paultagjrgifford: unknown :)00:13
paultagjrgifford: if you send PRs, I know the ruby guy, he's my dude.00:13
jrgiffordpaultag:  looking at it, you guys all use sinatra.02:10
paultagjrgifford: yeah, that's right02:10
paultagwe don't have rails anything02:10
paultagoh right, duh02:10
jrgiffordhey, i wasn't sure.02:11
paultagjrgifford: I wasn't sure until you mentioned that :)02:15
paultagyeah! thanks for asking!02:15
paultagyou rock all my socks02:15
paultagduh was @ me02:15
jrgiffordpaultag: was just trying to make sure we're all covered.02:16
jrgiffordi mean, 6 years.02:16
paultagsomeone made tender love to rails02:16
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