bkerensacprofitt:  what do you think about LoCo's selling advertising on their sites? Seems pretty commercialized 00:15
YoBoYgood morning09:31
YoBoYDo I have to open a bug to suggest a branding change of the locoteams launchpad team (https://launchpad.net/~locoteams)?09:35
ubot2The Loco Council is huats, czajkowski, itnet7, SergioMeneses, coolbhavi, and effiejayx - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com09:35
czajkowskiYoBoY: have you got a new logo done up for us :)09:37
czajkowskiif so I'll change it 09:37
YoBoYsorry, no ^^" I can try something, but I need a direction. The ubuntu cof with locoteams writing on the mugshot and logo, or the comunity picto ?09:39
czajkowskiconf? picto?09:39
YoBoYcof = circle of friends, picto = pictogram (icons used everywhere in the new branding)09:40
czajkowskimaybe ask on the loco contacts list09:41
czajkowskior we can ask the design team if they had someone to do something for us 09:41
czajkowskiit's just never come up 09:41
czajkowskiit's just a logo on LP 09:41
YoBoYan example http://ubuntuone.com/1ZOTyknexCkJyeCtb4AU1C09:46
YoBoYI'll send a mail on the contacts list09:46
YoBoYmail sent10:12
=== huats_ is now known as huats
pleia2YoBoY: perhaps email the ubuntu-art@lists.ubuntu.com list too? they're always looking for thins to do16:45
pleia2(probably need to subscribe to email)16:45
YoBoYpleia2, I sent it, thank you for the suggestion17:18

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