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cjohnstonjcastro: bad juju!13:28
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jcastroheya czajkowski15:47
jcastrodo you know if the launchpad API exposes bug heat?15:47
dakerjcastro: yes https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#bugs15:49
popeyjcastro: it does15:49
popeybeat me to it15:50
dakermhall119: cjohnston nigelb http://soyeahdjango.com/post/40098353203/me-learning-function-based-views-will-be-removed-in16:19
mhall119daker: long live class-based views!16:23
mhall119or something16:23
mhall119nice juxtaposition16:27
dakermhall119: updated : http://soyeahdjango.com/post/40098353203/me-learning-function-based-generic-views-will-be16:28
dakerjust the generic functions16:28
mhall119oh, well that's not so bad16:28
mhall119I never used the generic views anyway16:28
dakerme too16:29
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SergioMenesesphilipballew, \ΓΈ16:42
SergioMeneseshi guys!16:42
philipballewhows your day going so far SergioMeneses ?16:42
SergioMenesesphilipballew, not bad16:43
SergioMenesesreading a lot of email16:43
SergioMenesesand you?16:43
philipballewJust getting breafast, Tried to go to my first day of class today, but apparently it starts in February. Only found this down after I sat in the classroom for 30 minutes.16:45
SergioMenesesI remember the school days!... :')16:46
czajkowskiwhoo I have a date for the first hackntalk event I want to run in London :D17:46
czajkowskipopey: AlanBell ^^17:53
AlanBellyay czajkowski \o/18:56
bkerensahuh new ubuntu audiocast is out.... https://soundcloud.com/ubuntu-audiocast/ubuntu-audiocast-episode-0420:50
czajkowskiis an audiocast the same thing as a podcast20:52
bkerensaI imagine... I had never heard of the phrase audiocast until this show surfaced20:53
bkerensaits kind of weird because nobody seems to know who is making it20:53
pleia2I do, let me dig up20:54
pleia2we had a bit of a chat after they released the "Ubuntu Gangnam Style" thing which was not cool20:55
pleia2Chuck, Bucky, and Philbare of the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo20:56
pleia2the announcement for their first also mentioned it was the vancouver loco: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ca/2012-September/009664.html20:58
bkerensapleia2: ah20:59
pleia2and they don't think they are a "podcast" because of the association of the term with ipods https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2012-September/001636.html20:59
pleia2(spent a nice chunk of one of their first explaining this)20:59
pleia2prompted us to rename our "featured podcasts and video" section of UWN ot "featured audio and video" which was a good change I think :)21:00
bkerensaHuh I wonder if the Ubuntu UK Podcast folks know that :)21:02
pleia2ohio has a podcast too21:02
bkerensapleia2: it seems most nix media players call them podcasts too21:03
pleia2yep, and most non-ipod mp3 players too21:03
czajkowskithe rest of the world calls em podcasts :)21:09
popeyoh jeez21:10
popeywhat gets me is the hypocricy. "thou shalt not call it podcast" but "we'll distribute using non-free website and deliver via _flash_".21:11
czajkowskihmm I have chocolate wash stuff, this smells odd and yet nice21:11
czajkowskivery confused21:11
pleia2if anyone has time to listen, I would be interested to know how it is content-wise for consideration for UWN (doesn't need to be professional quality, just reasonable and CoC-friendly)21:12
cjohnstonAlanBell: ping22:15
dakermhall119: cjohnston http://soyeahdjango.com/post/39983407463/me-debugging-500-errors23:16
dakerok, this is cjohnston http://soyeahdjango.com/post/40033703254/me-after-spending-some-quality-time-with-the-website23:19

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