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blkperlslangasek: did you see the "plymouth thread on the ubuntu-server mailinglist"02:40
blkperlslangasek: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2013-January/006459.html02:41
bkerensahi nathwill20:52
nathwillhi bkerensa :)20:52
nathwillhow's it going?20:52
bkerensathinking about running out to get some sushi and beer20:53
bkerensanathwill: got one of these fitbit things... works with Ubuntu20:53
nathwillthat's cool :)20:53
nathwillwhat do you do on the computer with it?20:54
bkerensait syncs20:54
nathwillsyncs what?20:54
bkerensawith the interwebz20:54
bkerensaits a digital pedometer essentially20:54
bkerensatracks a bunch of stuff20:54
nathwilllike... how many steps?20:54
bkerensayeah and calories and distance20:54
bkerensaapparently more accurate then GPS20:55
nathwilldo you program it with your stride-length and weight?20:55
bkerensanathwill: but at the same time it also uses some algorithm based on gender/age/weight/height20:57
bkerensato ensure your stride is accurate20:57
nathwillk, makes sense20:57
nathwillso... does it sync with their servers through ubuntus network connection, or does it actually do something locally?20:58
bkerensathere is a Ubuntu FitBit group20:58
bkerensait just connects to their servers20:58
nathwillok, got it21:00
nathwillso libfitbit is some kind of udev rules or something?21:00
nathwilli see a bracelet, a clip and a stick; which are you using?21:00
bkerensaits a daemon that connects to the USB device... accepts data and transmits it21:00
bkerensaI bought two Zips21:00
nathwillah, so the daemon pulls data off the device and and transmits it21:01
nathwillthat makes more sense21:01
bkerensayeah it just uses a API call21:01
nathwillwonder if they're using upstart :D21:01
bkerensayour device ID is associated with your profile21:01
nathwillwell i have to say, the bracelet looks cool21:09
nathwilli'm a little weirded out about them measuring my pulse all the time; they'd probably have enough data to chart my sex life :/21:10
nathwillbut i can see it being useful21:10
MarkDudenathwill, link it to status updates on social media sites- it would make for interesting feed....21:59
nathwillmarkdude, didn't some best man do that with a pressure-plate under the mattress of the newly-weds hotel?22:00
nathwilloh yes: http://techcrunch.com/2009/12/12/newlywed-sex-tweets/22:00
MarkDudeMy gf would not dig that22:02
MarkDudeAnd talk about pressure to perform...22:02

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