snap-lHello from MUG00:01
snap-lrick_h_: Hey, slacker... where are you?00:59
rick_h_home, just got done cleaning the kitchen00:59
snap-lThat's no good00:59
rick_h_can't make it every month00:59
snap-lyou should have a dirty kitchen and be here.01:00
snap-lTHis is a good presentatio01:00
rick_h_hah, after tonight I wish01:00
rick_h_very cool!01:00
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greg-gI still hate seeing mac keyboards at ostensibly floss companies: http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/ubuntu-for-android.jpeg04:05
brouschgreg-g: At least it's just a keyboard!12:12
snap-lgreg-g: I used to have an Apple keyboard on my computers13:09
snap-lI just liked the Apple hardware.13:09
snap-lIf anyone wants physical copies of THe Perl Journal (issues 10-20) let me know13:27
snap-lI'll bring them tonight at CHC13:27
snap-lOtherwise they're getting recycled.13:27
snap-ljcastro / smoser: Here's where I got those Antenna for my router: http://ur1.ca/cgqkv13:52
snap-lPrice is $15.13:53
snap-lI paid $30.99 for them because I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting some knock-off13:54
snap-lI don't even see the company that I dealt with kin the list.13:55
rick_h_widox: how are you doing with the leopold keyboard? Still using it?14:05
smosersnap-l, thanks.14:06
smoseri have a spare/unused wrt54-gl so i'll probably just set up a repeater or something.14:06
widoxrick_h_: yep14:13
rick_h_widox: cool14:14
widoxjust saw your tweet about double chars; I get that too14:14
widoxmostly with the spacebar though14:14
rick_h_yea, driving me mad. I think it might be I'm too forceful, used to the harder keys on the unicomp14:14
rick_h_but i had it before as well.14:14
brouschYou wouldn't get that with an Apple keyboard14:14
widoxthe other day I noticedt that amazon has the filco back in stock...14:14
rick_h_cranky today, no patience for bad tech14:14
rick_h_yea, just ordered the filco w/blue keys14:15
rick_h_brousch: no, the apple keyboard would get tossed through my office window14:15
* snap-l would love to see rick_h_'s window bill14:20
derekvI'll be driving to codemash tonight sometime15:42
rick_h_derekv: awesome15:42
rick_h_looks like a empty CHC night with the github drink up and codemash15:43
snap-lI'll be at CHC tonight15:45
snap-lOr am I part of the "empty". ;)15:45
derekvthere's a github drinkup in michigan?15:48
snap-lToo late. You're going to code mash15:49
derekvi'm surprised15:49
snap-lWhat, that people drink in Michigan?15:49
snap-lor that github would know where Michigan is on a map?15:49
brouschWe had one a year or two ago in GR15:50
widoxthere was one in AA this past summer15:52
derekvheh, AA drinkup15:54
derekvoh wait annarbour ;p15:55
widoxhah. :D15:55
Blazeixyeah, there are 2 or 3 github employees that work remotely from MI16:11
Blazeixlast time i heard16:12
rick_h_oh oh oh http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2432013/CES201316:13
brouschDid you get in on that?16:15
rick_h_I was a sucker16:15
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, I just think that those specific keyboards are horrible for empirical health reasons (ie: my hands/wrists hurt like hell when I try to use one for longer than 5 minutes)16:46
rick_h_greg-g: ++ I go nuts when I see a lot of co-workers always living on their laptop keyboards16:47
greg-gpretty is all well and good, but when it comes to ergonomics, ergonomics should trump pretty16:47
rick_h_makes me cringe that they use that 100% of the time all the time16:47
brouschrick_h_: I use my laptop 100% of the time16:50
brouschBut I type with about 4 fingers16:50
rick_h_woot! jan 23rd shipping pebble17:08
rick_h_e-ink display ftw17:09
rick_h_sweet, magnetic charge17:13
greg-gbrousch: one of my co-workers who's a big nerd (Wikipedian extraordinare) is in the same boat17:17
greg-grick_h_: is this what you're talking about? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-e-paper-watch-for-iphone-and-android17:19
rick_h_oooh http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/09/pebble-smartwatch-hands-on-video/17:19
rick_h_greg-g: yea17:19
greg-gthey better damn deliver with all that money17:19
rick_h_yea, announced shipping starts at 15k/wk Jan 23rd17:19
rick_h_man, I want the mapmyride app for this!17:25
snap-lOK, that pebble watch looks cool17:55
rick_h_yea, I'm excited again. Was getting tired of the delays/etc.17:55
rick_h_but <3 the idea of controlling phone stuff while it's in my pocket.17:55
rick_h_especially when biking/working17:55
rick_h_will need to get a new band for it though me thinks17:55
derekvi probably should have seen if anyone else was driving down from the area17:59
jcastrorick_h_: what's the pebble do18:23
rick_h_jcastro: hooks up to your phone via bluetooth, does time, messages (sms and such) and will have an sdk for hooking up other apps18:23
rick_h_basically, apps on the phone talk to the watch18:24
rick_h_comes with a music app to control your music on the phone18:24
rick_h_their demo had it hooked up via ifttt so that on conditions your watch gets a notification18:25
brouschI want a big velcro strap to attach my phone to my wrist18:25
rick_h_yea, I want to keep my phone in my bike bag, or pockets, etc.18:26
brouschMaybe with a flip-back cover for the phone with a window to show the time18:26
brouschretractable mini-trackball i can use in my left hand while typing with my right18:27
brouschI need to kick-starter this18:28
rick_h_brousch: make it work with the new CES 6" phones18:28
brouschWhat's cool is our makerspace is getting 3d printers so I could actually make this crazy stuff18:29
rick_h_jcastro: good hands on with it http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/9/3855482/pebble-smartwatch-hands-on-video18:58
brouschHah, eat it, East siders http://www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45edkmj/no-7-grand-rapids-mich/21:27
snap-lFresno is in unhappiest, iirc.21:45
rick_h_meh, crazy people are always happy :P21:46
brouschNot the ones that shoot up places21:48

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