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Torikunanyone running ubuntu on a macbook pro?16:58
philipballewTorikun, There is some good guides as to how you can run it17:03
TorikunYeah thanks philipballew . I was just wondering if anyone had any issues before I did it17:04
philipballewNot much more then any other computers17:04
darthrobotTitle: [MacBookPro - Community Ubuntu Documentation]17:10
* kdub always misses philipballew17:24
kdubraevol, when's a good next ubuntu hour day?17:25
raevolsup kdub, any tuesday or thursday is good for me17:25
kdubmmk, may as well coordinate around the regular's schedules :)17:29
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kdubanyone usea good graphical diff tool on linux? i've been using kompare, but its prone to crashing...20:14
akkI used to use tkdiff, but I've mostly switched to meld.20:22
pleia2san francisco ubuntu hour tonight :)23:28
pleia2(even though the weather is miserable)23:28

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