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WebVisitor-2Hey there! I need help with configuring touch gestures (duh)12:48
WebVisitor-2I'm on 12.10, on a Lenovo B570 laptop and have installed touchegg, but I'm only able to use the two fingers to scroll gesture, which is already installed by default12:49
WebVisitor-2so I'd love to know if there is any easy tutorial to follow to get three finger and four finger gestures working, so it behaves like OSX. (With natural scrolling and all)12:50
dandraderWebVisitor-2,  3 and 4 finger gestures are captured by Unity. So you won't be able to use them in applications13:06
dandrader3 finger gestures move and maximize/restore windows. 4 finger taps show and hide the dash13:07
dandrader4 finger double taps = alt+tab, etc13:07
dandraderI mean, 3 finger double tap13:08
WebVisitor-2If I try any of the 3 finger gestures to minimize a window, or something, it doesn't work13:08
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dandraderthe list of gestures is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch13:09
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Visitor_Maxcould the touchpad be a factor?13:10
Visitor_Maxif 2 finger gestures work, will 3 finger stuff work per se13:10
dandraderit depends on how many simultaneous and independent touches your trackpad supports13:11
dandraderthere are several trackpads that support only two simultaneous touch points, for instance13:11
Visitor_Maxany way to check?13:11
Visitor_MaxI don't even see my trackpad listed in lsinput13:12
dandraderxinput test-xi2 <device>13:12
Visitor_Maxsorry if that gets really noobish, but how do I know what dev my trackpad is?13:13
dandraderit's been a while since I last used this tool (xinput) though,  so I don't recall its usage details13:13
dandraderthis xinput tool can list the available input devices13:14
Visitor_Maxk I'll see13:14
dandraderjust run it without any parameters13:14
Visitor_Maxlist did the trick13:14
Visitor_Maxit's id11, so I'll try that in xinput, one moment13:15
Visitor_Maxwon't react to three finger inputs13:16
Visitor_Maxguess I'm out of luck, then13:16
Visitor_Maxdo you know an easy way to get pinch to zoom and inverted scrolling working?13:16
WebVisitor-6sorry got disconnected. did you write anything?13:27
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