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smspillazbregma: do you know what the status of those reviews I had up were ? They seem to just be sitting there ...03:18
bregmawe've been discussing requirements for change to the Switcher03:19
smspillazso I'll need to rewrite them again ? :(03:19
smspillazmaybe I will just fork unity .... this is getting annoying03:19
bregmaprevious problems came from being in a hurry, we taking a moment to think long-term before the next wave of slip hits the fan03:21
smspillazbregma: so one of the things I've learnt is that our short cycles make it impossible to "think things through"03:21
smspillazby the time you've done all the thing its feature freeze03:21
bregmawell, that has to change or else there's a certain future and it isn't my idea of a successful one03:24
* duflu remembers fondly the luxury of being able to go away and develop for months and months without interruption or short cycle requirements03:24
smspillazbregma: good luck with that one03:24
bregmaheh, yeah, I'll need it03:24
smspillazbregma: the only way to survive in a situation like this is to embrace constant improvement over perfection03:25
smspillazbecause I've seen it happen again and again. We have something that gets us 75% of where we want to go and then people spend forever nitpicking over the details to make it so that every change is "perfect" and then feature freeze happens and you go from 0% to 0%03:26
smspillazexamples: sheet style dialogs, mesh icons in the switcher, coverflow, the entire /unity/+activereviews03:27
dufluIsn't the problem the lack of people doing nitpicking?03:27
smspillazno the problem is when nitpicking turns a review that should take 3 days into one that takes 13 weeks03:28
smspillazshort cycles are a problem, yes. But the best thing we can do is adapt rather than pretend that we don't have short cycles03:29
bregmawell, there are plenty of problems across the spectrum, and there are ways to avoid those problems03:30
dufluI think pretending can be realistic. If something's not ready or people are not confident that it's ready then the next release is only 6 months away. That lines up with commercial software practice where the cycle is measured in years, not months. And it works but is incredibly frustrating to tell people "yeah it won't be released for a year or so"03:31
smspillazduflu: the graveyard of bleeding baby deer that is the unity activereviews page begs to differ that this is an effective solution03:32
duflusmspillaz: I haven't got hold of David yet but do you still want to drop the netbook over?03:36
smspillazduflu: maybe sometime today. When do you leave ?03:37
duflusmspillaz: A few hours after midnight on Sat morning :(03:39
smspillazbregma: in any case ... let me know when you've finalized a design for the switcher that you want. I've got lots of work sitting there waiting that will really help you with where you want to go. its your teams choice as to whether or not engagement happens or it just sits there and does nothing03:52
mmrazikdidrocks: it looks like the libdbusmenu tests are failing when both archs are scheduled to be built on the same builder host. If I try to execute 2 instances of xvfb-run at the same time one of it usually fails with the same error07:08
* mmrazik is just reading the man page if it is possible to randomize the server #07:08
didrocksmmrazik: oh, interesting, even if it's run in a pbuilder?07:09
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didrocksso it's not multiprocess?07:09
mmrazikdidrocks: only tried locally07:09
mmrazikie no pbuilder07:09
didrocksah :)07:09
didrocksbut yeah, maybe it's what is happening07:09
mmrazikdidrocks: there is xvfb-run -a07:10
mmrazikdidrocks: shall I just create a separate MP for that to try it out (and eventually merge) ?07:11
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, please do :)07:11
didrocksmmrazik: we call it in debian/rules FYI07:11
didrocksdebian/rules:xvfb-run dh_auto_test --builddirectory=builddir/$*07:11
mmrazikdidrocks: ack.07:11
mmrazikmhm... this is going to be difficult to test as the jobs were scheduled to be built on two different builder hosts07:18
didrocksmmrazik: it was scheduled to be built on two different builder hosts? so the failure I just got is not linked to that, isn't it?07:19
mmrazikdidrocks: hard to tell. in the last case when one of the arch failed it was building on the same host.07:20
mmrazikdidrocks: my MP with xvfb-run -a is now being built on two different hosts07:20
mmrazikdidrocks: as well as the last message in your MP (which passed)07:20
mmrazikso the hypothesis sill holds07:21
didrocksmmrazik: ok, so let's try to get that merged in :)07:21
didrocksmmrazik: if we can have that in 2 separate MP, it will be awesome07:21
didrocksmmrazik: like, get yours merged07:21
mmrazikdidrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~mrazik/libdbusmenu/xvfb-run-a/+merge/14244807:21
didrocksand then, we can try again getting https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/libdbusmenu/bootstrap2/+merge/142446 merged07:21
mmrazikthe CI job is running right now (but as I said -- on two different hosts so I expect it will pass)07:22
didrocksapproved, let's see how it goes :)07:22
didrocksat least, we'll have 2 MP07:22
mmrazikdidrocks: so the autolanding job just started and both archs are building on the same jenkins slave07:31
didrocksmmrazik: sweet, can't wait for the result! :)07:32
didrocksthe ci passed07:32
didrockslet's see autolanding07:32
mmrazikdidrocks: it probably was the issue because now I see in the logs that one of the server is running on :99 while the other on :10007:37
didrocksmmrazik: excellent! so it's something that is leaking through the bindmount of pbuilder07:39
didrocksI didn't thought about it07:39
didrocksmmrazik: let's continue crossing fingers, that would rock :)07:40
mmrazikdidrocks: not sure if leaking. I think this is by design. Even in chroot certain resources like sockets I shared (I think)07:40
didrocksmmrazik: right, I meant leaking like "not being isolated"07:40
didrocksbut there are good reasons for that, I can see07:40
didrocksI thought though this was done in /tmp07:40
mmrazikdidrocks: mhm.. the autolanding tests passed but the merge failed with the chk root keys error :-/07:45
didrocksmmrazik: urgh, so you are getting the same issue?07:51
didrocksyou just bzr branch trunk, rihgt?07:52
mmrazikdidrocks: yes. And you bootstrap2 branch is going to have it too (I just failed to checkout it).07:52
mmrazikdidrocks: yes07:52
mmrazikdidrocks: I justr tried the reconcile think and will try to push to a different location in lp07:52
didrocksmmrazik: ok, keep me posted…07:52
didrocksmmrazik: at least, good news that it seems to have work :)07:52
mmrazikdidrocks:  no luck :-/07:54
mmrazikno idea how to proceed with this :07:55
didrockslet's go on #bzr maybe?07:56
mmrazikdidrocks: wasn't francis already there?07:56
didrocksmmrazik: he sent an email, but it was in the US time, we will maybe grab some european folks07:57
didrocksmmrazik: do you mind rerunning the merge process? (for your branch first)08:22
didrocksso that if we see other issues, we can debug with the bzr guys fast enough ;)08:22
mmrazikdidrocks: just got merged: https://code.launchpad.net/~mrazik/libdbusmenu/xvfb-run-a/+merge/14244808:26
didrocksmine mine mine now! :-)08:27
mmrazikdidrocks: the jenkins job just started08:29
didrocksmmrazik: refiling coffee meanwhile :)08:29
didrocksmmrazik: and merged \o/ Thanks again :-)08:42
mmrazikgreat :) it only took a day or so :)08:43
sil2100didrocks: hi!08:49
didrockshey sil2100! how are you?08:49
sil2100didrocks: the fix introduced by https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/skip-switcher-lazy-loading-timer/+merge/142396 should fix some of the indicator failures \o/08:49
sil2100Yesterday evening we found this one and analyzed as a possible reason for all those annoyances08:50
didrockssil2100: yeah, I saw that, I'm running an unity rebuild right now and then, will rerun the indicator ones08:50
didrockssil2100: I saw the discussion, it's awesome :)08:51
didrockssil2100: however, on your branch… I didn't see anything proposed on the autopilot side08:51
didrocksso maybe worth to merge it meanwhile?08:51
sil2100You mean, the fix for the test_mouse_changes_selected_hud_button I proposed yesterday?08:52
sil2100Not sure if we should change the default rate for all mouse movements08:53
didrocksyeah, I wonder as well08:53
didrocksso, that's why I think we should merge yours for now08:53
didrocksand we can eventually remove that later on08:53
sil2100Indeed I'll have to consult Thomi, but sometimes it's not necessary, and it would only slow down the tests08:53
didrocksif autopilot changes it08:53
sil2100Yea, I think so too08:53
didrockswant me to approve drastically?08:53
sil2100didrocks: please ;) Some free karma for you as well ;p !08:54
didrocksheh, here is a drastic approval!08:54
didrockssil2100: nice work! :-)08:55
didrockssil2100: do you know if you can still work on other remaining failures meanwhile I rerun a full test?08:55
didrockssil2100: and how did it go with mterry, was he able to setup his configuration fine?08:55
sil2100didrocks: he went to eat lunch and do errands, I sent him instructions on how to run autopilot for indicators, but I didn't hear back from him09:01
sil2100So I don't know09:01
didrocksok :)09:01
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didrockssil2100: did you wait on the result or working on the next() prev() tests?12:17
didrocksthere are 8/9 hud tests failing from what I can see12:19
sil2100didrocks: after Brandon's fix?12:20
sil2100And my icon fix?12:20
didrocksyeah, just without your "move slower the mouse"12:20
sil2100So the 4 tests I fixed by fixing the regression still fail?12:20
sil2100Same for gedit_undo?12:20
sil2100Doesn't make sense12:20
didrocksthere is not the gedit_undo, isn't it?12:21
sil2100Oh, so it's not for the indicators?12:21
didrockswe run hud tests as well, isn't it?12:21
sil2100Ok, some other tests fail I see12:21
didrocksyeah, only the hud ones (I rerun all the tests, as I was rebuilding unity)12:22
didrocksso this is with all the fixes, but the slower mouse move12:22
sil2100Yes, but the prev next and undo things stopped failing, some new failures appeared, hm12:22
didrockswhich don't impact those tests?12:22
sil2100Ok, let me look in detail into this12:22
didrocksthanks :)12:23
MCR1didrocks, sil2100: Hi :) HUD in Unity trunk also has problems to show the correct icon, but overrides the correct icon with the first one all the time...12:25
MCR1didrocks, sil2100: The icon from the first HUD line always overwrites all others, which is quite bad :(12:27
didrockshum, I can see in trunk always the right icon here12:29
MCR1didrocks, sil2100: Also something with the blur gotta be done - the blur function is incredibly slow, especially with free drivers...12:30
sil2100didrocks: ok, so, there is one HUD fix I will add now which I forgot to commit and push yesterday for fixing the focuses_window_on_mouse_down12:30
sil2100MCR1: hmm, didn't notice that12:30
sil2100With the HUD I mean12:30
MCR1sil2100: Maybe it is MCR-specific then - strange though...12:30
didrockssil2100: oh oh nice! :)12:30
sil2100didrocks: but those 8 new HUD failures I see for the first time ;p12:31
didrockssil2100: maybe we don't run them as part of the indicators tests, let me recheck. I just stumbled above them12:31
didrockssil2100: hum, we do run unity.tests.test_hud12:32
didrocksso they should be run, isn't it?12:32
didrocksok, first getting your merge in and rebuilding unity :)12:33
sil2100Right, so maybe latest unity trunk broke something? Since those never failed before12:33
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didrockssil2100: yeah, maybe brandon's fix has this side effect of not hiding this bug :)12:33
didrockssend the MP once ready! :)12:34
MCR1When I open the Dash or HUD here, running video starts to stutter, the blur kills my framerate completely (on quite fast hardware ATI HD 5750) - this does not happen with fglrx, but with free gallium radeon driver...12:35
didrockssil2100: I'm about to leave for some exercice, I would like just to have your merge in the queue before you have it handy :)12:41
sil2100didrocks: ok, pushing ;)12:44
didrocksmmrazik: hey, how can I see which packages are installed in jenkins-qa/job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/46/label=autopilot-intel/ ?12:51
didrocksmmrazik: even if only the indicators should be installed, I've a similar result than when using the whole ppa12:51
didrocksso I wonder if it doesn't take unity from the ppa12:52
didrockssil2100: any luck btw? :)12:52
mmrazikdidrocks: #46 is still running you will be able to see it only after it has finished12:53
mmrazikdidrocks: here it is for #45: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/45/label=autopilot-ati/artifact/results/artifacts/machine-config/dpkg-list.log/*view*/12:53
mmrazikyou need to go to the machine and then there are build artifacts12:53
mmrazikand there its in results/artifactrs/machine-config dir12:53
sil2100didrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/1060262 <- it's released? Where?12:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1060262 in unity-2d "Unity-2D SRU-1 needs releasing" [Medium,Fix released]12:54
didrocksmmrazik: look at job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/46/label=autopilot-intel/artifact/results/artifacts/machine-config/dpkg-list.log12:54
sil2100It's not released...12:54
didrocksmmrazik: it has unity from the ppa where it shouldn't12:54
didrockssil2100: I based on the date, please revert if I've mistaken12:55
sil2100I specifically pushed it back to the queue to get it released again, since last time it got rejected :<12:55
didrocksmmrazik: see ii  libunity-core-6.0-5                       6.12.0daily13.01.09.1-0ubuntu1           i386         Core library for the Unity interface.12:55
sil2100Now it'll land in the sponsoring queue from the beginning again :<12:55
didrockssil2100: well, juts revert to fix committed12:55
didrockssil2100: that doesn't change a thing :)12:55
didrockssil2100: so, at least, with that, we have the confirmation that the tests for hud fails now12:58
didrockssil2100: btw, you know that you have the ogv?12:59
didrockssil2100: for the test failing12:59
sil2100didrocks: yes, I watch it every time - I'm using apview ;)12:59
sil2100A really useful tool btw.!12:59
mmrazikdidrocks: weird... I'm just looking at the preseed and I don't see anything wrong there. dist-upgrade happens before adding the ppa12:59
didrockssil2100: apview?12:59
mmrazikdidrocks: is it possible that something like bamfdaemon pulls all that in as a dependency?13:00
mmrazikbamf is probably a bad example...13:00
didrocksmmrazik: no, it's not, it's a good one13:00
didrocksso bamf broke its abi13:00
didrocksso there is a newer package13:00
didrocksdo you have the apt install log?13:00
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~autopilot/+junk/apview13:01
didrockswe should maybe "force" the version for the rest13:01
mmrazikdidrocks: not really :-/13:01
mmrazikdidrocks:  let me try to ssh to the machine. maybe its around there13:01
didrocksmmrazik: or abort if we see that it wants to install something more than just those packages13:01
didrocksbecause it means that the stack can't be released alone13:02
didrocksjibel: FYI ^13:02
didrocksI guess that's what happened, but a confirmation would be good13:02
mmrazikdidrocks: you mean to abort the build?13:03
didrockssil2100: oh nice! :)13:03
mmrazik(i.e. jenkins build)13:03
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, or exiting on error13:03
didrockslike if we try to install more than just the list specified13:03
mmrazikdidrocks: are the install logs somewhere around in the system?13:04
didrocksI think jibel is looking for them13:04
mmrazikdidrocks: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1512782/13:05
mmrazikjibel: ^13:05
mmrazikthats from /var/log/apt/history.log13:05
mmrazikif I interpret it correctly it indeed upgraded libunity et al13:05
Mirvsil2100: I tend to use fix committed for bugs that actually have the fixed package on its way to the release in the system13:06
mmrazikdidrocks: I'm not really an expert on preseed, though (where this is happening). I fear that if I remove the "-y" the install will just silently fail but the testing will go on13:06
Mirvsil2100: and in progress until that13:06
Mirvie. unity-2d still needs the push to the queue, I think?13:06
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, so it's the cause13:07
didrocksmmrazik: I think -y shouldn't be needed, indeed, as we specify all binaries, jibel am I right?13:07
didrocksnot sure if a command on preseeding failed if it will failed though13:08
jibeldidrocks, I don't think -y is the problem here, it just answer yes to all prompts but apt will abort if there is an undesirable situation13:08
didrocksjibel: well, the issue is that the ppa is there for it13:09
didrocksjibel: so it's not undesirable13:09
didrocksit will just pull more from the ppa13:09
didrockswhich is what we don't want13:09
didrocks(when specifying what we want to install)13:09
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didrockslibbamf3-0 became libbamf3-113:11
jibeldidrocks, could unity be pulled by dependency ?13:11
didrocksso running the check with only and only the indicator stack should failed13:11
didrocksjibel: right13:11
didrocksas we have a version in the ppa build for unity against libbamf3-113:11
jibelI mean versionned dependency13:11
didrockswell, not versionned, it's a binary package name change due to soname change13:12
didrocksbut the result is the same13:12
didrocksso apt is telling "I can't install libbamf3-1 alone"13:12
didrocks"oh, there is a unity in the ppa that can match the dep, let's install it"13:12
didrockswhich is what we don't want when installing in the ppa (and don't use "check with whole ppa")13:13
jibela solution could be to pin the ppa with high score to not auto-install packages13:13
didrocksthe ideal plan is that the install should just fail and that's it.13:13
didrocksjibel: you meant, low score?13:13
jibelor low I never remember which direction priority goes :)13:14
jibeldidrocks, or if it doesn't work, hold all the packages in the ppa excepted those we want to install/upgrade13:17
didrocksjibel: I wonder if it will work apart from holding, yeah13:18
didrocksand you do think that utah will see the preseeding failing and we'll get the apropriate rejection?13:19
jibeldidrocks, heh, that's another story13:19
didrocksmmrazik: can you try to add to the preseed where we explicit set the packages to install:13:21
didrocks /etc/apt/preferences.d/pinning-ppa with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1512873/13:22
didrocksmmrazik: this before the apt-get update13:22
mmrazikdidrocks: but having that for the unity stack update is no good, right?13:22
didrocksmmrazik: no, only when we provide a package list13:23
didrocksso that it doesn't impact "build with whole ppa" as well13:23
MCR1sil2100, didrocks: If you have a minute: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-fix-redundant-assignment-of-variables-to-themselves/+merge/14251213:24
didrocksMCR1: approved, thanks :)13:25
sil2100hehe, thanks13:27
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sil2100didrocks: so anyway, at least I know now that the 8 additional failures are real regressions ;)13:31
didrocksmmrazik: feel free to launch the jenkins job for the indicators once you have done the change (it seems ATI has stalled)13:31
didrockssil2100: yeah, good to have tests, isn't it? :)13:31
mmrazikdidrocks: ok13:31
sil2100Indeed! ;)13:31
didrockssil2100: please keep me posted, and let's try to sync with mterry once here13:32
mterrydidrocks, hello!13:32
mterrydidrocks, I'm mostly back to operational13:32
didrocksoh already around? :)13:32
didrocksit's early for you, isn't it?13:32
mterrydidrocks, yeah early start today, since I'm likely going to be slow to ramp up today (still recovering from hard drive break)13:32
didrocksmterry: urgh, hard drive breakage and real world test of your recovering then? :)13:33
mterrydidrocks, eh, I don't need most of the backup contents for work13:34
mterrydidrocks, that was mostly a million bzr branches and pbuilder chroots and such13:34
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didrocksah ok, not a great loss fortunately :)13:34
mterrydidrocks, let's hope so.  I haven't actually tried to restore my backup yet  :)13:35
didrockssil2100: btw, you should introduce mterry to apview for debugging the autopilot failing tests, it looks nice, indeed :)13:35
mterrydidrocks, so do we have the results of an autopilot run after those couple fixes yesterday?13:37
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didrocksmterry: yep, and there is a regression apparently from those fix (or the bug is not hidden anymore):13:37
didrocksmterry: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ps-unity-autopilot-release-testing/label=autopilot-nvidia/lastCompletedBuild/13:38
didrocksmterry: look at the "hud" ones13:38
sil2100The fix that Brandon made shouldn't cause that regression, since hm, it somehow doesn't seem related - but maybe it now leads to a stupid race condition13:39
didrocksI think sil2100 has fixed unity.tests.test_hud.HudBehaviorTests.test_closes_then_focuses_window_on_mouse_down13:39
didrocksit's the one in the pipe for merging?13:39
sil2100didrocks: ...most probably ;p13:39
sil2100Yes ;)13:39
mmrazikdidrocks: done but I'm really not sure it will help. I fear that the apt-get install will fail but the process/testing will continue with the old packages13:40
didrocksand also look at run 46/ https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/13:41
didrocksmmrazik: let's see how it goes with the logs13:41
didrocksso https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/label=autopilot-intel/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/13:41
didrocksand https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ps-indicators-autopilot-release-testing/label=autopilot-nvidia/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/13:42
didrocksthere are those 8 news + the one which should be fixed by now + the _prev/_next one13:42
didrocksmterry: we can have the videos of the test execution, sil2100 can maybe help you with that?13:42
didrocksanyway, I'll let you organize as you prefer, I really need to go out for exercising now or I will become crazy :)13:43
mterrydidrocks, #46 is way better than that first link13:43
didrocksmmrazik: I'll look at run #4713:43
didrocksmterry: this link is only the hud and indicators tests13:44
didrocksmterry: the other link is all the tests :)13:44
mterryah yes13:44
didrocksmmrazik: another solution will be to add a test at start which checks the version of things that are not supposed to be upgraded13:45
didrocksand abort if it fails13:46
didrocksnot sure if it's possible13:46
MCR1didrocks: Here another minor improvement: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-reduce-scope-of-some-variables/+merge/14251613:47
mmrazikdidrocks: yep. would be possible. Just the whole thing starts to be a hackish bunch of scripts :-/13:49
didrocksmmrazik: yeah :/13:50
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mterrysil2100, so of these 11 current failures I'm seeing in #46, it sounds like you fixed one?  (focuses_window_on_mouse_down)  I guess I'll look at the panel tests13:52
MCR1in lp:unity/panel/PanelIndicatorEntryView line 263 we can find this:14:05
MCR1gint pos = gtk_widget_path_append_type(widget_path, GTK_TYPE_MENU_BAR);14:05
MCR1line 264: pos = gtk_widget_path_append_type(widget_path, GTK_TYPE_MENU_ITEM);14:05
MCR1line 263 is redundant, but is line 264 the correct one ?14:06
MCR1line 332, 333 the same happens...14:08
mterrysil2100, I think I understand why a couple of the panel tests fail14:14
mterrysil2100, the first Alt+F10 does not work14:14
mterrysil2100, but subsequent ones do14:14
MCR1mterry: I can confirm this observation14:15
mterryI don't know enough about the codebase to offer a fix, but hopefully one of ya'll do14:15
sil2100mterry: thanks for the info, good catch!14:18
sil2100I'll try to fix this in a moment14:18
mmrazikdidrocks: ignore #47. It had a faulty preseed.14:30
mmrazikjust started #4814:30
mterryDo we have a handle on the hud regression?14:31
bregmafunny, I can't repro that hud problem manually on a fully updated (from the daily PPA) raring system no matter how hard I try14:51
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mterrybregma, I can14:55
mterrybregma, I can't, however, repro the hovering indicators panel test14:55
mterrybregma, oh wait, you mean manually?  I was running the autopilot test locally and it failed14:56
bregmamanually, yes14:56
mterrybregma, so I open an app, open the dash, then press alt?14:56
bregmawould that means the problem is the test and not the target software?14:56
mterrybregma, I get the bfb icon even doing it manually14:57
bregmaoh, so you expect the dash icon to not show up in the HUD even through the dash was open when you invoked the HUD?14:57
mterrybregma, that seems to be what the test is testing14:58
mterrybregma, the test wants the calculator icon to appear in the HUD14:58
bregmaOK, understood now14:59
bregmaI thought that was what https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/unity/hud_icon_bfb_fix/+merge/141977 was supposed to fix14:59
bregmalooks like it didn't15:00
sil2100Yes, it was fixing it before actually15:00
sil2100Now it's broken again15:00
sil2100I'll check in a moment what's up15:00
bregmabtw, does anyone have any idea why the global menus have stopped working in raring?  They come back if you manually install indicator-appmenu but that smacks of some broken packaging somewhere to me15:02
MCR1didrocks, sil2100: Another one (minor performance optimization): https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-remove-assignment-of-values-never-used/+merge/14252715:02
mterrybregma, that sounds like I would expect.  indicator-appmenu is necessary to show the menus15:03
mterrybregma, you mean, something uninstalled indicator-appmenu for you?15:03
bregmait was not installed, and I didn;t notice any packages being uninstalled in my last upgrade15:04
bregmaeven if something uninstalled it and I didn't notice (quite possible), it still sounds like broken packaging15:04
mterrybregma, it could happen if you dist-upgraded before libraries were fully transitioned...15:05
bregmasure, me and everyone else who is using raring, sounds fishy15:05
mterrybregma, the package is on the CD15:05
mterrybregma, they are working for me..15:06
bregmadid you do a fresh install or an upgrade?15:06
mterrybregma, upgrade15:06
mterrybregma, this was yesterday though.  Maybe something was temporarily broken in the past15:07
sil2100bregma: the reason for that might be libbamf15:07
sil2100bregma: since we switched recently from libbamf3-0 to libbamf3-1 in packaging15:08
bregmamaybe, and all the people who are complaining about no global menus got caught by it15:08
bregmamy concern is all the people who have been tracking raring:  if at least three of us have had this happen then how many non-unity-developers have had it happen?15:09
didrocksbregma: do you have any kind of ppa? many are tracking staging15:14
didrocksbregma: and staging don't have the rebuild of indicator-appmenu against the new bamf15:14
mterrybregma, i dunno, library transitions happen all the time.  apt-get and update-manager both warn you about removing packags15:14
didrocksbecause of the soname breakage15:14
mterrydidrocks, welcome back!15:15
didrocksmterry: thanks! it's freezing outside :)15:15
didrocksI backlogged, mterry, do you have some tests that you can work on fixing or is sil2100 over them? (at least, nice catch! ;))15:16
mterrydidrocks, the hovering indicators test I was trying to figure out still15:16
mterrydidrocks, that's the last unknown from the set of 1115:16
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bregmayes, apparently I have staging in my sources:  if that's the cause of the problem I'm not worried15:17
didrocksthat would be awesome :)15:17
didrocksbregma: I'm 99.42% sure it's the cause ;)15:18
mmrazikdidrocks: AFAIC build #48 just didn't install anything and executed the tests :-/15:22
MCR1didrocks: Could you please take a look @ https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-reduce-scope-of-some-variables/+merge/142516 and https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-remove-assignment-of-values-never-used/+merge/142527 - I am 99.42% sure they are correct :)15:22
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, the pinning is not good15:23
didrocksMCR1: sorry, if I didn't answer it's because I don't have the time for it right now ;)15:23
didrocksmmrazik: I think the only way right now will be to install15:23
didrocksmmrazik: and having a script parsing the log of this apt-get install15:24
MCR1thaught you might have missed it, sorry 4 stressing ;)15:24
didrocksMCR1: no worry ;)15:24
didrocksmmrazik: and see if there is anything more than the list we gave, wdyt?15:24
mmrazikdidrocks: yeah... I don't see to many other options either15:24
didrocksmmrazik: you do have the log right, you can abort right away, just having one test and exiting in error?15:25
didrocksI don't know this UTAH thing enough15:25
didrockswell UTAH/linked to jenkins15:25
mmrazikme neither. It would be best to fail the installation15:25
mmrazikdirectly in preseed15:25
didrocksI think it's possible to do that in preseed15:26
didrockslike redirect the apt-get install to a file15:26
didrocksand then a stupid script parsing that15:26
sil2100mterry: wait, hovering indicators?15:28
sil2100It's failing again?15:28
mterrysil2100, did that get fixed?  I'm working off #4815:28
sil2100mterry: we concluded that it was caused by the switcher fix Brandon did...15:28
sil2100mterry: is the build 48 using the latest unity packages?15:29
sil2100mmrazik: ^ ?15:29
mterrysil2100, should be.  It looks like the latest build15:30
sil2100mterry: since didrocks executed tests using the latest unity in a different jenkins job and the failure wasn't there anymore15:30
mmraziksil2100: no15:30
sil2100Here it was not reproducable anymore15:30
didrocksmterry: oh yeah, don't look at #4815:30
sil2100I think 48 is broken15:30
didrocksit's our test to install only what we want :)15:30
didrocksso it didn't pick anything from the ppa15:31
didrockssil2100: you can breathe! :)15:31
* sil2100 breathes15:31
mterryheh, sorry15:31
didrocksso, from what I understand, all the issues are on sil2100's plate?15:31
didrocksfor the indicators* one?15:31
sil2100Yes, from the indicators side, yes15:32
sil2100From ibus side as well, still didn't find the time to wrap that up15:32
didrockssil2100: it's less important right now15:32
mterryyay for things being on sil2100 's plate!15:33
didrocksmterry: so you can jump on the indicator-without-test-running side if you will?15:33
didrocksI don't think it's a better tradeoff though :)15:33
mterrydidrocks, sure.   what's that side?  :)15:33
didrocksmterry: the remaining components where we can't run tests under a chroot15:34
mterrydidrocks, ah that cyphermox was working on15:34
didrocksmterry: so, from yesterday, it moved a little bit, dbusmenu tests are now running15:34
didrocksthe trick was to add -a to xfvb-run15:34
didrocksas we can have multiple pbuilder on the same machine15:34
mterrydidrocks, ah interesting15:35
didrocksand so they step on each other shoes15:35
didrocksI think the display is available through the bindmount or something like that15:35
mterryodd, I wouldn't have guessed that15:35
didrocksyeah, same for me TBH…15:35
didrocksbut here, multiple tests and trials showed the fact15:35
didrocksso, cyphermox is still doing libappindicator, and fighting on indicator-session (not sure if he needs help on that)15:36
didrockstelepathy-indicator is free and needs love15:36
mterrydidrocks, OK, on it15:36
didrocksthanks! once those are done, the whole indicator stack will be bootstrapped :)15:36
mterrydidrocks, thanks for review, my log of our conversation the other day about these got lost with my hard drive15:36
* mterry is revealed to have the complete lack of memory that he tries to hide with notes15:37
didrocksmterry: well, those infos were not really important, so good :)15:37
didrocksmterry: the difference is that I use physical notes!15:38
didrocksmmrazik: are you doing this failure at install or do you need help?15:38
cyphermoxyeah I have two things I want to check on indicator-session, but if that fails I'm out of ideas15:38
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cyphermoxas for libappindicator, need to pick things up from where they were monday, that is I got logs that should show how the environment is between the gtk2 and gtk3 tests, and we need to figure out what's causing the gtk3 tests to reproducibly fail15:39
cyphermoxthe gtk2 tests always pass :/15:40
mterrydidrocks, pfft, we'll see if you survive a fire15:40
mterrythough...  i guess i wouldn't either15:40
mterrydidrocks, pfft, we'll see if you survive a strong wind!15:40
didrocksmterry: like, "my disk are fire-proof now, see with you damned physical notes!"15:40
didrocksgood point on the wind :)15:40
didrocksand yeah, already experienced15:40
cyphermoxah. I trust all my notes to Ubuntu one ! :D15:41
didrocksI loosed track of all my disorganized organization of my desk :)15:41
didrockscyphermox: doesn't have the paper plugin though :p15:41
cyphermoxit's the one only thing I still need to buy for my hourse -- a fireproof safe15:41
MCR1I use the Compiz water plugin to kill any fire 8-) and the wizard plugin against wind ;)15:42
mterrycyphermox, and keep your laptop in it?  :)15:42
mterrywho named telepathy-indicator?  it's backwards15:43
seb128mterry, blame kenvandine15:43
* mterry shakes fist at tedg 15:43
mterrywhoops, I meant kenvandine15:43
seb128he probably spent too much time with ted15:43
mterryBut my brain was like "naming problem, must be tedg"15:44
mterrySorry tedg15:44
seb128well, you can still blame ted15:44
MCR1mterry:  yeah, it should be indicator-* 4 all of them (easier to find via commandline)15:44
* kenvandine blames tedg for everything15:44
mterryseb128, where'd you come from?  :)15:44
mterryyou just like to chime in on naming blame  :)15:45
seb128mterry, I saw an opportunity to troll tedg on naming, couldn't miss it15:45
seb128sorry :p15:45
seb128tedg, hey, happy new year! ;-)15:45
seb128tedg, I hope "not naming stuff" is in your new resolutions ;-)15:46
tedgYeah, I know the year of the snake is a stupid name, I didn't do that one :-)15:46
tedgHeh, should have "not start any new projects" as one.15:46
tedgWe've got enough.15:46
* MCR1 immediately starts the wizard when hearing 'happy new year'15:46
mterrydidrocks, telepathy-indicator doesn't have any tests...?15:47
tedgFor telepathy-indicator you guys might ping larsu, as I think he was going to look at it.15:47
bregmadoesn't *fail* any tests either15:47
mterrylarsu, ^15:47
didrocksmterry: oh, I don't even know, this one wasn't even looked at :)15:48
mterrydidrocks, ah well.  all its tests pass man!15:48
didrocksmterry: hem hem :p15:48
larsumterry, I'm fixing a couple of issues in it, I didn't plan on adding tests (but I guess I could since it turns out I'm making quite some changes)15:48
larsuI wonder if there's a good way already to test telepathy components15:49
mterrylarsu, we love tests to pieces15:49
larsuso I hear :)15:49
tedglarsu, Seems like there should be a dummy telepathy plugin.15:49
larsutedg, yeah, probably. I'll have a look once I get to it15:49
didrocksmterry: so at least, prepping the package inline if not already done meanwhile :)15:53
mterrycyphermox, let me see those build logs for gtk2/gtk3.  maybe I'll catch something15:53
mterrydidrocks, guh you're right, it's not inline15:53
cyphermoxmterry: I have a branch for inlineing telepathy-indicator16:04
mterrycyphermox, oh nice16:05
mterrygood thing I didn't start that immediately16:05
cyphermoxdidrocks: you had already reviewed it too:16:05
cyphermoxmterry: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/127835347/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.libappindicator_12.10.9-0ubuntu1~mtrudel1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz logs for gtk2 vs. gtk316:05
mterrydidrocks, btw, I finally set up vpn16:05
cyphermoxdidrocks: mterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/telepathy-indicator/inline/+merge/13736616:06
mterrycyphermox, is there a libappindicator branch that enables tests?16:07
mterrycyphermox, awesome.  I'll play with it and see if I notice anything16:08
cyphermoxmterry: thanks16:09
alesageperhaps I should set up a Jenkins job for telepathy-indicator16:10
alesageif no-ones aware of one existing :)16:11
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didrocksmterry: sweet on vpn \o/ (sorry still on a hangout)16:59
MCR1Trevinho, thanks 4 approval ;)17:23
TrevinhoMCR1: yw ;)17:24
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mterrycyphermox, so the libappindicator seems to be because of the warnings themselves spit out by at-spi2 (vs at-spi1 for gtk2).  Any stderr output fails the test.18:29
mterrycyphermox, I'm not sure whether it's better to try to make at-spi2 happier or allow stderr output18:30
cyphermoxjust that, seriously?18:30
cyphermoxthing is, seems to me like both should complain equally if the issue is that it's missing a display18:30
mterrycyphermox, I added a simple g_warning to one of the tests and it failed it18:30
cyphermoxboth should have a display set ;)18:30
cyphermoxwell, it makes sense18:30
mterrycyphermox, yeah, but different at-spi implementations18:31
cyphermoxI was trying to make at-spi happy really by figuring out why it can't see it has a display18:31
cyphermoxbut I didn't have much luck18:31
mterrythen maybe easier to allow stderr  :)18:31
cyphermoxin theory the tests are supposed to be run in xfvb already18:31
mterryI think these tests all use g_assert to fail the things they care about18:31
cyphermoxor gtester / dummy X18:31
mterryI tried switching to xvfb-run, but that didn't help18:32
cyphermoxbut yeah, can we have the tests ignore stderr?18:32
mterryOr maybe we could turn off at-spi all together?18:32
mterryI don't know how to ignore stderr yet, but that might be easier18:32
cyphermoxI don't know how to do either ;)18:33
cyphermoxseems very wrong to have stderr fail for these tests though; because there are so many dependencies and many we don't care so much about18:33
mterryThat's a part of gtest I believe (not gtester)18:33
mterryyeah, seems not-robust since these tests use asserts to test the interesting bits18:34
cyphermoxit adds unnecessary complexity and uncertainty to the tests if they depend on all the external deps to be properly configured enough to be happy and not spew to stderr18:34
cyphermoxand that's what tests should do -- depend on nothing at all, or the least possible, and assert whatever needs assertin'18:35
cyphermoxbut heh18:35
mterrywell, I'll look into making gtest happy18:36
mterrywith stderr18:36
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mterrycyphermox, oh btw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1513984/20:07
mterrycyphermox, sorry for delay.  Had unrelated pbuilder problems and then I forgot  ;)20:07
mterrycyphermox, it seems to work for me20:07
mterryAlthough... Actually I might have only tested a subset of the tests20:08
cyphermoxanyway, np; I was trying to make sense of the NM patches, seeing which ones could be dropped or sent upstream, before I start to mess with the proxy stuff20:08
mterryIf you see other tests failing that I forgot to uncomment before submitting to you, just use the same trick20:08
cyphermoxmterry: got a branch now20:09
cyphermoxor do you mean I should apply this patch?20:09
mterrycyphermox: I was thinking just the patch20:09
* mterry is lazy, though I realize it was probably more work to make the patch20:10
cyphermoxbah, I'll just add it to my branch and push it20:10
cyphermox(or anyway, submit a MP)20:10
cyphermoxmterry: were you trying in a ppa or locally?20:29
cyphermoxIIRC it was only really failing in ppa20:29
* cyphermox is trying now20:30
mterryI saw it failing in a chroot.  And I just retested my patch and it fails again in a chroot.   :(20:30
mterryGosh darn it20:30
cyphermoxholy crap, there's still so much delay in getting ppa builds :(20:30
cyphermoxI hate this, it's so annoying20:31
cyphermoxI really need to setup a good PPA-like rig on my server to run no-web-access-no-nothing builds that get all the dependencies20:31
cyphermoxmterry: I tried to setup soyuz on a container a few times but it takes too long, I never have time to finish and then I get lost in the steps :P20:32
cyphermoxI think I'll hire my friend and give him acces to my server to get this done20:34
mterryWell, for now assume my patch is bad.  :(  I'll work more on it20:34
cyphermoxmterry: that's usually the problem though, things work in sbuild and pbuilder, but fail when it gets to the ppa20:37
cyphermoxit seems to be due to some little parts of the environment are available when you run things in sbuild or pbuilder, because they are running on your system20:37
cyphermoxI ran things on my server too, and things tend to work there as well, but it *does* have a little more than just ubuntu-minimal or whatever is on a soyuz chroot20:38
mterrycyphermox, that's fair, but this was actually me not testing well enough in my own darn chroot  ;)20:38
cyphermoxmterry: fair enough ;)20:39
cyphermoxit seemed fishy anyway20:39
cyphermoxthe two tests that fail seem to be only set-menu and set_label or whatever20:39
mterryIt got me further.  I think this is roughly the right path...  Maybe20:39
cyphermoxit seems the right path yeah20:40
mterryNow I have to figure out why it was working sort of before20:40
cyphermoxeven for indicator-session locally, the test usually works, but sometimes it times out20:40
cyphermoxmterry: feels kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjpd9D4Kc4Q20:41
highvoltagein edubuntu we want to set 2 dconf values in org.compiz.profiles.unity.plugins.unityshell21:45
highvoltagebut the schema for that doesn't exist by default so we can't override it21:46
highvoltageis that a bug or are we doing it wrong?21:46
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