14
rasterits split into about a dozen libraries02:14
rasterEthernin: :)02:15
Ethernini've been looking at multitouch and utouch for gestures ect, but this seems like THE TICKET!!!02:15
Etherninraster, ^_^02:15
SmallFryWhat's a Ppa...02:15
Etherninwow that was quick!02:16
rasterEthernin:  also efl supports multitouch02:16
rasterit happens to work out of the box on my n702:16
rastertho i did compile efl myself02:16
rasterand i made sure to enable the xi2.2 support02:16
rasterelementary has a multitouch test02:17
Etherninwhat's the xi2.2 support?02:17
rasterjust stick multiple fingers on there02:17
rasterif u get multiple "target points" ttracking all your figners02:17
Etherninyeah i saw that, the 3 finger touch02:17
rasterthen its working02:17
rasterit works for me02:17
Etherninyoure my savior man!02:17
rasterthere are other gesture tests02:17
Ethernin"my own personal jesus christ"02:17
rastereg pinch-to-zoom stuff02:17
Ethernin"mesculin, it's the only way to fly :)"02:17
rastertheres one test that lets u zoom+rotsate a photo with momentum as u slide it around02:18
Etherninthis is amazing02:18
Ethernini knew there was a way....02:18
rastersome widgets support multitouch out of the box02:18
rastereg the photocam widget (for displaying big megabgapixel camera photos)02:18
rasterpinch to zoom should work there02:18
Etherninyeah, u can triple tap to move windows, but it's flaky at best out of the box02:18
rasteras with the map widget )(can do openstreetmaps and otehr mappign service stuff)02:18
Ethernindude i can't tell u how psyched i am now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:18
Ethernini wanted the pinch zoom bad too...02:19
rasterxi2.2 == Xinput 2.,202:19
rastererr xinput 2.202:19
rasteras of xinput v 2.2 full touch support was added to the xinput layer02:19
rasterits supported in efl02:19
Etherninriiiight, so there's a conf file for that where you can add custom gestures right?02:19
rastermostly due to the fact it has mpx support already for xi2.002:19
rasterand that it is used in tizen which right now is heavily mobile/touch focused and thus gets the attention and work02:20
rasterumm no02:20
rasterno conf file for gestures02:20
rastergestures are recognised in code02:20
rasterthey arent "draw symbol x"02:20
rasterso it isnt a series of points to match02:20
SmallFryIf you get this stuff compiled, shoot it my way would you?02:20
rastergestures are dynamically tracked02:20
EtherninSmallFry, sure thing, I;ll try it out and give u my steps if i get it working!02:21
rasterand literallyu if u write an app and code to handle specific gestures - u register for a gestrure event02:21
rasterand then AS the gestrues are recognized u are told what is recognized and parameters for it02:21
rastereg how much you just zoomed with a pinch02:21
SmallFrySure:) shoot me a PM anytime02:21
Etherninok right on02:21
Etherninraster man thanks for the clarification, VERY HELPFULL02:21
rasterso its not just "oh he drew a circle"02:21
rasteror "he drew a Z"02:21
rasterits more the swipe/pinch/ etc. style gestures02:22
rasterwith 1, 2 or 3 fingers etc.02:22
rastersee gestture layer test in elementary_Test02:22
rasterit shows u gestures i knows of and lights up the ones it recognizes02:22
Etherninok that makes sense02:22
rasterimho recognizing if u "drew a Z" is a whole different class of thing02:23
Etherninoh man, ok going to try and get this working!02:23
rasterie its shape recognition basically02:23
rasterrecognizing some shape u drew02:23
rasterjust fyi :)02:23
rasterplay with it as u like02:23
Ethernini gotta run but ill be back, raster thanks again man, SmallFry I'll be back trying to get this working on my N702:23
Etherninoh hellllllllllllllllllllllllllls yeah!02:24
raster#e if u want to ask02:24
rasteras u'll get more answers there02:24
rasteri should have made some videos02:24
Ethernindude seriously thanks much02:24
rastersee the enlightenment.org website02:24
Etherninill be on in a while to mess with this stuff!02:24
rasterinfo on "contacting" etc.02:24
rastermailing lists02:25
Etherninyeah im checking it out for sutre!02:25
Etherninso dope02:25
Etherninlater boys!02:25
rasterit also is a lot less heavy than unity02:25
Etherninthank the lords02:25
Etherninso wait, is it a full desktop env????02:25
rasterafter switching to e17 i managed to wipe off about 200-300m of mem usage compared to unity on my n702:25
Etherninholy crap it is!!!02:25
rasterit also is a full desktop env02:25
rasterwith compositing02:25
rasterboth gl and software02:25
Ethernindude this is INSANE!02:25
Etherninomg, i love u02:26
rastersoftware comp is fast enough to be usable on my old penitum-m @ 600mhz02:26
rasterno gpu there02:26
rasternot needed02:26
rastersure - not silky smooth at all times02:26
Etherninill be back, thanks again!02:26
rasterbut usable02:26
rastergl accel of course works02:26
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xenomeis there an easy way to change the uboot splash screen with two penguins to something else?  Must I recompile uboot to make that work?05:38
infinityxenome: That's not uboot, it's the kernel.05:49
xenomeah, is there a way to change that w/o having to rebuild the kernel?05:51
xenomedoes that get pulled from the initramfs?05:51
lilsteviexenome: it is part of the kernel05:58
lilstevieand your options are, leave as is, or turn them off05:59
xenomehow can I turn them off? quiet?05:59
lilstevierecompile the kernel05:59
xenomeoh, ok so no boot option06:00
xenomeif I'm going to recompile, should I get the ubuntu source for my kernel or get adventurous and try mainline06:00
xenomei suppose I'm in a pickle because I need to use the TI kernel for maximum driver support06:00
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infinityxenome: We actually remove the penguins on our master kernels, I believe.  You could file a bug asking for that patch to be included in linux-ti-omap4 as well, if you're using Ubuntu's omap4 kernels.06:50
infinity(At least, I haven't seen a penguin on my x86 framebuffer in years, so I assume we're disabling it... Or we just draw over over it so fast I don't notice)06:51
reiseiHi, all! I want to ask you about installing ubuntu on the Nexus 7.. Can I install there my own image of ubuntu? Without the installation progress.07:02
Jef91Does anyone know what is the full list of packages that contain all the 3d drivers for the nexus 7?07:09
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reiseiwhat should contain image file for nexus 7? rootfs?09:44
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rigvedhello everyone13:36
rigvedI have installed ubuntu on my Nexus 7 32 GB. But it shows that disk space for "/" is only 6 GB. Have I installed the wrong image? I have used the Desktop Installer to install the image automatically to my Nexus 7.13:38
ogra_no, you havent, we dont offer specific images for the differently sized devices yet13:39
ogra_so currently the image for 8G is the one used on all devices13:39
rigvedogra_: oh. ok. is there any way to use the remaining space? maybe by creating a new partition?13:41
ogra_you could repackage the image before flashing, but there is a high risk that fastboot will corrupt it while flashing13:44
brendandxnox, ogra_ - is there a bug number for ubiquity not accepting text entry on the user details screen?13:46
ogra_xnox, bug 109305013:46
hrwogra_: can't you repartition emmc?13:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1093050 in ubuntu-nexus7 "OnBoard doesn't work on text boxes during initial setup" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109305013:46
ogra_hrw, nope13:46
hrwogra_: but that's still emmc?13:47
ogra_hrw, the GPT is hardcoded in the bootloader, the bootloader is a signed blob we cant replace13:47
hrwo fsck13:47
hrwogra_: fsresize possible?13:47
ogra_you can resize them, but then you get massive FS errors13:48
brendandogra_, for me onboard appears but typing does nothing13:48
ogra_i tried that when rolling the first images13:48
ogra_brendand, right, a reboot should fix that13:48
ogra_there is some kind of race on the first boot or so13:48
ogra_which doesnt seem to show up on subsequent boots into the installer13:49
brendandogra_, ah strange13:49
ogra_well, metacity worked fine, the bug started showing with the switch to compiz13:50
brendandlovely compiz13:50
ogra_xnox, seen that ? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=859373 ... http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/package-announce/2012-November/090998.html ?13:58
ubot2bugzilla.redhat.com bug 859373 in ntfs-3g "Danger in dual booting Windows 8 and Linux" [High,Closed: errata]13:58
ogra_seems ntfs3g needs a fix13:59
rigvedogra_: ok thanks13:59
rigvedbtw, i did experience the same problem with ubiquity nt accepting text entry in the oem setup screen14:01
xnoxogra_: yes, we did add a similar erratra for wubi & quantal. I think we might be recent enough as we do bail out at mounting windows8 (hence the complaints)14:01
rigvedi was able to reproduce the error14:02
ogra_xnox, ah, k, i just saw a news article from today that claimed we dont have the fix in ubuntu and debian14:02
xnoxogra_: not sure now, I'll double check and cherry pick as well if we are missing that bit.14:02
xnoxogra_: i'll ping you when I check.14:02
rigvedjust selecting "Show Password" in the wifi setup screen would bring the problem. after selecting "Show Password", onscreen would not work. reboot was needed.14:02
Rjswould it be possible to use e.g. LVM on the partition to split it into one filesystem for the original image and another that is created on the first boot or so? hmm, or could the ubuntu installer load itself into RAM and create the actual file system while installing instead of having a premade fs image? (just speculating here...)14:03
ogra_xnox, the last upload was in sep. 2012 ... i doubt it has the fix14:03
ogra_heh, seems FAT has the same issue on win8 ... but no way to determine if the FS is unclean or not ...14:04
ogra_Rjs, how would having the installer in ram help ?14:06
ogra_... if you cant change the partitioning :)14:06
ogra_Rjs, we were pondering LVM, but thats kind of a hack14:06
Rjsogra_: then the installer could create a full-size filesystem from scratch on the actual device, so it would just use whatever size partition the device has?14:06
ogra_(vs properly having a single partition across the whole MMC)14:07
ogra_Rjs, see above, hardcoded partition table14:07
ogra_you cant really change it14:07
Rjsogra_: hmm, does it have a hardcoded 8gb partition on all of the devices?14:07
ogra_it has a 6G partition as "userdata" on the 8G device14:07
ogra_all other devices have bigger userdata partitions14:08
ogra_6G is the smalles common denominator across all devices14:08
Rjsogra_: so if the installer loaded itself into RAM, could it then use mkfs to create the filesystem on the userdata partition (and, say, extract a tar to it to have the initial contents of the file system)?14:09
Rjsogra_: then the mkfs on the installer could select the filesystem size based on the size of th userdata partition on the actual device that it is currently installing to?14:10
ogra_partitions formatted from the initrd (or wherever you sit in ram) end up with a broken filesystem that loses data over time14:10
ogra_you filesystem has to be created by the android mkfs14:11
ogra_(we spent about a week to come up with the cleanest way that doesnt eat your data when we designed the image type)14:11
ogra_what you can do, and what the usb-creator installation will do, is repacking the image before flashing top the right size using the android-fstools14:12
Rjsogra_: oh, sorry, I didn't know that... is it because of some sort of android kernel oddity? (the userdata partition is not just a standard block device where the OS can write whatever data it wants to?)14:12
ogra_it is because of the GPT partition table that is hardcoded in the bootloader14:13
ogra_it is hard to tell what exactly is the issue sinbce the whole bootloader is a big binary blob14:14
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ogra_and you cant replace it14:14
Rjsogra_: hmm, but after the kernel gets loaded, /dev/mmcblk0p3 (or whatever number the userdata partition has) isn't just a block device that you could access from the initrd to create whatever filesystem you want there?14:15
Rjsor does the bootloader need something special written on the userdata partition? (so you couldn't for example use a completely different filesystem type for it?)14:16
ogra_it is, but filesystems created with standard fs tools fail14:16
ogra_feel free to research it :)14:16
Rjshmm, I could try if/when I get the time :) (I just recently bought a nexus7 for testing, but haven't yet had time to install anything on it)14:17
ogra_working images can be created using the make_ext4fs tool from android-fsutils ... the source code is there, you could research what the mkfs dpoes differently from a normal mkfs :)14:17
ogra_we used to use the "format from ram" approach in the preinstalled pandaboard images we had earlier14:18
Rjsogra_: hmm, ok... maybe I'll try to look into it if I get the time and energy (probably not in a while)... thanks for the information :)14:20
marvin24jay, https://launchpad.net/~marvin24/+archive/tegrarcm15:18
* marvin24 celebrates his first package15:19
* ogra_ applauds 15:20
ogra_congrats !15:20
marvin24ogra_: now tell me how to build it for different ubuntu releases ;-)15:21
ogra_you need to change the changelog ...15:21
ogra_and re-upload for each release (after rolling a fresh source package indeed)15:21
Tassadarcg :) does whoopsie (or how is that "Error occured, send report" thing called) produce logs?15:21
ogra_apport does, whoopsie just commits them15:22
marvin24ogra_: ok, I hoped that would be more easy using some launchpad interface15:22
ogra_in /var/crash/15:22
ogra_there might be an easy way i dont use :)15:22
Tassadarbecause something crashes on my n7, so that this window shows up pretty frequently15:22
* Tassadar is looking to /var/crash15:23
ogra_the .crasdh files in /var/crash have pretty recognizable names15:23
Tassadardbus a cups15:23
Tassadarcups' error log says that some ssl keys are missing http://pastebin.com/rQfak24W Oo15:28
Tassadarseems that "make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil" in /etc/ssl/certs fixed it15:37
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Tassadarcan somebody confirm that this is happens for all n7's? I mean the "System error occured" window with "report" option?15:39
=== maluta is now known as tinti
ogra_if something crashes it should happen on all n7's15:41
ogra_happens on your desktop too :)15:41
Tassadarwell i am multi-booting it, it _may_ be because of that, but I don't think so15:42
Tassadaranyway, if I won't find bug report about this, I'll create one15:42
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ogra_just click report :)15:43
Tassadarplus, when I managed to somehow type my password in, the report process crashes :x15:43
Tassadarwell, not crashes, "fails" or something15:44
ogra_gksudo ?15:44
ogra_i dont unbderstand15:44
Tassadarunable to enter password to gksudo15:45
ogra_gksudo shouldnt be used by anything on the desktop15:45
Tassadarit like "disables" rest of the screen, including the keyboard15:45
ogra_if it pops up *anywhere* thats a bug15:45
ogra_apps needing admin privs need to use pkexec15:46
ogra_which doesnt have such issues15:46
Tassadarwell, I am not sure it is gksudo, i just can't enter anything and it is exatly like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/42166015:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 421660 in ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 (Ubuntu) "gksu's and gksudo's modal password prompt prevents OnBoard's virtual keyboard input, causing accessibility issues" [High,New]15:46
ogra_Tassadar, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/421660/comments/1015:47
ogra_so if its actually gksudo it would be good to find out which component uses it and file a bug against it15:49
wookeyOK. sbuild --host arm64 now works with raring + my raring-bootstrap. :-) I'll run a build and see how much breakage we have left15:57
marvin24ogra_: seems changing the distro in changelog is not enough, do I also need to bump the package version?16:42
ogra_hmm. you shouldnt need to16:42
marvin24dput says: "Package has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net"16:47
marvin24the source.changes shows different distributions16:47
ogra_ypou need to remove the local .upload file :)16:47
ogra_xnox, so ayan would like to work on the usb-creator installation bits ...16:57
xnox\o/ ok =)16:57
ogra_ayan, if you run into any issues dont hesitate to ask here ;)16:58
xnoxI can help. I should make usb-creator trunk to be usable. But then new bits can be added.16:58
ayanogra_: will do.17:15
xnoxayan: it's fairly nice architecture: sepearate frontends & backends. I guess nexus7 images should be as a new backend & then the UI can be hooked up to it.17:33
xnoxwhich reminds me about udisks2 port17:39
ayanxnox: ya, maybe this is a good time to port usb-creator to udisks2?17:42
xnoxit's long overdue. usb-creator is the last package to use udisks1 on the desktop cd, everything else was ported already.17:47
* ayan nods.17:47
ayani took a brief look at it a while ago.17:47
ayanif you don't mind, i can take a stab at it today.17:47
Jef91For the Ubuntu nexus7 image, to suspend the device does it just use pm-utils, pm-suspend function or something custom for the device?17:49
morphisJef91: it should use pm-utils as far as I know the N7 provides the common kernel interfaces for suspend18:09
Jef91kk morphis thanks18:09
Jef91hrmm I have audio working at startup on my nexus 719:10
Jef91without doing a suspend/resume dance19:11
Jef91now I just need to figure out how I accomplished this19:11
Etherninnice yer here too19:16
EtherninHey you ubuntu-arm wizard devs, trying to install Jef91 custom image he made (dope btw u should check it out) and having the same issue trying to install the old image on a 32gb with 3g Nexus719:17
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wbfI've been having this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1514650/21:59
wbfand I've been wondering how to fix it.22:00
wbftrying to compile the pegasus driver for ARM22:00
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