didrocksgood morning06:32
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pittiGood morning07:34
didrocksbonjour pitti! c'est à ton tour de te lever tard ;)07:37
pittididrocks: oui, je ne suis pas très bien07:38
pittiseems my cold came back, after I was already over it07:38
larsugood morning!07:40
didrocksargh, take care pitti :/07:40
didrockshey larsu! how are you?07:40
larsudidrocks, good thanks, and you?07:40
pittihey larsu!07:40
larsupitti, hi, gute Besserung!07:40
didrockslarsu: I'm fine, thanks!07:41
larsuis there a reason that `update-manager -d` doesn't work?07:41
* larsu wants to finally update to R07:41
mvolarsu: do you have pending updates?07:43
larsumvo, no07:43
mvolarsu: hm, does do-release-upgrade -d work?07:43
pittioh, hey mvo, happy new year!07:43
mvohey pitti, happy new year!07:44
larsumvo, seems to work, thanks!07:44
larsuand happy new year ;)07:45
mvoand happy new year larsu07:45
larsuthanks :)07:45
didrockshey mvo! happy new year :-)07:52
pittiRAOF: hey Chris, how are you?08:15
RAOFpitti: Yo!08:15
RAOFpitti: I'm within one standard deviation of my long-term average :)08:16
pittiRAOF: happy new year then!08:16
RAOFpitti: And to you, likewise!08:17
pittiRAOF: and may your health not deviate more than 1.5σ from the expected value :)08:17
pittiRAOF: so I wanted to ask you, do you know how and where X.org detects monitors?08:18
pittiRAOF: I already checked the X.org server itself and its xrandr extension; that doesn't just seem to read sysfs or so; it seems that's the responsibility of the individual device drivers?08:18
pittiRAOF: background is, I want to see whether and to which degree we can simulate monitors in a mock environment, for writing tsts08:19
pittiand tests, too08:19
RAOFThe drivers we care about query the kernel.08:19
pittiso I was hoping it would just read syfs, but it doesn't08:19
RAOFMocking that out is going to require mocking libdrm08:19
RAOFSpecifically the handful of ioctls dealing with modesetting.08:20
pittiah, so they are directly poking the hardware, not reading /sys/class/drm ?08:20
pittiRAOF: intercepting ioctls is already on my table08:21
RAOFYou can quirk an edid by writing to the firmware-ish file, but that's not going to help if the output is not detected as connected, or if you want to fake, say, an HDMI output.08:21
pittixvfb doesn't seem to have xrandr capability, so I guess we need to start the real X.org under some kind of dummy driver08:21
pittiRAOF: so I guess as we have to use a dummy driver anyway, that one coudl just report a set of fake monitors?08:22
RAOFThat'd be a simple extension to xf86-video-dummy08:23
pittiright, that woudl have been my next question; is xserver-xorg-video-dummy the right driver for this kind of thing?08:23
RAOF¹: For sufficiently boring boilerplaity values of “simple”08:23
RAOFI would think so, yes; it's pretty much what you're after - a no-hardware fake graphics driver.08:24
pittido you know if that's sufficiently capable to run unity on?08:25
pittiRAOF: ok, thanks so far; I'll play around with this, see how to start X.org with the dummy driver, and where to plug in RR bits08:27
sorenpitti: Funny, I looked into this just last night. What specifically are you wanting to test?08:27
RAOFIf unity can run with software rendering it can run on dummy.08:27
pittiRAOF: oh, another question -- how does X.org detect the driver to use?08:28
pittisoren: I have no specific test right now; I want to evaluate how we can set up various "multiple monitor" scenarios and then test xrandr and unity within that08:29
RAOFpitti: It's got a pciid→driver switch statement buried in the bowels of it.08:29
pittiRAOF: right, I meant, does it again do its own hardware poking, or just iterate through /sys or /proc?08:29
RAOFIt uses libpcithingamabob; I think that does /sys probing, from memory.08:30
pittiah, libpciaccess008:30
RAOFpitti: This *might* be superceded by the udev code, new in 1.13 (or 1.12); I've not looked at the driver matching code since that landed.08:30
RAOFpitti: Yeah, that one.08:30
pittisplendid, thanks08:30
pittiwe can easily mock bits in /sys08:31
pittisoren: so what did you look at? starting X.org with the dummy driver?08:31
pittiRAOF: thanks for your help!08:31
sorenpitti: Ok, I can't help much then. I was looking at slightly higher layers, but if you wat to be able to test xrandr itself, that's a different story.08:31
seb128hey desktopers08:32
pittiit's a seb!08:32
pittibonjour mon ami08:32
didrockssalut seb12808:32
sorenpitti: I was looking into adding some automatic monitor switching magic to XFCE and wondered how I could test it.08:33
pittisoren: doesn't that also require faking monitors?08:33
sorenpitti: Gnome has its own abstraction for it, which should be easily mockable if you just want to test the unity bits.08:33
pittiin libgnome-desktop, yes08:33
seb128pitti, hey, how are you?08:34
seb128didrocks, lut ;-)08:34
pittiseb128: my cold bounced back, so could be better, but ok for now08:34
pittihow are you?08:35
seb128I'm good thanks08:35
pittisoren: I thought that would just be a rather straight interface to xrandr08:35
sorenpitti: I didn't actually write any code. I just looked at what it would take. I think I'd just have faked the "something changed" event and checked that it used the correct, new config. In unit tests, that is. I suspect you're doing something more integration test-ish?08:35
pittisoren: i. e. no file interface in between which you could intercept?08:35
pittisoren: ah, ok08:35
sorenpitti: Both Gnome and XFCE uses the xrandr library. I suppose xrandr must as well. Perhaps that's easier to deal with?08:36
pittisoren: yeah, ideally we could start an X server (with -dummy or even xvfb, but that doesn't seem to work), run unity or gnome-shell or whatever in it, then change the mocked monitors, and verify that it adjusts accordingly08:36
pittisoren: that's the bit I'm currently investigating :)08:37
pittisoren: everything that uses /sys properly to detect hardware is easy to mock08:37
pittieverything that does its own probing with poking ports and ioctls is much harder, of course08:37
pittibut I guess X.org needs to work on more systems than just linux08:38
sorenpitti: Oh, what I meant was a mock implementation of libxrandr itself, not the primitives that xrandr uses/manipulates.08:38
sorenpitti: I don't know if that'll be more or less work, really. I'm just throwing the idea out there.08:38
pittisoren: well, xrandr itself is pretty shallow08:39
pittisoren: it's little more than poking commands into the X socket08:39
pittithe actual detection and implementation of the commands happens on the driver side08:39
pitti(shallow from the mocking perspective, not from the logic, of cours)08:39
sorenDo you mean libxrandr? Or /usr/bin/xrandr ?08:40
pittiboth really08:40
pittion the client side, xrandr has no hardware specific bits08:40
pittiit just talks to the X socket, no to sysfs, ioctls, etc.08:41
sorenThis seems like a good place to hook in to me.08:42
soren..but you naturally understand much better what it is that you want to test. :)08:42
sorenThat saves you completely from having to think about hardware. I like to not think about hardware :)08:43
pittiindeed intercepting it at the X protocol level would be a lot simpler08:43
pittiI'm not actually interested in the sever-side layers; mostly in that applications and the desktop DTRT in various multiple-monitor scenarios08:44
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:01
mvohey didrocks, happy new year to you as well!09:04
didrocksthanks ;)09:04
didrockshey chrisccoulson, Laney09:05
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks, Laney, how are you?09:05
chrisccoulsonhi mvo, happy new year :)09:05
Laneystriving away09:05
didrockschrisccoulson: good good! yourself? :-)09:05
didrockschrisccoulson: regular ping about my thunderbird stalling issue btw :p09:05
mvohey chrisccoulson! happy new year to you as well :)09:06
chrisccoulsondidrocks, tired. both daughters decided that they were far too cool to sleep last night09:06
seb128hey chrisccoulson, Laney09:07
seb128mvo, oh, a mvo! happy new year!09:07
* seb128 hugs mvo09:07
seb128mvo, how are you?09:07
didrockschrisccoulson: argh ;)09:07
mvoseb128: !!! happy new year09:07
* mvo hugs seb12809:07
mvoseb128: I'm good, thanks, all very new, like I get up at 6 in the morning and commute to a office, a really strange experience. but I can hack on the train, so thats great09:08
didrocksmvo: how far are you from the university?09:08
seb128mvo, 6, man ... I decided to try to start working at reasonable time and be at the computer at 9am so I wake up between 8 and 9 and I already find that difficult :p09:09
mvodidrocks: its about ~35min by train plus a short bus trip09:09
didrocksseems reasonable :)09:09
mvoseb128: haha09:09
mvodidrocks: yeah, its not too bad09:09
mvodidrocks: but quite a change09:09
didrocksyeah, I can imagine :)09:09
Laneyseeing /real people/!09:10
didrocksLaney: do they exist? I keep hearing from that, but never conducted that to facts09:10
mvoLaney: yes! out of my cave. I wasn't aware of how many people there are actually in the real -world ;)09:10
mvodidrocks: I have empiric evidence of that now! at least here in my part of the world they do exist :)09:11
didrocks10:05:56      didrocks | chrisccoulson: regular ping about my thunderbird stalling issue btw :p09:11
didrockschrisccoulson: I think you missed it ^09:11
seb128mvo, see, they were right when they put you in the "dog" category back then (was it in plymouth?) ... you like people after all ;-)09:11
didrocksmvo: waow! amazing :-)09:11
didrocksshould be a German-only thing. I refuse to believe it! :-)09:11
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, i've not looked at any thunderbird stuff since i got back ;)09:12
chrisccoulson(thanks to firefox bugs)09:12
mvoseb128: lol09:12
mvoseb128: indeed, I think that was around the plymouth time - the funny thing is that my first thought about plymouth was the bootscreen, not the conference we had there :P09:12
chrisccoulsonmvo, i don't believe real people exist. you must provide evidence :)09:13
Laneythey're the people that bring my internet shopping deliveries, right?09:13
chrisccoulsonactually, i think i saw a person walk past my window one day09:13
mvochrisccoulson: haha, I can take pictures from the cafeteria - there are two kinds, man *and* woman09:14
mvoLaney: lol09:14
seb128mvo, lol, same here, I had to check on google if that spelling for the city was the same :p09:16
mvounity is crashing btw on my dual monitor fglrx setup :P but I will look into that later, gtg09:21
pittiRAOF: hm, is there a replacement for -nohwaccess ? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Rootless)10:07
pittiRAOF: nevermind, apparently not needed with using the dummy driver10:10
pittididrocks: do you happen to know whether it's possible to run two unitys at the same time as an user/10:26
pittididrocks: I tried "DISPLAY=:1 dbus-launch unity", and while that works, that still kills/restarts my "main" unity10:26
didrockspitti: hum, I doubt it, first compiz is checking there is no other window compositor running10:26
pittiDISPLAY=:1 compiz seems to work fine10:26
pittididrocks: well, my real session is on display :010:26
didrocksah, another DISPLAY10:26
pittiI tried the dbus-launch, but that doesn't seem to help either10:26
didrocksyou have some services that you will need to dbus-launch as well10:27
didrocksbut that shouldn't kill as it happens for you here10:27
didrocks    Window currentWmSnOwner = XGetSelectionOwner (dpy, wmSnAtom);10:28
didrocksthis is the detection of the other compiz running10:28
didrocksit seems to be per dpy10:29
didrockspitti: do you know if at least, compiz is trying to load its plugin?10:29
pittididrocks: they actually do run in parallel, just that the original compiz restarts10:29
pittididrocks: yes, that all seems to work fine10:29
didrockspitti: well, unity is running --replace by default10:29
pittiDISPLAY=:1 compiz10:29
pittiflawless even with the same dbus10:29
didrockseven ok, so it's really unity, I don't see any reason off hand10:30
pittididrocks: ok, nevermind; not a biggie for now10:30
didrocksbut as you are stealing the unity-panel-service dbus connection, maybe that impact10:30
didrocks(it's dbus activated, so you need 2 of them)10:30
pittithat was my first guess, but with dbus-launch it has its own private bus10:30
didrocksoh right, so you have a second one running spawn by the second bus10:31
pittianyway, my main exercise was to run unity under an user X.org with the dummy driver, which seems to work10:31
didrockssweet :)10:31
pittiI'll try to do a screenshot10:32
didrocksthat would be interesting :)10:32
pittiawesome, that works nicely10:38
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didrocksLaney: do you want to have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~logan/ubuntu/raring/gst-plugins-good1.0/debian-merge/+merge/141136?10:56
didrocksas you won the privilege to be the gst maintainer :)10:57
* Laney screams10:57
Laneyyeah, sure :P10:57
didrocksLaney: webkit, gst, what would be next? :p10:57
didrocksthanks Laney ;)10:57
smspillazdesrt: hey you about ?10:58
smspillazdesrt: I'm generating an introspection binary and it hangs on my_thing_get_type () inside of g_once_init_enter, was wondering if there's an obvious solution that I missed10:59
xclaesseseb128, is it possible to upload devhelp 3.6.1 in quantal?11:01
xclaesseseb128, it fix an annoying bug that I cannot do ctr-c to copy text11:01
xclaesseIIRC that's the only fix in .1 release11:02
seb128xclaesse, you pinged me about that in december11:02
seb128xclaesse, I got it uploaded: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devhelp/3.6.1-0ubuntu0.111:02
seb128xclaesse, it didn't go from proposed to updates because nobody confirmed that the bug is fixed, if you want to do it please comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devhelp/+bug/107969411:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 1079694 in devhelp (Ubuntu Quantal) "3.6.1 stable update, fix ctrl-C copy" [Low,Fix committed]11:02
xclaesseseb128, ahhh, ok. I though you forgot about it :)11:03
seb128xclaesse, ;-)11:03
xclaesseseb128, ok I'll test that right now11:03
seb128xclaesse, just enable quantal-proposed and get it from there11:03
seb128xclaesse, thanks11:04
xclaesseseb128, cannot get to software source settings11:14
xclaesseit does nothing when I click on it11:14
xclaesseseb128, I tried to just dpkg -i the deb from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devhelp/3.6.1-0ubuntu0.1/+build/4024122 but it's missing -common package11:15
xclaesseseb128, http://pastebin.com/qbD1ALKD11:21
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* Laney requests the Archive Gods consider promotion of farstream-0.212:20
Laneyrequires gstreamer1.0-nice too12:20
MirvI wonder if anyone has tested grilo yet? related to bug #103570112:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1035701 in totem (Ubuntu) "grilo plugins should be enabled in Totem" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103570112:59
MirvI've found myself missing UPnP/DLNA support12:59
Mirvjust a mental note partly to myself...13:00
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tjaaltonrequesting a new merge of cairo, with the egl backend enabled13:21
tjaaltonit's been enabled on debian all the time, no mention on the changelog why it's disabled on ubuntu13:22
tjaaltonweston would like to have it13:22
tjaaltonok, ricotz explained why :)13:23
* Sweetshark is churning away on precise patches ...13:25
ricotzLaney, hi13:26
ricotzLaney, while you were looking into enabling wayland-backend, would it be much trouble if you add --enable-broadway-backend too (gdk lib size will increase by like 90kb)13:27
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ricotzLaney, be aware of the backend default choice which might need to be patch in 3.6.x13:28
larsuattente, good morning13:35
attentelarsu, hi13:35
larsuattente, I can't reproduce your crash :)13:35
larsubut I do get the same warning about the handler id13:35
larsuanything specific I need to do to trigger it?13:36
attentethe warning itself is the crash13:36
attentetotally kills it for me13:36
larsuinteresting. Are you running with G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings or something?13:36
larsuit just continues running for me13:36
attentedo the menus work for you?13:37
larsuyes, except for the emoticon menu13:37
larsuI guess because they are custom widgets?13:37
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larsuactually the menu works, but the images aren't displayed13:39
attenteis there a G_MENU_ATTRIBUTE for menu item images?13:40
larsunot upstream, no. We've been using x-canonical-icon for the indicators, but that probably doesn't work yet for the appmenu13:40
larsuby the way: what are you patching in indicator-appmenu?13:41
attenteit's just an extra action group with the "unity." namespace13:41
larsuah, good idea13:41
attenteso that we don't have to go through the trouble of grabbing the old action group and merging it into ours13:41
larsumakes sense. And the action names are simply the labels of the menu items?13:42
attenteall desrt's idea13:42
attentein general, yes13:42
attentebut if a GtkAction is available, we use that instead13:42
larsuwow, this thing is much cleverer than I thought :)13:43
larsuhm, that warning appears (twice) when I receive a message. But not every time...13:43
attentehaha, it's been in the works for a long time now, so i would hope so...13:44
attenteanyways, i'm still trying to fix the package again...13:45
* Sweetshark is down to 5 patches for precise backports.14:09
ritzseb128 heya, sorry for the delay. done - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/102644214:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1026442 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "Buddy pounce - send message window too short" [Low,Confirmed]14:19
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smspillazwhoops :)14:37
seb128ritz, hey, ok, thanks14:41
seb128attente, hey, need packaging help there?14:41
attenteseb128, things seem to be working fine here, but thanks :)14:42
seb128great, well done!14:43
larsuattente, this bug is super tricky :-/14:43
ritzseb128 is it fine if I post the SRU notes to priv lp14:43
ritzor this has to be to pub lp14:43
larsuempathy does some crazy stuff with that menu (it's the Contact menu), but it appears like it's nothing illegal :)14:44
attentelarsu yeah... don't worry about it too much...14:44
attentelarsu: what is it doing exactly?14:44
seb128ritz, better public, otherwise the SRU team and the verification team will not be able to read those14:44
ritzokay, cool14:45
larsuattente, it sets the submenu for the contact, a qdata (that it doesn't seem to use) and connects to notify::visible for no apparent reason14:46
larsuattente, http://git.gnome.org/browse/empathy/tree/src/empathy-chat-window.c#n60314:46
larsuattente, I tried creating the same circumstances from a test script, but didn't manage to get the same warning14:47
attentelarsu, your test script also switches the submenu?14:50
larsuattente, yes14:50
gQuigshello there14:51
gQuigsanyone know what the status of the LibreOffice ppa is?14:51
gQuigsit looks like 3.6.1-rc2 never got built, and hasn't been updated since14:52
seb128gQuigs, hey, check with Sweetshark, he's maintaining libreoffice for Ubuntu14:54
gQuigsthanks seb128, ping Sweetshark14:54
SweetsharkgQuigs: you have 5 minutes, then Ill be in a TDF board of directors call14:55
Sweetsharkeh, tricky. first writing the content, then the ping.14:56
gQuigsthanks Sweetshark, I was just wondering what the status of the PPA is?.. it looks like 3.6.1-rc2 failed in someway14:56
Sweetsharkyes, it seems ricotz did that. I asked him to always build in a separate ppa, but IIRC he ignored that here because it was the first 3.6 upload.14:58
Sweetsharkstill would have been better14:58
* Sweetshark checks the buildlog14:59
Sweetsharkseems like there are deps missing on precise. for the specific one a first workaround would be to disable the mediawiki extenion to be build.15:00
SweetsharkgQuigs: https://launchpad.net/~bdcomp <- he is currently working on backporting LO to precise, but he still has a lot to learn, so it still might take a while.15:01
Sweetsharkanyway: gone for now, call ;)15:01
gQuigsSweetshark: thanks!15:02
Sweetsharkfscking timezone, was off the mark by one hour. anyway, I think you got what you needed for a start ;)15:04
SweetsharkgQuigs: https://launchpad.net/~bdcomp/+archive/backports/+packages <- there is a package building in there. note the big, fat "DO NOT USE IT" on the ppa though ;)15:06
gQuigsI did notice that... :)15:07
larsuattente, something tries to disconnect the handler twice. This might mean we have a circular menu structure somewhere...15:09
attentebut the handler is on the UnityGtkMenuShell, right?15:10
attentenot the GtkMenuShell, i believe15:10
attenteer... sorry15:11
larsuyes, UnityGtkMenuShell is the GMenuModel, right?15:11
attenteright, but actually the exported version of that15:11
attentei'm just fixing that non-portable linking warning right now15:13
larsuattente, actually, the handler is on a UnityGtkMenuSection15:13
larsuoh, wait, I think I'm mistaken: the handler isn't disconnected twice15:14
larsuI got confused by dual debug printfs :)15:14
larsuattente, so its much easier than this... just a object_unref too many. The question is: where? :P15:22
attentelarsu, could it just be that the section is disappearing without the disconnect code knowing about it?15:23
larsuattente, well, the disconnect code has a reference on it, so it shouldn't disappear15:24
larsubut it definitely does, I put a weak ref on it15:24
attenteok, haha, thanks :)15:24
larsuattente, got it.15:39
Laneyseb128 / didrocks: Direct ping regarding the ^^^ promotion request ;-) farstream-0.2 (source) and gstreamer1.0-nice (binary from source already in main)15:39
Laneyif you have time15:39
attentelarsu: what was it?15:39
seb128Laney, didrocks: can do15:39
seb128de rien, sorry for missing it earlier15:39
didrocksthanks seb128 :)15:39
seb128yw ;-)15:39
larsuattente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1513350/15:40
larsuah wait, that's your own function15:40
larsuYour log says "Run dispose to break cycles."15:41
seb128Laney, done15:41
Laneywill upload empathy when that publishes then15:42
larsuattente, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't call g_object_run_dispose in this case15:42
larsubut it's a question for desrt, really15:42
larsudo you remember which problem this solved?15:42
attentelarsu, i added that to break the ref cycle between shell and section when the section disappears15:43
attenteor is supposed to disappear15:43
larsuhm, I'm not sure I know enough about your code to give good advice here :)15:44
attentebut i thought the problem was that g_object_unref was getting called too many times15:44
attentebut if the fix works, you're probably right15:45
larsuattente, hm. I'm not sure I fully understand it yet15:50
larsu(after what you just said)15:50
attenteactually, i'm having a hard time understanding why it would fix the problem too...15:50
desrtsmspillaz: using only DEFINE_TYPE macros?15:55
desrtsmspillaz: doing anything odd from class_init() functions?15:55
desrtif you're using the stock get_type() from G_DEFINE_TYPE then the usual cause of this is that you're doing something bad in some sort of class_init15:55
larsudesrt, are weak refs notified on dispose?15:56
desrtotherwise, it could be an obscure race that I know we have in multi-threaded situations... would be strange to see that in the go-i scanner, though15:56
desrtunless, as above, you're calling weird stuff from class_init() :)15:56
larsudesrt, as in, if attente calls g_object_dispose manually, will weak refs be notified?15:56
desrtlarsu: yes and no15:56
desrtlarsu: no.15:56
desrtbut they are notified before dispose() is called automatically after the last ref drops15:56
larsuI have a stack trace that looks like it15:56
larsuhm, weird15:56
desrtdispose() often results in the handler calling unref() on a lot of stuff15:57
desrtwhich in turn could obviously cause a weak notify15:57
larsuyeah but it's on the same object15:57
desrti doubt it15:58
desrtread the trace...15:58
desrtthen read the source :)15:58
larsudesrt, in any case, running dispose manually is probably not a good idea, is it?15:59
larsuI mean, what if other objects still have references...15:59
desrtin my opinion dispose is completely stupid15:59
larsuI know15:59
larsubut that doesn't answer my question :)15:59
attenterunning dispose is supposed to be an idempotent operation, right?16:03
attentedesrt, want to meet an old friend for lunch today?16:11
desrtis he swiss?16:12
attenteno, that's on the 19th, btw16:12
desrtcool :)16:12
desrti'm probably up for it as long as the location is reasonable16:13
desrtalthough it would probably be nice to know who it is first16:13
attenteking and bay16:13
desrtfor sure16:13
attentesorry about the short notice16:13
desrti still have a sworn pact to murder the two of you for what you did to the se3f03 course webpage16:13
desrtit will be very convenient to see both of you in one spot16:14
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desrtwell... this is an interesting development16:21
=== sabdfl is now known as pitti
dobeyseb128, didrocks: hey, just replied on bug #1047606 ; do i need to fix and attach new files to the bug, or wait until it's accepted and just upload a new revision?16:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1047606 in Ubuntu Raring "[needs-packaging] ubuntuone-client-data" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104760616:33
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seb128dobey, new revision will do16:38
larsuattente, sorry, I was distracted for a bit, but I have the real solution16:49
larsufor which I had to go into gobject.c16:49
larsunot nice16:49
attentewhat is it?16:50
larsuso g_object_dispose calls g_signal_handlers_destroy16:50
larsupretty simple :)16:50
larsuI think the real fix here is to not call dispose. If you're worried about cyclic references, use a weak ref on one side16:51
attentehuh, ok, i'll give it a shot :)16:52
larsuor no reference, if you can be sure that the section's shell pointer is only valid as long as the shell also has a ref on the section16:52
larsuthe latter is probably the easier solution in your case16:52
larsuthe same goes for "items" btw, dispose is called on them too16:52
attentelarsu, i think you're right, there's no reason for these to have a strong reference to their parents, no reason i can remember right now at least16:54
attentelarsu, thanks for your help once again :)16:55
larsuattente, no problem :)16:55
desrtattente: good general rule: don't call dispose17:05
desrtif you're trying to do that you're probably trying to do something wrong17:05
attentedesrt: is there a proper way to break a ref cycle without using dispose?17:07
desrtdon't create the cycle17:07
attentelesson learned17:08
desrtattente: seriously, though17:28
desrtreference cycles are an annoying hazard of refcounted OO (which you're surely aware of from your obj-C upbringing)17:29
desrttechniques used to break them are workarounds and it's usually possible to just avoid the cycle in the first place17:29
desrtthrough more careful design of your object relationships17:29
desrti often find when i'm in a situation where A depends on B and B depends on A then at least one of them could be split into two separate classes (let's split B into B and B2) such that B depends on A and B2 and A depends only on B2 (ie: B is the public-facing part and B2 is some internal utility)17:31
desrtthat way B2 stays for as long as either A or B are around but safely goes away when both are gone, and there are no cycles17:31
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cyphermoxis it supposed to be best to put .vapi files under the versioned /usr/share/vala-0.XX/vapi/  or the unversioned directory /usr/share/vala/vapi/ ?18:24
ricotzcyphermox, unversioned18:34
ricotzcyphermox, the versioned directory is exclusive for the vapis shipped with vala itself18:35
cyphermoxis that described anywhere in policy or something? because it's not really obvious18:36
ricotznot sure if it is written somewhere, but it is common sense for upstream shipped bindings18:37
bcurtiswxAlanBell, who am i supposed to talk with about getting meetingology in loco channels ? you're the person who set the topic as nobody else seems to ever exist in the scribes channel19:12
AlanBellbcurtiswx: what channel?19:14
bcurtiswxAlanBell, #ubuntu-us-dc19:15
bcurtiswxAlanBell, thanks :)19:15
* didrocks finished to debug something, time for evening!19:22
bcurtiswxnite didrocks19:22
didrocksbye bcurtiswx ;)19:22
ricotzjbicha, hi :)19:39
ricotzsyncing harfbuzz leads to some problems while graphite2 isnt multiarched :\19:39
ricotzi guess graphite2 should be synced from exp too (isnt multiarched yet though)19:43
jbicharicotz: ok, the exp. graphite2 has a soname bump so maybe we should just wait for multiarch?20:27
jbichaare you actually using harfbuzz for anything yet?20:29
ricotzjbicha, syncing and transitioning it doesnt interfere with a later multiarch enablement20:35
ricotzjbicha, yes, the new pango uses it20:35
ricotzso does the whole gnome stack therefore20:36
micahgricotz: well, it's potentially rebuilding the reverse dependencies twice20:37
ricotzmicahg, hmm, i dont think so20:37
ricotzbut multiarch first is fine too20:38
micahgoh, is graphite2 already multiarched?20:38
micahgright, so, the SONAME bump is one rebuild, and multiarching is potentially another depending on what paths are used where20:38
ricotzmicahg, the library look up shouldn't break when it is moved from "lib" to "lib/.../"20:40
ricotzor does it20:40
micahgricotz: that depends on what the package is doing during build (binaries might continue to work, but the package might FTBFS)20:41
ricotzi see20:42
micahgbinaries could break as well if it's doing something silly like manually checking paths20:42
jbicharicotz: harfbuzz is still optional for latest pango, right?20:45
ricotzjbicha, no, hard dep20:47
ricotzjbicha, ^20:48
jbichaare we going to try for pango 1.32 in raring?20:49
ricotzin gnome3-staging at least since it is a hard-dep of gtk+20:49
bcurtiswxinteresting, todays removal of libat4 wants to remove skype21:09
bcurtiswxwell, nix that all the i386 parts of qt421:10
chrisccoulson_lol @ bug 109794021:13
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1097940 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "gsettings" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109794021:13
jbicharicotz: actually that package built fine if I removed libharfbuz-dev from the build-depends21:14
ricotzjbicha, hmm, i doubt that21:25
ricotzthe ppa package adds back the x backend to preserve backwards compat21:26
ricotztry to disable the "readd_pangox.patch"21:26
ricotzthe build should fail badly anyway21:28
jbicharicotz: some day you might do changelogs ;)21:31
ricotzi know :\21:32
ricotzjbicha, btw, the chances are good gjs will need mozjs 1.8.8 if we see a release21:33
ricotzchrisccoulson_, hi ^21:33
jbicharicotz: ok, for raring we'll be stuck with gnome-shell 3.6 since gnome-control-center/settings-daemon 3.8 won't be ready for the gnome3 ppa21:34
ricotzchrisccoulson_, not sure if you are following the js-standalone hassle, but i was looking into snapshots from the ESR17 branch https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/staging/+sourcepub/2909894/+listing-archive-extra21:35
ricotzjbicha, yeah, that was foreseeable, that is what gnome3-ppa is for ;)21:35
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desrt blehhhh22:31
desrtyay for dentists22:31
desrtwell, only one22:31
attentepretty good22:32
desrtfirst one in as long as i can remember -- more or less since my early teens, i think22:32
desrtmaybe even longer22:32
attentehaven't been to one in a year and a half22:32
desrti hadn't gone in a very very long time22:32
desrtbut apparently my obsessive brushing/flossing paid off in that time22:33

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