thorwilgodbyk: transparency eliminated09:45
hanniehello CarstenG and all16:14
CarstenGHey Hannie, congratulations for the release of the Dutch manual!16:15
hanniethanks, very happy it is published, thanks to many of you too16:15
CarstenGYou're welcome :-)16:16
hannieThe French, German, Slovenian, Italian, Greek, Malay will follow soon16:16
CarstenGAnd now do you continue wih the quantal release?16:16
CarstenGWell, the German is the last in you list :-)16:17
hannieCarstenG, we decided to stick to the LTS versions, because we have a very small team16:17
CarstenG28% of translation left...16:17
hannieCarstenG, that sounds good, but 28% of ???? It makes a difference!16:18
CarstenGAh, ok16:18
CarstenG28% means 529  strings to translate...16:19
hannieok, but we are with 2 translators at the moment and I do not have that much time16:19
hannieBesides, we are talking of 529 very long strings16:20
hannieThey are often complete paragraphs16:20
CarstenGoh, I meant the German version, there are 529 to do...16:21
hannieCarstenG, If I merge precise with quantal there will probably be less than shown in LP (untranslated)16:22
CarstenGYou would have only 431 strings to do for quantal :-)16:22
CarstenGYes, you will get some fuzzy strings...16:22
hannieI could try a merge with 100% translated Precise-e2 and see how many fuzzies there are16:22
CarstenGMost of them have only small changes in syntax for example16:23
hannieWell, ok, I will try the merge in a minute16:23
hannieAnd if you help me with the screenshots, perhaps we could publish Quantal after all ;)16:24
CarstenGSure, I will help where I can :-)16:25
cqfd93Hi all, and congratulations to Hannie!16:25
hannieGreat. I will let you know if Quantal is worth finishing16:25
hanniehey cqfd93 Isn't it wonderful. Now the French version is in the making and will follow soon.16:26
cqfd93yes, it's great!16:26
CarstenG*thumbs up* for quantal16:26
CarstenGDo we publish the manuals to the Software Center, too?16:27
hanniehaha, you have almost persuaded me :)16:27
hannieCarstenG, that is a good question.16:28
CarstenG:-) I only like the green bar at 100% on LP ;-)16:29
hannieSoftware Center only has English 12.04 and 12.10 at the moment16:30
hannieI have added a line in Software Center: Dutch version can be obtained at ubuntu-manual.org16:31
CarstenGYou mean a comment?16:33
CarstenGYes, I see it.16:33
hannieYes, as a comment. I will do the same for 12.10 now16:34
CarstenGthan you _have_ to release quantal :-)16:34
CarstenGok, I'm out for half an hour.16:36
CarstenGSee you later.16:36
CarstenGback :-)17:06
godbykI will be publishing them in the Software Center, too, but that process seems awfully slow.17:52
CarstenGThe review process is the problem, right?17:54
godbykPerhaps it's improved in the past couple months.17:54
godbykWe'll find out. :)17:54
CarstenGI think they have now a bit experience with our Ubuntu Manual ( 3 times in USC) so it should go faster in future...17:56
godbykcqfd93: I've just published the French translation of precise-e2.  I sent you an email with some announcement text that you can translate (and rewrite if you like).18:01
godbykcqfd93: Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!  Please pass along my thanks to Enrico and the rest of the translation team, too.18:01
cqfd93thank you godbyk!!!18:02
godbykIt looks like the Dutch translation of precise-e2 is already available on Amazon. That was fast!19:59

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