Ghads: those NUCs sound interesting, where did you get yours from?01:05
hadsG: Ingram02:10
Ghads: ahhh right, essentially direct, got a mild case of envy now :)03:13
lifelesshads: is it quiet ?03:17
hadsG: I can hook you up :)08:44
hadslifeless: I haven't had a chance to even plug it in yet, will report back.08:44
hadsIt feels and looks really nice though.08:44
hadslifeless: There's a silentpcreview review of it saying that it's basically inaudible so that says something.08:47
Ghads: whats the story re: storage?  or can it do something fancy like boot-from-iscsi direct from the BIOS?08:49
Ghads: if I'm not mistaken from what I'm reading, mSATA?08:57
hadsG: Yeah, mSATA09:23
hadsThis one has a 40GB Intel module in it.09:24
lifeless40GB lol09:29
lifelessI am considering something like that as a ancilliary video store09:29
Ghads: that sounds quite neat to be honest09:29
lifelesswould want das of 200GB or so, plus networked for all the big stuff :)09:30
Ghads: I purchased a Synology NAS the other month so it'd fit in nice09:30
Ghmmm the manual is interesting compatibility matrix for BIOS recovery specifically says that BIOS Recovery via 1.4MB Floppy is unsupported09:39
Ghads: one crazy thing I'd be interested when you get it going, is if KVM is really supported on it  (i.e. vmx in /proc/cpuinfo, and what not), ark.intel.com says that the CPU does, not sure if I believe it or not :)09:44
lifelessG: cpu will, whether its bios supported is another q :)09:45
Glifeless: hence the believe it or not09:45
Glifeless: to be honest, knowing Intel, I'd expect it to be there09:46
Gbut as anyone who knows me well would say, I could be easily admitted to cynics anonymous09:47
hadsThis will probably end up running XBMC I imagine. All storage here is off a server so nothing over about 10G is needed for clients.10:50
hadsWill check the VM capability when I run it up.10:50
hadsI was just going to run it off a 4GB USB stick to start with but the 40GB mSATA came in a bundle so went with it.10:51
mwhudsonolly, ojwb: did you find a cloning machine?19:53
ollymwhudson: sadly not20:16
ollythis one is in screen on a colo box - my laptop disk seems to have scrambled itself...20:17
ollycurrently just taking a copy of the disk partition to a USB drive, which takes a while20:18
ollyi should probably sort out an irc bouncer so I can use one account from multiple places20:20
ibeardsleeohh my odroid just arrived21:17
hadsibeardslee: Oh cool!21:35
ibeardsleedidn't order the power supply (didn't want the US plug) so will need to track one down at some stage before I can play with it.21:44
ollyjust twist the pins with pliers!21:53
hadsibeardslee: What type of supply?23:15
ibeardslee5v 2A some piddly tiny socket23:33
ajmitchso a bit more than USB would supply, pity23:39

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