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infinityhenrix_: The quantal/armhf linux build failed with a SEGV (probably cosmic rays).  I've retried it, but it won't be done for another ~8h.  Just a heads-up.08:29
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henrixinfinity: ack, thanks.09:39
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BenCSo is the intent to go with 3.8 for raring?12:39
* henrix -> lunch12:52
xnoxBenC: yes. As far as I remember that was announced by kernel team at the end of UDS.12:54
rtgBenC, definitely13:06
rtgcking, henrix: rebooting gomeisa for kernel update13:11
henrixrtg: ack13:12
rtgppisati_, rebooting tangerine for kernel update13:15
ppisati_rtg: ack13:15
janimoapw, anything I can do on the nexus7 kernel config syncup WI?14:14
janimono hurry, just to make sure we're still on the same page wrt the scripted headstart you can give it14:14
* ppisati_ goes out for a bit14:33
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* ogasawara back in 2015:52
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infinitybjf / henrix: Is it an assumption in the bot, or human error, that prepare-package-signed was set to Invalid for a non-ABI bump kernel?22:33
bjfinfinity, probably an invalid assumption in the bot22:34
infinity(For 3.5.0 in quantal and lts-quantal, no signed, which means they'll be out of sync)22:34
infinityIf you'd like to whip up a pair of signed packages for me and throw them at the PPA, you can fix the bot later. :)22:35
bjfinfinity, will probably do that22:36
infinity(Since I already promoted linux/quantal before noticing the error)22:36
bjfinfinity, i'm working on it22:40
infinitybjf: Oh, wait.  Were all the reverts in modules?22:40
bjfinfinity, looking, but i don't think so22:41
infinityActually, you know what?  While what I was about to say was technically true, it's probably just confusing to make the distinction and branch the workflow.22:41
bjfinfinity, it's in the fs subsystem22:41
infinityMuch simpler to just say "if linux revs, linux-signed also must" than to say the more-true-but-more-error-prone "if linux revs, but the kernel image stays the same, linux-signed can be left alone".22:42
infinitybjf: Yeah, check.  We need a new -signed regardless, then. :P22:42
infinitybjf: Either way, like I said, it's probably just confusing to bother making the distinction anyway.22:42
bjfinfinity, agreed, let's not try to optimize it22:43
bjfinfinity, they are building22:57
infinitybjf: My hero.  I'll fix up the bugs manually, if you want to make sure the bot gets this right next time.23:05
hertoninfinity, bjf: it's fixed now. Our script to create tracking bugs was mistakenly marking it as invalid, as it did a substring check for 'prepare-package-', as previously we didn't have the -signed task, now it should behave properly23:06
infinityherton: Oh, shiny.  Thanks for the quick fix.23:08
maxbHi. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime suggests using the kernel parameter acpi_osi= to make backlight control keys work. How concerned should I be about this breaking other unrelated things?23:35
maxb(I have enough understanding of what this does to know that it's causing the kernel to lie rather a lot to the ACPI stuff)23:37

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