darkxstricotz, sorted out the e4x thing08:16
darkxstand now just failing 1 test08:16
darkxstgnome-shell runs, albeit with a few minor issues08:16
ricotzfantastic ;)08:31
ricotzdarkxst, do you have a new patch-stack based on gjs master?09:58
darkxstricotz, just rebased and cleaning it up a09:58
ricotzdarkxst, oh, i see, take your time09:58
darkxstricotz, https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxhzh6qkc3sak92/gjs188-r1.patch10:43
darkxstmight still be a few misplaced hunks but mostly cleaned up.10:43
ricotzdarkxst, thanks10:47
ricotzjust a minor, there are some of those faulty alignments10:47
ricotz-                  jsid       id,10:47
ricotz+                  JSObject  **obj,10:47
ricotzdarkxst, #define JSVAL_IS_OBJECT(obj) !JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(obj)10:53
ricotzthis is not the same as the original method10:53
ricotzit will miss the NULL case10:53
ricotzmeaning NULL will be handled as not an object10:54
ricotz#define JSVAL_IS_OBJECT(obj) ( JS_IS_NULL(obj) || !JSVAL_IS_PRIMITIVE(obj))10:55
darkxsthmm right, I missed that somehow ;)11:19
ricotzdarkxst, are you still seeing tests failing?11:22
darkxstlocaleCompare fails11:22
ricotzassertRaises(function() { "\ud800".localeCompare("a"); });11:22
ricotzis suppose to fail11:22
ricotzso you can ignore those11:22
darkxstbut it aborts the other tests? that doesnt seem right11:25
ricotzit runs through for me while commenting those two11:26
darkxstyeh everything else passes, although some things are probably missing tests11:27
ricotzyes, running g-s is the actual test ;)11:27
darkxstg-s runs, but not 100% right11:28
darkxstdash is broken11:28
darkxstoverview search is a bit strange11:28
darkxstI suspect I could have some JSPropertyOP's somewhere11:30
darkxstThey only segfault if the they use 'id'11:31
darkxstother wise they just fail silently with priv == NULL11:31
darkxst^^could have missed11:31
ricotzhmm, you should avoid changing the functions interface11:34
darkxstmozilla changed it11:34
ricotztypedef JSBool (*JSPropertyOp)(11:35
ricotz    JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj, jsid id, jsval *vp);11:35
ricotzyou are expecting **obj, ...11:35
darkxsttypedef JSBool11:36
darkxst(* JSPropertyOp)(JSContext *cx, JSHandleObject obj, JSHandleId id, JSMutableHandleValue vp);11:36
ricotzah i see11:37
darkxstthe JSHandle* things are pointers rooted objects11:37
darkxstupstream are planning on changing most of jspai to use them directly11:37
darkxstbut currently onlt the callbacks do11:37
darkxstsome way to scan for all callback functions would be nice11:43
ricotzlook for gjs_*et_prop_verbose_stub11:45
ricotzgjs_add_prop_verbose_stub gjs_delete_prop_verbose_stub11:45
darkxstand how to use that? short of plugging it into the class definitions11:50
ricotzwas just looking to similar interfaces11:50
ricotzi guess i will try to run it later to maybe see some failure outputs11:51
darkxstmaybe could check from within priv_from_js()11:58
ricotzdarkxst, didnt really get to look into it13:52
ricotzdarkxst, it seems to run stable despite the broken dash13:54

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