shingdayhohey guys01:45
shingdayhomy wireless im getting high latency every few pings when pinging my default gateway01:45
shingdayhobefore i was using win 7 on this PC and never got latency issue and nor on any other PC01:46
shingdayhoany idea what it may be (obv wireless driver or something) and how to fix it?01:46
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Azelphurglargen to you too good sir07:58
MooDoobless you?07:59
popeypip pip08:18
Knightwisehey everyone ! :)08:21
Knightwiseczajkowski: are you awake yet ?08:21
Knightwiseczajkowski: i tried sending Jono a message on facebook yesterday, but perhaps you could help me08:23
Knightwisewe would like to send a camera crew to fossdem this year and see if it would be possible to do an item on the new ubuntu phone os08:24
Knightwisein short we would like to know IF there are any demo models of the ubuntu phone going to be at Fossdemm and who we need to talk to to set up a 30 minute interview.08:25
czajkowskiKnightwise: fosdem isn't really like that kinda event :)08:25
czajkowskiand canonical folks tend to be developers at it the booth is a community booth also.08:25
czajkowskiI can ask and see if we know of any phone devs going if that helps08:25
Knightwiseyeah I know , but since Ubuntu has a booth there i was thinking it might possible.08:26
Knightwisewould be the only time we could get our hands on a working demo08:26
czajkowskithe booths/stands are community run stands and canonical tend to not be at them tbh08:26
Knightwiseczajkowski:that would be awesome.08:26
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:27
popeyKnightwise: unlikely there will be anyone with the phone OS officially there08:28
Knightwisehey brobostigon08:28
popeywe're sending a few people, not not those developers, they're busy ☺08:28
brobostigonhey Knightwise08:29
Knightwisepopey: any chance they might take a demo model with them ?08:29
popeyalmost certainly not08:29
Knightwisepopey: ps we are airing the episode with alex chiang today.08:29
Knightwisepopey:  :( too bad. It was worth a try to ask.08:29
czajkowskiah don't need to poke popey has the know :)08:30
Knightwisewould there be any other entrypoint into canonical that might help us take a peek at one of the demo models ?08:33
Knightwise(sorry to bug you guys with this, but it would be great for the show)08:34
Knightwiseand you are the only canonicilians i know.08:34
popeygo to barcelona 25-28 feb08:35
popeyor wait for the image / source to be released and play with that08:35
KnightwiseWish I could go to Barcelona :(08:38
brobostigoncool. google now, is showing birthdays of people from g+.08:38
diploMorning all08:40
AzelphurI've been listening to ode to fire alarm since half 4 :)08:43
MooDoomorning all09:16
* Laney runs up a tree09:20
Knightwisehey MooDoo Laney09:21
* czajkowski bottles some of Laney energry and sells it 09:23
popeymust see! new episode of linux outlaws is out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY09:28
SuperMatthttp://www.supermatt.net/surprisingly-sage-advice-from-pwqgen/ <- this is a must see!09:31
AlanBellpopey: harsh, but fair09:33
mungbeananyone have a carbon monoxide alarm?09:39
mungbeanwonder whether siting it upstairs (boiler in kitchen) is sufficien09:41
SuperMattprobably not09:42
* mungbean waits for consensus09:42
dwatkinsmungbean: it should be next to the boiler. I had one of those passive ones which changes colour stuck to my boiler.09:42
AlanBellisn't it heavier than air?09:42
AlanBellmaybe not http://www.homesafe.com/coalert/index.php09:43
mungbeanits a CO alarm09:46
mungbeancombined smoke and CO09:46
mungbeanHomeowners should remember not to install carbon monoxide detectors directly above or beside fuel-burning appliances, as appliances may emit a small amount of carbon monoxide upon start-up. A detector should not be placed within fifteen feet of heating or cooking appliances or in or near very humid areas such as bathrooms.09:47
mungbean located near the sleeping area, where it can wake you if you are asleep09:47
mungbeanthanks for link AlanBell09:48
dwatkinshttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Carbon-Monoxide-CO-Detector-Monitor/dp/B005K7RVRI/r is what I had, I should probabyl get an actual alarm for my new boiler.09:53
* bigcalm grumbles noisily10:06
* dwatkins hands bigcalm a big mug of tea10:06
bigcalmdwatkins: might help10:06
* bigcalm saunters off10:06
xnoxI love todays doodle10:46
SuperMattyarr, it's good10:47
SuperMattI can't believe the system I rely on every day is 150 years old10:47
SuperMatthttp://design.canonical.com/wp-content/uploads/ubuntu-award-s.jpg <- god, I love Jono's stance10:54
SuperMatthe's really rocking the superhero look10:55
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dwatkinsSuperMatt: the tube?10:56
dwatkinsI gather the London Underground is 150 years young today10:56
SuperMattdwatkins: yuppers!11:12
SuperMattit certainly creaks like a 150 year old11:14
* dwatkins notes he shares his birthday with the London Underground11:22
mungbeanis there something like shutter but for windows7?11:24
davmor2Morning all11:24
SuperMattmungbean: greenshot11:25
mungbeanthanks SuperMatt11:25
SuperMattI don't know if they're comparable, but it's a screenshot program11:25
mungbeanjsut want something to popup rather than run pbrush11:25
mungbeani see win7 has a tool called snippet too11:26
SuperMattwell, I don't know what that does11:26
ali1234it's a screenshot tool11:27
mungbeanbut it doesn't run in the background11:27
ali1234why would you want it to?11:27
ali1234you can pin it to the taskbar. it has right click functions11:28
SuperMattthat's not so bad11:28
davmor2mungbean: you can just do PrtScn open paint copy it in save it as png done if you don't want to go through the hassle of installing stuff11:28
mungbeani'd want it to do what shutter does11:33
SuperMattthat snipping tool looks ok11:33
SuperMattone thing I like about shutter is being able to recapture an area, so if you're trying to screenshot a webpage multiple times for a document, it's nice and easy11:34
Azelphursecond ikea delivery, got some more legs, now for the third delivery11:50
AzelphurI dream of a day when ikea sends all the required components to build my desk11:51
dwatkinsI've been considering getting a new desk from Ikea, but I need one that's 2m wide, which one are you getting, Azelphur?11:51
Azelphurdwatkins: I got galants and just stick them all together11:51
Azelphurhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/2012/December/layout.png is my plan11:52
dwatkinsThey have one that's a single piece of wood 2m wide, but it's only about 30cm deep11:52
dwatkinsvery nice, and you don't have any pesky legs in the way of where you'll be sitting11:52
diploI've just bought a plain desk from Ikdea for the boys11:52
Azelphurwell, at the moment, I don't have any legs at all ;)11:53
dwatkinsI have an alcove that's within a very small distance of 2m, so I might need to get something just under 2m wide.11:53
mungbeandoes anyone know of a storage box that fits nicely under ektorp sofa?11:53
Azelphurdwatkins: if you got a 160 with a 30cm extension it'd come to 19011:53
dwatkinsaha nice11:53
Azelphuror a 120 with 2 30cm extensions would probably look nicer11:54
Azelphurbut yea, stick galant into ikea.com, there seem to be lots of choices11:54
davmor2Azelphur: with those I recommend you get the cable tidies too they are only a few quid but it save you kicking cables11:55
AzelphurI didn't bother with the cable tidies, my desk is so deep I doubt it'll be an issue11:56
dwatkinsI have a 9-way mains thing under my desk at work, I'd like to get one for home and attach it to the back of my desk.11:56
AzelphurI've got 1.4m deep lol11:56
davmor2Azelphur: ah sorry it was diplo11:57
Azelphurhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2012/December/2013-01-09-115809_785x584_scrot.png this bug amuses me12:00
shaunosomeone needs to be slapped for that blue background.  especially with the logo/mugshot on white.12:01
Azelphurhehe indeed, poor design12:02
SuperMattthey probably bought an off the shelf product and smooshed it in with the least possible effort12:02
Azelphurour friendly ikea.op4 says he will courier out the rest of my legs in 3-5 days, yay.12:02
Azelphurin theory they can't send too few legs this time, since only 4 remain12:02
shauno"in theory" you may have just cursed yourself.  be prepared to receive one leg for a completely different product, and two left feet for dramatic effect :)12:04
Azelphurrofl indeed12:04
AzelphurI ordered 4 desks which should have a total of 20 legs, they sent me 10, realised they screwed up and couriered me another 8, so I just opened that ikea chat to say "what about the other 2?" XD12:04
shaunoif it was anyone else, I'd be pondering why on earth you need 4 desks.  but it's you12:10
shaunosurprised you didn't opt for lack racks instead though12:13
xnoxthis looks nice as well: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S99908776/12:21
xnoxI might get one.12:21
SuperMattooh, a wide desk, I could do with one of those12:22
SuperMattstick two monitors on it, and my tower and sub underneath12:22
* xnox has two monitors already, but I use it with a laptop, thinking to get a desktop tower though.12:23
shaunoI got my desk from a commercial clearout.  makes my home office look like a cube-farm, but so much more space than they usually give you for domestic12:24
mungbeanwhere do i find terminal server connection logs in windows 2k8 server please?12:26
* Laney got a nice big glass desk from an office furniture shop12:27
xnoxsounds nice Laney, but I don't like scratches and smudges on the glass desks, as I tend to put hard-drives on my desk and things like that.12:30
Laneyit's mildly annoying that i can see the cable mess12:32
Laneybut not annoying enough that i can be bothered to tidy it up apparently12:32
Azelphurare there any laws surrounding ridiculous fire alarms?12:46
Azelphurin the my flat has a fire alarm that I have no control over, it went off from 4:30 till 10:30am today, landlord didn't answer 24 hour emergency line all day till 10 when he finally came out12:46
Azelphurannnnd, now it's going again12:47
mungbeanyes, Azelphur12:48
Azelphurwhat's the law on that?12:48
mungbeannoise abatement section of the council12:48
mungbeanWe can deal with 'statutory nuisance' that comes under the following categories:12:50
mungbeanNoise from a premises12:50
mungbeanNoise emitted from a vehicle, machinery or equipment in the street12:50
mungbeanincluding alarms12:50
Azelphurthis is round 3 of the fire alarm, it was going nuts on new years eve too for a few hours12:50
davmor2bigcalm: what do you want to do about Thursday, Alex can't make it he has a day of conf calls, mat is in Ireland by the sound of it and no news from gord :)13:07
davmor2czajkowski: ping13:30
davmor2if czajkowski responds before the end of Lunch every pick on her, it's for her own good :)13:31
dwatkinswhat for, davmor2?13:34
czajkowskidavmor2: ello :)13:58
Azelphurlooks like MS is killing Windows Live Messenger14:01
Azelphurit's skype or GTFO as of March 1514:01
Azelphurabandon ship folks.14:02
dwatkinsI barely use Skype as it is.14:02
bigcalmdavmor2: ug. See how I feel after the LUG meeting tonight :)14:02
dwatkinsI'd like to see a SIP service that competes.14:02
Azelphurme too14:02
solarcloud_3scrnI use skype all the time .. saves £100's a year.14:02
AzelphurI dunno why someone doesn't make a neat SIP client14:02
Azelphurpeople on same SIP network are just a username14:02
Azelphurbut you can dial out to other networks too14:02
Azelphurjob done, that'd make it awesome14:03
Azelphurdwatkins: speak of the devil, http://www.pcworld.com/article/2018815/ekiga-4-0-offers-a-fresh-open-source-skype-alternative.html14:08
dwatkinsooh nice14:10
mungbeananything i can check on a windows server that was compromised?14:21
dwatkinsHow does Ekiga do the match-making between users? Do they have a server you log on to?14:21
mungbeanit doesn't have net access anymroe to downlouad a rootkit checker14:21
dwatkinsmungbean: if a server has been compromised, I'd consider wiping it and reinstalling, or just getting a security expert in14:21
AlanBellwho will wipe it and reinstall it14:23
dwatkinsAlanBell: perhaps, but they might also take into consideration the rest of the network and what else might have happened14:24
mungbeanyes, i'm looking at a clone of the vm14:24
mungbeanevent logs were wiped by the kiddie14:24
mungbeanjust interested at the level of tinkering they've done14:25
dwatkinswhat does it serve, I'm curious14:25
mungbeanit's impossible afaik to determine if they initiated further rdesktop connections14:25
dwatkinsyeah, unless you have detailled network access logs14:25
mungbeanonly rejects14:25
dwatkinsif you're lucky there might be some kind of history in the rdesktop client, but I doubt it14:25
mungbeani'll try that14:26
mungbeancould have been colleagues tho14:26
dwatkinsthey might also have downloaded their own standalone client of any kind14:26
dwatkinsI hope the machine is on a DMZ14:26
mungbeanno comment14:29
mungbeannothing to do with me14:29
dwatkinsA team that I work with recently had a machine compromised by an SQL injection attack.14:30
mungbeanruby on rails?14:30
dwatkinsI don't know what the server runs, it's a website with a forum, that's all I know.14:30
mungbeanphpbb was designed to be hacked14:30
dwatkinsit was?14:31
mungbeannot officially14:32
mungbeanbut its a running battle to keep un to date with the security alerts. and what if the alert is released while you're asleep14:32
dwatkinsyeah, I have a wordpress blog, it handles it well14:33
brobostigonquestion, can i connect rpi model-b, directly from composite output into an earial input on my tv ?14:45
AlanBellcomposite in, a yellow coax14:45
AlanBellaudio red/black lead will do fine14:46
daubersAlanBell: Composite shouldn't be coax.....14:46
brobostigonAlanBell: i have yllow on rpi end, so that needs to be yellow on tv end ?14:47
daubersbrobostigon: Yes14:47
dwatkinsComposite can be used with AV inputs, e.g. SCART or a similar yellow video input connector, not with an aerial in (unless you have a converter)14:47
AlanBelldaubers: quite right, not coax14:47
brobostigondaubers: ok, let me try again.14:47
dwatkinsyou can get BNC converters, but they need to be the right impedence, most TVs have a yellow composite in14:47
brobostigonok, thank you dwatkins14:48
dwatkinsyou can also get HDMI -> DVI cables, Amazon have a cheap 'basic' one14:48
popeydoes the pi do audio over hdmi?14:48
dwatkinspopey: yes, although it also has a 3.5mm jack, so you choose in software which to use14:49
brobostigonwill it show up, as on of the av channels on the tv end?14:50
popeyshould do or wont be much point having the port ☺14:51
dwatkinsMy TV doesn't detect whether or not there's anything plugged in to the SCART or AV inputs, but with HDMI it can tell if a device is switched on or not.14:51
brobostigonpopey: ok.14:51
dwatkinsoh right, yeah, AV14:51
dwatkinswhat kind of cable are you using, brobostigon?14:52
JohnRobertcan you actually get pi's delivered fairly quick now?14:57
brobostigondwatkins: i am using, from what i can see, a normal composite cable.14:58
kvarleyJohnRobert: Yeah, within a week14:58
mungbeanwhat present should i buy my borther in law who did me a big favour? he already hs a rpi15:00
mungbeanhttp://www.w2comp.com/detail.asp?catid=74585&Pdtid=663086 is looking good15:02
dwatkinsbrobostigon: ah ok cool15:02
brobostigondwatkins: although, i think, the body of the connector is too big, and it bangs up against the tv's casing.15:04
dwatkinsshame the spec of cables doesn't include this sort of information15:04
dwatkinsI'm forever having issues with headphones like that15:04
brobostigonthat might be the issue.15:05
NET||abusehi folks, got a question on mtp. trying to get my head around using it in a sane way, is there one?15:30
NET||abusethe latency on mtp-connect just seems completely unworkable.15:30
NET||abusegmtp is just hanging forever15:31
NET||abusei have gmtp sometimes working, with patients between commads]#15:31
directhexmtp *does* come with a bunch of latency. whish is why you're meant to open a connection and hold it open, caching the state of the target device15:34
NET||abusewell, can't find a discussion on how to use it more effectively? other than messing with mtpfs and fstab15:34
NET||abusei'm happy to use something like gmtp15:34
NET||abusebut every single action is just sooo slow.15:35
NET||abusei tried running mtp-connect --sendifle somefile.avi [folder_id]  and it just errors out15:36
NET||abuseso command line doesn't seem any more useful.15:36
NET||abuseanyway, just kind of frustrating that working with andoid and linux is so hard, android is meant to be OUR thing!15:37
mungbeanif telnet isn't on my box how can i use netcat to check a port is open?15:49
mungbeannc 22 isn't working15:49
NET||abusenetstat -tap15:51
NET||abuseoh, check a remote box?15:52
NET||abusenmap -sP :) scan the whole subnet15:52
dwatkinsmungbean: you need to listen on the server first: nc -l 1234515:53
mungbeanthen you earn the name of net abuse15:53
dwatkinson the client, you then connect via hostname or IP address: nc 1234515:53
shaunoheh, I actually use -sP /24 far, far too often15:54
dwatkinsports under 1024 require root15:54
NET||abusedashsP should be a nick15:54
mungbeanyeah, doesn't work, i don't have root on this box to check iptablse15:55
NET||abusemeh, i'll never use it :)15:55
dwatkinsnetstat -rn15:57
dwatkinsthat'll show the IP routing table for a non-root user15:57
dwatkinsoh you mean the firewall, sorry, ignore me15:57
mungbeani needed -v on my command since 3389 doesn't talk back15:58
mungbeanon my nc command15:58
d3ngarHi there16:01
d3ngarI have a problem with SSH. I'm trying to automatically connect to another server via key, but I keep getting asked the key passphrase16:01
d3ngarI read that I can disable that by editing the ssh_config file and switching the batchmode to yes16:02
d3ngarBut when I do that, SSH won't connect16:02
SuperMattyour SSH key has a passphrase on it, you will have to remove the passphrase if you want your connection to be frictionless16:06
SuperMattwith ssh-keygen -p16:06
SuperMattthe key passphrase is used to unencrypt the private key, so nothing else you do will help16:07
d3ngarWell, that sorta makes sense16:08
d3ngarBut is disappointing16:08
d3ngarThanks SuperMatt16:08
SuperMattyou're welcome16:08
SuperMattif you're in a gui, you can use the password manager to save the password, but it will not work for tty16:09
d3ngarThat's alright then16:09
d3ngarI'm thinking about it16:09
d3ngarI could still use an expect script to automate this and provider the passphrase automatically, no?16:09
SuperMattessentially, if you want an automatic job, you're going to have to remove the passphrase16:09
SuperMattyou can, but then your passphrase is in plaintext somewhere16:10
SuperMattwhich is just as useless as not having the passphrase16:10
SuperMattit's a level of complexity you really don't need16:11
dwatkinsisn't there a passphrase manager for the command line that works on a per-session basis?16:29
* dwatkins heads home16:32
brobostigonwoop. got it working, i stripped back one of the composite sockets casing, so it would in the av input on the tv, without hitting the tvs casing. :)19:35
brobostigonfit in*19:36
SuperEngineernext meeting 09/01/2013 20:00???20:05
SuperEngineerso that would be a "whoops" then20:12
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AlanBellwe should put that back a few days and send a reminder to people who may have forgotten all about it20:13
brobostigongood plan.20:13
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
SuperEngineerWhile you're there AlanBell ... tomorrow [or Friday] I pick up my £200 bare metal ZooStorm from Argos20:19
SuperEngineer...I have looked after their store pooters in previous times & therefore friendly with local mngr20:19
SuperEngineermy plan is... givre them wonga... speak to manager.. get permission for me to drop off some Ubuntu CDs to hand out with similar.20:19
SuperEngineer...are there any 12.04 [lts] official CDs hanging around anywhere?20:20
AlanBellthere are some 12.04 and 12.10 CDs, yes20:21
AlanBellI am in Farnham and visit London every so often20:21
AlanBellor I can post stuff if you sort out the postage somehow http://ubuntu-uk.org/free-cds/20:21
SuperEngineercan you send an address to... permission to DM pretty please?20:22
solarcloud_3scrnSuperEngineer I sent £5 (in a enveloped money pouch)to this address :: http://www.libertus.co.uk/contact-us  :: the DVD arried within week !!20:53
solarcloud_3scrn**... within a week.20:54
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