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cprofittballoons: you on?01:48
balloonscprofitt, you caught me01:48
* balloons is reading01:48
cprofittawesome... sorry it is so late01:49
balloonsno worries01:49
cprofittso, what does a maintainer do?01:49
balloonsok, so on the friendly stuff, there was dev team who built checkbox and maintained the site01:49
* cprofitt nods01:49
balloonsnow, there is noone to maintain the site01:50
balloonsalthough, there are folks working on checkbox it seems ;-)01:50
balloonsso, from that perspective, I believe uf is written in.. heck I can't remember01:50
cprofittso it would involve maintaining the website?01:50
balloonsbut it is a codebase of some sort01:50
balloonsso there would be some development effort, no matter how small or trivial01:50
balloonsyou would need to keep the site up, secure hosting, make enhancements and updates, etc01:51
* cprofitt nods01:51
cprofittI assume some sort of database backend as well01:51
balloonssure sure01:51
cprofittwell... my last real coding was with asp.net and c#01:52
balloonsso, if you were to create a team to help do this, the previous maintainers I believe are willing to help you out01:52
balloonsto the extent possible01:52
* cprofitt nods01:52
balloonsthey may or may not be around to help.01:52
balloonsregardless, they are keen to see it continue01:53
cprofittI would certainly be willing to attempt it -- would like to get more information on the framework and toolset01:53
cprofittI believe ara was one of the key people before...01:53
cprofittand I know she would like to see it continue as well.01:53
cprofittso what would the next step be?01:55
balloonsyes, ara and I have spoken in the past several times01:55
balloonsand your not the only one who01:55
balloonss mentioned being interested01:55
balloonsso we should get all of your together :-)01:56
cprofittcool... we should get all of us together... I am interested in seeing it succeed and would really like to assist in that effort01:56
balloonsI'll add it to my list to send a mail out to all of you01:56
cprofittbut being part of a team with someone who has a littl emore experience with the framework would be ideal imho01:56
balloonsyes, not sure what it is01:57
balloonsbut I think it should work out fine01:57
cprofittcool... I am sure it will work out fine01:57
balloonsI don't think you'd have an issue01:57
cprofittthanks... I am often cautious01:57
cprofittI never want to let others down01:57
cprofittthanks, keep me posted balloons01:58
cprofittI will try to blog about this as well.01:59
balloonscprofitt, I think it would be in good hands to have you watching after it :-)01:59
cprofittI certianly want to see it help bring more users to ubuntu02:00
jibelGood morning08:31
pittibonjour jibel08:32
jibelguten morgen pitti08:32
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psivaabdmurray: hello, i have seen bug 1096014 for the second time in a week in the auto upgrade testing (using do-release-upgrade). just wondering if it could be looked at?17:39
ubot5bug 1096014 in update-manager (Ubuntu) ""SystemError: E:Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python-minimal'" message during i386 lucid-precise upgrade of universe packages" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109601417:39
bdmurraypsivaa: I'll have a look18:01
psivaabdmurray: thanks18:01
bdmurraypsivaa: I wonder if this has something to do with it18:09
bdmurray2013-01-03 22:43:54,474 ERROR IOError in cache.commit(): 'Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/e/eclipse/eclipse-pde_3.7.2-1_i386.deb Hash Sum mismatch18:09
bdmurraythe Hash Sum mismatch message repeats for almost every package18:09
bdmurrayer, or Bad Header line18:09
psivaabdmurray: both runs have the above error you pointed out18:13
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bdmurraypsivaa: that error might occur due to a networking or hardware issue18:15
psivaabdmurray: ohh ok, not sure what triggered this now. but if you want me to keep watching it for some more runs i could18:16
dkesseli cannot get retraces from the apport retracing service because packages update too often at the moment :(19:04
balloonsmight be fixing it19:12
dkesseli doubt it :) ah well.. i'll try again and see what the retracing system tells me tomorrow morning :)19:14
dkesselwow - that "apport" user really has a lot of karma on launchpad :D19:18
dkesselhere comes another chromium crash...19:19
dkesselballoons, add me to the people to mail because of ubuntu friendly19:29
dkesseli am interested too19:29
balloonsdkessel, sure thing19:31
phillwNoskcaj: how is the support for mini-iso going for test-drive ?20:10
Noskcajphillw, i am still incapable of getting the "other" tab to work, and i haven't heard of anything happening20:11
phillwwhat was the bug number ?20:12
Noskcajone sec20:15
Noskcajbug 1079259, bug 1094804, bug 1094997, bug 1095432, bug 1077158. the final one is netboot.20:17
ubot5bug 1079259 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "not lintian clean" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107925920:17
ubot5bug 1094804 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "iso's from outside testdrive always open in QEMU" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109480420:17
ubot5bug 1094997 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive-cli only supports ubuntu and ubuntu-server by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109499720:17
ubot5bug 1095432 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "powerpc should be included in testdrive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109543220:17
ubot5bug 1077158 in TestDrive "Testdrive should have a netboot repository" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107715820:17
Noskcajthanks ubot520:17
phillwNoskcaj: does the server iso work?20:18
Noskcaji don't know, never used it20:18
letozaf_balloons, sorry for yesterday couldn't do much :(20:19
phillwNoskcaj: could you please try it? It is the next least smallest iso that does not have GUI on and is distro indepenent20:19
letozaf_balloons, I had a look ad the evince autopilot test you modified, looks good20:20
Noskcajok, i shall download the amd64 version now20:20
Noskcajwhile it downloads, i have some bugs that i need to confirm the fix for20:21
phillwinstall it with nothing else added.20:21
phillwit is CD sized, but any *buntu-desktop can be added to it.20:21
Noskcajok, it's fine for it to be in a VM?20:22
phillwindeed, but I want to see if it works under testdrive20:23
Noskcajthe dpwnload is 13%20:23
Noskcajbtw, have a look at how buggy edubuntu is, its ridiculous20:24
balloonsletozaf_, good, I take it it's working then ;-)20:24
letozaf_balloons, yes20:24
letozaf_balloons, but  I cannot understand how the improvements made work20:25
letozaf_balloons, can I use them to improve the other tests ? or the evince one ?20:25
letozaf_balloons, do I have to wait?20:25
balloonswhat do you mean?20:25
balloonssorry, I got a bit lost in that20:26
letozaf_balloons, you guys were talking about a tool  "autopilot vis" and an "autopilot launch xxxx"20:26
thomiFYI, 'autopilot launch' is now packaged in the autopilot PPA20:27
balloonsahh yes20:27
balloonswell, as thomi said the nice autopilot launch feature is done20:27
letozaf_thomi, thanks20:28
balloonsit's used for introspection20:28
balloonsso yes.. basically it will allow us to do some of the things we couldn't before20:28
balloonsbest to talk in test specifics probably20:28
balloonsbut you can see where I started modifying the gedit test20:29
balloonssome of it is checked in20:29
letozaf_but can I get the autopilot launch from the PPA and start helping ?20:29
Noskcajcan someone confirm bug 1088054, bug 1087409 and bug 1087848?20:30
ubot5bug 1088054 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Release notes firefox has no "minimise, maximise, close" buttons" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108805420:30
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740920:30
ubot5bug 1087848 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "no login background lubuntu daily 13.04 Vbox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108784820:30
letozaf_or do I just carry on helping as before ?20:30
* Noskcaj enjoys ubot5 flooding too much20:31
balloonssorry, too many messages20:34
* balloons reads20:35
balloonsletozaf_, yes you can help20:37
balloonsand yes it's in the ppa now20:37
balloonsso, pick a test where you couldn't do something before20:37
balloonsthen, let's talk about using introspection to help20:38
balloonsif you use the autopilot launch evince for instance, you can then run 'autopilot vis' to visualize20:38
balloonsit will show you the dbus session. then you find the data properties you need to look at or assert on, and boom your golden20:39
letozaf_ok let me have a look20:41
balloonshmm thomi I don't see an updated version on my box21:02
balloonsI've got the ppa..21:02
balloonsVersion: 1.2daily12.12.10-0ubuntu121:02
thomiballoons: hmmm, let me check - I was sure it merged yesterday21:03
thomiballoons: ahhhh21:03
thomiI think the daily built versions are seen as being newer than the ppa versions maybe? I'll do some asking around21:03
balloonsyes, let me check21:04
balloonsi may have to force21:05
balloonsyes, I see the daily21:05
thomiballoons: yeah - forcing it would work - just checking with fgintherto see if we can fix the versioning somehow21:06
thomihi fginther :)21:06
balloonsit hates me21:07
balloonsapt lies!21:07
letozaf_balloons, lol21:07
balloonsok, old version is installed.. dist-upgrading, I believe it will pull the new21:09
balloonsyes, pulling from ppa21:09
balloonsok, so 1.2+bzr100pkg0raring1 is installed, autopilot launch is a no go21:10
balloonsusage: autopilot [-h] {run,list,vis} ...21:10
balloonsautopilot: error: argument mode: invalid choice: 'launch' (choose from 'run', 'list', 'vis')21:10
thomiballoons: should be +bzr11421:10
thomisoooo fginther - are we no longer building into the PPA?21:11
balloonshttps://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa has 10021:11
fgintherthomi, sorry, I had to relocate to a different room, still trying to gather all the data21:12
thomifginther: sure, no worries21:12
balloonsletozaf_, ^^ following this?21:13
letozaf_balloons, sure21:13
fgintherthomi, yuck, the autopilot dputs have been failing for some time due to the package string switch21:18
thomihaha, well, at least we caught it now :)21:19
fgintherthomi, we should just need to purge the package from the ppa and re-do the last dput21:19
fginther... 2 months later :-)21:19
Noskcajphillw, i have the server iso, what did i need to do?21:20
phillwNoskcaj: see if it will install using testdrive.21:21
phillwdo not add anything to it when it asks, just leave it basic.21:21
Noskcajok, so just the "default" testcase?21:22
fgintherthomi, balloons, I've dput a new autopilot package, hopefully it will show up soon with the correct version.21:30
thomi \o/21:30
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thomithanks fginther21:30
balloonslet me check21:31
thomiballoons: currently building: https://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa/+packages21:32
* balloons is watching21:32
SergioMeneseshey guys!21:37
Noskcajhello SergioMeneses21:37
SergioMeneses \o/21:38
SergioMenesesballoons, did you speak to Sergio about the laptop session?21:40
balloonshey SergioMeneses21:40
balloonsI didn't reach the other Sergio, I thought you might have21:40
Noskcajphillw, it worked fine.21:43
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SergioMenesesbtw balloons look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRER_Uj7h_I21:45
SergioMenesesI have been reading about autopilot21:46
phillwballoons: good news :) As testdrive is having problems with mini iso, I asked Jackson to try ubuntu-server iso with no additions, it installs fine. This is as close we can currently get to a mini-iso as you can add ANY of ubuntu family desktop systems to it :D21:46
balloonsSergioMeneses, awesome!21:46
thomiballoons: new autopilot packages appear to be baked in the PPA now :)21:46
thomiSergioMeneses: Great work - the only word I can understand is "unity", but it look snice :)21:47
thomioh, and "autopilot" I guess21:47
SergioMenesesthomi, jeje I'll add subtitles next time!21:48
thomiheh. I keep thinking we ought to do something like this...21:48
thomiI keep meaning to write a couple of blog posts about autopilot21:48
SergioMenesesthomi, sounds really good21:48
letozaf_balloons, thomi I've been trying to update autopilot packages, but up to now cannot get anything, did you try balloons ?21:54
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Noskcajphillw, what are the issues with the mini iso?21:54
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balloonshmm.. it appears you reverted the naming scheme21:57
phillwNoskcaj: they are dropped in as and when by debian. Ubuntu uses them as a build when it all passes. I'm sure I'm over simplfying this, cjohnston or one of the other guys know this better. But that was the mini-iso for idiots guide that they gave me :)21:58
balloonsyea letozaf_ thomi 1.2daily12.12.10-0ubuntu1+bzr114pkg0raring1 is not > than 1.2+bzr100pkg0raring121:58
phillwnot cjohnston, cjwatson who is on -release21:59
SergioMenesesok guys I have to go out... ill see you soon22:01
fgintherballoons, letozaf_ the version naming scheme for autopilot changed. You'll need to manually remove any already installed packages in order to update to the ppa22:02
phillwNoskcaj_afk: I'm awaiting to be told off for asking in the wrong channel, but... it won't be the 1st time.22:02
balloonsletozaf_, this will work: sudo apt-get install python-autopilot=1.2daily12.12.10-0ubuntu1+bzr114pkg0raring122:03
balloonsalthough, again my concerns about clean upgrades22:03
letozaf_ok let me try22:03
balloonsfginther, k, ty22:04
balloonsand it works22:04
balloonsI may have spoke too soon22:04
balloonsanyways, letozaf_ give it a whirl22:05
balloonswhen you launch autopilot vis, you'll see a sessoin named 'root'22:05
balloonsselect it and you'll get the list of stuff for the app you launched22:06
letozaf_balloons, yeah!!!! got the upgrade, I will give it a whirl now!!!22:06
phillwhi xnox22:10
xnox=) heya. is something wrong with our mini.iso? =)22:11
letozaf_balloons, doesn't seem to work22:11
* xnox reads backlog.22:11
phillwxnox: it is not supported in test drive (a bug is open)22:12
letozaf_balloons, when I launch "autopilot launch gedit" I get a "No handlers could be found for logger "autopilot.introspection"22:12
xnoxphillw: well. test-drive is quickly becoming out of date, the original author is no longer that active in Ubuntu development, so I am not surprised it may have trouble downloading/runing images.22:12
balloonsi got the same22:12
* thomi can fix that22:12
balloonsletozaf_, however, it still worked22:13
phillwxnox: https://launchpad.net/bugs/107715822:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1077158 in TestDrive "Testdrive should have a netboot repository" [Undecided,New]22:13
xnoxphillw: does mini.iso boot in straight VirtManager/VMWare/Virtualbox/kvw?22:13
balloonsleave it running, then run 'autopilot vis' in another terminal22:13
letozaf_balloons, ok let me try22:13
phillwxnox: the bug is https://launchpad.net/bugs/107715822:13
phillwit seems fine in my VM's, but not test drive22:14
letozaf_balloons, well the vis window opens, but I can only select "Unity" is that ok ?22:14
balloonsno, you should see root as well22:15
balloonsif you don't then it didn't work22:15
balloonstry closing it and going through the steps again22:15
letozaf_balloons, wait it exited with a "RuntimeError...@22:15
letozaf_balloons, yes I will try to run it again22:15
letozaf_balloons, nope does not work for me22:16
letozaf_It goes out with "RuntimeError: Unable to find Autopilot interface"22:17
letozaf_what am I doing wrong ?22:17
thomiletozaf_: sounds like you don't have the autopilot fgtk package installed. Maybe alesage can help you with that22:17
thomi(i'm on a call)22:17
letozaf_thomi, ok thanks22:18
letozaf_alesage, can you help me ?22:18
alesagehi letozaf_ , what seems to be the trouble :)22:18
xnoxphillw: added the comment with paths to images. I have no commit access to Testdrive, so I'm not going to be hacking on it :p22:18
alesageletozaf_, do you have the autopilot PPA?22:19
xnoxso hopefully Andres will patch testdrive and/or other users of it =))))22:19
alesageif so, simply apt-get libautopilot-gtk022:19
letozaf_alesage, yes I have the autopilot PPA in my software sources22:19
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alesageok letozaf_ super, pls do the apt-get and let me know the result22:20
phillwxnox: thanks for your input, I cannot know what the error is. But as Noskcaj_afk is a firm believer in testdrive, it is only fair that we either support it, or drop it. You already know of my thoughts on supporting things :)22:21
letozaf_alesage, just a minute...22:21
letozaf_alesage, I ran sudo apt-get install libautopilot-gtk022:22
xnoxphillw: well. I have no concerns about testdrive backend, it's a user friendly wrapper around kvm. But I don't use it myself, nor recommends others to do so. But if they do that's fine =))))) Noskcaj_afk you have the URL pattern all what's needed is hopefully a simple fix in testdrive to make it support mini.iso s22:23
letozaf_alesage, got a ldconfig deferred processing now taking place as last line output22:24
letozaf_alesage, and still get RuntimeError after launching "autopilot launch gedit" :(22:25
alesageletozaf_, ok hmm22:25
balloonsyou have the old stuff installed perhaps letozaf_ ?22:27
letozaf_balloons, I got raring with autopilot PPA with all updates applied22:29
letozaf_balloons, I am working on my problem with alesage ...22:31
alesageballoons, we'll report in just a few min here :) about autopilot22:31
phillwNoskcaj_afk: when you are in the same Time Zone as xnox could you guys have a chat?22:43
alesageballoons, problem stemmed from a packaging error, libautopiliot-gtk-dev appears to be required for tests, need to investigate22:53
balloonsstanding by22:54
letozaf_ok guys thanks a lot to alesage , I'm goint to bed now goodnight to everyone!22:55
letozaf_alesage, will tell you all about it22:55
alesageballoons, need some packaging/GTK+ advice, will seek out22:55

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